In case you’ve forgotten, Mr. Rory, you volunteered to be part of this boarding party.

I volunteered to get away from my partner, who hasn’t been acting like my partner ever since you fed his head with fairy tales about saving the world.


“Yesterday we had a fight about nothing important, so we came here to make up. For some reason he decided to bring a guitar. While I was listening I was thinking he must have deep down really wanted to play the guitar today. However, near the end of the song he suddenly gave me the guitar and told me he had played it enough. He remembered that I told him I wanted to learn how to play.”

“어제 별 거 아닌 걸로 싸우고 오늘 화해하러 나왔어요. 근데 오빠가 왠 기타를 가지고 나왔더라구요. 속으론 얼마나 기타를 치고 싶었으면 그랬을까 하면서 노래를 듣고 있었어요. 그러더니 노래가 끝날 즈음에 갑자기 자긴 칠만큼 쳤다며 저 가지라고 하더라구요. 제가 평소에 기타 배우고 싶다고 했던 말을 잊지 않고 있었어요.”

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oH MY GOD your tags for the "are you alright" gifset I'M CRYING????

IT MAKES ME SO UPSET but like…in a good way?? Like my precious tiny Abby Griffin spends her entire life working and struggling and fighting with every fibre of her being for the good of her people and she sacrifices SO MUCH and she’s constantly being imprisoned and tortured and abandoned and nearly killed and STILL she spends every second of every day worrying about other people and like…I just…I need someone to take care of her for once??? And then there’s Marcus goddamn Kane, who looks at her so tenderly and knows her so well and whenever she’s in pain he looks as if it’s hurting him just as much to see it, and even at the point of his own death the only thing he thinks about is whether Abby Griffin is going to be okay and like…it’s so??? important??? Their relationship is so fucking important I swear to god because Marcus is the one person, the ONE person who doesn’t just love Abby but is also her equal and understands that although she is very much capable of taking care of herself, she shouldn’t HAVE to all the time, and she so badly needs someone she can be vulnerable around and she so badly deserves someone who cares for her and watches out for her without it feeling like a diminishment of her strength but just…genuine affection…and concern…and love…I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE I LOVE ABBY GRIFFIN AND I HAVE SUCH RESPECT FOR HER but I also highkey want to wrap her in a blanket and give her a mug of hot tea and tell her that she’s amazing and I love her and she deserves a break and I’m pretty sure Marcus Kane feels the same way tbh

Please stop Jun...like pls

@hoshi-no-mori because i need to show you so you know

exhibit a (being possessed or something)

exhibit b (he just like stares at the camera all the time?)

exhibit c (he just grinds on everyone and everything???)

exhibit d (wake up children, i’m watching you)

exhibit e (I…???)

exhibit f (just read his shirt)

exhibit g (what is this)

exhibit h (i still don’t have the context for this????)

exhibit i (he’s always watching)

exhibit j (like always watching)

exhibit k (and i do mean always)

Caught 🌙 (slightly smutty)

Heyo ⭐️

Requested; yes ❄️

Theme; you and ash get caught almost doing the nasty! 🙊

Your Pov:

It’s was typical Sunday night. Ash and I were cuddled up on the couch watching a random movie, same thing we did any other Sunday night.

We had been watching what ever this movie was for a good hour, and I started to feel Ash a little wriggly behind me,

“You okay” I ask not moving my eyes from the screen, he gave me a slight ‘hmm’ and settled back down. But it didn’t last long as within a minute or so Ashton was yet again moving around behind me, A slight sigh falling from his lips.

I sat up and turned to face him,
“really Ash, must you keep moving?” I ponder looking deep into his eyes, but the emotion on his face he seemed to be distressed

“I’m sorry… I just… You just…” I watch as his eyes fall to his lap, mine following suit, as they do, they land upon the growing bulge in his pants.

“Ohh” I chuckle out, now knowing the reason to his discomfort.

“Sorry” I whisper, his eyes meet mine again as I continue, “well I made this problem, so I guess I better fix it”

I give him a sly grin before leaning in and pressing my lips to his,

“Mmmm” he moans out, me now straddling him, his hands finding there way to my sides, grabbing at my hips and bum.

But as alway Ash like to be the one in charge, taking that into account it was only seconds before he had flipped us over, so he was now placed above me.

“God you so beautiful, the way you look up at me like that” he complements me while placing sloppy kisses down my neck, stopping here and there to leave his mark.

As his lips get lower and lower his hand fall to the hem of my shirt, playing with it a little before he pulls it up detaching his lips for the brief moment it passes, then finding their way to the valley between my boobs kissing away, I take this as the time to grab his shirt pulling it over his head.

Once it’s off his lips smash onto mine in a hungry attempt to speed things up. Not to long later we both now lay upon the couch in only underwear, my bra flung across the room just seconds ago.

Ash’s lips now attacking mine and his hands fiddle with my boobs we are both to distracted to hear the door open and three noisy boys come toddling in, we’ll that was at least until we heard Cal scream,

“Guys, ew, what the fuck, we sit on that couch, and now youse are like, fucking on it!” Calum exclaims, while I blush red like a tomato and Ash hurries to cover my naked chest.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” Ashton bellows, they all giggle like little school kids and make their way into the kitchen, but not before they tyres to sneak a peak at me. Once they’re out of the room Ash and I scurry to re-clothe ourselves.

“We are never gonna hear the end of this are we?” I ask Ashton, pulling my shirt over my head.

“Nope” he replies simply.

Taking my hand in his, we walk to the kitchen to where I’m guessing the taunting will begin.
Enjoy 🌞

~Stay Beautiful xox

Gpoyw. I’m breaking out so I’ll post a picture of my hips which look fine instead of my gross teenageresque face.

I’m not a make up person. I know a lot of women that won’t leave the house without it, but for me, wearing make up more than once a month is really rare. Sometimes I feel self conscious about it. I feel less womanly because I don’t spend time on my appearance. I’m not trying to make some anti-haircare, anti-make up statement, I’m just really lazy.

I also know I am prettier with make up on. Everyone is. I just really, deep down, must not give a fuck about my appearance. I wish the part that makes me feel bad about myself for not caring would get in step with the part of me that realizes looks aren’t important.