i was hoping you could post this picture of me (on the left) and my late boyfriend (on the right). at the time of writing he’s only been gone two days. i’ve always wanted to be on this blog, but i never thought i’d meet someone who made me that happy and who i was comfortable with enough to share. and then i did. and now he’s gone. and none of his family knows who i was to him. nobody close to him knows what we were. somebody has to. somebody has to remember that he taught me what love really is. i want people to look at him and realize that no matter how much you think no one cares there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. my world is gone now. please cherish what you have and don’t waste time. we have so little of it.

i miss you so much.


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Do you think that Stiles and Lydia will have that reunion scene everyone's hoping for? In 6x10 I mean lol I can't begin to guess specifics I just I hope for them if they makes sense

i think so, but i always build their scenes up bigger in my head than they actually turn out to be. but i feel like they’re spending waaaay too much time building up stydia and showing how much they miss each other to not have a completely out of the park epic reunion. especially when the last thing stiles said is “i love you” and he was taken before lydia could respond.

an epic reunion for me would be for her to leap into his arms and start crying and say “i love you too.” and then after stiles lets out this little breath and looks at her with complete amazement they kiss AND THE MUSIC SWELLS. and the whole pack runs up and sees them and they all look shocked but then we pan over to scott mccall who has the biggest smile on his face because he’s not surprised at all :’)

is that hoping for too much????

Just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased my new #secretarcana!! I hope you have been enjoying them and familiarizing yourselves with them! It’s been great seeing your posts and feeling the love. So, what’s your favorite card? What card do you feel connected with and why? I’d love to know! and for those of you who might have missed it or want your own deck, you can get yourself a copy at @vonzos / landofzos.com 💛💚💙💜💖 And again, thank you all so much much for your ongoing support. It means the world to me. ✌🏻💀

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I loved this new gaming video because it's so much more relaxed than the others I've noticed? The only part where they tried was when they were promoting their merch in the beginning. But other than that they were two "bros" on the couch playing a game and I missed that feel so much. Didn't you feel that?

one million percent. thank you so much for taking the time to articulate your thoughts to me and i could not agree with them more. i think one of the biggest indicators (and bear with me on this) is dan’s voice. his sort of soft and deeper tone seems reserved for off-camera or moments where he’s being more candid, less staged/scripted, and we’ve caught glimpses of it in videos before. but this time it was literally the whole video. dan was just sooooo noticeably chill, probably because he tends to be the one who overcompensates with absurd energy levels in their collabs. but phil too was a lot more natural. he initiated a fair bit of casual touching, he did a lot more of his sexual/risque humor pretty much (at least it felt this way) entirely to make dan cringe or laugh. and that part where he goes “YOU IDIOT” basically saved my life. the part where they were making fun of bro-y and hypermasculine interaction also saved my life. they’re so self-aware lmao it’s so fucking refreshing to see them being so unprecedentedly candid with us. they seem sooooo content and happy. tired, yes (and how could they not be with the year they’ve had?) but so, so content. 

The Freshman 2 Finale Feels

Oh my heart. My heart, my heart. Pixelberry did a great job with The Freshman 2 Finale. (We love ya, @playchoices​!  The finale was a good mix of poignant, positive and promising.

Vasquez. I wasn’t emotionally ready for this! Those last moments at the park with him were beautiful - a great contrast to how the two started their relationship. His reminders about not leaving any loose ends tied, just BEING present, fighting for what you love, who you love… sigh. And that final moment when he goes, “I’m proud of you.” *wails* So good. That was precious. Painful, but precious. You kinda know this would be your last moments with him, but you’re still in denial. That’s how I felt anyway.

The twist in the end, of carrying on his legacy via writing the rest of the book, was pure Vasquez - part-generous, mostly challenging. And so you stay in school because of him. That was a lovely gift from our mentor. Professor Enrique Vasquez has become one of my fave fictional characters.  

JAMES. Another one I wasn’t emotionally ready for. I played 3 different scenarios today, but my favorite (and what I’m sticking with story-wise) is her going to the boat dance with James and getting to exchange “I love you’s” with him. (Bonus: Getting frisky below deck. Rawr! I missed this steaminess with Mr. Ashton!)

I had originally wanted to end my The Freshman 2 story single. But after hearing Vasquez’s advice, I just decided to let my MC go for James. She obviously is still so attached to James anyway – ”Kiss me,” she says to him outside the hospital when they’re reuniting. It wasn’t even a choice WE could make, LOL!  

Plus, I was heeding Vasquez’s advice. *sniff*

James was also super genuine with his feelings, a big factor for this guy who has a great way with words but doesn’t open up as much. So yes, Holly and James are officially boyfriend-girlfriend again and have exchanged the L word. I’m looking forward to their romance in Spring. <3

Chris and Kaitlyn. This was expected – making up with your 2 BFFs. I’m relieved that these loose ends were tied up in the end! I missed my MC’s banter with Kaitlyn, and of course, Chris’ company too. 

I liked the touch of MC making pancakes for Chris. Hahaha. This is SO Chris. The way to his heart is through his stomach!

Abbie and Tyler. OMG these two are the cutest. They’re going to a cosplay together, they said “I love you”, they’re kissing n the ocean… adorable. So happy these two are getting such an adorable ending (or beginning!).

Madison and Tripp. Logan’s going to be heartbroken! But not for long, I’m sure. ;) I ship these two! And hey, weren’t they in the Rules of Engagement cruise together? ;) 

(Side note: So RoE happens AFTER The Freshman 2. Remember in an early chapter Party Twin asked the DJ to play a Hayley Rose song at a party? What if Hayley Rose is still alive? What if the news that Sam and Dave got in Most Wanted Book 1 was FALSE? Hmmm…..)

Suitemates. In the end, we’re all swimming in the ocean then raising towards the rocks to grab some ice cream.  I LOVE THIS GROUP. (Why didn’t James jump into the ocean btw?) Can’t wait to find out what happens next for them in Spring Quarter!

Overall, great job Pixelberry. Really, really, really good read. :) Kudos to the team!

This finale filled me with SO MUCH FEELS and frankly, they were mostly Vasquez-related. I was moved by his story and his words in the finale.  We’ll miss you, Professor.  


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I don't wanna sound ungrateful, since you and Janis have given us an amazing universe to cling on! FiCon is just perfect! But... but... I miss Nate!! I love him so much! But I feel like he is the one that your readers don't care much (as per poll results...), so you'll focus least on. Please, don't neglect him! =D Thanks! *whispering* I'll continue to read it either way, but please. Pretty please!

We totally agree, anon! We haven’t seen very much of him yet, and I think the reason why people haven’t gravitated towards him as steadily as they have towards Jules and Ellie is because he really gets interesting much later in his life. But that doesn’t mean we can’t explore some of those foundation blocks for that interesting life right now!

The update for next Monday will be Olicity-focused, but the one a week from Monday will have a lot more Nate in it! (Fun hint: it’s a camping trip.)

Thank you so much!

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I both love and hate that you've gotten obsessed with the parasitic wasps cause on the one hand, I love talking/hearing about obscure + morbidly creepifying stuff I know about, but on the other hand this is like one of three things that actually squicks me out, lol. (Though somehow not as much as the crown-of-thorns starfish and like, all gastropods ever)

I have to confess I have kinda been fascinated with them before haha, so it’s not all on you. As I used to raise caterpillars as a kid and I learned how y'know you gotta watch out for parasites. But I clearly missed the whole part about the zombie mind control….Like yeah they are so disturbing but there is such a lethal elegance to it, the way these parasites are born to parasitise that particular host to the point they know all its weaknesses inside out and to turn it not just into a food source but pull off brainwashing level shit….it’s an attraction repulsion thing going on there for a lot of us I think when we hear about something so grotesque but…precisely and lethally designed.

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You're so funny. You were worried about getting overwatch because you didnt want to let down your team, and now you're a pro. Believe in yourself!!!

Ahh ,, thank you very much you’re too sweet

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I'm sobbing over the Metallic finale and epilogue, it was so beautifully well written heart breaking. I'm going to pretend that the ambulance came fast enough to save his life and MC reads Jumin's letter and finally understands and they live happily ever after Also maybe a good fluff fic would be MC not falling asleep and missing that dinner date with Jumin and they make up and are happy ;) ;)

yes!! let’s all think that he might have survived? although in my mind his condition was so grim lolol i am that angsty

thank you so much for reading metallic! i’m still honestly hung up on it. i was so used writing it but the story just had to end … :c
anyway, please read frostbite! it’s my next fic project ~ i’m currently on chapter 2 !! love you!

Something Stupid - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

CHRISTMAS IMAGINES DAY 1: “And then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like I love you”

WARNINGS: None, just kind of cute fluffy stuff woo

SUMMARY: You and Stiles are best friends. One night, at a party, you end up getting kind of drunk, and he decides to profess his love for you.

NOTES: Okay, so welcome to the December imagines! Yay!

Like I said in the original post, I will be writing for each day of the year. (I may double up on Christmas Eve, however, and just schedule that post for Christmas Day.) I missed yesterday because my laptop decided it was going to update, and it then took so much time to update after that when I went out and came back it was still updating.

Anyway, I’m posting this one before I leave for school, so yeah. Early updates are the bomb. Day 2 to come later! <3

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Favourite The Walking Dead Quotes: Jim in 1x05 “Wildfire”

It’s not about what you want. That sound you hear? That’s God laughing while you make plans.

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ahhhh h i love this blog and you work so hard on it, which i dearly appreciate. ♥ i wanted to ask (and i'm sorry if you've answered this before--i've gone back a few pages but may have missed it) do you have any headcanons for negan x someone with ptsd/an abuse survivor?

Gah! Thank you so much Nonnie! I do work pretty hard but it’s totally fine! I enjoy it! And you are in luck! I haven’t done a headcannon on this!

- Once Negan found out about your abusive past, to say the least he was furious. He wanted to find whoever had done those awful things to you and make them pay.
- Of course he couldn’t because they had died a long time ago
- “Lucky them. It’d be a mercy from what I would’ve done to them.”
- Negan would want to know what are your Do’s and Don’ts and once he knew them he would be very careful 
- He would be tender and loving toward you
- He would attempt not to show you his more aggressive and leader side because he was afraid that he would push her away
- If you were every having a nightmare about your past Negan would hold you and stroke you hair until you felt better

I hope you enjoyed Nonnie!

have a wonderful weekend!