‘You don’t need a flat chest to be valid’ like I know these posts mean well, but I think people who bind their chests do it for a little more than some vague feeling of ‘validity’

some gay hanzo proof: “the passion of the cut sleeve”

(we all love our lgbt+ overwatch and I realized this last night what can I say) so history time:

art credit to: MeteoDesigns 

“Emperor Ai was also famous for being the most effusive homosexual emperor of the Han Dynasty.
Traditional historians characterized the relationship between Emperor Ai and Dong Xian as one between homosexual lovers and referred to their relationship as “the passion of the cut sleeve” (斷袖之癖) after a story that one afternoon after falling asleep for a nap on the same bed, Emperor Ai cut off his sleeve rather than disturb the sleeping Dong Xian when he had to get out of bed.”

source:(x) Bret H., Uni of California Press 

This term had reportedly been used across other countries of East Asia in use with/reference to gay relationships.

now back to Hanzo:

speaks for itself really. i love gay history