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Hey Admin, could I request a yiga who... I dunno. Just a Yiga-clan member if its ok ^^

To answer the question: No. No I will not draw just a Yiga-clan member ;)

I feel like i need to start linking to the Korok comic that started their weird obsession in my comic’s canon so that new people aren’t COMPLETELY confused…

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Hi! Do you have some Bastille blogs to reccommend?

hello, anon!
all my mutuals? HAHAHAHA
okay, you need links, so yeah i will give it to you

@bbastille, @way-beyond-that, @3astille, @uriesinatra, @burritosmith, @just-leave-me-hangin, @skyberia, @sendthemoff, @overjoyed-ash, @the-girl-who-swaiting, @willyfarquarsons, @in-cold-bloodhangyouup, @dan-for-the-win, @upoffthefloor, @bastillearchive, @amazingnarry, @dont-leave-me-hangin, @f-l-a-w-s, @bastillefillthesilence, @forestinfire, @hedgehogdan, @phanielintheden, @bastillelesbian, @dansmithsgingerbeard, @english-dan-up-in-space, @thingswelostinthefire, @runagainstawallwithsarah, @spooky-stille and @thinkyoulovex

Friday Watchalong! Come join me this Friday, 28 April 2017 for


I’ve been yelling about this for ages now so let’s finally do it!

I’ll be starting at 10 pm CEST / 9 pm BST / 4 pm EST

Runtime: 1h 50min

Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier! 

I’ll be hosting via rabbit and there’s a limit of 25 people in the room so if you can’t get in it’s because the room is full. I don’t think it’ll come to this but just saying. Check out Steph’s post to see how to navigate rabbit. You don’t need an account to join! 

I’ll be posting the link to the room 30 mins before the movie starts, so make sure to check my blog.

Important: Please turn your mic and camera off! I find it distracting and my brain doesn’t like it unfortunately. Thank you. :)

@simpleanddestructivechemistry @consultingeastwind @maikanna  @tali-zora @leseratte2686 @just–elope @squashsplat @totallymydivision @beejohnlocked @yorkiepug @oliveria-fan @missmuffin221 @sy2b @longsnowsmoon5 @1895-doyle-and-bronte-obsessed @hollyberrypie

I’m totally missing people so please signal boost this and/or tag people who might be interested, thank you! :) Also, let me know if you want to be tagged or if I should stop tagging you.

I know the time isn’t ideal for everyone but even if you can’t manage to join this week I think @inevitably-johnlocked is going to show the movie in one of her Saturday watchalongs too at a later point so don’t fret. :) 

No guarantees but I hope it works out. <3 Also, bring tissues and be prepared to be blown away. 


Since EVERY fandom is going through so much discourse I thought I should link something that always makes me smile. We need that

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This may sound rude or weird, but I'm genuinely curious and I'm sorry if it's not my place to ask. I don't have a problem with it, but I've noticed on your blog and some others they include an image description on posts? What is that for? I don't mean to sound ableist, I am just curious and would like to know why. Thanks!

Image descriptions help tumblr be more accessible! They’re useful for people who use screen readers, people who have a slow internet connection or who have images disabled for some reason, people who process text better than images, etc.

Also, I feel like they’re often helpful even for people who don’t need them. I link titles in image description to their Amazon pages, so you can click through for more info (and it’s an affiliate link, full disclosure). Image descriptions can also provide info that might not be immediately apparent (like which TV show a gif/screencap is from). It also helps if you’re on the mobile tumblr app and images aren’t loading!

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No sure if its been done before (if youve seen it before give me a link i need it) but just imagine: apocalypse au (with lots of deaths obviously)

As long as it’s not my children that die I’m down

I need links to leapord gecko heating supplies. I have the uth covered but i dont think its enough. Its chilly where I am and ive been trying to research the right heat lamps for 2 hours now and i do not compute. I dont know what brands to trust. I dont have the lamp itself. I dont know how to regulate its tempurature. Or whats needed for a 20 gallon and 15 gallon.

Theres supposed to be a gradient too but i can feel where the heat stops in the tank. Also. Does a temp gun take the tempurature of surface tempurture, air tempurture, or both and what temp gun should I buy?

Is there a thermostat that has two probes so i can get the tempurture of the cool and hot spot without having to buy two thermostats and have wires everywhere?

So far i only havd one heat pad and one thernostat for each of my tanks and I am lost. I want my geckos to be in perfect condition and we are moving to a different home soon.

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )


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