Georgie Denbrough (he doesn’t die)

Because I need some happiness in my life.


  • ok so, he’s like the cUtEst kid that has ever existed
  • how
  • he always brings his teacher an apple
  • he also brings the entire class homemade cookies on his bday
  • ik, most of the time they don’t allow homemade stuff in school but cmon.
  • It’s Georgie fucking Denbrough what’s the worst that could happen
  • He totally believes middle school is overrated tbh
  • and even tho he thinks it’s overrated, he tries his hardest because that’s what his Big Brother Bill would do
  • In high school, he knows everyone
  • how is that possible??
  • no one knows
  • all of his teachers love him
  • he’s smart, he’s respectful, he brings them food
  • he’s also always class president???
  • he never runs, but people vote him in anyway
  • kinda funny tbh, like they announce it and he’s just like “not again”
  • But he still does his very bestest
  • and when he first starts dating someone
  • boi, Bill just about has a heart attack
  • He goes and gives the person the “big brother talk”
  • even tho he still has his stutter, he can be very intimidating when he wants to
  • Georgie would be the perfect boyfriend
  • he’d take his date somewhere nice and if he can’t afford it he has Bill help him set up a nice picnic
  • he takes his s/o to the fair like, every year
  • always wants to win them prizes
  • 10/10 would date him
  • when he was younger tho, he totally had a crush on Bev
  • but, I mean, everyone does so
  • he constantly told Bill to “fight him”
  • Bill’s just like “ur a child”
  • he doesn’t care
  • Throughout their entire lives, Bill and Georgie are the greatest siblings
  • Ever
  • they never fight, always have each other’s backs, it’s great

i literally spent almost 24 hours straight on this bullshit

hey, disclaimer: im no musician, if you couldnt tell LMAO #earblood

[ SONGS: Every song in Melanie Martinez’s CRYBABY album + Play Date ]
[ bits used from a pre-made mashup of Carousel x Pity Party on YT ] 
[ everything edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 ]

this is kinda far fetched, but **PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE** i want to eventually upload the finished product on my YT.


//hides in embarrassment tbh

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Harry Potter is asexual and one day shows up at the Hogwarts Express wearing a shirt that says "MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE BECAUSE I'M ASEXUAL HUN" (I just need this in my life ok) -H

Harry gets lots of high fives and fist bumps from muggleborns and half-blood wixen on the train. He gets some approving looks from some purebloods and half-blood wixen. But he also gets a looooooooot of questioning looks.

In fact, Harry gets so many questions, he ends up holding an impromptu Q&A session on different identities (and some muggle culture) in one of the carriages. He actually gets caught up in doing this before he even finds Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville. They end up finding him. Hermione is, unsurprisingly, helpful with a wealth of knowledge in helping Harry answer questions and define terms. Ginny and Luna are, surprisingly, well versed in identity lingo and also help out.

It also turns out to be good practice for Harry, taking the lead and speaking to Dumbledore’s Army.

He does have to fight off a Slytherin, who just realized the word for how they feel is asexual, who felt that a snake-related shirt is misplaced in a Gryffindor’s wardrobe.

And that’s how Harry Potter sparks identity awareness in the isolated wixen community: muggle culture play on words.

~Hufflepuff Mod

hhhh Kōhe my sweet boy

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Kit in suspenders 😩😍😍😍 never thought I needed that in my life! OK but seriously, how do you think (separately) Dany and Jon will react, to 1. Jon being a Targarian, 2. That Dany is his aunt, 3. Just alone that Jon isn't a bastard, since that has been what everyone has seen him as. It's a word that really defined him. And 4. That he's the rightful heir. Do you think that it will cause a rift, since she wants the throne? I personally think that they'll write in unnecessary drama.....

Well, personally I think the writers and actors are hyping some Targaryen drama for next season but I honestly don’t see it happening (like they did last year with Jon and Sansa).

— About Jon being a Targaryen, i think Dany will be okay with it, even more so, she might be happy about it… shes always believed she was the last Targaryen alive so that could be a nice surprise for her. For Jon, well my boy here might be a little confused about it, sad: bc he’s always believed Ned is his biological father, shocked: bc hes a fucking Targaryen and not just that- he’s the actual heir to the damn Throne.

— About Dany being his aunt, now this is something im looking forward to see, how will he react to this news? Dany probably wont care and i hope Jon wont either, after all, they are in love– the feelings are there and there’s nothing they can do about it. Especially if there is a baby on the way (Awwwweeee).

— About Jon not being a bastard, he will finally know who his actual mother is, he might be a little sad taht Ned is not his real father but he will be happy that he does have some Stark blood running through his veins. Knowing that he is legitimate and that he was loved and wanted since even before he was born will give him some kind of closure and stop viewing himself as a bastard & maybe that will make him start embracing his Targ & Stark roots. (this is what im hoping, at least)

— About being the rightful heir, we know Jon is not after power so i cant see him being so thrilled about this, not after knowing that Dany’s been fighting for it her entire life, and again, they love each other so, this could be solved with a marriage.

Those are my thougths! and hopes!! I’m counting for a happy ending for these two (call me delusional or whatever for this but idc, i love them too much to even think about one of them dying lol) 

991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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Sweet Meep Morp pals transform into Giant Woman!


-Ok, I am digging the idea of these two having 4 arms; because they both use elemental powers instead of relying on weapons, 4 arms fits their two powers. That’s a set of arms for each power! :D

-Azurite is my working theory for a Lapidot Fusion, obvs. But, under closer inspection, I may have to rethink this though, apparently Azurite gets its green coloring mostly from Malachite?!  So? Awkward??

-I illustrated what looks to be like an accidental fusion, probably when they are just hanging out and feeling rather close and end up just fusing without thinking about it…However I DO believe its going to be different in the show. I think a major point is going to be made of Lapis’s next fusion because of her bad history/experience with a toxic fusion(continuing the analogy they’re making to abuse)…I think Peridot is going to be respectful of Lapis in her own, obtuse way and probably ask “are you sure?” and assuring Lapis’s consent about 10 times before they do it and assuring her in whatever concerns or fears Lapis has(I think her power may play a part, since Jasper made a big deal about it). Since Peridot’s never fused, her first one is going to be significant. Lapis’ arc is likely one of recovery and survival and healing. I think combining these two is a brilliant strategy to bring their arcs together.

-Azurite would be super excited to meet Steven, given Lapis’s joy and friendship around him, and Peridot’s strong friendship with him.

Ok but going to a 5sos concert in your ‘Clifford 95’ shirt and waving one of those foam fingers while unapologetically singing along to the songs at the top of your lungs and when mikey spots you in the pit he’d forget the lyrics and end up mumbling random words with a beaming smile and that twinkle in his eye he gets when hes really happy and just shout ‘fuck’ into his mic laughing at you before walking away to the other side and later in the show when they do the talking bit he’d interrupt whatever luke was saying to be like ‘i want you all to know i swear i know the lyrics, my embarrassing girlfriend was just distracting me’ and you’d wave your foam finger and turn around so the camera can show everyone your Clifford shirt and he’d snort out an amused ‘oh god’ and scoff about how embarrassing you were and how he wasnt going to let you come to any more shows but really he’d love every last bit of it because there’s nothing he loves more than having you there supporting him


Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.