This probably doesn’t make much sense but it does to me because all the mistakes I made in life were the lessons I needed to learn and it shaped me into a better person and I’m proud of the person I’m becoming


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"This is my son, Connor"

Felicity peered over Oliver’s shoulder at the pictures on the computer screen, “Oh. I can see it, same eyes. He’s cute. But umm, when were you planning on telling me about him?”

“That’s exactly what I asked his mother,” Oliver replied tiredly and rubbed his hands down his face. 

“You had absolutely no idea?” Felicity asked in surprise as she rested her chin on his shoulder to look closer at the pictures that Oliver was scrolling through.  

“It was a long time ago. She told me that she lost the baby, apparently that wasn’t the truth.”

Felicity straightened up and started to massage the tension out of his shoulders, “Why tell you now?” 

“She’s… sick and I guess the doctors told her she needed to get things in order in case the treatments don’t work.”

“Oh my goodness that’s awful. So he would be your responsibility?”

“Yeah, I mean she’s giving me a choice, but I want to… I just don’t know if it’s what’s best for him.”

“What do you mean? As someone who would have given anything to have my father around when I was his age, I can say that he’s probably going to be thrilled. And if he’s going to lose his mother, he’s going to need his father,” she commented. 

“But what if he hates me for not being there for him all these years? And I don’t know anything about being a father and—”

“Oliver. It’s not like you purposely abandoned your child, you had no idea he even existed. I know your default is to blame yourself for everything but this one is definitely not on you,” Felicity turned his chair around and sat down on his lap, “And if my opinion counts for anything, I think you will be a great father. You take very good care of the people you love.”

“So you’re okay with all this?”

“Of course I am, I mean this isn’t exactly how I had pictured us starting our family, but he’s a part of your family, which means he’s a part of mine,” she reached for his hand and clinked their wedding bands together. 

“Thank you,” Oliver said as he smiled down at their hands, “Of course there’s always the chance that she gets better and then he wouldn’t come to live with us, but I think I’m still going to try to be a part of his life.”

“I think you should definitely do that,” Felicity agreed. 

“So how did you picture us starting a family?” Oliver asked with a teasing glint in his eye, all the tension from before now gone. 

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