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A very quick colored doodle because I saw so much MegaRod handholding headcanons on twitter that I wanted to scribble some during my breaks because I was really inspired by everyone


Unknown messages // Jungkook - 01 I 02 I 03 I 04 I 05 I 06I 07 I 08

Phone conversation

 - “Y/N?" 

 "Six year old coming through,”


 "You there?" 


 "So, what do I sound like?”

 "My ideal type,“

 "G-go away,”

 "So my voice does make you nervous!“ 


 "You stuttered,“

 "I always stutter,”

 "I’m sure you do,“

 "Whatever, are you satisfied with my voice, can I hang up now and we can go back to texting?”

 "Now where’s the fun in that?“

 "You can’t hear me?" 

 "You sound fine," 

 "Right but I’m barely capable of holding my phone,”

 "Are you nervous?“ 

 "Nervous is not the word to use." 

 "You’re not socially stable, are you?”

 "That obvious?“

 "I think you’re doing really fine!”

 "I am?“



 "So are you alone today too?”

 "Like always. Just listening to some acoustic songs,“

 "What’s your favorite?" 

 "Acoustic song?" 


 "One in a million cover,”

 "She’s really good,“ 

 "She is, I wish I could play the guitar,”

 "I could teach you one day,“ 

 "You play guitar?”


 "Awesome, I’ll be waiting," 

 "You can’t stop thinking about me can you?”

 "What is your problem?“ 

 "My problem is not being able to speak Spanish, man I wish I knew espanol”

 "Why are you laughing?“

 "You’re so weird,”

 "I’m sorry. You’re just so weird it’s making me crack up, and consider this a good thing cause I don’t laugh at things easily. Also, I know I sound like a dying octopus when I laugh,“

 "Your laugh is cute.”

Squad Visits Bittle In Georgia:

•Ransom: “dude what the fuck is that”
Holster: “oh my go- iTs cOmING TowARds mE”
Bitty: “how do y'all have 4.0’s & not know what tumbleweed looks like”
Holster: “omg tumbleweed is real?”
*bitty looks into the camera like hes on The Office*

•Chowder being force fed pies from every mother within a mile

•Jack can listen country music with people who actually like country music
(the team is still so grossed out tho)

•Ransom wearing his salmon shorts despite all the chirps bc he didn’t realize just how hot it would be and those match the best with his tank tops (aka bro tanks)

•Shitty accidentally says y'all and everyone starts screaming

•Shitty actually had a good excuse to walk around naked

•bitty introduces the hockey team to his skate coach Katya in which they get yelled at bc they “let little dicky get checked”

Every Single Word


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You and Jack having a conversation about you and Mac, without the two of you knowing Mac overhears.

After a excruciating mission, the team was finally back on the jet flying home. Everyone apart from you and Jack were all asleep. For most of the plane ride you had been either staring out the window or at Mac’s sleeping form.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?”, Jack curiously asked.

Diverting your gaze from Mac, you knew that the team had a pretty good idea on the feelings you had for Mac. Unfortunately due to the dangerous work that the Phoenix Foundation partakes in, Mac thought that starting any sort of romantic relationship would be difficult to maintain. Not because he didn’t see you that way, but because his biggest fear was you being put in danger due to him.

“The mission was tougher than I expected, I guess”, replying back to Jack who gave you a grin. “Why are you looking at me like that?”.

Jack sat up straight and pointed to Mac. “Because I’m curious if that has something to do with you and him ending up in a closed, tight space together?”.

Jack was referring to a moment during the mission where the team split up to corner the targets. You and Mac teamed up, but ran into some trouble where the two of you were forced to hide in the nearest room, which coincidentally ended up being a small unity closest.


“Well this is cosy”, you mumbled as Mac’s body was pressed against your own.

He nervously laughed, “Yeah sorry about this. I didn’t really have time to think of anything else”.

The fact your throat was getting dry was no surprise and there was also nothing that could be done about it, not at this point anyway.

“To be honest I’m glad it’s you and not Jack”, you joked trying to break the awkward tension that was building.

You could feel Mac’s eyes on you, and that’s when you made the mistake of looking up. His hands were resting on either side of your arms on the wall. And his lips were inches away.

It felt like there was this magnetic pull, and each second you delayed made that pull stronger. Mac licked his lips and you bit the corner of yours. Heavy breathing from each of you, along with the close proximity added to the intensity.

Mac’s head dipped down like he was about to kiss you, but your heart sunk when he placed a finger on your lips instead, indicating to be silent. He leaned towards the door, checking to hear if any footsteps where coming this way. When he concluded the coast was clear, Mac opened the door continuing on with the mission.

End of Flashback

Snapping out of that memory, Jack was staring and waiting for an answer.

“Y/N, putting all the jokes aside you can talk to me?”, he offered in a soothing tone.

Tapping your fingers on the chairs arm rest, the lack of exhaustion was starting to kick in.

“About what? About the fact my feelings for Mac grow everyday and I can’t do anything about it, because he seems to think us starting anything will be too dangerous. Expect this job is nothing but dangerous, so tell me how I’m suppose to be okay not being able to be with Mac?”. You firmly whispered, careful not to wake anyone.

“He just needs some time Y/N. You know how Mac gets about mixing his work life with his personal one”. Jack stated.

Scoffing a bit at his comment, “He managed to do it with Nikki”.

Jack laughed at the sour tone you used when saying her name. “That’s true, and look at how well that turned out”.

He did make a good point, however it still didn’t make your feelings about the situation any better. Glancing over to make sure Mac was still asleep, you leaned back further in your chair.

“At least she had a chance to see if a relationship with Mac would work out, and I know that if I had that chance I’d treat Mac the way he deserves, unlike the way Nikki did”. Jack knew when it was time to let a conversation with you go, he offered to make you a drink to calm any nerves, but you politely declined. Jack got up leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Mac stirred in the seats opposite and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey there sleepyhead, how was the nap?”. You asked Mac who sat up and somehow still looked effortlessly handsome, after just waking up.

He smiled, “Exactly what I needed”.

For some reason you had Mac’s words running through your head all the way home.

When the jet landed Riley, Jack and Bozer hopped off as quickly as they could. You were zipping up your go to travel bag when Mac asked if you had a minute to talk. Nodding, you focused all your attention on him.

“About what happened in the closet, I just want to say-”.

“You don’t have to say anything Mac, I completely understand”. Picking up the duffle bag, you tired to get past.

He reached for the bag and set it back down on one of the empty seats. “I don’t think you do Y/N. I heard the conversation you and Jack had. I never knew you felt that strongly about me”.

Sighing. “Yeah I do, but it doesn’t matter now, does it? I mean you’ve made it perfectly clear that starting any romantic relationship is a big no, so there’s just no point in telling you how I feel”.

Picking up the bag again, this time you did make it around Mac, but he quickly gripped your right wrist. “It does matter, Y/N it matters to me. We had a moment on the mission, and I’m not saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying it because I felt it too. I just need to know what you said to Jack, was it true? Did you really mean it when you said you can treat me better than how Nikki did?”.

Looking right at Mac, so he’d know the next words were genuine and true, you softly breathed. “I meant every.single.word”.

Mustering up a smile his way, Mac stood there silent. Taking that as a cue to leave, you wondered if that confession was enough for Mac to consider giving you and him a chance.

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Do you ever get emo about the fact that Zayn is such a kind and forgiving person? (WHICH IS SO FUCKIN DIFFICULT TO FIND THESE DAYS) I mean the way he is brutally honest about his opinions and critiques about himself are so earnest and a breath of fresh hair from the narcissistic nature of a majority of the world. He's so pure with his love of comic books and superheroes. He's got a giant heart and forgives so easily (something I wish I could do) UGH sometimes I feel like he's too good to be true

Selfish - Klaus mikealson

You were completely different. So selfless and the complete opposite of what he was and that’s what drew him in to you in the first place. Although him being opposite of you wasn’t what drew you to him it was the fact that he acted like he was so different from you but it was more of the fact that he wasn’t. You and Damon Salvatore had met the first night he arrived in mystic falls. In fact you were the first human to know about vampires​ when the Salvatore’s got involved in mystic falls. Damon had scared you at first probably because the reason you found out is because he was going to kill you. Though something changed his mind. Maybe it was the way you spoke to him or the way your beautiful e/c eyes shown brightly even in the moon light, but he spared your life. Since then you made it your life’s work to keep Damon happy. You made it your life’s work to keep all of your friends happy. Of course at times Damon was Damon and trying to help him was proven difficult but you never stopped trying. He was your best friend. The thought of you guys being anything more never crossed your mind. Not until Stefan came ranting to you one night after his humanity was shut back on and he was ranting about how Elena and Damon had kissed. The feeling of dread settled in your stomach and Stefan kept going on and on and you felt guilty for not listening so you got rid of the feeling and turned towards the blonde Salvatore.
“I just can’t believe we are going through all this again. I hate having to fight over a girl with my brother.”
You smiled softly at Stefan and pulled him into a hug.
“Everything is going to work out and if you don’t get the girl. Then another one will come along and she will be all yours. Your a great guy Stef and you’ll get happiness no matter what. No matter if that’s with Elena or someone else.”
His hug grew tighter and it was like a thank you but one without words.
“Thank you y/n I really needed that.”
“Anytime Stefan. I’m always ready to help.”
And you were it was just who you were. And of course you supported Damon in his decision about Elena no matter if you had feelings for him. Both of them were your friend and they deserved happiness.
The mikealson ball was the biggest event that mystic falls had held in awhile and you knew that you had to go because your friends were going, but in all honesty you weren’t feeling up to it. But you ignored that and went anyways. Your hair was curled and pulled up half way and your dress touched the floor and you felt beautiful. The mikealson mansion was gorgeous and you stood in awe at it all.
“Y/n it’s good to see you again, love.”
You curstied slightly and laughed.
“Your home is beautiful Mr. Mikealson.”
Klaus played along with you.
“Please call me Klaus.”
Even though they were the enemies you could never find it in your heart to be nasty to any of them. Klaus gave you a glass of champagne and kept your company for awhile until he had to walk up the stairs while Elijah made a speech and introduction for their mother.
“May I have this dance?”
“Of course.”
Your hand placed in Klaus’s felt comfortable. Almost natural. The song started and you looked over and saw Damon and Elena dancing and heard him complimenting her. Your heart hurt at the lost love you held there but you pushed it down and thought about the smile Elena brought him.
“What makes you happy y/n?”
“Lots of things. Why?”
“I don’t know I just…Your always smiling but I’m not so sure you’re happy.”
“Of course I’m happy. I mean sure the threat of your family sucks sometimes, but other than that my friends are together and happy and that’s great.”
“What about you though.”
Your hands dropped from the shoulders of the hybrid.
“What about me? I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that before.”
“It’s okay, love. I know you love him.”
You brought back together with Klaus and continued dancing with him. Thoughts jumbled together. Klaus spun you into someone else and smirked at you as you landed in the arms of none other than Damon Salvatore.
“Why are you so nice to them?”
“Perhaps I can’t be mean to anyone. Klaus isn’t so bad.”
“He killed elena and thousands of other people he is worse than bad.”
You glanced at your feet at his tone and muttered out a small ‘okay’ when it was time to switch again you were thankful to be back in the arms of Klaus.
“Thanks for the compliment love.”
“Of course Mr. Mikealson. It would be impolite not to say something nice about the host of the party.”
“You’re gorgeous, love.”
A shy smile spread your face and he knew it was genuine this time. Almost like you weren’t use to the attention.

The night went on and you met the other originals and rushed at the sound of commotion going on outside. On the ground lay kol temporarily dead and Damon who just stood up. He made eye contact with Elena.
“Far from me to be a problem.”
Using vampire speed you rushed off after him.
“Day? What happened.”
He was drinking at the bar and it was starting to worry you how he was acting.
“She said my love for her was a problem.”
“I’m sure she didn’t mean it. Everything will be okay.”
Damon’s eyes were so heartbroken it broke you. He downed another drink and then another.
“Y/n I overheard your conversation with Klaus.”
“Who are you in love with?”
“N-no one.”
Damon had you pressed against the wall now and your heart was racing. His lips were to your ear and you felt all your breath leave your body.
“Are you sure about that? I see how you look at me.”
Damon kissed you feverishly and it wasn’t how you expected but you kissed back anyway, but then memories of Damon and Elena entered your brain. Doing the last thing you wanted you pushed the person you loved away from your lips.
“You can’t do that Damon. You don’t look at me the same way I look at you.”
He tried to kiss you again and you ran from him. Finding yourself outside of the mikealson mansion. Your hair was messy from where Damon ran his hands through it and you knew that your make up was non existent after crying. The shock of Damon kissing you was still locked in as you knocked on the door.
“Hey, love what’s wrong?”
Klaus pulled you inside and to his room upstairs.
“Damon and Elena got into a fight.”
“I’m assuming that’s why he broke kols neck.”
“I think so. I followed him to see what was wrong and to cheer him up cause that’s kind of what I do around here. Then he told me he knew I was in love with him.”
By now I was crying again and the 'evil’ hybrid wiped away my tears.
“He kissed me. Why would he do that when he doesn’t feel the same about me?”
“You’re to nice love. Damon was hurt. He wants to get back at Elena and he thought that using you to make her jealous would help him out.”
“That’s cruel. What did I do wrong Klaus?”
“I’m not sure what you mean?”
“With Damon what did I do wrong? Why doesn’t he feel the same about me? Am I not-”
“Y/n y/l/n I swear if you are about to say enough I’m going to be angry with you. You’re more than enough. And the Salvatore is just to stupid to see how amazing and beautiful you are. You never stop trying to help people and despite my family being the ones to cause trouble towards your friends I’ve never over heard you say anything bad about us or to us and that takes someone with a pure heart to be able to hold no ill intentions or thoughts towards people. So I swear if you say anything Ill about yourself that you wouldn’t say about anyone else I’m gonna have to rethink how I think about you.”
Your arms around the hybrid.
“I don’t think anyone has complemented me has much has you Nik. Why do you say such nice things about me?”
“Because I’m in love with you. I have been since I met you. I know you’re in love with the salvaltore who I don’t think deserves your love and that’s okay. I can wait.”
Nik placed a kiss on your forehead and you laid with him and started telling him what made YOU happy because no matter how good being selfless is it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

“Klaus I need to tell you something.”
You and all the mikealsons had grown incredibly closer after the night Klaus made his feelings for you known. Your other friends were angry that you were friends with the original family but God you didn’t care. Klaus taught you that you didn’t have to spend your constant time making others​ happy. Seeing Damon and Elena together didn’t make you happy so you were glad to stay aways but that wasn’t the only reason you decided to stay.
“What is it love? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. Perfect actually.”
Klaus was leaned against the wall and his arm across his chest. His dimples showed as he smiled at you. You were near him quickly has you talked. The close approximately made you nervous not quite sure if Klaus was still into you because he hadn’t said I love you since that night but you wanted to risk it. Klaus made you brave.
“I wanted to thank you.”
“For what?”
“You made me think selfishly and all I can think about is you.”
He moved towards you more and we were only cenmitres apart. A smirk on his Rosy lips.
“What about me do you think about love?”
“I think about how I never want to loose you. About how I don’t want any other girl to look at you or touch you. Because when it comes to you Nik I’m so selfish it’s crazy. I’m selfish enough to never want to share you with anyone. I don’t even care if you make someone else happy becuase I want to be the only one you want to make happy.”
“Why is that y/n?”
“Becuase I love you. I love you so much.”
Whoever initiated the kiss wasn’t ready for the electricity that flowed through you two. Both of you had kissed plenty of people and none had felt the way this one kiss did. It was passionate and dizzying. A weak in the knees, my hearts beating out of my chest kind of kiss. Klaus pressed you against the wall now much like Damon had done to you in the past but this time you had no intention of pushing away the man you loved.
“I love you too.”

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Are there any characters from the tomb raider games (2013 reboot) you'd wanna see?

i love roth, jonah, reyes, and alex, but if u do make one ensure you put a personal spin on them because dat individualité is what i thrive upon and trust.

i called Levi daddy Levi when talking with my friend she doesnt watch anime all she knows now is that i have a daddy kink for some guy name Levi that she doesnt know i have made a terrible mistake

ppl who believe artemis is some stiff uppity pretentious asshole really confuse me??? this is a child who loves to make shitty puns no one understands n will finger paint w his little brothers???? he’s awkward n endearing at best and condescending n manipulative at worst. he’s not a horrible person n ppl that believe he is are???? so strange

INTP randomness

Through Skype
INTP (Me): Idk why? But when I see fat ppl with big chins and flabby necks, my first thought is “What would happen if I were to strangle them?” then followed by the questions:
“Would the fat protect them somehow or will the fat on their neck squash the windpipe?”
“Would I even be able to get my hand around there neck?”
“What would happen if I didnt get my hand all the way around there neck? Would it move to the back of there neck or still squash there windpipe?”
“How would I get away from the cops if I did potentailly succeed in strangiling them?”
“If we were alone, would they even be able to get a phone to call the police before I stop them?”

Friend (Type unidentified): LMFAO I F***ING DIED READING THAT

( It is currently 23:32 as of writing this up. I was meant to sleep at 21:00. I’m probably going to stay up till 3-4am again.   I    R E G R E T    N O T H I N G ! ! ! )

The Broken Doesn’t Always Last 

A/N: I had a conversation with @effie214 and it started a plot bunny and this is what it turned into. Happy Sunday.

 March 2016

“I’m not leaving and I’m not running.”  He watches her as she reaches for her ring and slowly slides it off her finger. 

“But this is not happening until you reevaluate what the meaning of that” She points to the ring and her glasses fill with fog. 

“And the life that it encompasses all that it entails means. Because I love you, and you are better than this. I know you… I know the man you are to your core. Better than anyone. I know you were put in a very hard spot, that she didn’t really give you an option. But we’re a team and I said that I can only be the best teammate ever, only when you tell me things. She would have been mad, but she can’t keep your son away from you forever. That would be an obstacle we can face together. This whole thing. It doesn’t change the way I feel about you. It doesn’t change the life I want with you. It only adds one more piece of Oliver Queen to this world. I love you and I love everything that comes from you. Did I want to be the woman who made you a father? Yes. Did I want to have little Felicity’s and Oliver’s running around and figuring out who has diaper duty and who is taking our kids to archery lessons? Yes. You already having a son doesn’t change any of that… It just means we have one to add to our mix whenever we decide to start.” 

He watches her as she takes a deep breath and wipes the tears from her eyes. 

“We’ve been through this, the whole you keeping things from me. And I honestly thought we were past it. I thought that what happened last year with John was lesson enough. Apparently I was wrong.” 

Oliver takes a step forward and puts his hands in his pockets.  “We’ve already said that us, it’s for better or for worse.” 

Felicity takes a step forward and puts the ring on the counter.  "I said I wasn’t running. I said I wasn’t leaving. You just need to get your priorities in order and decide what marriage means, because I don’t want a marriage built on lies. We aren’t your parents. We won’t be your parents.”  She grabs her jacket and heads for the door. 

“I’m like, leaving now. Going to go to the office to  think. I’m not leaving like that. I’ll be back tonight. What I mean is  I’m not leaving or running from us, but I think we both need some space right now.” 

There’s a lump in his throat and some tears in his eyes and he just nods his head. He closes his eyes and he listens to the click of her heels and the closing of the door. 

They are broken in a way he never thought they could break. They’ve faced the trials of Mirakuru soldiers and the worlds’ deadliest assassins, but this might just be the one thing he’s not sure he’ll know how to repair. 

September 2016 

“You are a really hard man to please.” Felicity laughs as she rolls her body and sprawls herself over his torso. She props herself up on her elbows and she feels Oliver wrap his arms around her waist. 

“Funny, I could say the same thing about you.” Oliver wipes the hair out of her face and places a kiss to her temple. “I love you, you know that?” 

Felicity sheepishly blushes and rests her chin on his chest. “I think I do. You know it’s funny… We were here just a year ago, this same little beach bungalow… and I wouldn’t have thought we’d be here, like this, now.” 

“Are you complaining?” Oliver asks. The sun is starting to make its way through the window and his wife is wrapped in a thin sheet, naked on top of him.  There is a light sea breeze coming in from the window.

For what has happened in their lives in the past 12 months – it might just be the hardest trials and challenges they had ever faced. (Which they can laugh about it now: the limo rides from hell, the woman from the past who gave him the hardest ultimatum, the physical therapy and Donna almost becoming a permanent resident, her nearly losing him for the umpteenth time against Damien (but she may have been pissed as hell at him but she always finds him and he always wins) and their first wedding getting bombed just like their first date) – they’ve come out on top, they’ve come out together. Stronger in the ends because it’s their love that keeps their dark world in order. It’s the only that that grounds him. 

“I’m not complaining, not one bit. I love having you all to myself.” Felicity scoots herself up and puts her face just inches from him. “Rather I love having my husband all to myself.” 

“I really love hearing you say that.” Oliver responds. 

She kisses him soft and sweet and rolls over next to him on her back. She puts her left hand in the air and her wedding band sparkles in the sunlight. 

“That looks so good on you. Damn, I’m a lucky man.” 

“And I’m one lucky lady. You know, our story… It’s kind of an epic one. It’s kind of like a modern Shakespearean romance, or like a Jane Austen novel. Except with mirakuru soldiers, assassins, metahumans, and other things. So maybe we qualify more for a science fiction romance novel… Which makes this whole statement a lot less romantic than it was supposed to sound.” 

“Felicity…. It still sounds romantic.” 

“Good. I fully intended it to be.”

“You’re my greatest story and my happy ending.” 

“It’ll be one to tell the kids one day.” 

“Kids? As in plural?” 

“Slow down there, Queen. It was just a statement… We’re not there. Yet.” 


“One day.”


And Felicity blushes again and snuggles herself into his side. 

Their world isn’t crashing down around them, there isn’t a city that needs to be saved. (At least for this moment in time.) 

But they are here, together, and happy. And for the first time he can fully accept the happiness thats in front of him and feel some closure on the darkness of his past. 

He knows they aren’t a Shakespeare play, they aren’t a Jane Austen Novel. They are somewhere between a Greek Tragedy that has a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy flare and a little Nicholas Spark’s drama… But it’s their story and it is definitely one he’ll be telling his grandkids at the ripe old at of 86. 

It’s their own happy ending.