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     “Hey, dude, uh. You – kinda dropped this.” She holds out a small packet of papers, a packet she’s trying desperately not to peek at. (Peeking at papers, that’s how it starts, Cos. It’s how you get sucked in.) The mistrust is firm on her features, tired eyes losing their usual spark. Her free hand moves to place itself on her waist, trying to keep herself in check. Probably nothing. It’s probably nothing. He’s probably nobody. Probably. Right? Right?

i got tagged...

by nepetaz

Name: Shiloh
Nicknames: ((someone needs to give me one tbh >_>))
Birthday: April 28th
Height: 5'6 maybe???
Sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Sexuality: hella ace
Favorite color: blue
Time right now: 11: 38
Average hours of sleep: like 5 maybe
Lucky numbers: 22, 58, 3
Last thing I googled: Night Vale Proverbs
Words that come to my mind: poisonous midnight slumber
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2-8
Celebrity crushes: Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone
Favorite book: Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen
Favorite band/artist: Gorillaz or Frankie Valli and the four seasons
Last movie I saw in theaters: fantastic 4
Dream trip: Trip to a private beach where its quiet and no one disrupts the crash of waves. laying in a hammock on a hot day without humidity and reading whatever i find in a local library.
What I am wearing right now: Black tank top under blue flannel shirt with black sweat pants. my hair’s in a messy bun with a black bow

and so now im supposed to tag people I guess?

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ok but I was in tears during the “you are such a good F R I E N D conversation with Kaidan at the Presidium because, like, he’s going on and on spilling his guts about how he’s not the party guy and doesn’t have a lot of friends and can be hard to get along with and the whole time Shepard is like like “whaaat? no waaay! really.” and Kaidan finally catches onto the snark and I wish I could watch that conversation 500 times over Shepard was at the height of her sarcasm capabilities and it was beautiful