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홍대에 다녀왔는데 사람들이 엄청 많더라구요
멋있는 분들이 많았습니다
저 더 열심히 해야겠어요
여러분 잘 자고 내일 화이팅합시다
하트는 선물입니다 보고 싶네요 아미 https://t.co/f0TST2tQUG

I went to Hongdae and came back and there were so many people there
There were lots of cool people
I should work harder
Sleep well everyone and lets hwaiting tomorrow
The heart is a present. I miss you, ARMYs

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

Real talk

I miss talking to you guys! I’ve been kind of hovering here lately, only posting pics and such, because I haven’t had a lot of time, with work and life being hella busy.

BUT I WANT TO TALK TO YOU GUYS MORE. Come say hi, tell me about your day, tell me a secret, fangirl about books, tell me what music you’re into lately, or just tell me whatever comes in your head. If you need help with anything and you’d rather not talk to me here, I have an advice blog as well :) Non-anon messages will be answered in private. It’s okay to IM me as well. I might not reply immediately, but I usually get to it in a couple of days tops.

Just… come talk to me. I’ve noticed that when I had a smaller follower base, I interacted more with you guys. I don’t want that to change. It’s the whole reason I made this blog - to talk to people and find common ground in the love of books and things bookish. 

And last but not least: GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE PARTICIPATING IN NANOWRIMO! I believe in you, now go write that book! <3

With all my love (and cookies),

Mary <3