The cinnamon roll headcanons,

this time with @treflev because our imagination is on a fucking spree and I need to share the goodness:

  • Emil’s student flat front door is always unlocked, anyone can come in and use the shelter
  • There’s a sign above the door saying “Neodejdeš s blbou náladou” (”No one’s leaving in a bad mood”) and Emil is especially strict about this, he becomes aggresively nice if he notices you feel like shit and want to leave
  • Emil finding his friends sleeping on his couch at 6am and not minding it a bit
  • Emil finding his friends making out with strangers on his couch at 3am and not minding it a bit (probably offering them a beer or something)
  • Emil finding someone’s gun under his couch and being extremely furious about it. Zero toleration of guns and drugs at his place.
  • Once he hears a girl say “No” and the guy touches her just once more, the boy’s probably dead by now.
  • If a girl abuses a boy like this, Emil calmly but firmly grabs the back of her collar like a kitten and throws her out.
  • Emil’s able to climb to a second floor and get to your flat through the window if he thinks something’s not right with you, especially if you don’t answer his calls for some time
  • One time he was trying to do this and the neighbours called police thinking he was a thief (no one can blame them lol) Emil spent a night at the police station before the friend he tried to “rob” explained everything
  • Another time he was scared about a friend, broke into their flat and found out they were just on vacation. 
  • Emil sending them pictures with their plants saying “I watered all your babies!” 
  • “How could you leave your children home alone? Bad parent!” was probably the next message
  • Emil taking one of the plants home with him to take care of it
  • Emil bringing the plant everywhere with him, sending his friend pictures of them doing various things together
  • “We had spaghetti for dinner, Pete liked it!” 
  • “Watching Toy Story right now! Pete the Plant approves!” 
  • “Pete’s skating for the first time!” 
  • Emil bringing Pete the Plant for a competition with him and makes all the famous skaters take a pic with the fucking plant 

Sherlock knows its been a rough day at the clinic by the way John climbs the stairs at the end of his shift.  Tonight the footfalls of those steps are slow and heavy.  Sherlock knows it has been a rough day,

He pushes his chair back from the table, leaving his experiment behind and gets up to immediately start water for tea. He can hear John sigh as he enters the flat and shrugs out of his coat hanging it on the hook,  

He listens as John toes off his shoes and pads towards the kitchen. Sherlock’s back still to him and it’s when Sherlock is reaching for the mugs that John wraps his arms around Sherlock’s waist and tips up on his toes to press a kiss on the nape of his neck.

“It’s the little things like this that I love about you.  The fact that you can tell before I even make it into the flat that I need a hot cuppa.”

Sherlock turns around in John’s arms and presses a soft kiss to his lips.  “It’s a husband’s job to know these things.”

John chuckles, “say that again, I’m still trying to get used to that word.”

“Husband.” Sherlock repeats with a smile on his lips.

Guys I need some monies for Christmas gifts !!

I am willing to do flat colors, shading, transparents, lil gifs for the prices listed above, for more examples of my work you can check out my art blog @nonakai
I can do backgrounds as well but I’d probably ask for a couple more $$ depending on complexity

Although I wore these bad boys! I just got them the other week and I love them! Buuuuut heels and winter wonderland are not the one!!! But you knew that… I knew that… I’m an idiot. At least my feet looked good. The next pair of shoes the that I buy will be flat!!! They need to be flat…


pretty sure that’s not how motorcycles work, steve
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