Chapter 8

Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1880

Warnings: violence and mention of blood

note: here’s the long overdue chapter of mayday! sorry for the long wait but here you go, my lovelies <3 this chapter was originally 3000 words but then i was like nawh, imma split this action into two parts haha. happy reading everyone and take care! also, welcome back king jackson! i missed him so much ngl -admin (p.s. new series coming soon *cough* a jaebum series)

I stood there as I watched people enjoy their time at the banquet. Ryder forced a drink in my hand and who knows what I’m holding at the moment. It could be a drink that was intoxicated with a drug or it could be a glass of champagne. Either way, I’m not taking a sip even though I need something to distract my anxiety. And getting drunk was the best way the relief my stress. Instead, my eyes scanned the area like a hawk, looking for a specific knight in armour. Jackson and Mark somehow had disappeared from my sight and I’m tempted to break away from Ryder, just to find them. The risk was too high hence why I still remained by Ryder’s side.

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I’m playing catch up, and I’m too far behind. I’ve been working lots of hours again, and I’ve been sick off and on over the past two weeks or so, so I haven’t been here very much. I’ve missed you lovely people.

I had to get out of the house this morning. I’m determined to walk an average of at least half an
hour a day. It makes such a difference to my mood and motivation. I got out for about 45 minutes this morning, and then I did crunches, planks, and what pass for push-ups in my brain.

My oldest is home for the weekend, and we heard all about her trip to Bangladesh last night. I will fill you guys in soon.

It looks like I may be going to Costa Rica in June, and I am getting excited. I will let you know if it goes through.

Now I have to wake up my 15-year-old, because my boss has offered her $12 an hour to get some general work done in our office today.

Have a great Saturday, friends!

“Just promise me you’ll look after your health and drive safe. All right?”

The last text I ever received from my cousin, Anna, only an hour before she took her own life. We were always so close through her life, and I did everything I possibly could to help her through her horrendous depression, but it wasn’t enough. She was always such a kind-hearted, loving person that even in her own misery, she did nothing but look out for others. (She was referring to a horrible car accident I was in over a year ago).

I love you, Anna, and I miss you so much.

Swing Dancing

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 750
Warnings: Fluff.
Challenge:  This was written for @wi-deangirl77‘s Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge.  My song was “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera.

Authors Note: This was meant to be smutty to go with the song but I’ve written so much smut today that I just don’t have it in me to write one more sex scene so I went with fluff. I’m sorry !

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delanes  asked:

favourite buffy/willow moments from the early seasons?

sorry i took so long to get to this!! i kept looking at it and getting overwhelmed bc i love…. all the moments…. i can’t even come up w a distinct top five, but here are a few from s1-3??

  • everything in Choices!!! “you had friends like *buffy*!” willow choosing to stay in sunnydale!! willow & buffy rolling around in the grass!!! im emo about this episode bc i just rewatched it this week, and literally every buffy/willow interaction here is the best. like…. as soon as willow was in danger, buffy didnt give a damn about the mayor? getting willow back was the Only Thing that mattered.
  • EVERYTHING IN WELCOME TO THE HELLMOUTH. “you don’t have to come back!” “i’ll be right back.”
  • willow bein insanely jealous of faith…. throughout all of s3…. makes me sad? but also? it solidifies the theory that willow had a big ass crush on buffy
  • PROPHECY GIRL when buffy’s all “I Quit” and then she sees how upset willow is that the vamps are making her world THEIR world and buffy just….. decides to kill the master. she died to save the world, but also…. she died for willow. imo.

Happy Birthday Xiumin 🎉💕

Xiumin, you were my first bias in exo and still take the no.1 spot 💕. Even though you are not the leader, as the eldest I know you help guide the members and give them advice when needed. I adore your gummy smile and love your hands that mirror each other in sync. You are a beautiful human being.I am so proud of you for showing everyone your talent in exo-cbx and I hope to get a solo album in the future!! I know going to the military is slowly approaching and I will miss you sooooooo much during that time. I could write so much more 🌺.Thank you for all your hard work and I will continue to support you in the future 💕

Thank you baozi ~


Their body’s a what.

I mean that doesn’t even rhyme so it must’ve been intentional, is their body really an illusion? What if their gemstone is their actual “body”, it’s the thing that contains their consciousness, and there have been gemstones without bodies, hence the physical body of a gem might just be there so they can run around and do different activities, but it’s not the same as human bodies. That might explain shapeshifting as well, if their bodies are illusions, they can change them however they want.




It’s obvious these stuff are too childish for them, but Steven really seems like he put a lot of effort into this party, he really loves the gems.

I am going to meme the shit out of this face after the episode.



This is a specific shout out to my friends I’ve made in the Bones fandom. Y’all ain’t my friends anymore, you’re my family. Thank you so much to all of you. Seriously, if I had a favorite part of being in the fandom, it was finding you guys.

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I finally got to see my beautiful girl last night after two months of being away from her ❤ even though it was only for less than 3 hours and our parents were very annoying with the whole situation, I had the most perfect night. I’m so thankful I was able to hug her and kiss her and hold her hand and smile with her and laugh with her and she makes me so happy and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I hope I get to see those beautiful eyes in person again veryyyy soon because I miss her more than anything already. @annxgracie, I love you so much and you make waking up and falling asleep so much easier. I will see you as soon as possible and I can’t wait. keep smiling for me and being beautiful and being strong and amazing and funny and practically ethereal. You’re the best girl xxx I love you to the moon and back, little one ❤❤❤🐢🐢

dreamingwithmendes  asked:

Who do you think Shawn would react if you told him that you can be at some special event with him,because,for example,something came up on college?

I don’t think it would be something he would get mad about at all. I think Shawn would be all for you going to college, studying and working your butt off to be able to work with something you wanted and loved. I think he’d admire that very much about you, so I think he’d be very supportive of you, even though you missed out on something.

Shawn knows you can’t just give up on your life for him - just like he can’t give up his career for you - so I think he’d be fine with like. Like obviously, he would want you there, but he’d respect and understand you had something major going on at school that you needed to take care off. Because you always did that with him as well.

Like Shawn is away quite a lot himself and I’m sure he’s going to miss out on things, where you would have wanted him home or to come, but you’d never make him feel bad about that either, because you knew, it was just his lifestyle and sometimes, he just didn’t have a choice, though he really wanted to be there and support you and Shawn would know you felt exactly the same.

I mean, you know he felt horrible having to miss out and he’d know you felt horrible about missing out as well, but he would also know, that sometimes, you had to put yourself and your life first, because even though you’re not a superstar, your goals and dreams matters as well. They matter to him, so much, so he’d be supportive of you, no doubt. 

He’d tell you to do you and take care of the important thing you had, that he loved you and that you had to call him when you were done.

Tagged by @starryneptunes!! thank you DeAshja (also I’m so glad that you’re recovering! 💕💕)

1. Post some selfies where you feel cute af

I never take selfies (it’s pretty much a personal rule) but here are some that I took which I thought turned out pretty nice

2. Something you love about your hair

it’s thick and poofy and a lot of people love playing with it or just admiring it

3. Something you love about your eyes

they’re really expressive and bigger than most people around here harhar

4. Something you love about your mouth

it’s small and looks cute?

5. Something you love about your nose

it’s a lot more defined than those of the rest of the family

6. Something you love about your legs

I’m naturally thin so my legs are also pretty slim (it’s a pretty good bonus)

7. Something you love about your butt

it’s small enough for me to not have unwanted attention from weird creepers

8. Something you love about your tummy

um it’s generally flat? (keyword: generally)

9. Something you love about your chest

I can lie flat on my stomach without it being too uncomfortable!! it really comes in handy at night when I’m trying to find different positions to sleep in :)

10. Something you love about your height

I’m considered pretty tall for my age

11. Something you love about your weight

for someone of my height I’m considered pretty light

12. When do you feel prettiest?

when I’m laughing or when I just have that confidence in myself

13. When did you last feel beautiful?

errr I generally don’t mark down “beautiful” as a feeling but… I guess it was on Friday while I was laughing with my juniors and just being my natural self

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edasshuu  asked:

what are your favourite things about eru? your favourite pythagoras productions songs? and your favourite otome games? (*´꒳`* )

wehhh thank you so much for asking, helena!! i had lots of fun answering this ♡
im going to answer the first q last (:3_ヽ)_

favourite pitapro songs

i have so many favourites sdfjhsdjs so here are “some” of them


  1. 純白 (しろ) い恋人 (i just really love the rui/eru duets tbh)
  3. 100万回の愛革命(REVOLUTION)!
  4. キミとFARAWAY
  5. O/Z
  7. 未明犯
  8. Bingo!!!!
  9. Missing You (2014)
  10. ギラギラSpider
  11. Oh My WOLF BOY
  12. 熱愛(REDHOT)SAGA
  13. 絆-KIZUNA- (even though the full ver isn’t out yet sweats)

lagrange point:

  2. Shoot Off
  3. 今はGoodNight
  5. Last Chance!!!
  6. Never Sorrow
  8. 愛、独裁-SAMURAI-
  9. 1/f(エフぶんのいち)の揺らぎ
  10. 愛という言葉を憎む日々が永久に続いてもオレを赦してくれ

unicorn jr:

  1. F.A
  2. REAL?
  3. アフターバーナー
  4. Lonely Silence Monster
  5. 愛が愛のままでありますように 

the shuffle units:

  1. 星だけが知る
  2. カナリヤ
  3. カガミノナカ
  4. HANABI (i still can’t get over that beautiful transition from summer jealousy to hanabi in the pv???)

and of course 奇跡の星座(Sign)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you knew any fics where Caroline grows up with the Mikaelsons or any where the Originals take her in. Sort of like they did with Marcel? Lots of love, darling. You are absolutely brilliant!

Thank you very much anon!

Young & Beautiful by Sweet Little Darling

My Sweet Child by Anaelle-KLAROLINE

Spitting Image by Angelikah

My Sweet Caroline by missmadisonxoxo

Fair Slivers Of Us by Miss.Full.Of.Light

So Long, Lonesome by  Banana71588

Spellboud by Breab

anonymous asked:

15 21 and 22 please!

15. Show us your main(s)!


First there’s my baby girl Inixa, bounty hunter/mercenary, I have a big fat crush on her and I’m not even ashamed lmao. She’s a hotheaded little badass who never misses her target and who loves credits more than she loves people.

Then there’s my sith Inquisitor Lord Shakkar’Oor, who is basically A Goddamn Queen.

And there’s her son Keejh’Oor, a cinnamon roll who’s never done anything wrong in his entire life, ever.

21. Which player ship is your favorite?

The D5-Mantis by far, it’s my home. <3

22. Of all the in-game events (Relics of the Gree, Rakghoul, Life Day, so on) which do you like the most, and which do you dislike?

Bounty Contract Week! I mean, I love it so much that I’ve finished it 100% lmao, I have all the achievements and all the titles. I’m not a big fan of the Rakghoul event because of people getting infected on purpose and transmitting the plague to everyone on the fleet. >_>