Hey everyone! So I’ve had my blog for a little over two years now and I’ve finally reached 2K! *Wild applause* I know that after every 500 I usually do a giveaway (And I will still do that, I promise) but this time around, I wanna give a shout out to some really amazing people that have made my Tumblr experience really amazing! I don’t know where I’d be without you all! Many of you have followed me since the beginning and you’ve seen my bad text posts and still stuck around, so for that, I am thankful! I love you all and without further ado, here is my Follow Forever!

Since I’m trash in every possible way this isn’t in alphabetical order

I’ll start with a list of my closest friends that have known me for a while and we communicate outside of Tumblr and man I love you lot so much! Major major shout out to the bestie, summer-seoulstice for being my favorite loser and sister in Christ! I don’t say it enough but I *cringes* love you!

lifeoftheaveragehootowl thegrimzuera oceanamist asukaaikari mermade-for-jimin imoshforfood nothingelsesatisfies arendelles-avatar colourmechartreuse short-hair-and-nerdy

Below is a list of my closest mutuals. The ones who converse with me, Roleplay with me, laugh, cry, and plot terrible headcanons with me. You are the lot that I see on my dash and make me smile to myself and admire how lucky I am to have such lovely mutual! The ones who have been around from the beginning. You’re pretty much stuck with me at this point! :)

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And here we go again, with a list of Tumblr friends who are darlings for following me! The talented bunch who I consider way out of my circle but have still decided to follow me for some reason.

wannabender articianne yamikisara rafathequeen awesomelittleladybug ironinkpen happyzuko zukotim fireferretfanatic phaoray rybroskeez jeong-jeong ranzila thehttydfan eyebulb hyperspacemashmallow snowbender reindeerz kimberlychristmas calmitdownchristina nsart greydelisle honxrable

And of course, my honorable mentions! My mutuals who are silent, and yet I still adore you and love seeing you on my dash!

thegirlinthefandom harrypotter-nerdgirl acciomintchipcookie makorrashiper0981998 makorra-infinity shipper–mania korra-the-great cheater157 obssessedkityykat totallynotreally honestly-irrelevant oceanluver101 reinamaggie angelcas-demondean aggiehufflepuff rat-a-tat-that-ass captaincrying mythologynut01 chancelorclarke thevictoriousfangirl livinglifelessordinary  just0010 supernerd127 superiloveanimations3 kagomehime369 johnterezis omglookadinosaur

 ♥ – I can’t believe it’s already been almost four months since I started up this blog. When I first came here mid-April, I honestly didn’t think I would get far at all, or that I would be able to create a circle of friends in a community so large. I would often feel lonely in the beginning, but I’m so, so glad I didn’t delete my blog or shy away, because this blog, and the relationships built with it both ic and ooc have been a source of joy almost everyday since then.

I was taken aback when I hit 100 followers, so it’s almost unbelievable to me now that I have hit 200. You all mean so much to me, yes, even you, who has stuck around with me despite circumstances that have kept me from following back. Mutual followers are a joy as well, but I commend those of you who aren’t, I really do. Thank you, and I hope I continue to bring forth material you enjoy seeing.

Below are just a few of the people that have made my experiences so fun on here, or have put up with me ooc too. You are all honestly a source of happiness in my life, and I hope that we can continue to interact in the future. If your url isn’t mentioned here, please don’t feel discouraged or upset about it, because you still mean very much to me too.

The “You my bae” Squad:

chillin-at-partys-bar  | sumxka  | stellxrum  | blxnkiisms | marco-fushicho  | lyricalrosa

The “You bring me joy” Squad:

pompadourchef  | scotty-ofthe-4th  | askdancingfox  | docrathrock  |  glassentropy | sxtchi  | deathoftheinnocent  | orangeflxmes  | heartpiratelami  | pxrtinglass  | fieryxlegacy  | saboners  | flxming-aura  | aoierin  | petalled-detergent  | rubberbastard  

The “We need to interact more cause I think you’re cool and stuff what are we waiting for” Squad:

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I’m gonna start off with a huge THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY ASS FOR THIS LONG. So, thanks for putting up with my ass this long.

You guys have all been so rad for following me and sticking with me for so long and putting up with my ass (as I shouted just a moment ago). Thanks everyone for sticking around and dealing with my lack of replies and supporting me recently with all my troubles at home and cheering me on for my job interviews and such. If I happen to get employed AND reach a milestone in the coming few months, maybe I’ll do a giveaway as a thank you for everyone when I can afford it! You guys are so rad okay I want to give u stuff.

ANYWAY, on to my big follow forever~* If I forgot you I’m sorry :( You guys are all so rad and I am but a bean that has trouble remembering sometimes. I love you all and I hope everyone finds $20 (or whatever your currency equivalent is) in your pockets!

                                         ELVHEN SUPREMACY

All the elfys in my life that I love so much… (In no particular order!)

virsuledin aibhleiss elthorn aenseide vitiiate ofdxlish ofdalishdecent irmorisenatha hangedjenny greenwoodgoblin inquisiturlellasincelevonarchertheharellantheeternalsunofpiety

                                            NOTABLE SHEMS

All those outsiders that have been somewhat entertaining… (In no particular order!)

chesthair-dontcare​​ vvolka​​ xrutherford​​ xsyrennex​​ aquilacor​​ magisterpavus​​ witandcharms​​ josiewosiie​​ polishedforsurvival​​ childprodiigy​​ praesidiium​​ judexcrederis​​ merdedeporc​​ mesukku​​ trevelycn​​ magechampion​​ viigere​​ fyrstormr​​ venexficus​​ tacetcantu​​ nxwheretorun​​ plvsultra​​ compassionxspirit​​ obscuriiity​​ nolyriium​​ guruashram​​

                                   INQUISITION SOLDIERS

The rest of you that I watch from afar and love to occasionally poke at… (In no particular order!)

vigiilance​​ varhainen​​ falondiiin​​ redsongredpain​​ brideofsparda​​ lacrimcsa​​ wardenkallian​​ emmailen​​ thesightlesshero​​ truthshaper​​ makersent​​ lxnartears​​ stxrmcallermortummmiinstrelpheriannathpoorlittlejosephparxsiticpartyciityinquisitormaiwetethrsantivanambassador​ 

                                           Special Shout Out

To my girlfriend fatamoirai. Not really a special shout out but B) At the bottom where u BELONG.

Oh my   STARS!

   you guys have no idea how excited I am to see so many gorgeous blogs swimming around my dash. I’m not even sure for how long I’ve had this blog but I can tell you it’s been a wild ride since day one. 99% will probably skip this little paragraph, but I wanted you to know that I’m very VERY glad that you’re around, I was very insecure about creating this blog at first because, let’s face it, six seconds of clown in a trailer are hardly enough to build a strong decent muse on. BUT STILL your support has been so inspiring in these past few days and I really do love the wonderful creative community that I’ve stumbled into, I only hope I get to roleplay with all of you for a very long time. THIS POST COULD GO ON FOREVER but instead I’m going to make a nice shitty little list of people I’m forever in love with and drooling over. I’ll probably forget people. Because I’m a trashcan’t. 

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anonymous asked:

So the family walks in and sees pyrite instead of bill and dip and there like "What were you guys doing while we were gone?"

“Hey!” Mabel called out, eyeing the single gem in the room

“Oh god, not again.” Stanley groaned.

Stanford shook his head and turned around, already done with the situation and ready to go lay down. 

Pyrite, who was just laying across the couch, gave his family a wide, half-crazed grin as he jumped up to his feet. “Why, yes! Again!” The gem laughed. “Miss me? I missed me!”

Mabel shook her head. “What were you guys even doing to form you?” She asked, frowning. 

If there was one fusion she could live without, it was Pyrite. It wasn’t that she disliked the relationship between the older gem and her brother. It was more like Pyrite was annoying and mean.

And well…though she didn’t admit it to herself, Mabel didn’t like the idea of her brother fusing with another gem besides herself. 

“Oh, you know. Just a little-”

“Don’t even try to finish that sentence.” Stanley grumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he moved towards the kitchen. “Just…don’t break anything. Don’t harm anyone, and keep everything G-rated, okay?”

Pyrite snickered.

Mabel paled.

Stanley left.

“So anyways~” Pyrite sang as he turned and sunk back onto the couch, making sure his legs took up all leftover room. “-you wanna hear about the fu-”

“Nope!” Mabel exclaimed loudly, blushing a bit red as she whipped around. “I’m good! Um, I gotta go play with Waddles and yeah…seeyouguyswhenyourunfusedbye!”

Pyrite frowned as he was left all alone.

“Well. At least I love me!” 


I’m so sorry about the delay on the commissions, and just for not being around lately. A few really cool, but pressing opportunities cropped up, and between that and some old deadlines my schedule got super crazy. I’m hoping to be able to get back to the commissions I took very soon! Thank you all for being so patient. 

I’ve unfortunately had to suspend my subscription for a bit while I try to get my shit back on track. I miss you guys though, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying HW! 

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Im so sad. I miss my ex and i think he hates me now. Im dating this new guy but i realllly realllly miss my ex

If you’re still having feelings for your ex maybe dating a new guy is a bad idea??? maybe you need time to get over someone fully before seeing someone new because if you’re just having feelings for your ex while seeing someone new that just gets messy

#2: 50DaysOf5SOS ~ break up texts (preference)

A/N: I’m soooo sorry for not posting yesterday, I had to go to the dentist and get spacers put on my teeth so I could get my braces Monday. Since I missed yesterday I’m gonna be posting two imagines today. Hope you guys like them!!


@Luke5SOS: “they say everything happens for a reason…”

@michael5sos: “I’ll always love you”

@calum5sos: “you we’re the best thing that has ever happened to me”

@ashton5sos: “ The bed feels cold without you”


Cruddy preference but another ones coming soon. Bye for nowww♥

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{D-520} I’m missing this guy so much 😢😢😢😢😢 hope you’re taking good care of yourself sungminnie ❤️❤️ (ps : isn’t he just perfect? I know you agree with me)
(Photo credit as tagged in the pics)

These have been sitting in my inbox for probably like 2 weeks (maybe even more? I’m not sure) and I apologize for taking so long to answer! I’ve been unsure as to how I should respond, but I think you guys deserve some kind of update, I suppose.

I miss you guys too! And I’m sorry if you miss me and I’ve been neglecting you guys real bad :/ As far as I know, I’m still on a hiatus and I’m not even sure if I’ll end up returning. The issue is that writing doesn’t really seem to make me happy anymore :( Writing things and letting all these random people on the internet seem them and judge them as they please is a real bad trigger for my social anxiety these days, and sometimes I contemplate deleting this blog entirely so that no one else has to see it ever again. But I know that this blog holds a lot of good memories for me personally, and the things I’ve written can make some people happy. As least I hope so.

I wish I could return but I hate to admit that this blog really does stress me out…it’s not you guys it’s 100% me. You guys have been nothing but kind to me and I’ve never ONCE gotten any hate on this account…which still honestly baffles me haha. And I’ve even reached 3,000 followers even while being on hiatus! That’s so…confusing actually haha.

I won’t be giving this blog away or looking for another admin because…well, it’s my blog and it’s something very personal to me, I guess.

Until further notice, I’m still taking a much-needed break…but I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I decide to leave this blog. Sorry I keep dropping bombs like this on you all but don’t worry there are probably a million other blogs like mine (even better than mine) so it shouldn’t be too upsetting haha.

Thanks for your continued support and looking out for me even after all this time. I appreciate more than you probably know.

-Haylee <3333

I'm honestly a little surprised by how much I missed you guys while I was gone!

Thank you all for reading even though it was just a queue and I wasn’t around. The fact that so many people see my posts and enjoy them honestly makes me so happy. Thank you all so much! ❤️ You are amazing people and I can’t wait to catch up on your amazing stories. I’m trying not to be too mushy but seriously, you all are awesome.

          things to note.

one. this blog has been completely rebooted. because of this, this blog is highly selective and probably will remain that way. 

two. it is no longer nolan-versed at all. it will be a conglomeration of different canons, mostly pre new-52 and arkham. 

three. there is an exclusive list. check the guidelines to see who. it shall be updated. it is to note that, unless specified, i will NOT roleplay with duplicates of these characters. please respect this.

four. i missed you guys and i missed harvey; i can’t wait for what is to come with him.


Was going through my followers because unfortunately I had to block some annoying people but also got to follow back a lot of blogs I missed! Hope you guys like my blog and hear from you soon!!💕