Guess who’s back? Hello everyone! Is everyone doing well? I hope so! First of all, I missed you guys tons! And this damn website and my beautiful boys. *sobs* There are xy things that I need to know now and do right now, so please forgive me if I’m kind of slow in answering messages and doing all the things I missed by now. I’ll be explaining everything later. Since I am not fully recovered and I still need most of my time to rest,  It’ll take some time to get this blog ‘’alive’’ again, so please bear with me. Also, thank you everyone who’d stayed here. I love you ❤ 


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Hey, heard the boys were taking questions. Currently trying to cope with a cold and attempt not to miss school if I have to. Do you guys have any tips for powering through the cold? Or how to know when to stop and rest? Thanks tons!


Dean: Whiskey.

Sam: Don’t listen to Dean… He’s an idiot when it comes to taking care of himself. I always have to force soup and water on him when he gets sick.

Dean: Whatever, Sammy! I used to do the airplane trick with your soup when you couldn’t even wipe your nose!

Sam: Ignore him. Lot’s of fluids: water, herbal tea. No caffeine. Take a steamy shower to help your head feel better and get lots of rest. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to the things we have going on, but when you’re sick you’ve gotta do it.

Cas: Those are all good suggestions, or I could just come and heal you. That seems simpler.

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FINALLY! I can get some angst from you right nooowwwwwww!! Something angsty with Himuro. Can you make it extra extra angsty like id wanna bawl my eyes out for days after reading it. Thanks in advance. Keep rocking!

I hope you two don’t mind me combining your rqs together ^^. It actually took me a while to think of an idea and I hope this works. [wow i actually missed writing angst o n o hope this makes you guys??? sad??? woops (now i can go sleep off my cold ~.~)]


Tatsuya wasn’t sure when it began, but when it did he knew it couldn’t be stopped. The feeling of being in love was a force that he couldn’t fight against-it engulfed him; taken him prisoner; led him astray and evidently abandoning him when he understood what it was like.

When he saw you it was love at first sight. You were sitting quietly at the back of the class with a book in your hands; eyes’ roaming the pages taking in each and every word-it was a beautiful sight. Because Tatsuya was never the shy type of guy, he sat next to you instead of choosing a seat in the middle. You looked up from your novel for a second and locked eyes with him; a pink tinge appeared in your cheeks as you broke eye contact in favor of hiding yourself from his gaze.  

You felt something near your arm as you reached over to flip the page. Tatsuya’s hand was near yours as he held it out to you. “My name is Tatsuya Himuro, may I ask for yours?” You shyly placed your hand in his and shook it.

“[L/N] [F/N].”

“That’s a pretty name.” He said

And it was-It was such a pretty name that he didn’t even have to ask you for it the second time like he usually had to. The way your name rolled off your lips; the shy eyes that greeted him; it made him feel like it was music to his ears. No other girl could compare to you despite the numerous that confronted him and confessed their undying love to him; no one compared to the silence that welcomed him when he sat with you during lunches as you quietly did your work by his side; nothing could make him look away. He made his crush on you a quiet one; it was as if it didn’t exist.

Tatsuya acted as any friend would, but on occasions he would sneak something in, letting you in on the hint of his reasons to being so close to you. There were times he’d walk you home and offer to carry your bag for you; times where he’d purposely move himself closer to you during class so he could lean over and be a mere few centimeters from your lips; times where he’d brush his hand against yours just to feel the softness of your skin against his.

He enjoyed watching your cheeks turn rosy pink; the conflict in your eyes-it made him eager to tell you of his feelings. Tatsuya even nicknamed you his little songbird only because he caught you singing once when class ended. He loved your soft voice whether it be singing or talking-it made him feel a peace he never felt before.

One day during practice where you waited for him in the bleachers, he ran up to you; face sweating; bag in his hand; a smile on his face. “Ready ____?” You nodded, jumping up from your spot and running to his side.

As the two of you walked out of the gym, Tatsuya told you about the upcoming tournament. You could see his enthusiasm as he described to you how the Winter Cup worked. It made you happy that he became so animated over basketball; it was nice. But just as you were about to say something, he stopped in mid-stride.

Stopping yourself, you turned to face him. “Is something wrong Tatsuya?”

“Well…there’s someone I have on my mind that won’t quite leave you see. I always hang out with her and she always leaves me with a smile on my face.”


“And she seems to not notice how I feel about her.” He looked away, not showing his twitching lips to you. “Do you know what I should do to make her notice?” Tatsuya could tell you were thinking deeply, but he noticed the way your lips shook. He was hit with the realization that you didn’t know he was hinting it was you. Before he could say a word, you opened your mouth to speak.

He could see the forced smile you put on for him; your lips moving as you said what you thought he should do. But for some reason he couldn’t hear it. The music in his ears was silent; nothing hit his heart. Confusion hit him, why couldn’t he hear your voice? Laughing nervously, Tatsuya leaned closer to you. “I’m sorry what did you say ______?”

You kept a hand on your collar, playing with the fabric before taking a deep breath. Tatsuya could tell your cheeks were flushed just by standing this close to you. “I said…” And again your lips were moving without a sound emitting from them. Tatsuya furrowed his eyebrows trying to figure out what you were saying. He shook his head slowly, letting you know he couldn’t hear you, but all he saw was your grief-stricken expression as you bowed down before running away from him. He reached out to pull you back, trying to understand what was happening.

“Wait!” Tatsuya shouted as you narrowly slipped from his grasp. “I can’t hear you!”

“I can’t hear you.” He screamed out. Tatsuya took deep breaths as he tried to get back to his senses. He was holding a hand out in front of him; light struck past the curtains as he shakily kept his arm out in front of him; his pale skin looking deathly white against the sun’s rays. “I ….”

He whispered, “I…can’t….” as he tried so desperately to blink past his tears as he sat up, letting the blanket fall from his torso and onto his lap. He eyed his hand, moving his fingers as if he was grabbing for you. With his other hand, he ran it through his hair, pulling his bangs back from his eyes as he tried to focus on relaxing. Tatsuya tried to take deep breaths and failed just at the second intake. A wave of sadness hit him full front; he cried loudly, desperately trying to get the words out of his mouth. He wished his dream was just a dream-he wished he didn’t feel this way for you. He wish he never fell for you.

Because if he didn’t, then perhaps you’d still be here, breathing next to him instead of leaving Tatsuya by himself, reminiscing how you were hit by a car. He wouldn’t be stuck thinking about why he chose a stupid way to confess to you; wouldn’t be stuck with the graphic image of the way your body was thrown across the gravel; wouldn’t be stuck in a situation where he felt he was at fault.

“I…” Tatsuya began as his chest shook. “-I can’t hear you _____.” Bringing his hands to his face, he sobbed loudly. If only he didn’t make you run away from him; if only he confessed earlier; if only he ran after you faster, because then maybe Tatsuya wouldn’t be stuck alone without his little songbird.

We finally got our power back yesterday but after having to go through the fridge and freezer and figure out how to reset a bunch of things I didn’t feel like going on the computer last night. Plus we had hot water finally so I had like a 3 hour bath… But anyway I will be more active tonight most likely. Missed you guys!!!

I feel so sick and I can’t miss class you guys. Is this what dying feels like. I’m not even close to being done… I just.. I want a hug.

And soup. Maybe pizza.

Somebody come over.