Of COURSE they don’t come back from break with an interview, or a performance on a TV show or whatever else. Of COURSE they come back lulling you into a false sense of security one night, all “HARRY’S FLOPPING ALL OVER THE ICE” like ha ha ha, that’s interesting and amusing, what could be going on there, but then the next day they’re like “LOUIS WALKED RIGHT OUT OF THE PAGES OF GQ AND GOT BEHIND THE WHEEL OF AN ASTON MARTIN, AND NOW HE’S BEING BENT OVER IT AND HANDCUFFED,” and suddenly no one’s laughing, WE ARE ON HIGH ALERT, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING BUT WE ARE ALL SUDDENLY VERY AWARE THAT ONE DIRECTION IS OUT THERE AND THEY ARE PLOTTING SOMETHING AND ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT.