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Hey the fleshdom, I know we’re all busy celebrating Dom’s unexpected tweet but let’s not forget to act.

Dom has said to hit the like button on his tweet so he could have an estimate of how many people would be interested in a special. He needs numbers if he wants to bring this 90 minute new content to life. He needs us.

So go hit that like button, go share his tweet, go make the hashtag #InTheFlesh trending again…

Show them how undead we are.

All Love Project

In response to our current social status in the United States, All Love Project aims to comfort and connect all people by offering FREE postcards to ANYONE. Whether what your identities are, please remember that you are loved and cherished, and you deserve all the goodness in life. 

Keep living, Don’t Stop Believing.

Fill out this form with your address for free postcards: ALL LOVE PROJECT
(all personal information will be kept strictly confidential)

Thank you, my beautiful babies, for joining me on this wonderful journey of putting good and positivity into this world, your support meant a lot. I have ONE simple favor to ask from you: please SHARE these postcards with other people in need (online or in real life, use hashtag #AllLoveProject), reach out to them, and let them know they’re not alone.

Help spread the love.

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Just saw the video that evoked the “Hurt Bae” hashtag on twitter and I’m so heartbroken. No good woman deserves that kind of treatment, no one at all does.

I know some have been through this, when a guy doesn’t appreciate you or see your worth, downplays you because he can’t control his wandering eyes etc. just wanted to say this, some people need to be reminded of these things:

1. Becareful of those who claim flirting is in ‘their nature’ their just childish and don’t want to grow up acting like thirsty Highschool kids.

2. If he disrespects other women, no matter how nice he may be treating you know, expect that nasty behavior to pop up when he’s with you.

3. Please do not date someone who emphasizes a lot on your looks, some use the cause of 'constructive criticism’ to cover their sick fetishes of wanting a woman with a certain body type (this is a prevalent point but I’ll still add it)

4. If he’s hung up over an ex, don’t waste your time.

5. If he does something you don’t like, say it, don’t keep it to yourself, from his reaction/response you’ll know if he’s worth it.

6. Know your worth, you have to accept that as much as you like him if you know damn well he is toxic, DONT THINK YOU CAN CHANGE HIM. This has happened too many times to people, so learn to accept if they can’t/won’t change.

7. If he has cheated once, he will do it again. #DontWasteYourTimeTryingToChangeADirtBag. And I don’t mean just cheating on you but if he has cheated on an ex, that’s a serious red flag.

You deserve better.

Melissa McBride Tag - Twitter

Alright. I’m doing it, but I need help. As a collective fan base I think that we should start a hashtag on Twitter on Sunday while watching Bury Me Here.

There has been way too much hate on here for both Caryl and Melissa and I am SO tired of this. She is one of THE sweetest people on the planet and should know how much we love and support her.

Please help if you can.
TAG IS: #WeLoveMelissaMcBride

As everyone knows I have a hell of a lot of snails that are forever growing. Now because of this I cannot keep them all into adulthood, that would be to much to handle(to many tanks, to much feeding and God forbid if they had babies). Therefore if there is anyone who lives in the United Kingdom who would be willing to take them on and care for them (do your research first, good homes only, preferably people who have or already owned GALS please) then please contact me, thanks.

Why no one is talking about the torture of an innocent special needs kid that happened on a Facebook Live video?????!

I swear Tumblr, you guys can talk about stupid shit like the ridiculous #FuckParis hashtag and many people got mad when others were using the #growingup____ tag but when it comes to shit like this you turn the other cheek. I swear, I HOPE no one defends what those 4 kids did to the special needs kid because not only does that show your ignorance but that also shows how stupid you are.


get to know me meme (music edition): 5 bands
↳ 1/5 » my chemical romance

“we just worked to do something really special and crazy and nuts, but it came more honestly and organically. we weren’t thinking, ‘we can’t do it like such-and-such band’. it was, ‘we need to blow people’s minds.’”

Youtubers are not your Responsibility!

This topic has been on my mind for a while. Pretty much ever since the whole thing with Mark, Matt, and Ryan.  I rarely rant on here but this needs to be said.

When this started I kept seeing fan pages on insta hashtaging things like Areyouokaymark, Markhaschanged, or something along the lines like that. It’s all well and good to care about a youtuber and wonder if they are okay. What isn’t good is posting things about it and making your own assumptions. Anyone ever heard of the phrase “Assuming makes an Ass out of you and me”? I see people constantly starting rumors and assumptions if a small change happens. This really bothers me to no end because you don’t know the whole story. That’s the way youtubers lives work. They show you what they want to show you. They don’t need to tell us everything that goes on with their lives.


This means they are human. They have their own lives, their own personalities, they make their own choices. Some good, some bad. We can’t control what they do, nor should we be able to control what they do. Some are grown adults and can handle themselves. It is not our responsibility to try and “protect” them. The most we should do is tell them how much we love them and make them feel good about themselves. I know a lot of you are probably reading this and thinking “BUT SCRIBBY THEY ARE MY BABIES AND I MUST PROTECT MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!”

You can love them! I’m not telling you to stop loving them. What I’m asking everyone to do is to stop spreading rumors, lies, assumptions, and nasty comments to another youtuber about the youtuber or tubers you are tying to protect. They are big girls and boys and should be able to handle themselves like adults. Which brings me to my second point.


This also goes for youtubers girlfriends! You make yourself look like the ass hole instead of the youtuber you are attacking. If there is a conflict going on between two youtubers don’t attack one or the other. You are allowed to have an opinion, but there is a difference between voicing your opinion and trying to be an ass hole. If you attack another youtuber because you think they are hurting your favorite one, make sure you have all your facts right like oh I don’t know… MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE WHOLE STORY FIRST!


This is my last point. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t bug the youtuber about it. Writing the same question over and over isn’t going to get their attention. What you think is meant to be caring, they take it as annoying spam. Obviously if they don’t want to talk about it right now, don’t force them too. It is not your Job to find out what is going on. Just let them work it out by themselves and let them tell us on their own.

Now the reason I brought this up is because now I’m seeing rumors about how Jack and Mark aren’t apparently friends anymore because they don’t make as many videos as they used to. Both have super busy lives now. Now that Tyler is there and Jack tries to be everywhere at once, I’m sure it get’s harder and harder to find time to make videos with each other.

So with all of that being said. Do not spread rumors, Don’t assume that the youtuber is having problems with other youtubers, Don’t attack other youtubers without understanding the situation, and finally It is not your responsibility to protect the youtuber.

I want to add to this “Project Just Hold On” discussion, that I’m a Niall stan. And I don’t see everything that happens in Niall fandom, so this could be inaccurate. But all I saw was people coming together to gift, stream, and promote This Town without ever giving the project a name or leaders or needing to have anyone’s contact info as the official representative. I follow @NJHNEWS on twitter and they did a great job of coordinating people willing to make gifts, giving info about radio requests, and telling us places where we could vote for Niall to win recognition and so on. They put together a streaming playlist and encouraged everyone to stream the song, even giving info about proxies so people could stream where it would have the most impact.

And you know what they hashtagged all this with, if anything? “#ThisTown.” Not the name of a project. Not something with a masterpost telling you exactly who to be grateful to for being such good people. And I hope it was still obvious to Niall that his fans were out supporting him enthusiastically. There is a #ProjectThisTown but it seems to be an actual project. No one was trying to claim there was only one approved way to support Niall, no one was gatekeeping, no one was expecting you to support their approved project instead of just supporting Niall himself.

Guys I really hate all this "try apps and get paid" like we all know that things don't work, like ever. So why do you insist on other people to do it? If you can't get a job or do something better with your life than posting that sh*t. well, let me tell you that you need help. We are here just to chill and have a good laugh not to try apps and never get paid + having a virus on our phone, thanks a lot. Bye ✌️

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Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.

Guys. Really. REALLY? I thought we left cringy hashtags in 2014 but here we are. #benicetodan2k17 and #youaremorethanameme are honestly giving me cringe attacks so hard i need to lay down. 

Alright lads, let me explain you a thing. Danisnotonfire is a persona. The persona Dan Howell, the person, has created to do comedy. His comedy heavily relies on over-exaggeration and self-deprecation to make his fans laugh.

I’m the biggest Dangirl around but this is a little overboard even for me. Dan isn’t ‘crying for help’ (honestly, those ‘tears’ were him showing off his #acting lol). I’m finding it hard to believe Dan, a person who went on a world wide tour meeting thousands of fans and called it the best time of his life, has a serious and debilitating illness as serious as agoraphobia. It was a joke. Does he maybe have tendencies due to anxiety? Sure, but let’s not all self-diagnose a man based on a joke he made in a video about freaking MEMES.

Also, Phil was the first person to make the joke about the peace signs and every facial expression being the same on stage at dapgo London, so I really don’t think he’s crying about it unless you believe Phil is an insensitive dick who doesn’t care about dan’s mental health and bullies him. which. is laughable.

His job is to be an entertainer and make people laugh, which is what he loves doing. Don’t read into it further than is necessary, he was being over dramatic for comedic effect. Are there things in his private life that might be bothering him? Sure, everyone does, but I’m highly doubting Dan was reaching out to a bunch of teenagers through a video about memes. MEMES.  

This is a very important video. Please stop what you are doing and pay close attention. Human Beings are dying in #Somalia right now!!! Our brothers and sisters are suffering a host of tragedies and unjustified alienation by World leaders, the United Nations, and NGO’s… What is an NGO? A non-governmental organization. According to recent data over 6 million people are affected and 3 million of our brothers and sisters need immediate assistance. They need us to stand up!!! In 2011 over 1 qtr of a million human beings died because if the inaction of the global community. This is a solom request from myself and many other freedom fighters around the globe. I’m calling on ALL #Djedi worldwide to make a similar video and post it on your social media accounts and hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia.
Turkish Airlines Please listen!!! Your airline is only One international airlines flying to Somalia. We need your help! Please allow us to use one of your planes to bring life saving supplies to 3 million people. We ask that you hear the calling. These people have suffered tremendously. You can be a part of the relief process.

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So, your a recovery account. But tag this as #proana and #promia I'm really interested in how that is helping you and the others on this blog recover. Because I know seeing things like that can throw me completely off my recovery. It's wrong to think starving yourself is okay and promoting it to others. Please just take time to think about what you are doing.

I have!! And thank you for caring to ask lmao. How else do you get to people that need to recover than their self-destructive hashtags? I am by no means “pro Ana/Rex/Mia/Bill”
However I used to be, but I realized that that was actually hurting people. I deleted that account, and made this one. For meals you can actually cook, eat, and it’s"high" in calories for some. You must remember some of these people/things are going from 200-300-500 calories a day and slowly trying to increase that.
Many don’t have breakfast, many don’t have lunch, or it is around 100-200 calories to save their calories for dinner, or “binging”

How many chicken nuggets do you think you can have with 100-200 calories? Or pizza? Or a sandwich?
It’s not a lot.
So what do the smile beans do? They go for fruit and veggies.
Now that’s not bad, but where’s the grains where’s the protein?
It isn’t there, and they get malnourished. As many don’t/can’t take vitamins, therefor their hair starts to fall out, nails turn blue/stop growing.
So instead, I give them recipes to make and eat, I try to not get the absolute lowest calorie recipes, but something slow to start out with.
I have never will never answered a “I wanna get to 90lbs and I’m 5'4” thing. I tell them that they need to reach out and find someone to help them recover, and if they need help/want help to contact me and I can talk.
I don’t post a lot of these as they may be triggering to a lot of people/things.
If I e v e r thought this was harming more than helping I would delete this blog and not look back, that is not my goal.
Yes there are some people using my blog for weight loss but that is not my intention. There will always be people that go against your wishes and do what you don’t want them to. You get that in every group..
However I am here for the people that are trying to recover and want to get better, and as long as there is one person I can help I will be here posting recipes and helping them

If you’re still reading you get an award lmao

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I watched the KaraMel break up and it pained me, but not in the same manner that the WA break up did. Esp. after learning that they're actually dating now, it surprised me. The WA break up was so realistic in comparison. There was a range of emotions. You felt Barry's pride when Iris said, I want to be your wife Barry. You felt Iris' pain. When Barry said he thought they needed space. When they cried, we cried. Their acting on Flash is far more superior, with one exception 🙄

Definitely agree acting on The Flash is superior. I think people started a hashtag on twitter celebrating KM’s breakup. 😂


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPinthestudio

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal of this weekend’s hashtag project is to photograph the places you or a fellow artist go to be creative. The project takes inspiration from London-based artist and guest curator Helen Downie (@unskilledworker), best known for her fashion-inspired portraits and paintings. Here are Helen’s tips to get started:

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPinthestudio hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.