The start of Leo and Guang Hong’s friendship

Since Guang Hong trains in America during the off-season, it’s pretty safe to assume the two of them know each other really well and I think that’s pretty adorable

But given Guang Hong’s shyer personality, I guess it must have taken a while (see Guang Hong trying to hide behind Leo when he saw Victor and Christophe talking):

- Guang Hong nervously entering the rink in America for the first time, looking at all the other older skaters around him

- He’s a little nervous about skating about them, because “look at that guy doing a quadruple salchow, and that other guy with the quadruple-triple combination (!!!), while I still can’t manage a triple axel” 

- He’s just begun to master the quadruple toe loop at this point, which he doesn’t really get the hang of it yet

- But this catches Leo’s attention, because Leo himself can’t really do quads, but that newcomer who seemed to belong in the junior division was already attempting one

- “That kid’s impressive,” he thinks distractedly as he launches himself into a triple lutz and faceplants into the wall around the rink

- During Leo’s break, he notices that Guang Hong looks a little uncomfortable with the unfamiliar surroundings; that’s when he made up his mind to talk to him 

- Leo just walks over and plonks himself next to Guang Hong on the bench once his own coach was done lecturing him for being so distracted during practice

- Guang Hong jumps and doesn’t really dare to look at Leo

- Leo attempts small-talk (”you’re new here, where were you from”) and Guang Hong just shyly mumbles answers

- But in his head he’s screaming (”isn’t this guy that really cool American skater who almost made it to the Grand Prix Finals last season??!???!? why is he talking to me??!?!”)

- And suddenly Leo gushes about Guang Hong attempting the quadruple toe loop (”you’re amazing i can’t even do quadruple jumps even though i’ve been in the senior division for a year now”)

- This blows Guang Hong’s mind (”this cool guy thinks i’m cool how is this possible”) and all he can do is stutter helplessly 

- Which leads to him gushing about how cool he thinks Leo is, with his original choreography and amazing music, and how he sees him as the inspiration to choreograph his own programs one day

- Leo is kind of struck dumb by this but he thanks Guang Hong with the cheeriest smile on his face 

- At this moment Leo’s coach calls to him and before he goes back on the rink he turns to Guang Hong and says “Jiayou (加油: an encouragement to do one’s best) on your quadruple toe loop!”

- Guang Hong’s so touched by this and this is the story of how he landed his first quadruple toe loop (Leo saw, of course)

After practice they both decide to follow each other on SNS and they grow really close after training together for so long; once Guang Hong leaves for China in the competition season they Skype a lot and they’re just being adorable together :’)

Rarepair ship time~ Shoumob is pretty cute!!~ :^)) I kinda imagine Shou having a crush after a Certain Arc™ (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ (Asdfghjkl; Mob forgave him oK,,,Im sorry if this is OOC,,,).

Lineart traditionally, colored digitally ( + played around with acrylic textures)!!

(Shoutout to @yama-sama for talking about Shoumob with me ayeeE (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*) hahaha)

Power - 2

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 1,261

Warnings: Fluff central

|Part One| 

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“You can’t be serious.” Sam muttered towards Bucky, who had a freshly shaven face and his hair pulled away from his eyes to the best of his ability. His body was clad in a tight grey suit, the first time he’s worn a suit in decades. 

“I am absolutely serious, Sam.” Bucky bit back, struggling to tie his tie around his neck. “Who is this girl that you’re doing all of this for? She must be pretty damn special.” 

Bucky tried to hide the growing smile on his face, just looking down and buttoning up the suit jacket. No one had known about the date just yet, the two of you had kept it under wraps well enough that nobody suspected a thing. That is, until Sam walked into Bucky’s room about to ask him to train with him, only to see him dressed up for the first time ever. 

“Whatever man,” Sam said, “I’m going to go ask Cap to train. Have fun with you’re… date.” 

Sam backed out of the room and Bucky stared into his reflection with a big smile. Even though he had known about the date for a week now, it just now hit him that he was going on an actual date with you, the girl he had dreamed about since he first met you. 

You eventually finished your hair. looking into the mirror at the black and sequined dress that rested tightly on the top of your shoulders. It was form fitting, just tight enough to show your every curve, but not too tight. With a satisfied smirk, you walked out of the room. 

The sound of your heels clanking against the cool tile in the tower gave you more confidence, your rouge painted lips turned up while you made your way to Bucky’s room. 

A small knock on the door lifted Bucky from his thoughts, making him turn around to meet eyes with you. “(Y/N)… wow.” The only words he could form just spilled out from the tip of his tongue, the choking noise following only making you cockier. 

It pleased you to know that you could have this effect on someone who you’d once thought was too angry to be flustered. The casual touches you gave him throughout the week when no one was watching usually left him red in the face. Even your hand slight grazing his bum left him in a fit of deep breaths while he tried to control himself. 

“You look beautiful.” He said after a moment, his hands clad in thin cotton gloves to hide his metal arm. You smiled, walking to him leaving a tiny kiss on the corner of his mouth as a thank you for his gracious compliment. 

“Where to Mr. Barnes?” You asked, wrapping your arm through his as he smiled and led you out of the room. “Well, first we have dinner at a little cafe that Steve told me about. Apparently the food there is amazing,” he started, using his hands to gesture which confirmed his excitement, “and then a walk through the park. Sound good?” 

You nodded, unable to contain your jittery happiness that bubbled over. 

Just as you were about to successfully enter the elevator, you heard Bucky’s name being called. Bucky panicked, pushing you into the elevator and jumping in behind you, pressing the ground floor button 100 times as though that would somehow make the elevator close quicker. 

The doors closed just in time, causing both of your to let out a breath of relief. 

You laughed, “Tell me again why we’re hiding this?” 

Bucky adjusted his jacket, rolling his neck, “It’s just better.” 

“I think you don’t want the rest of the tower to know that you’re actually a big softie.” You argued, Bucky breaking into fits of laughter, “Sure, what ever you say babygirl.” 

The rest of the walk to the cafe was surprisingly silent, the two of you basking in the comfort that you shared with one another. 

The cafe was beautiful. Mostly everyone was dressed casually so you felt a bit out of place with your extravagant attire. Bucky didn’t seem to mind though, he even pulled out your chair and pushed you in. Everything you had seen in the movies and only dreamed of experiencing, you had with Bucky. He was the epitome of a gentleman. 

“Really! He’d fight anyone he could and I’d have to go save him like the best friend that I am.” Bucky bragged to you, mentioning stories of him and Steve back in the day. 

“Wow, even back then he was so confident in his ability to kick ass.” You giggled, sipping on your water. 

You two had just finished eating, and were now reminiscing on childhood memories. Bucky, having grown up in an extremely different time than you, had been amazing at someone the things that were around that you got to experience. 

“What were they called again?” Bucky asked, fascinated with the virtual baby you had in your pocket all through out elementary school and middle school. “Tamagotchi. Everyone had them.” You said, pulling out your phone to google a picture of them. 

“Amazing…” he trailed off. “Now there’s an app for it.” You mentioned, pulling it up and showing him. 

The conversations could have lasted hours, but eventually the two of you decided to pay and leave. Only after arguing over who should pay (Bucky won, saying that it’s how he was raised). 

Even though the New York weather was cold, you two still managed to make it to the park which was filled with various performers and children playing in the grass. 

Bucky wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closely while you walked barefoot with your heels in your hands. He had to keep you from floating away in front of all these people. 

You had to managed to keep yourself at ground but there’s still those few times that your feet lift from the ground and you couldn’t risk what would happen if everyone saw. 

“I’ve had a great time tonight, honestly.” A happy sigh fell from his mouth at your words, as he kissed your forehead. 

It was true, it was the best date you had ever been on. Even if it did involve just talking over dinner, you had to admit that getting to know Bucky Barnes couldn’t have been any better. 

The lights shined onto Bucky’s features as you studied them without much thought. His eyelashes cast a shadow onto his cheeks as he spoke highly of everything and anything. Just hearing him talk was enough to keep you entertained for hours. He was everything you never thought you needed. 

Bucky stopped talking, looking at your dreamy state. He showed you a toothy smile, “What are you staring at?” 


He leaned forward, his soft lips pressing to yours. It wasn’t intense, nor was it hard and needy. It was like a kiss you see only in movies. Your chin was lifted by his hand, leaning your head towards his. 

Your feet lifted off of the ground. Only an inch or so, but it was still noticeable as you were now at eye level with Bucky. He smiled into the kiss, putting his hands on your shoulders and pushing you onto the ground as you two continued to connect your lips. The rest of the world moved in slow motion, and you couldn’t help but feel that this is exactly where you should be. 

In his arms, with your lips on his. 

anonymous asked:

Ok, I have a bit of a rude question but I'm an ass so I'll ask it anyways. Did you ever feel stupid in comparison to your friends? Like, I'm guessing Snowflake was pretty well educated, and Crazy Lace must have been, too, just hiding from what they did and where I'm guessing they sat in society. Not too sure about Biggs and what her education would have been like. Either way, I'm guessing Homeowrld didnt bother educating builders

That’s an odd question.

No, I’m not wise like Snowflake, or inherently capable like Crazy lace was (self-taught, baby). Biggs was a goofball, but she was a Quartz, and a Quartz knows their way around weapons like nobodies business. If we’re going by all that, then, no, I guess I’m not all that bright.


You know how many Gems can build a Sea Spire? You know how many can take a volcano and turn it into a forge, without interrupting its’ original integrity? You know how many know how to build grand structures, and strong bases, and beautiful pillars?

And, yeah, I felt like a boulder here and there, listening to them go on and on ‘bout things that weren’t my business, but they must’ve felt the same when I drew out some blueprints for a temple I knew by memory.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, friend. Subjects we do well; others, not so much. I couldn’t lead a courtroom, but I can sure lead a battle. There’s nothing shameful in that.

To answer your question; sometimes, but not permanently. I’m smart. You’re smart. We’re all smart. 

So I was gifted one of those LED candles, specifically one made by ikea, and I must say I’m very positively surprised.

I was extremely doubtful towards the idea, and the various tawdry plastic things with mock-flame-shaped bulbs occasionally seen in shops didn’t do much to improve this. But this one is a column candle that hides its bulb pretty well, and it has this nice effect of subtly changing its light so it’s not a static lamp effect, but not a christmas-lights thing either. A guest of mine caught himself being careful not to get burned when he reached out for it. The body is a nice, opaque white plastic with matte surface that looks very wax-ish and two fully charged aa batteries can keep it going for five days.

I think they can be a really great tool for those of us who need to be really extra careful of fire safety, for whatever reason. Sure it’s not a real flame, but it has no drawbacks of the real flame. 

Well. I already finished Hide’s part. Sadly, I must say that, yes, I don’t like it (and of course I dont want the ep). 

The common part was pretty funny for me at least. Hideyoshi just went with them because Mc asked for him (so really, I dont catch that thing about being a cockblocker on purpose). Right, he jokes about being a 3rd wheel but just bc he knows about Inu’s feelings and thinks she also feels something. (Maybe he really want to go bc he too have feelings for MC but he doesnt do anything about that). I dont see any other intention about that, tbh.
Another thing: Is nothing wrong about go somewhere with male FRIENDS and even sleep with them (I sleeped with friends many times and nothing happened. I mean, sleep with someone doesnt mean that you has to have sex) Ok, in this case, the ‘friend’ and the 'other guy’ have < feelings > for the MC. So, that means sex? nope, of course (even if the feelings were reciprocal). They still can sleep together. Ok, that on rl. But, the thing is that here, the whole situation has nothing of innocence or friendship because it’s part of an otome and the purpose is 'romance’, so is presented as an excuse for 'desires unleashed & opportunities’, and this is clear in everyone’s comments before the trip. It was obvious (sadly) that they are going to make the characters didnt have self-control. 

Yes, I say 'romance’ and not romance. All of us knows that the thing of forcing someone has nothing to do with romance. Many already talked about this and I totally agree with everything they said, so I won’t repeat it.

Out of it, that thing about tell someone that you love him/her for get something (fuck or whatever) is pretty sick to me. If is love, better, is love, and if its just one night is ok, but don’t say to me another shit. That manipulative and trickster thing is horrible.

Anyway, I upload this image, because all this is a constant contradiction. I dont read yet Hideyoshi’s MS but I completed all his events and I always thought that he is as it reads there, always kind and considerate with MC’s feelings and not a guy who presses, deceives and forces her. 

At this moment I feel very sorry for the character and for the role they gave him in this event.

P.S. If Voltage wants to sell these things (which shouldnt) at least need to give a warning about what kind of sensitive content possesses.


Happy December, friends!

Brunhilda brought me a special treat to celebrate! Mommy and Brunhilda must be in cahoots: Brunhilda made me stretch for Tall Tuesday to get my treat. But when I did, my treat disappeared! Where are my noms?!

The sous chef at my work is pretty stereotypical as far as kitchen guys go: huge, muscled, bearded, covered in burns marks and scars and tattoos, with a perpetual scowl on his face. He is very large and very scary.
But yesterday, when I was running a load through the dish pit and he was on the line doing some prep work in between lunch and dinner, he sneezed and…it was the softest, most gentlest sneeze that I have ever heard. It was downright adorable.
I must not have been hiding the expression on my face very well because he saw me, flushed, and bustled downstairs into the prep room after that. 

Kalyeserye Day 37 #HappyALDUBWeeksary review

Weeksary has always been special but for me today (August 27) is the best as of now…

The lovely entrance of Alden will definitely make your jaw drop.

Yaya Dub was really happy to see him.

Say Hello first, Pabebe wave all the way!

Say what you feel.. She missed him!

Well of course, he missed her too!

He was in Bicol yesterday so yeah, he must have something for her.


A hat! very pretty…

The compliment though

she’s so flattered I know, she couldn’t hide it.. OMG, she’s so happy!!

meanwhile Lola Nidora teases Yaya: “Totoo na yan, totoo na yan!” Maine it’s you, right?

Another present, “Aldub You” compose of Rose petals ♥

So much feels in this convo

OMG!! I want that pillow

Lola Nidora interrupted their moment and said something to Yaya “iba na ang nararamdaman ko, kung gaano naman ako pumipigil lalo naman kayong bumibilis, tinototoo nyo na eh, actingan lang to hooy.” If Lola felt it, we absolutely felt it too!

And her question struck me “Alden seryoso ka ba talaga… Kay Maine?” This is too personal, asking him what he really feels towards her. Oh gossssh

Lola definitely want them to admit something by her questions! “Yaya, dati nung nag ddubsmash ka nagpapapangit ka, bakit parang ngayon hindi mo na ginagawa?”

Her statement was superb “Jose, parang tayo na lang ang umaarte dito sa kalyeserye  yung dalawa totoo na“

I certainly want it to be all real.. The way they act towards each other is so genuine, no words needed you can just feel it. 

AlDub or MaiDen or MaiChard it’s all the same. It’s LOVE!

Hope you like this blog

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PS. Napuyat na naman ako dahil dito, Good luck sa pag pasok ko bukas!

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