Twenty-Four ~ Part 6 ~ The Harsh Truth

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Warnings: depression, drugs, miscarriage, oversdose.

Pairings: Chris X Reader, Sebastian X Reader

Word Count: 1677



“Nice to see you again, Miss. (Last Name).” He says his cold brown eyes staring a hole through me. “I must say it’s been about what? Eight, nine years, since we’ve seen each other.”

“What do you want?” I say unable to control the fear in my voice.

“Now now (Name), I’m not here to dredge up past memories.”

“Then why are you here?” Karen asks from beside me her eyes narrowing at him in anger. I glance at her confusion filling my eyes. How did she know who he was?

“It’s so lovely to see you again, Karen Mathews right?”

“That’s Ms. Mathews to you; and you didn’t answer my question.” Karen replies, inching further between the roots of all my problems and myself.

“Ah, forgive me Ms. Mathews.” He says his cold brown eyes staring challenging into hers. “I’m not here to start a war, at least not right now at least.” His eyes glance to mine as he continues, “I have to say I didn’t expect to see you here tonight, or at the premier either. I thought we had a deal (Name), I wouldn’t share some key information with the world if you just did what I asked.”

“I did do what you asked.” I say panic filling my voice. “I didn’t come here for him, if I had it my way I would’ve stayed away forever.”

“Then why are you here?” He asks angrily making my body break out in a cold sweat.

“It’s because I asked her.” Sebastian says his face filled with anger.

“Ah it’s nice to meet you Mr. Stan.” He replies his demeanor changing to a bright smile which only caused me to shudder. “I’m Marvin Grey, a Reporter for the New York Times Entertainment Division. I have to say I was really impressed with your portrayal of the Winter Soldier.”

“Thanks,” Sebastian says curtly trying his best not to lose his temper. Marvin glances back and forth between me and Sebastian before a devious smile covers his lips. I grip tightly to Karen’s hand as all sorts of fears run through my mind. Would he make me hurt Sebastian like I had hurt Chris? I felt Karen squeeze my hand back and a little bit of the fear starts to subside. “I see I’m unwanted,” Marvin says clearing his throat. “I shall take my leave. Mr. Stan, Ms. Mathews, (Name).” Then with a sneer he turns and disappears into crowd.

“(Name) are you okay?” I hear Sebastian ask and I slowly shake my head. “Come on, let’s sit down.” He says grabbing my free hand and pulling me toward a table in the back. Reaching it he sets me down into a chair before placing a cup of water on the table in front of me.

“Thank you,” I say as I reach forward and grabbing the glass quickly bring it to my lips.

“I know you might not wanna tell me what that was about, but please,” Sebastian pauses his hands resting on my arm. “I can’t stand seeing you hurt.” My heart clenches as I look from him to Karen who just silently nods. I glance across the room to where Chris was smiling and laughing happily with his friends and my heart clenches.

“I guess it’s time I told someone, might as well be my best friends huh?” I say offering a sad smile causing the two of them to nod. I gulp down a breath of air as I stare down into my glass and start to tell them my story. “It happened right after Emily died, I was in a real bad place, and you remember how I shut everyone out.” I say as I look at Karen who nods. “It was a few days before I went and told Chris that I didn’t love him anymore. I was in it real deep. I was drugged and boozed out of my mind. I was royally fucked up because I thought it was my fault. I thought if I hadn’t been with Chris I could have answered her phone call and saved her.”

“It wasn’t your fault (Name).” Karen says and I slowly nod. There was nothing no one could say that would ever change the way I felt.

“I don’t remember much about that time but when I came too I was in a hospital bed with Jack sitting next to me his face in his hands.”

“Jack? Why was he there?”

“Apparently he was still listed as my emergency contact. Any ways, of course I asked him why he was there and what happened.” Tears started to fill my eyes as I somehow found the courage to continue. “He said that I had taken so many drugs and drank so much that I had done the same thing as Emily and overdosed; but that wasn’t even the worst of it.” Karen’s grip tightens on my hand offering me moral support as I continue, “It seems that I had been two months pregnant at the time.” Karen gasps as she realizes whose baby it had been. “I lost my baby. I was distraught. I was borderline suicidal. Surprisingly though Jack was very helpful. He stayed with me, forced me to take my medicine and to stop drinking. He was a real godsend, which surprised the hell outta me cause before he was so mean.”

“I guess getting a phone call that your ex had almost died freaked him out enough to wake his abusive ass up.” Karen interjects matter of fact-ly.

“Apparently so. It was while Jack was still staying with me that Chris showed up one day wondering why I hadn’t answered the phone or contacted him. He saw Jack there, who was kind of an ass to Chris if I remember correctly, and automatically assumed I had cheated on him and went back to Jack. He left angrily not giving me a chance to explain. I was about to go after him when a reporter showed up on my doorstep and threatened to reveal the whole story, which would ruin not only my career but it would have done worse to Chris’s, he told me that if I ended things with Chris and stayed away from him he’d keep the whole thing secret. Even though it killed me I went to Chris’s apartment and told him the biggest lie of my entire life. I told him I didn’t love him anymore and that I never wanted to see him again.”

“And until today you kept that promise.” Sebastian says regretfully as he realizes that it’s because he asked me to go with him.

“Seb, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. No one did.” I say turning my attention to him as I pull my hand from Karen’s and gently touch Seb’s cheek. “It’ll be alright. I’m a lot stronger than I used to be.”

“You have to tell Chris.” Seb says and my heart drops.


“(Name) he has a right to know the truth, all of it.”

“I won’t do that to him. I’m not gonna tell him that I lost our baby all those years ago and that’s why I shut him out. I can’t do that to him.”

“Is it really him you’re trying to protect, or yourself?” Karen asks and my heart drops.

“Both.” I reply as I push away from the table and standing up walk away from them and toward the bar. I was seriously craving a drink and somewhere quiet. At least I could have one of the two. Smiling politely I weave through the crowd until I make it out to the terrace. Thankfully there was no one else there so I walk over to the railing and leaning against it I let out a heavy sigh. I knew I should tell Chris everything but I was scared. I know that you’re thinking, that’s a stupid excuse but I can’t help it.

“I figured I’d find you out here.” I hear a familiar voice say and I feel butterflies dance in my stomach. I gulp down a breath of air as he walks up beside me and leans on the railing his arm inches from mine. “You looked spooked, are you okay?”

“Honestly?” I ask as I turn toward him my eyes finding his. “I don’t really know what I’m doing here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I hurt you Chris; if you knew everything you’d run away and never look back.”

“(Name), I just want the truth. All of it. I know you were going through a lot because of Emily’s death but I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to help you through it.”

“Chris you don’t understand,” I fold my arms over my chest as I try to keep my cool.

“Then tell me so I will.”

“I can’t!” I reply a little louder than I mean to causing his jaw to clench. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”

“(Name),” He says closing the distance between us his hands reaching up to rest on my shoulders. “I understand that there are some things you are scared to tell me. I know you are worried about hurting me and more importantly yourself; but I’m a big boy, I can handle it.” He offers me a reassuring smile and I feel my fears melt away.

“What if it’s something you’d never forgive me for?” I ask my eyes begging him for an honest answer.

“We’ll deal with that when it comes to it. I just want a second chance at what we had; no scratch that. I don’t want what we had.” He pauses and my heart clenches. “I want to start over. I’ll wait for you to tell me everything in your own time. I won’t push you. We’ll take things slow. What do you say?”

Everything in my head screams at me to say no, to walk away and never look back. I lean forward and placing my head on his chest say, “Okay, we’ll try again.”

Will Continue in ~ Second Chances

Wynonna Earp’s Season Renewal Got Me All Like…

There aren’t enough gifs, memes, and adjectives in the world to describe the amazing feeling of knowing that there will be a Wynonna Earp season 2! I mean, sure we have to wait another eternity before it premiers, but to know that it is happening, it…it feels pretty fucking great! Loves to all fellow Earpers harassing…er, asking for a renewal. The campaigns were pretty Earpin’ fun, yes? (Hint: hell yes!)

Being a Comic-Can’t this weekend has forced me to live the awesomeness vicariously through others and to watch and re-watch everything I missed (I’m not crying, you’re crying!). Something Dom (because that’s what I call her to pretend we’re homies) said in interviews got me thinking. She said that she imagines Waves would keep the news of not being an Earp a secret from Wynonna—not that she’d have to try pretty hard. I mean, Nonna can be a little…distracted with all that’s going on.

So, what if the same could happen for this gooey-licious (I realized it sounded wrong the moment I typed it, but I am keeping it) new “charms” Waverly might have acquired?

What if Waves is all, “I was joking. I wasn’t gonna shoot ya,” when the show picks up on season 2? (HELL FUCKING YEAH! SEASON 2!)

I imagine Wynonna would be all, “Too soon, Waves. Too soon,” with Doc’s ‘stache nodding in agreement (I have come to believe it has a mind of its own).

Imagine with me, fellow Earpers. Take my hand and let’s walk together to the land of possibilities, where unicorns roam free (sometimes for a fee when times are hard). Imagine that instead, Waverly pretends she is fine, nothing’s changed, and hides that she’s kind of evil now—I can’t even fathom what that would be like. Don’t Earpers refer to Waves as a “cinnamon bun”? So, what’s evil Waves, burnt toast? What is that even like?

And yet…

Imagine her walking into the police station, wearing either leather pants or leather mini skirt: the signature tenue for the wicked.

Slow day, no one would be around. Nedley’d be…who knows where the man is…still on vacay, probably. Nicole—aka Agent Way-Too-Haught-for-T.V.—is alone, sitting outside Nedley’s office, when she’d see her girlfriend walk in, looking like she underwent the Sandy-Olsson-at-the-end-of-Grease makeover. Agent Heart Eyes would not stand a chance. She’d be completely caught off guard when Waverly jumps on her…literally…again. Kisses and kisses of the WayHaught variety (the best kind), and then, whoa, viewer discretion advised, Waves starts removing articles of clothing. (Insert more WayHaught puns here.)

Agent Dimples-R-Us would be so into it, of course, but also would be all like, “Whoa, hey, Waves. Not here.”

But Waves would be half-way through now unbuttoning Agent Bulletproof’s shirt to listen.

“What’s gotten into you?” Nicole would sexily ask (which is like regular asking, but Nicole makes asking sexy by just asking). “First last night, and now…” She is genuinely inquisitive and a little concerned, but the homegirl would do nothing to actually stop Waverly.

“Less talking, more doing,” would be Waves’ only response.

“Someone might see us,” Nicole would warn, and sure enough someone does.

Enter Wynonna.

“Hey, Nicole, have you seen…” Nonna’s eyes go wide and she’d stop right in her tracks, and with clenched eyes add, “Ah! I see her! I see! Get a room, you two!”

“God, Wynonna, can’t you knock?” would retort Waves.

“I didn’t think to knock before entering a room with no door!” Nonna’d be already on her way out.

“Wait…Wynonna,” Agent My-face-matches-my-hair would follow Wynonna, leaving half-nekkid Waverly (you’re welcome for the visual) to gather her clothes and dress.

Catching up to her, she’d say, “Hey, something’s off.”

“A lot of things were off, from what I saw,” Wynonna’d say, clenching her eyes again, which would shield her from the mesmerizing dimples flashing on Nicole’s smiling face.

“No, I mean, with Waverly. She’s…a little…different. Not that I’m complaining, but a little more aggressive than usual.”

“Than usual? Dude, I am learning way too much about my sister’s sex moves for one afternoon.”

As if on cue, enter Waverly.

“What are you two whispering about?” she’d ask, leading to a…

Nicole: “Uh…‘cause when…”

Wynonna: “Yeah…”


Then, Waverly would say something so mean, that would make Wynonna’s and Nicole’s yaws drop faster than her mic.

“Anyway. I’m going. Call me when you get off work, Nicole,” she’d say and leave. (I was going to add a “and then we could get off together” naughty-like comment from Waves, but I decided not to.)

Nicole and Wynonna would look at each other all, See? Yeah. Told ya so.

“Something is definitely up with Waves, Nicole,” Wynonna would reflect. “Or she wouldn’t have said that mean thing that the person writing these words I am saying could not imagine and write.”

Cut to Wynonna and Nicole standing in front of Clootie’s head, because that’s the only person I imagine Nonna would think to go for answers, because it is the only one I can think of to have answers.

“You again!” Clootie’d not be so happy to see Nonna.

“Are…are those salt boobies?” Nicole would ask pointing to two lumps of salt in front of Clootie’s head.

“Yeah. Doc thought it’d be funny,” Wynonna’d chuckle. “Check it out, one of them is bigger than the other.”

“Why don’t you go ask the blacksmith for help?” Clootie’d suggest, rolling her eyes at the ladies chuckling at her fictitious lady lumps.

“Uh, the blacksmith. The one you killed. Um, let me think? Oh, yeah, because she’s dead.”

“No, not that one. The other one.”

“What other one?” Nonna’d be confused. “She’s got a sister, or twin, or something?”

“Identical triplets, actually,” Clootie would explain. “But we have to save the third one for season 3,” then she’d look at the camera, because suddenly this turned into an episode of the office.

“Who’s the blacksmith?” Nicole would ask (but remember, it’s sexy asking when she does it).

“I’ll tell you on the way.”

“Hey, on your next visit, since there’ll probably be a next time, would it kill you to bring me a margarita?” Clootie would chime in before they left.

“But salt’s bad for you.”

“Eh, tequila heals all wounds,” Clootie would reason.

Nonna’s face would say, “I hear that,” but her body would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” by walking away.

Will Wynonna and Nicole find the other blacksmith? Will they get the answers they want? Will Nicole suggest, “Okay, so we can fix Waves, but can we do it after a week or so? I want to try…” and then get a “Dude, that’s my sister. I ship it, but I don’t wanna know the details” from Wynonna?

Find out…probably never, because this is nonsense compared to what Emily and co. are so brilliantly creating for us right now.

Also, these posts are pretty random, the next one will probably be about how Dolls escapes Black Badge prison by putting on a small production of Jurassic Park and pretending to be a prop Dino.

If you’ve read this far, I owe you a donut. *

If you like and/or share it, I will make it a jelly donut. **

(*, ** All donut payments will be made via emoji. Void where prohibited.)  

For an alternative opening of season 2 that I totally made up, click the link 👇: 


Germany’s main football tournaments: a quick & basic guide

I made this guide for @havilliard but I thought it would be a good idea to post it publicly because I’m pretty sure there are many people out there who’s new in this fandom and are looking for some info. There are some basic info about 3 German tournaments under the cut and if you think there’s something important missing please feel free to add it here! I hope this little info can help and of course, any question you have, just send me an ask!

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Photos of Alex promoting The Legend of Tarzan in Sweden today (07/11/16, Stockholm).

Thanks! @ 

Alexander Skarsgård plays “Tarzan” in “The Legend of Tarzan” which has its Swedish premiere on Wednesday 13 July. Read the interview in tomorrow’s DN or the dn.se. Foto: Alexander Mahmoud​ #DagensNyheter #alexanderskarsgard

-dagens_nyheter instagram

If you’re wondering how I look when I’m starstruck #henryip3

-glasclara instagram

No words needed. Missed when Tarzan was on # henryip3? Then there is this lovely podcast program! Check out the website or where the pods are!

-clarahenryip3 instagram

Just okay day working @ clarahenryip3 @glasclara #tarzan # henryip3

-m_winberg instagram

Right now - Bioklubben’s reporter Tove Dockson is interviewing actor Alexander Skarsgård, currently in the film “The Legend of Tarzan” which has its theatrical release on 13 July. But already there will be tonight’s gala premiere of the movie at the Filmstaden Sergel in Stockholm. #legendenomtarzan # Alexander Skarsgård #alexanderskarsgard

-bioklubben instagram

Chapter Thirty Part One

A/N:  Hello!!!  Guess who’s back?  Here’s Part One of the next chapter.  It was getting too big for one chapter.  It starts out the night of the Premiere with Charlie and bounces back and forth to the night in Bendal.  So there’s a break.  Part Two is coming soon I promise!  I know it’s been awhile but I’m back.  Please let me know what you think!  I miss you all!

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My Heart Is Happy Yet Sad......

I missed all of the fun of San Diego Comic Con this weekend.  From the American world premiere of the new Star Trek movie to so many amazing panels and introductions of new and old including my new Marvel sister Brie Larson who is the new Captain Marvel.  My question to you all is if you were going to go in costume to SDCC who would you go as and why?  Marvel and DC people let’s try to mix it up a bit.  Cause I would actually go as Wonder Woman after seeing the trailer yesterday I admit.

So I know a lot of people are really disappointed that Arlinn Kord, the Premier New Original planeswalker didn’t appear in the Innistrad art book (somehow???????) But I really loved the art book and gladly will add it to my collection. That being said, if Saheeli Rai, the Premier New Original planeswalker of Kaladesh, is missing in the Kaladesh art book, then this is all just a big conspiracy and I’m onto you, WotC.

England’s main football tournaments: a quick & basic guide

Yesterday I posted one of those for German football and now it’s the time for my second guide regarding English football. I chose 4 tournaments to talk about and you can read all the info under the cut. What I said in my other post also applies here: if you think something important is missing you’re free to add it here and if you have questions just hit me up! I hope this helps!

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anonymous asked:

Are you still gonna post stuff on your social media when u r in college? Of you're not gonna post as much, but I'll miss you if you're gone for months at a time

I’m going to do my best to remain just as active. I’ll definitely be trying to YouTube more too, since I’ll have premier pro and a laptop (thanks Ringling).

Me Watching Tonight Suits S6 Premiere ,

- Previously on Suits ..  Oh god I can’t 

Harvey: I miss him  —– Marvey feels

Poor poor Mikey 



shit shit shit  .. NO NO 

little happy moment .. 

* last 10 sec *  

What the hell ??? you piece of shit !!! you can’t just end it here !!!

I fell so lost I need a hug .. anyone fell the same ?

I might write a review on the ep sometime this week ..

simysaru43  asked:

Theory. Stiles finds people are forgetting him. Looks for Lydia. Lydia notices people don't know who Stiles is when she looks for him. They find each other @ corridor "You'll forget me" "I wont." They break apart he is taken. She is the last to forget, but notices and feels something vitally important is missing. "Remember, remember, remember." She finds something (in hand, wall scene). Remembers Stiles, maybe? Breaks down. Then, parking lot-Jeep "something bad is happening." The search begins.

I don’t agree with a bunch of this but I will keep this in mind for the premier episode ;) 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Niall is on the verge of getting impatient and texting Harry - "so much longer until yer movie is done, Harold? Miss ya, man !"

Omg, I bet Niall is super excited for it!! Might even buy out a whole theatre (even after attending the premier with Harry) just so he can watch it alone, in peace!!

Concerts and stuff :)

I survived the choir concerts weekend :) It’s always really intense.
Wednesday, we had to set up the stage and 400 chairs (took us 15 volunteers 4 hours). Thursday, we had our public dress rehearsal. This was so exhausting for me that I couldn’t participate in the premiere the next day. But on Saturday, my family was in the audience and so I gathered my strength to sing there. Yesterday, my circuit was pretty low and I was shakey, so I missed yet another concert :( but I arrived to hear the last three songs and to attend the great farewell event with lots of pizza and gifts for our lovely conductor who is passing her tuning fork along for a new one next year :) 
I hope to have some pics for you soon. My costume was the best I had so far IMO!

In other news, I finally quit my therapy which hasn’t been working for me for a long time and feel soooo free now :D I’ll have to find a new one within 6 months if I want to continue the one I started (I only have 10 sessions left anyway though).
I’m still more occupied with Everquest II than with sims atm, though I feel stirrings inside me and want to make some new CC soon.
I also helped my friend @galadrielhs-simblr to set up her new computer this weekend, that was fun! I love to configure computers. Yeah, I’m weird that way *lol*