Me, two days ago: I need to catch up with star wars rebels. Whatever happened with evil guy and furry dude?
Me, right now: If Kallus and Zeb don’t make it out of season 4 and confess their undying love for each other, I’m throwing my diploma at Steve Blum’s face.

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Since EW gave the first look at the new season of Twin Peaks today and Bastille are on their way to North America, I would like to take a moment of silence for Will, Kyle, Woody, Charlie and the rest of the band's entourage who are probably dealing right now with an hyper, over-excited Dan Smith. If you listen closely, you can probably hear him screaming as well.

i dont even need to say anything this is gold

Okay, so. David Duchovny is travelling around America, giving all these interviews about how if he is a betting man, The X-files new season is happening.

  • We’re talking about doing more of those soon.
  • We are talking about doing more “X-Files” soon 

  • David: If I was a betting person, I’d say yes. But I lost bets before. But if I was a better, I’d say yes. Q: Give your girl, Gillian a call! Get her on that. David: Okay. I’ll give her a call
  • And we are talking about maybe doing some more and I’m kind of excited, you know. 

Today I see Emma Kennedy tweeting to Gillian Anderson about Agent Scully and The X-files while on her way to shoot something with her.

  • Hoping she’ll give me the inside line on that pesky Trump impeachment. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE X FILES WEREN’T REAL? SHUDDDDUP. 
  • To London, to do a spot of filming with my favourite FBI agent @GillianA

Are they trying to make me mad? Cause it is working. In January there was the panel with David & Mitch where they were not even allowed to talk about it. And now all these things are happening. Is there a new season? Am I reaching? Am I losing my mind? Possibly, yes. But it’s not my fault, it’s theirs. They don’t give us anything, then small things like this come to our way and here I am, thinking… This must be a good sign, right? 😂😂 I need to know!! I want Mulder off that damn bridge. Just tell me that Scully saves his cute ass and brings him down from that bridge. Just announce it already. Pretty please.


’ Let’s just hope you don’t end up like her/him. ’
’ Do you like her/him, Daddy? ’
’ She/he killed her/himself. She/he slit her/him wrists and drowned in the bathtub. ’
’ She/he slit her/him wrists and drowned in the bathtub. ’
’ It’s going to be a real treat having both of you here. ’
’ I didn’t even realize anyone else lived up here. ’
’ Well, it does get pretty quiet in the off season. ’
’ It’s not unusual for a child to create an imaginary friend. ’
’ I have a new friend. ’
’ When we went to town? ’
’ I don’t notice a lot of kids around. ’
’ I don’t want to be too forward, but… ’
’ You shouldn’t say that. ’
’ You like games? ’
’ I’m already playing. ’
’ I love games. Would you like to play one? ’
’ What? Spaghetti and meatballs is your favorite dish. ’
’ We’re gonna move, out of state - country. ’
’ I think it’s important she/he stays here and works through this. ’
’ No, here she’s/he’s flooded with memories. ’
’ Right now, I need to be a full-time dad/mom. ’
’ This is a traumatic time for her/him. ’
’ Is your daughter/son this crazy? ’
’ Did you do your homework? ’
’ Did you brush your teeth? ’
’ Can you leave the door open? ’
’ Can you see now, _______? ’
’ I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you at this hour. ’
’ These are the keys to the individual rooms in the house. ’
’ I thought you might be needing them. ’
’ I meant to be give them to you earlier, but I forgot. ’
’ It’s a little bit late to be delivering keys, isn’t it? ’
’ I thought I’d just slip them under your door. ’
’ You. What are you doing here? ’
’ I heard some noises. ’
’ I saw you come out of the woods with a shovel. ’
’ Is everything all right? ’
’ You stay away from us. ’
’ You stay away or I’m gonna call the cops. ’
’ You sick fuck. ’
’ You stay away. You stay away. You get out of here. ’
’ I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you. I’m so sorry, honey. ’
’ I can’t help but sense a certain tension between us. ’
’ What’s the matter? Don’t you want to play anymore? ’
’ Don’t you want to have fun? ’
’ You like him/her more than me, don’t you? ’
’ Liar, liar. You big fat liar. ’
’ You still got that parking ticket? ’
’ It’s in the glove compartment. ’
’ Did I just hear what I thought I heard? ’
’ I’m not mad at all, honey. I think it’s great. ’
’ Well, in that case, we better not wake him. ’
’ I don’t need anymore friends. ’
’ Come out, come out, wherever you are… ’
’ He/she doesn’t want me to talk about him/her. ’
’ There you are. ’
Dersha Fiction: skylines: the prequel (ch.4)

First of all, I would like to apologize for the wait on this chapter. Writer’s block kicked my butt! Hopefully this makes up for it. Enjoy! Catch up on the series (here).

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters! All characters belong to James LaRosa. (minus Jasmine’s bitch ass)

What happened two nights ago, kept replaying in Ahsha’s mind. Trying to avoid Derek was getting harder every day. They saw each other from a distance, but Ahsha made sure she didn’t spend any extra time in the arena. She went out of her way to not risk running into him in the halls. After practices, she made sure to walk out with a group. That way, she could say hello and keep it moving. It was honestly childish and Ahsha knew she was being ridiculous.

“You seemed a little distracted today in practice. Everything good,” Kyle asked, pulling her shirt over her head. “Didn’t even seemed phased by Jasmine’s bitching today.”

“I’m cool. Just been looking at graduate programs and it’s stressing me out. Gotta find the perfect one, ya know,” Ahsha said, shutting her locker and leaning against the cool metal. “I need that second degree if I want to move up in the dance world after I’m too old to be on the stage.”

“You’ll get it all figured out. At least you have a plan after this is all said and done. I’ll probably go back to the strip club if this doesn’t work out for me. I didn’t even finish college, so there’s that,” Kyle expressed, a hint of sadness in her voice. That sadness quickly disappeared. “Oh well, it’s good money.”

“You’re a mess, you know that,” Ahsha chuckled, throwing her bag over her shoulder. “What you got up for tonight. Want to get some drinks?” She was literally trying everything to get Derek off her brain. Maybe drinking away her horniness was possible and she would forget about the sexy baller.

Kyle’s eyes lit up at the mention of drinks. “Now you know I’m always down for drinks, girl. Let’s go!”

The two friends rushed out of the arena and to a nearby bar. They both ordered cocktails and took a seat at one of the tall tables near the front door. “This place is nice,” Kyle expressed, taking in the modern scenery with touches of plum and ruby. “Never even noticed this place from the street.”

“It’s a hidden gem. I truly needed this,” Ahsha answered, pointing to her drink. Derek was still on her mind and it was obvious. Distraction was literally written all over Ahsha’s face.

“Okay, what’s going on with you? This has nothing to do with school or the Devil Girls, does it,” Kyle questioned, placing her glass back on the table. “Spill it.”

When you had a face that expressed everything, it was impossible to not look bothered. Ahsha sighed and sat back in her seat. At least Kyle had proven to be someone she could trust. If any of the other girls found out, Ahsha would probably be fired immediately. Especially with Jasmine watching her every move.

“Uh oh, that sigh doesn’t sound good.” Leaning forward, Kyle gave Ahsha all her attention.

Taking another deep breath, Ahsha mumbled, “I almost slept with Derek.” The words actually leaving her mouth made it sink in. She was close to letting Derek give her the ‘D’. Waiting on Kyle’s reaction, Ahsha stared down at the table. “We didn’t do much but-“

“Whoa, whoa, back up. You didn’t do much? What exactly did you do then,” Kyle asked, her blue eyes widening as she stared back in shock. The gossip was just too good for her to pass up. The drink could wait.

“I mean…we didn’t actually have sex. He…ugh…he attempted to go down on me,” Ahsha continued, watching Kyle almost fall out of her seat and forward on the table.  “But I stopped him.” ‘

“You stopped him! How on earth did you gather up enough willpower to do that? When the hell did all of this happen,” Kyle gasped, her mouth still hanging open after she was done talking.

“Two nights ago. When we hung out after the Red vs Black game. I don’t even know how it happened. We were talking and then he was between my legs,” the brown beauty admitted, clasping a hand over her face. “I can’t even face the man now.”

“Wow. I can’t believe it,” Kyle responded, shaking her head. “You do realize that you can’t avoid this man forever, right?”

“I know,” Ahsha whined. “I don’t know what to do. He’s not my type but I can’t let him go for some reason. It’s stupid.”

“Maybe he is your type and you’re having a hard time accepting that,” Kyle added, tilting her head. “But you let this man get a taste and you stopped him? Please show me your ways because they’re magical. How do you do that?”

Playing around with her napkin, Ahsha muttered, “Yeah, something else was magical too.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Ahsha. Clearly, you like the man and he likes you back. Why are you torturing yourself like this,” the blonde dancer pressed, seriously attempting to talk sense into her friend. “You need to talk to him. Before this gets extra awkward.”

“Um, it’s already awkward. What am I supposed to say? Oh, thanks for trying to tongue me down the other night, how have you been? I gotta leave him alone. This cannot happen.”

Kyle shook her head. Ahsha was stubborn and would have to figure it out on her own. After a few minutes of silence, Kyle asked, “Was it good?”

Well, of course it was good. The few seconds she allowed the man. “Yeah,” Ahsha snickered as she blushed.


After the Devil players finished their workout, Derek hurried to the lockerroom. He had a photoshoot and interview with Nike, a new endorsement he had received months ago. His stock as a Devil player was rising, which would be good once he was in a contract year. Building a kingdom was his goal since entering the league, even though he had gotten distracted by the fame, women, and money. He yearned to leave a legacy. The endorsements and building a brand were a good start. Other than his interview, Derek’s mind was on a special lady. After what happened between him and Ahsha a few nights ago, he couldn’t keep her off his mind. They hadn’t talked since then and Derek wasn’t sure if she even wanted to talk. There was something about her that kept him intrigued and he couldn’t figure out what it was. Maybe it was her carefree attitude, her boisterous laugh, the way her eyes twinkled when you complimented her, or the way she rolled her eyes in fake annoyance. In the last few weeks, he had gotten to know a person that was real. Nothing about Ahsha screamed a front. She just remained herself and he appreciated her realness since he hadn’t met anyone like her since being in the league. It was refreshing. But maybe he had moved too fast and scared her off.

“You trying to be late for your interview, bro,” Terrence asked, noticing Derek sitting on the bench in front of his locker.

“Oh! Just in here thinking and lost track of time,” Derek hurried to his feet and opened his locker.

“Thinking about Ahsha, huh,” his friend added with a smirk, earning a side eye. They had conversations about Derek’s favorite Devil Girl, though Derek didn’t tell his best friend what had happened the other night. “Nah,” Derek lied.

“I’m just fucking with you, man,” Terrence added, noticing Derek’s attitude.

“I’m cool. A lot on my mind right now,” Derek replied, stuffing his shoes in the gym bag and shutting his locker.

Terrence paused and turned to face Derek. “Dude, everything alright?” Derek wasn’t normally quiet unless he was sleep or bothered.

Glancing at his watch, Derek plopped back down on the bench. He didn’t even know where to begin or how to explain what he was feeling. Probably because he was feeling a way he had never felt before when it came to a woman. “It’s about Ahsha.”

“Ohhh,” Terrence piped up, leaning against the lockers, giving Derek his full attention. “She’s a good girl, don’t go fucking her over.”

“You act like you know her,” Derek shot back, more irritated with the fact that Terrence was accusing him of treating Ahsha like a groupie.

Before Derek could even accuse Terrence of trying to step in and steal his chance, he explained, “I don’t but it’s not hard to see she’s not like them hoes you’ve messed with. Unlike them, she has her head on straight. So, don’t go fucking her over and make it hard for the next guy.”

“I’m assuming you’re the next guy,” the baller added, saltiness taking over his tone. Having a bad boy reputation was a gift and a curse. Some women were into it, while women like Ahsha were looking for a stand-up guy. A guy that most likely fit Terrence’s description. That was the type of man you took home to your parents.

“That’s not what I meant. You know I’m with Jasmine and plus I wouldn’t do you like that. You know how you can be, D.”  

Hearing Terrence basically let him know he was the stereotypical athlete pissed him off. The truth hurt and Derek honestly didn’t want to hear it right now. He knew what his reputation was and didn’t need to be reminded constantly. “Exactly how can I be, T?”

It wasn’t Terrence’s goal to insult Derek but he had to let him know. He had to be honest with his teammate. When it came to women, he had a problem and Terrence hated to see a good girl getting caught up in the mess. Ahsha was new to the professional sports world and girls like her often got hurt by guys like Derek. It happened every season and then led to tons of drama.

“I’m just saying. You can’t lead her on and then drop her when you get bored,” Terrence warned. “Don’t you get tired of the games? I don’t know ol’ girl like that but seriously…”

“I get it and I’m being careful,” Derek replied, finally grabbing his bag, and standing to his feet. “Thanks for the advice, Mr. Love Doctor,” the baller threw in as he left the Devils locker room. Though it was the advice he didn’t want to hear, deep down he knew Terrence had a point.


Calendar Shoot-Devil Players and Devil Girls

As usual, the Devils calendar shoot was one of the most anticipated events of the year. A few seasons ago, they began implementing the Devils’ players which sold more calendars. The marketing team knew they had created something magical and the tradition continue. Locations changed every year and this time they were shooting at a mansion. Little did Ahsha know, this mansion belonged to the very guy she was trying to avoid.

As the dancers filed into the front door of the gorgeous home, Jasmine gave them instructions. “Ahsha…you’re February. You’ll be working with Derek.” Ahsha’s eyes widened at the news. First of all, February was always Jasmine’s month and secondly, why did she have to work with Derek? Of all the players on the roster, she had to work with the one who was just between her thighs days ago?

“February is your month, though,” Ahsha frowned.

Jasmine’s lips curved into a grin. “I decided to switch it up this year. Plus, me and Terrence want to do December, anyway. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun.” With that, the hazel eyed dancer winked and moved on to the next girl. Did Jasmine know what had happened between she and Derek? Was he seriously one of those guys that couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut and had to kiss and tell?

Ahsha hurried up the spiral staircase and to the first room to her right. Rehearsing the possible conversation she would have with Derek in her head, Ahsha changed into her assigned bikini. The fabric seemed to barely cover her bottom. Great.

“Bow chica wow wow,” a familiar southern drawl rang out. Kyle quickly shut the door behind her and retreated to another corner of the room. “Heard you were shooting with Derek.” Kyle couldn’t even hide her smirk when she mentioned Ahsha’s favorite player.

“My lucky day,” came Ahsha’s sarcastic reply as she adjusted the straps on her swimsuit. “Who are you shooting with?”

“Gerald,” Kyle huffed. “Don’t know why they put me with him when he can barely grip a fucking basketball. What’s he gonna do with all this?”

“You know, I really can’t stand you, Kyle,” Ahsha laughed, shaking her head. “Please don’t make that man, nervous. Were the makeup and hair people downstairs already?”

“Yep, they are. Along with your man.”

Acting like she didn’t hear Kyle’s smart remark, Ahsha wrapped a robe around her shoulders and made the trip downstairs. Hair and makeup was set up in the living area and there were already a few Devil Girls getting dolled up for the shoot. Ahsha settled for a chair near the staircase when she saw Derek standing with a few of the Devil’s players in the kitchen.

Terrence and Jasmine were in the kitchen going back and forth about the month they were shooting. “I’m not wearing that stupid Santa hate, J. We always shoot February. What’s different this year?”

“It was time for a change. Don’t you think, baby? I know February is a special month for us but I wanted something different. Plus, I wanted to give someone else a chance to do the month of love,” Jasmine answered sweetly, in an attempt to butter Terrence up. February was their anniversary month which made the shoot special for them.

“You gave February to a rookie. Come on now, you can’t think I’m that stupid,” Terrence shot back. Jasmine had jealously issues and he knew that up front. No one on the team could outshine her and she used her manipulative ways to run off anyone that threatened her shine. People asked him what he saw in a girl with so much attitude but no one would ever understand.  

Her eyes widened. “I’m giving her a chance to shine. What’s wrong with that?”

“You giving another girl a chance,” Terrence’s cocked a brow. “It’s obvious you can’t stand her and you’re setting her up. Can you put the bullshit aside for once?”

“And you’re taking up for the bitch,” Jasmine spat, her eyes narrowing into slits.

The couple continued arguing as Derek slid past them and made his way over to Ahsha’s station. If they would be shooting together, then the ice needed to be broken. “Morning Davenport,” Derek hummed, catching Ahsha’s eye in the mirror.

“Good morning,” she replied, the awkward tension building between them instantly. “Looks like I’m shooting with you?”

“Your lucky day,” Derek flirted, trying to ease the tension. The makeup artist huffed, letting Derek know that he was standing in her way. “I’ll be waiting for you out back. Just go through the kitchen and then you’ll see the double doors.”

“Oh, look at you knowing your way around this huge ass house,” the dancer threw in with a chuckle.

“Well I think living here probably helps me out a bit. See you out back,” he winked, patting Ahsha on the shoulder before leaving her alone. Ahsha blushing like a school-aged girl caused the makeup artist to shake her head.


The February Shoot

The California sun beat down on Ahsha’s skin as she waited for her photoshoot partner. Her nerves were out of control, causing her hands to get clammy. Small talk most definitely wouldn’t cure the awkwardness between them. For the moment, she would have to force herself to stop thinking about the sexy face Derek made when he-

“Damn,” a deep voice interrupted. Ahsha’s head snapped around to find a shirtless Derek Roman leaning against one of the pillars nearby. “Looking good, rook.”

Suddenly, Ahsha felt shy in her small red bikini. Wrapping her arms around her upper body, Ahsha sat in one of the lawn chairs. Their photographer was still setting up the scene with the help of the Devil Girl director.

“You don’t have to be shy around little ol’ me,” Derek replied, joining her on the large chair. When Ahsha only responded with a side eye, Derek took his chance to talk about what had happened between them. “We going to talk about what happened or just act like it didn’t?”

There it was. The first time either one of them had mentioned that night. Ahsha closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “We should talk about it. Looks like it isn’t going away, huh?”

“Alright, we’ll talk later,” he answered, as the photographer approached them. Hopefully, they could focus on the shoot now that they at least agreed to speak about their intimate moment.

“You two ready? Think we’re all set up,” the photographer asked with excitement. This was his biggest paying gig every year. Of course, he would be all smiles. “Don’t be nervous. Relax and let that pretty face do all the work.”

“I’m not nervous,” Ahsha declared, knowing butterflies were literally swimming in her stomach. She had never been in a calendar, let alone posing with a man with the body of a Greek god. The photographer smirked in response. All the rookies were nervous and did a terrible job hiding it. Thankfully, their photographer did a great job of making them all feel comfortable.

Derek helped Ahsha to her feet and led her over towards the pool. Red heart-shaped balloons and rose petals lined the stone walkway.

“Alright you two, be natural and let it flow. Remember this is the love month, so sell it,” the photographer shouted over the music.

Being sexy did not come naturally to Ahsha. Or at least that’s what she believed. Working the camera was not all about being beautiful. Jasmine was standing on the second-floor balcony, staring down at her new teammate. Seeing her nemesis appear awkward in front of the camera made Jasmine giddy. Fans would surely complain about the month of February being a disappointment, especially when it usually belonged to the captain.

“Um, Ahsha could you maybe….hmmm…that pose isn’t working,” the photographer frowned. “Arch your back a bit more. No, that’s too much.” Ahsha was getting beyond frustrated. Between Jasmine being a conniving bitch and her not being able to adjust, she was about to snap. Derek felt Ahsha’s energy and thought it would be a good idea to take a quick break.

“Relax,” Derek urged, gripping Ahsha’s shoulders.

“Wish she would have left me in December,” Ahsha murmured, rubbing her temples. “I’ve never done anything like this before and she sticks me in February? Her month?”

Derek stepped in front of her so they could have a little more privacy. “Don’t worry about that girl. She’s a hater. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before. You got this. You going to let Jasmine’s miserable ass mess up your moment?”

“No but-“

“Look Ahsha, you’re sexy as hell and I’ve seen the way you work the dance floor. Where ever your mind goes when you dance, let it go there now,” he continued, letting his hands fall down Ahsha’s arms.

“It’s not that easy, Derek. You’re not doing this in a little ass bikini,” Ahsha complained, crossing her arms. “If I fuck this up, I will never live it down.”

Derek chuckled. “You won’t fuck anything up. Trust me. Relax, stop overthinking and just…go.”

Pep talks weren’t really his thing, even in the locker room. But he knew that Jasmine was only setting Ahsha up to fail and Derek refused to let that happen. Ahsha didn’t believe she had the sex appeal to nail this shoot, though Derek saw different. The way she worked the dance floor told him she had it in her. Jasmine was looking forward to seeing Ahsha fail and it wasn’t about to happen on his watch.

Still doubting that she could get her shit together, the dancer turned back around to face the photographer. Hopefully Derek’s ‘pep talk’ gave her enough pep to finish the shoot without being as stiff as a log.

“Ready,” the photographer asked, his patience running thin. “I have other girls to shoot.”

Ahsha adjusted the straps on her heels before wrapping her hand around Derek’s forearm. An act so natural that neither one of them seemed to be phased by it. “I’ll follow your lead since you’ve done this before,” Ahsha whispered. They used one of the large stone pillars as a prop. Derek leaned against the cool concrete and pulled Ahsha between his legs. Her small frame fit perfectly with his large one as the dancer relaxed against Derek’s toned chest.

Excited that he had a good shot, the photographer gushed, “Perfect. Now Ahsha, arch your back a little bit and tilt your head to the left. Gotta show off those beautiful physiques.”

Their brown skin glistened under the warm sun. They were looking like a couple straight out of Essence magazine. Ahsha loosened up as the shoot went on, giving the photographer shot after shot. Add on the chemistry with Derek and he was wishing he could sell their entire portfolio to Sports Illustrated.

Jasmine and Terrence were next and were walking out the back door to wait for their turn. Jasmine thought she would be walking into a joke. She had her smirk ready because she knew Ahsha was making a fool of herself. To her surprise, Derek and Ahsha were looking like they had stepped right out of a catalog.

“Uh oh, someone is trying to give you two a run for your money,” the photographer commented, sparking a dangerous flame. That was the last thing that Jasmine needed to hear. This only added fuel to the feud brewing between the two dancers. “I think we got some good shots. You two were great. Nice job, Ahsha!”

By this time, Jasmine was seething. No one could compare to the King and Queen of the Devils. Ahsha was already wearing out her welcome and Jasmine had to let it be known that she ruled this organization.

“That’ll never happen,” Jasmine spat, not even trying to hide her irritation. Terrence nodded in Ahsha’s direction, giving her small smile to let her know he wasn’t tripping.

Little did Jasmine know, her spot on the throne was in danger with a future queen in line.


Later that Night-After the shoot

Everyone had packed up and cleared out of the mansion. The day was long and they didn’t finish the shoot until late that evening. Ahsha waited for Derek in the spacious living room. She studied the many trophies on the mantle. She found it odd how his mantle wasn’t decorated with pictures of family. Honestly, she didn’t see a single photo throughout the entire mansion.

“I thought you wouldn’t stick around since it got so late,” Derek’s deep voice bellowed. He had changed into a pair of sweat pants and a sleeveless Nike shirt.

“Figured I’d stay since we agreed to talk.” she replied. Them being alone again sent that familiar feeling between her legs. The same one she had that night when they almost went too far.

Neither one of them knew where to begin. “You want anything to drink,” Derek questioned, taking a sip of his Gatorade.

“Nope, I’m good,” Ahsha said, sitting her bag on the floor next to the pool table. “This brings back memories,” she continued, picking up a pool stick.

“Memories of you attempting to play,” Derek laughed, joining in on the game. This at least was an ice breaker. They played for a few minutes before Derek started their much needed discussion. “You regret what happened that night?”

Being honest was the only way Ahsha would feel better about this entire situation. “I wouldn’t say I regret it but…I’m more confused than anything.”

“Confused about what? Me,” Derek questioned, placing the pool sticks back in their holsters.

“Just about all of this. You’re usually not the type of guy I’m attracted to,” Ahsha began. “You know what I mean?”

“You go after the good guys. I get it,” the baller added.

“I wouldn’t say it like that. I go after guys that aren’t as-“

“Ahsha, it won’t bother me if you say you only go for the good guys that you can take home to meet the parents. Even though, I’ve already met the parents and dad seems to like me,” Derek joked, earning a laugh. “Seriously, I’m not a bad dude though. Yeah, I seem like it on the outside but-“

“I never said you were a bad guy, Derek. If you were, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you right now. It would be a waste of time because a bad guy wouldn’t have respected me that night,” she explained. They both were sitting on top of the pool table, her leg resting comfortably against Derek’s. “I’m not used to dealing with a guy that has 20 million women chasing after them.”

“Or the type that gives 20 million of those women his attention?” Ahsha nodded. “I know I have a certain reputation that follows me. Terrence let me know that the other day and I wasn’t trying to hear it. But you’re unlike any woman I’ve met. I haven’t met a single woman who doesn’t want something for me. Whether it’s fame or money.”

“How do you know I’m not after that same thing,” Ahsha questioned. Derek’s money didn’t faze her one bit. Her parents were well off and she had lived a decent life. Even if she hadn’t, Ahsha could care less about how much money Derek made each season. The fact that Derek picked up on how genuine she could be, was intriguing.

“The way you carry yourself. Even with me throwing out every line in the book, you don’t budge,” he laughed. “And you actually take interest in what I’m saying. You listen, even though we barely know each other.”

“Most of the time I don’t have a choice. With that loud ass mouth of yours,” Ahsha shot back, playfully slapping Derek’s arm.

They shared a laugh and then the silence set in. Derek’s gaze remained focused on Ahsha’s lips. The urge to kiss her took over him and he leaned in to capture her lips. That same flame from last time ignited between them. There was no denying their attraction to each other. Not anymore.

Pulling away, Ahsha muttered against his lips, “I like you.” Such a simple statement held a lot of weight. After all the denying and trying to bury those budding feelings, Ahsha was truthful with herself. Whatever it was building between them wasn’t going away. Their chemistry was almost potent. This was a huge risk, not to mention something that could get her kicked off the team. But, in that moment she didn’t care. Being in denial was exhausting and she had grown tired.

“We should do something about that then,” Derek responded, pecking Ahsha’s lips once more. There was a moment of silence before Ahsha attacked.

Ohhhhhh, looks like it’s going down in the next chapter! I already know you all will kill me for the cliffhanger. Next chapter, things get a little wild, so you’ll thank me later. *wink wink*

Thanks for reading, loves! I will be starting the next chapter in the next couple of days. Hopefully, I can get it out much faster than I did with this one.

I have never so urgently felt the Hamilton lyric why do you write like you’re running out of time like I do right now post today’s SWCO Rebels panel, so as soon as I get home and recover from this experience I will get on that. (I really, really want to finish Backbone and start Watchtower before the new season starts airing, first of all because I can’t bear having been working on Backbone across three out of four seasons of the show, and secondly because I need an S3 baseline for Watchtower since I hate writing at a moving target if I can avoid it.)

In the mean time Celebration is wiping me out and I still haven’t written anything, though.

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I just recently finished re-watching Samurai Jack seasons 1-4, read the comic book series from issues #1-20 of SJ, & now watching season 5 of SJ. I'm sad & emotional right now cause I don't want Jack to die. It pains me to see him go through all the suffering & the pain. I admit he was my first crush since I was a young girl. I might need tissue. I even looked at to-my-ovaries art of Ashi & the wolf while she is crying that is exactly how I feel right now. "Weeps in a corner".

I KNOW!!! Contrary to popular opinion in the current Samurai Jack fandom, I actually greatly prefer Jack’s looks and personality from the original seasons. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but because his new self represents nothing but mental and physical pain, and I don’t like seeing my boi that way. I want nothing more than for him to become happy again and to put up his hair, shave his beard, and kick ass in his gi again. I honestly don’t think he’s going to die, except maybe in the very last episode I suppose. Maybe he’ll become some kind of immortal benevolent ruler or something for the rest of time. Like maybe he’ll get back to the past, kill Aku, and then rule in his place as king of the world, but with a firm hand against oppression and injustice. That would be badass

A lazy bust images of my babies! Please meet Princess, Knight, Ugayan, Tiger and Retriever! I keep drawing them all as I’m waiting for StarMyu season 2. There’s a bunch of team Hiiragi in my folder right now and I also keep listening to their songs… Love is hurt…

I miss my boys so much… ;-;

StarMyu is good, please watch it if you have time. Now that season 2 is coming, the more reason to watch it if you haven’t. It’s light and refreshing, really.

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I kept seeing gifs from Skam you posted so I googled the show, and after some quick reading decided to start with season 3 and OH HOLY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!! Seriously, I haven't fallen this hard for a show or an OTP in years (since Suits, probably). I just finished Episode 7 and I am sitting here grinning and sighing and more than a little teary and now I have to go to work and can't watch anymore *wail* So yeah, thanks for my new obsession!

It’s so amazing right? Seriously, if you are reading this and you haven’t watched Skam you need to get on it. Season three is sooooo good. My one regret was that I didn’t watch it in real time like everyone else. That sucks you have to go to work though, just knowing it’s sitting there ready to be watched. Stay strong and just get through the day knowing what’s waiting for you when you’re home again. And you’re very welcome. ;)


Prompt: Peter and Y/N accidentally end up under some mistletoe. Can’t break tradition, right?

Word Count: 1,421

Warnings: underage drinking

A/N: I thought I could write something Christmasy because it’s December.

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D U D E I'm so glad I'm not the only one being salty about Mikasa's moment with Eren like can they not? They already replaced Armin with Mikasa in several scenes and then they had to do that?? I don't know who's directing this but they need to stop fucking up.

I’m so sorry I didn’t see your message, the app has big bugs right now. Just when we thought it was bad, they’re showing us new ways to fuck up her story. I love Eren and all that, but it’s getting on my nerves bad –not Eren, season 2. 

20 Qs

I am so sorry I am terribly late!

I was tagged by the beautiful @writingthingsisdifficult , thank you so much <3

Nicknames: Tere 
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5′6
Orientation: ah ah ah I still am not really sure, I’m probably demiromantic tho
Nationality: Italian
Favourite fruit: Uhh this is difficult, Pears and Strawberries 
Favourite season: All of them! I like and dislike all of them for differnet reasons!
Favourite book: Oh god this is impossible, right now I would say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… 
Favourite flower: I really don’t know?? Lavender? Daisies? 
Favourite scent: New Books, and the smell of sea
Favourite animal: Deers but I really love cats too
Favourite colour: Blue
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: Tea (with milk tho)
Average sleep hours: Between 6 and 8 even if I need like 10/11 in order to not be sleepy in the first half of the afternoon…
Cat or dog: cats, beautiful majestic soft cats
Favourite fictional character: WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DIFFICULT QUESTIONS!?! I’ll answer with three: Sam Winchester, Magnus Bane and Victor Nikiforov 
Dream trip: I saw on a magazine a tour of Japan and South Korea in 15 days, it would be great if one day I could do it 
Blog created: man I don’t remember the month? June 2015? It was summer 2015 tho
Favourite song at the moment: Right now Saturnz Barz by Gorillaz it’s amazing!

I am tagging (if they want to do it, no pressure!) @naijahra @yixseok @imthelightbehindyoureyes @random-fireworks @hugglepugg

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I started season three yesterday and I'm not big on it tbh. The futuristic thing/the new weapons I'm not big on, nor Nya gettin' all up on Cole :( I do like Pixal a lot!! Though does the implied romance stuff between her and Zane last, or is that a temporary thing? Does stuff get better from here, or? Sorry to bother you! And thank you!!

I would post a reaction GIF but I’m on mobile, but sadly that Pixal thing is….wait you need to watch that shit right now, I’m not saying a thing. Ly 😉


Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1154

Summary: Supernatural season one is official, but it takes some work before filming can start.

Part 9 in The Future Series.  Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, Part 3 here,Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, and Part 8 here.

Here we go! :) Enjoy!

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Things I am excited about for season two:

-Nancy coming to terms with the realization that Barb is truly gone

- Joyce and Jonathan’s reaction to Will puking up the slugs and how they handle it

- Will being more of a main character and getting to see more of him (YAY more Noah cuteness)

- The new characters that are being introduced especially Max

- the relationship between Joyce And Hopper potentially becoming more

- Mike and Nancy bonding

- Seeing the Byers family as a whole

- hopefully seeing Lucas and Dustins parents????? Like where are they????

Things I am not excited for:

- waiting for season two

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It was such a pleasure to re-watch so many scenes from this season. All along, I had such hope for Quinn's improvement, and was falling in love with him all over again. So many new layers revealed. Now when I think about those scenes it's way too depressing since I know Q will never receive the love he so desperately wanted and needed. But we were just rooting for him to hang in there a little bit longer 'cause we knew it was coming for him in a big way. Boy, were we wrong. 😪

We’re at the end of a love story right now. It’s like… when you’ve just been dumped, you’re bitter, and everything associated with your ex-boyfriend feels sour and tainted by the break-up. But this feeling will pass. And then we will cherish the memories of the good moments again.

It’s going to be a while, but we’re going to love those scenes again. They were well written, well acted, and very moving.

my Switched at Birth feels so far:

1) Bay deserves all the best in the world, and that’s definitely not Emmett.

2) Emmett wanted out of their relationship the moment it became too complicated for him

3) Toby deserves to be happy and he won’t achieve his happiness by constantly chasing love, he needs to be alone for a while, he had his heart broken trice in a row (Simone, Nikki, what’s the new girl’s name)

4) Regina has to be the best mom ever. I love this woman so much. I am so happy she isn’t drinking anymore.

5) Kathryn is a wonderful woman. Her and Regina make a great mom team. I want her and Toby’s musical to work so bad.

6) John grew so much this season. I can’t believe what I am saying, but I actually like his character right now.

7) Daphne had a real downfall in the past 2 seasons. I am glad she is getting her life back on track, Mingo’s actually good for her. But she’s not off the hook yet. I still don’t like her.

8) I am so glad that Travis and Natalie are okay. I was so worried they would kill one of them off, and I wouldn’t be able to take that.

9) I miss Angelo. So much.

10) Iris is so precious. I enjoy her character.

11) Josh and Daphne’s friendship is really cute. 

12) Will’s mom is alive? Knew it. I expected something like this. Let’ see how it plays out.

Global Update - March 2016

Hi LoliRockers !

It’s time for a little update on… many things.

First of all, production of season 2 :

It’s progressing, slowly but surely. Our teams, both in France and Malaysia (Inspidea) are working hard to make the best show they can.

If possible, I’ll try to tease you from time to time about it… Anyway, you’ll see more of our princesses very soon !

Second, who’s behind this blog ?

Surprisingly, this question seems to matter for a lot of you. I receive a lot of question about “Who updates it ?” and more specifically, “Is it director Vandestoc ?? And can we consider it’s Jean-Louis Vandestoc’s official blog ?”.

Well, no. It’s not Jean-Louis’ official tumblr, and he’s not the one writing here either. He reads and helps me from time to time though, but he’s very busy with season 2 right now.

I’m one of the supervising producers of the show and I work very closely with Jean-Louis, ever since I joined the team at the beginning of the production. Just call me “Production Guy” or whatever. No need for more. I like my privacy. ;)

Third, what’s next ?

I asked in a previous post what you guys would like for the next ones. Here’s the new guidelines we’ll follow :

From now :

  • I’ll continue to post pre-production artworks and concept art, not worry about that. Including compilations regarding specific characters or locations.
  • I noted the request for more ephedian stuff : the magic, kingdoms, background, lore, and such. It’ll require a lot of work to prepare those, but I’ll do my best. ;)
  • Also noted you like to know how we lived this production, I’ll dig for more team’s post-it, production stories, and such.
  • I’m preparing a “F.A.Q” section, for… well, obviously, the frequently asked questions, and also in Index section to make the navigation to old posts easier. (Don’t forget the Archive page, it helps a  lot !)

Changes :

  • Until now, I posted materials episode by episode, in the order of production, mixing designs, stories, animatics and such. Unfortunately, I won’t have the time to do so for the rest of the series from now on. So I’ll just focus on the most important things, starting with what you guys ask for first instead.
  • The animatics and behind-the-scenes on youtube are liked, but they take a LOT of time to prepare… For now, I’ll have to focus on the other things listed above. The videos will be back later, don’t worry. I’ll also focus on our best scenes from now on, instead of posting entire part of every episode

And that’s all for now ! ;)