It was supposed to be you and me; you and me against the world, but I guess you had something different in mind. Something that didn’t quite match alongside me. But that’s okay because I’m still a queen, with a crown resting upon my head, and I’ll just go ahead and find another king.
—  c.f. // “I wanted you but never needed - there’s a difference; and I can do it just fine without you”
Favorites of the Quad - Russian FX Choreography

(Please note that this is my opinion only!!! Feel free to make your own post like this if you disagree. And before you ask about Afan - I loved her funky floor music this quad, but nothing else stood out to me.)

5. Elena Eremina 2016
Just pretty, flowy movements - somewhat reminiscent of baby Aliya - performed with confidence. Love it.

4. Aliya Mustafina 2013 Euros
I would feel bad not including Aliya, so here we are. This was really the last “classic Aliya” routine we got before she and Arm Waving decided to go exclusive, so I think it deserves to be remembered. Her knee sorta giving out at the end really caps off this performance.

3. Varvara Zubova 2014
She’s still using this music, but the opening choreo + side pass make this routine my favorite. 

2. Maria Bondareva 2015
I fully admit to blindly stanning Bondareva (even one year after her retirement), but I really think this is one of the best routines all quad, from any country. Yes, the tumbling was severely lacking, but… she was just so great. Fuck back injuries.

1. Tatiana Nabieva 2014
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