get to know me meme (music edition): 5 bands
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“we just worked to do something really special and crazy and nuts, but it came more honestly and organically. we weren’t thinking, ‘we can’t do it like such-and-such band’. it was, ‘we need to blow people’s minds.’”

I want a friendship where we can talk about ANYTHING. Like text all day everyday and then maybe one day finally meet each other

The last thing you want to be is an ASPIRING creator.  Be a shitty creator, but don’t aspire.  Comics are easier to make than EVER.

I keep hashtagging #trustcomics because it’s true.  For some reason pictures on top of words is powerful.  Trust that power.  Learn. Share.

You don’t need permission or approval.  Study the masters.  Don’t filter your learning.  Absorb and produce.  TELL ME A STORY.

I’ve had 100s maybe 1000s of people ask me how to break in, how to get better.  None of them told me a story first.

SYMBOLISM DESIGN AND JUXTAPOSITION are the tools of our trade.  Takes one panel to set it up and 3 panels to tell a story.  TELL ME A STORY.

If you work in comics, you LOVE STORIES.  Cut the shortcuts and appeal to this in everyone you want to hire you.  #trustcomics

—  Nelson Blake II, Artist and storyteller.

Changing the Way We Look at Ourselves with @petrafcollins and #MyStory

This story is the first installment of #MyStory — a new series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. Check out O, The Oprah Magazine to see more of their stories unfold throughout the coming months, and join the conversation by sharing your own experiences with #MyStory. To see more empowering images from the artist, follow @petrafcollins.

“#MyStory is about creating images for women or female-identifying people that are hopefully more truthful and inclusive. I struggled a lot academically when I was a young girl. I was like, ‘Oh I’m not smart so I’ll need to rely on my looks.’ But, everything I was looking at in magazines was from one point of view. I wanted to capture my own life. I wanted to create an outlet and images that felt like ‘Oh, this happened. This is real.’ Creating nostalgia is a way to make a place in the world, to cement my story — or other girls’ stories — in the landscape.

The way I’ve gotten to where I am now is because of the Internet and these platforms like Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr, where people, specifically teenage girls, are able to create their own worlds and post their own work. We live in an image-based world. We’re all constantly bombarded by images, but a lot of them don’t reflect the normal person or girl. And I think the selfie is a really important tool for girls because they can create images of themselves that aren’t the manipulated ones that they see.

I don’t want to create some sort of greater version of me. I’ll post photos of my body or me with my acne. When there are images of your natural self out there for other people to see, you just feel more like a human — and other girls can see them and relate. It’s crazy … I get really mean responses, but it’s always really nice to hear people be like, ‘Oh, I have that right now. I can post a photo like you’re posting a photo.’ That’s the best feeling.”

Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPinthestudio

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal of this weekend’s hashtag project is to photograph the places you or a fellow artist go to be creative. The project takes inspiration from London-based artist and guest curator Helen Downie (@unskilledworker), best known for her fashion-inspired portraits and paintings. Here are Helen’s tips to get started:

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPinthestudio hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Okay so if anybody doesn’t know today is the birthday of Rise from Ladies Code who passed away. And there’s a hashtag for her on Twitter called “ForeverRise,” and BTS fans are seriously using the hashtag to prompt Suga’s mixtape and are even saying SHE RUINED HIS DAY TO PROMOTE???? What the fuck is wrong with people? It’s her birthday and people are celebrating it and it’s just so fucked up that armies think it’s “okay” to use HER HASHTAG TO PROMOTE SUGA. ARE YOU INSANE???? I can’t believe people are doing this. And too say the hashtag ruined his promotion is a big no no honey. I can’t even form this in words on how fucked up this is. And he has 4 tags to use ya’ll don’t need to use her. This is why aliens won’t talk to use cause you people are fucked. *mic drop*

Top 5 most important things I learned from freshmen year of college:

1. Love; not romance by any means, but rather love in oneself and in others (who were all strangers to me such a short time ago). By taking care of myself, focusing my time on what I wanted/needed, and managing my time for what was best for me, I now understand what makes me love well, me! And when you’re surrounded by people like yourself in a college that you all chose to go to, there’s no doubt that you’re bound to find people who understand you (and also find those friends that you know will be around for quite some time). College is a strange place because everyone is just as terrified and curious about one another– and therefore, attach and befriend whoever they find first.You find so much love in these people you practically live with for literal months– and the best part is that they love you right back.

2. People are temporary; the people you meet in the beginning of the year will not necessarily become your bestfriend as you imaged. The people you thought were going to be your core group of friends may end up being strangers you wave hi to when passing by occasionally. The people you got bad vibes from in the beginning or had heard bad rumors about may end up being the most wonderful surprises and best additions to your life. No matter what– people will come and go and it’ll all be fine.

3. Responsibility with freedom; no one is going to tell you to wake up to go to your 9 a.m. or go to the gym after a long day. No one will yell at you for missing class or being unhealthy and lazy. But you have to learn to put on some clothes, grab a coffee to go, and pull yourself together to answer a question if a professor calls on you–and go to the gym as a study break even if you’re having a rough day. Although it may not seem like it, everyone is pulling theirselves together, just like you, to get by. With freedom, you have to put all your focus on you and your studies.

4. Chill; often times, college seems to be all about finding a balance between partying and studying– when really, it should be between partying, studying, casually hanging with friends, and relaxing by yourself. Time is precious in college, but it’s really important to not go out too much and tire your body or overwhelm yourself with the amount of work you have to do. Whether it be taking naps here and there, FaceTiming old friends, or studying while eating lunch with your new college friends, finding a way to chill is a key factor for a deeper appreciation with your time investment.

5. Knowing your future; truthfully, there will be people who know exactly what they want to do, know how to get to that goal, and believe in theirselves to be successful in achieving that goal because they are actually that smart, even if they’re not always committed. However, like me, there will be people who do not know where to begin so they just guess and take on a random career path–because hey, what else are you supposed to do? And despite how crazy that may be, everyone figures themselves out at some point. Even if you feel like you wasted an entire semester on a class you absolutely hated, at least you know that now. Just keep trying and trying and you’ll find out something.

—  still kind of lost 18 year old
I think the new No Control Twitter hashtag needs to be sillier

People who aren’t fans will actually look at it if it’s something like



I know I never look at trended fandom hashtags unless I’m like, Huh? What does THAT mean?

Bring on the silly hashtags!

the fact that it irks people that black lives matter is a hashtag instead of all lives is just ridiculous. why does everyone need to be included so bad? why do you want to be included in this oppression? we know all lives matter but some people seem to forget that black lives matter so we’re just reminding y'all. our race is being systematically killed and separated and people still, in 2016, turn a blind eye to it. black lives matter is suppose to be a wake up call not something to make u feel like u weren’t invited to the cause. I just want people to shut up and listen.


This is a serious problem: someone on Twitter started the hastag #JHopeandJinCommitSuicide and it’s beginning to trend. This is basically a threat on their lives!

Suicide is not a laughing matter, it’s a serious problem. I struggled with it during high school, and I have had friends lose their lives this way because of the horrendous people that think it would be funny if they just died.

This is the lowest of the fucking low, and I want this stopped. I’ve already reported the user several times, but I need the help from EVERYONE, whether you’re a k-pop fan or not.

If you have a Twitter, go on and search for the hastag, and look for the account that started it all; she says point blank that she started the hashtag, and report her.

She says that she is an k-pop troll, but this shit isn’t funny.

Reblog this so that EVERYONE can see what has happened. This madness has to stop, and no one knows if Jin or J-Hope has seen the hastag already. We don’t know if they’re going to be influenced by this, but everyone is praying that they don’t give the trolls what they want.

Celebrities, no matter what country they’re from, are people, too. THEIR LIVES MATTER. They have friends and families, just like everyone else, and we need to help them overcome this.

Please, I beg you. No one wants to see two beautiful people succumb to the hateful words and threats of the internet.

I know I promised that I would write a post going into what’s happening in Punjab right now, and I will, but I need to address something first.

I’m seeing several Sikh youth and Sikh organizations using the hashtag #SikhLivesMatter, and while I sympathize with their sentiment in doing so, the last thing we should be doing is mooching off of our black brothers and sisters and trivializing that movement.

Not only that, but as the Khalsa, we are meant to be nyaare. We are meant to pave our own path.

The movement will follow paradigms of Sikhi, and in the process we do not need to appropriate other peoples’ movements.


Taylor Micheal Caniff, from starting as a youtuber and a viner. From being one person, one human being, working on his own. Expressing him self through videos and music. To making friends as he begun to join tours. Making friends that could relate to him. Who wouldn’t judge him. That made him feel a sense of family. Brothers, he would call them. To meeting fans, like us, who helped continued his adventure. The people who continue to support him no matter what. I know you’re going through a tough time right now. I know the hate is getting to you. I know. I think it’s okay if you want to have a normal life. It’s okay to want things. It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to live life. But no matter what, we will support you. You were there for us when we needed someone, so now we’ll be here for you. For the people, who contributed to the hashtag trend on Twitter , are you happy? Do you feel proud? Breaking someone’s idol? How would you feel, if it was you? Would you be able to keep going? You know damn well you wouldn’t. Taylor’s gotten hate for awhile now, and the fact that he was able to stay strong for a long time shows something. He’s relentless. He’s strong. The one thing Taylor has over the people that started the trend is that, he knows who he is. And he isn’t scared to prove or show it. No matter what, I will, we will always love Taylor. We love you Taylor Micheal Caniff.

To all my French followers,

My heart goes out to all of you after this attack. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, and that your country can begin to heal as best as it can after this tragedy.

If you are in Paris now: 

If you are safe, stay where you are; don’t leave.

If you are outside and require shelter, use the #porteouverte tag on Twitter and Facebook to get inside as soon as possible, people throughout the city are using it to offer up their homes to people in need of a place to stay. 

Also, along with everything happening in Paris, there was just a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan. You’re all in my thoughts. 

Stay safe everyone, 
Snake love, 


A long time ago I saw these Urusei Yatsura batteries on a forum and quickly saved all the pictures… I’m sorry I can’t give credit, but I thought they were AMAZING JESUS LOOK AT THEM OMFG I CAN’T ANYMORE LOOOOOOOOK AT THE SPACE TAXI DRIVER WHO SUCKED UP ALL THEIR OIL IN EPISODE ONE OOOOOOOH MY GOD AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHH

#OwnYourMisogynoir #ThisIsWhy

You’ve likely noticed by now that anytime black women make call-out posts/show any type of reaction to the decades of misogynoir, we tend to face staunch opposition just for speaking out. People appear to never understand what we’re talking about and why we feel the need to keep bringing it up. For that reason @luvheritage and I have decided that it’s time to truly expose the degradation and constant disrespect that black girls & black women face everyday in the black community.

    Whenever we try to discuss these things, people (namely black men) seem to be unaware of how truly woven misogynoir it is into black culture and particularly into black men’s behavior towards us. So let’s raise some awareness of just how often it happens. Since they don’t know now, we’ll show them.

We will be using the following hashtags to post examples of misogynoir (receipts, essentially) that we have experienced or come across online:

     · #OwnYourMisogynoir (#OwnYourTransmisogynoir, when applicable) and
     · #ThisIsWhy

These hashtags are open to any black woman/femme and nonfemale black ally   who wants to contribute physical examples of misogynoir that they’ve seen online and in real life.

This includes memes, pics, Facebook posts, Instagram comments, tweets, articles, common experiences, anything you come across, even screenshots of misogynoir that you’ve seen from bloggers on here. Our goal is to produce evidence that shows that misogynoir has been engrained into the mindsets of black men and thus is a rampant issue for us in the black community.

Because misogynoir is so widespread and extensive, we’ve come up with a few different sub-categories that your particular example may fall under. Perhaps your example might address: 

    1. colorism and how it affects young black girls the most

    2. respectability politics/slut-shaming (aimed particularly at black women)

    3. transmisogynoir

    4. erasure of black women’s experiences with black issues/historical movements

    5. hyper-sexualization of black female bodies (including young ones)

    6. normalization of domestic abuse/rape of black women by black men (think about how black men like Chris Brown and R Kelly still have careers) 

    7. combination of 2+ types

    8. any other branch of misogynoir that may have been missed.

   As these are all different types of misogynoir, we still want to use the umbrella hashtags #OwnYour(trans)Misogynoir and #ThisIsWhy.

   When it comes to showing the extensiveness and severity of this issue, no example is too harsh or too staunch.

 They want to know why we’re upset and frustrated? They want to know why we keep “making a big deal” out of things like this? They want to know why some of us have decided that we are done holding the hands of men (and some misguided women) who mock, belittle, abuse, or flat-out disregard us and make fun of everything about us with any chance they get?

Then we’ll answer. We’ll show them that #ThisIsWhy. We’ll look at them and say, it’s time for you guys to finally #OwnYourMisogynoir. 

Some people will see these hashtags and tell you that we are being divisive. That we are over-reacting. That we’re adding fuel to the fire. Let them say what they will. The first step to solving an issue like this is to get the offending group acknowledge that there IS in fact an issue. These hashtags are to raise awareness of misogynoir so that we can at least end it within our own community.

Do not be afraid to hurt black men’s feelings by showing them the ways in which they have been socialized to harm us.


- PLEASE, if you are in Paris and in need of a place to go, use the hashtag #PorteOuverte on Twitter. 

- DO NOT GO OUTSIDE, French authorities asked people to stay indoors.



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The MilkPEP people are really pushing this campaign hard. Even though this video was published on Youtube during August of last year, it has been tweeted countless times by the dairy industry, its lobbyists, and supporters over just the last few days. I cannot scroll through the “milktruth” or “getreal” hashtag feed of Twitter for two seconds without seeing this video. 

Please take a moment to go and “thumbs-down” this video on Youtube, and leave a comment about dairy if you can make time. It’s been getting thousands of views and we need people to see this for what it is: sugar-coated propaganda.