Lauren and I would always talk about how if either of us ever got to meet Taylor, we’d tell her about our friendship and thank her for bringing us together. Now more than ever, I really hope that one day I can meet Taylor and tell her all about my lovely Lauren and the incredible friendship we had. Instead of wanting to meet Taylor for myself like I had in the past, now I want to meet her for Lauren. I hope luck comes my way sometime and helps me make this happen so that Taylor will know about the beautiful girl who loved her unconditionally until the end. I miss you Lauren, and I love you so much 💕🐸 @callsmeupagains

GOT7 Reaction

GOT7 reaction to coming back home to you (their s/o) wearing their sweater/hoodie/tshirt because you missed them while they were on tour? Love ya~~

Awe I love stuff like this! I’m sorry it’s so late and thanks for requesting! Cue the cute got7 gifs!

Jaebum: Jaebum seems like the type to be protective of you, so seeing you wearing his tshirt would make him happy. He might even let you take his shirts so the rest of got7 knew whos you were.

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Mark: Mark would love coming home from tour to see you wearing his hoodie. He likes to wear his hoodies oversized anyway so it would be huge on you, making him just want to cuddle with you.

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Jackson: Jackson would be his normal self at first, kind of squealing at the sight of you in his hoodie. But, I think he would calm down and pull you over to the couch and just cuddle with you.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung would have already been missing you just as much as you missed him, so when he came home to see you in his tshirt he would hug you tightly and make sure you two cuddled for the rest of the day.

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BamBam: BamBam would probably make some slightly perverted comment about you being in his tshirt, but in reality he would have been so happy to see you wearing it. It just made him realize how much he missed you.

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Youngjae: Youngjae would be shy once he saw you in his hoodie. But, he would love it a lot. He would shyly hug you then you two would spend the whole day together.

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Yugyeom: Yugyeom would almost laugh when he saw you wearing his shirt. Since he’s so tall it would be a little long on you. But, once you saw him and ran up to hug him, he would be like BamBam and realize how much he missed you.

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hey y’all! i’m ~finally~ doing this!

thank you guys so so much i love you all and i really hope i didn’t miss anyone. these are some of my favorite blogs and my favorite people (in bold) and -again- thank you guys SO much xx - tati

A - C

@astralsivan, @astroyed, @azultroye, @benjpierce (i’m also including the obvious ones like ben j, connor, troye, etc) @blueneighborhood, @blueneighborhoodisnotonfire, @bluesneighbourhood, @bott0mtroye, @commoncon, @commoncultroye, @connorsivantaa, @consivanqueen, @coolfools, @crownsivan, @curlflop @connorfranta

D - H

@darlingtroye, @easysivan, @eclipsesivan, @fawntroye, @feelingfranta, @foryou-troye, @frantasworld, @geministereo, @heartshapedwhirl

I - O 

@iamtroyesivan, @lovesicksivan, @marvelfranta, @maybeyouremybluemoon, @nycfranta, @oi-troye, @oktronnor

P - S

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T - Y

@tipsytroye, @tokkymellet, @transparentroye, @trickytroye, @tronnor-sunsets, @troyeboyish, @troyeboynutella, @troyeboyysivan, @troyeconfetti, @troyecurls, @troyedaily,  @troyes-passion, @troyesburritos, @troyesglitter, @troyesivan,  @twinsivan, @venussivan, @vhstapetroye, @vibrantroye, @walkingg-travesttyy, @wildtroyesivan, @wildyouthfools, @xxaveryjoyxx, @youthdaily 


A flame can be put out.
But a flame can also grow.
A flame can be hurt.
But a flame is also strong.
A flame can be put out.
But a flame can also respark again
It can grow strong and healthy…

But with every beginning there is also an end.

We will miss you dearly bones.
I am only an artist because of you.
I am the person i am today because of you. And many other people think so too. I love you and look up to you dearly. It all feels like a cruel sick joke. But i’m not laughing…

@smol-kitten-furuta remember when I told you that I was busy?
Was it yesterday? Anyway, here is your gift!

You asked me to choose between a bunch of characters…but the idea of Eto and Uta bonding over a kitty (and over their peculiar choice in fashion) was too fun for me to miss such an opportunity.

I had so much fun doing this! Four hours flew by!

And now…back to my pseudo-hiatus.

anonymous asked:

I just found your blog about a week ago. You art is incredible! You haven't responded or posted anything for a while now, so I'm just a bit worried. Even though I'm just an anonymous person, I really want to be sure you're okay. If you're reading this, could you post something, anything, so all of us out here can know you're all right? We love you!

Hello anon. I’m really chuffed you like my art.

I don’t want anyone to worry so popped back to say I’m okay. I will admit to being gone for far longer than I wanted and might be for a little bit longer. I’ve told myself to get my arse back online because I miss people so, so badly and have missed out on so much and if honest I feel a bit on the side-lines. But, I’ve had a bad couple of months in the low mood department. My anti-depressant tablets made me ill, so had to come off them onto new ones and .boom. My mood bombed. Then my computer messed up, and don’t get me started on the job centre, I’ll never stop moaning then. On top of that I’m worried for a dear friend who is going through the wringer to be sure.

Trying to get my feet back under me and come back and draw. It’s been hard to pick up my pencils.

 Also I found out off a friend that I didn’t see people dedicating art and fic to me and I was missed. I feel so horrible for not noticing that or knowing, I barely checked Tumblr these past months. I’m still pretty gobsmacked and shocked right now. Haven’t the foggiest how to say thank you, ‘thank you’ sounds so small a thing for so lovely a thing. So here are links to what the guys did for now as I wanted to share them as they are brilliant. I promise to come back and reblog them individually with an essay on how much I adore them and the lovely people who did this as it means the world to me. Love you guys to the moon and back.

From Pidgy 

From Holly 

From IWanttoPlayGuitar

From Gentleman Caller and Kyluxtrashcompactor

From DrawingOddities

From sigalawin

And last but certainly not least

A collab from crackedverbosity and Jeusus 

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anonymous asked:

hey - I absolutely love your writing style and I was wondering if you could recommend any authors who write romance with similar sense of humour? your fic was always my favourite, and I miss your lovely words, thank you.

Hi Anon!

This is such a lovely message - thank you! 

I had a think about your question and gathered together some of my favourite books that have both comedy and romance as core parts of the narrative. I’ve included a breakdown of why the books are 1) awesome 2) funny and c) romantic. Happy reading!! 


Pride and Prejudice sets the bar in the rom-com genre, mainly because it offers so much more than straight laughs and a happily ever after. Sharp satire and social commentary are what set this book apart - If you don’t laugh at the first line read it again. Trust me. You’ll enjoy the book a lot more if you’re in on the jokes 😉

Carry On 
has a cast of wonderfully funny characters and a tongue-in-cheek style of world building that will have you grinning at every page. But the comedy is nicely balanced by angst, longing and loss. It’s YA fantasy with nods (ok… enthusiastic waves) to fandom, a gay love story, lots of kissing, and a great critique of the concept of The Chosen One. And it’s the companion book to Fangirl which is also hilarious and touching. 

Release The Bats 
is the funniest ‘how to’ book you’ll ever read. If you can’t find the book you want - write your own. And Man Booker Prize Winner DBC Pierre is here to help you do it. 10/10 would recommend. 

My Lady Jane is YA and reads a lot like parody. The three authors constantly break the fourth wall, don’t give a f*ck about historical accuracy, and the main characters are all a mix of deliciously snobby/naive/resigned/can’t help turning into a horse. Yep, you read that last bit right. If you like crack-fic, you’ll like this book. If you like hate-to-love romance, you’ll like this book. If you think history had too many beheadings and not enough magic, you’ll like this book. If you like characters who are oblivious to how hilarious they sound whenever they open their mouths, you’ll like this book. 

by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff makes this list because they somehow manage to make a story about a zombie virus aboard a spaceship full of refugees fleeing a murderous corporation both funny AND romantic. And terrifying, but whatever. The key to their success is characterisation. Kadie and Ezra are hilarious, the dialogue and prose is full of jokes without ever detracting from the gravity of the situation. They have made the entire story relatable and that’s the key. Every character feels like someone you know and love. Imagine Ten Things I Hate About You in space. I laughed, I cried, I screamed. Read it immediately. If you liked BVS then trust me, this is the book for you. 

⇢ i’ve recently hit the three hundred follower count, so i thought what better way to celebrate than to put this together! just to thank everyone who’s stuck to my side since the beginning and those who’ve just came to know me.

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I’m still crying… and numb that a wonderful person, who was so beautiful and full of life is now gone. Dost was such a good friend to me when I was in the Cryatoic fandom, and even after, we kept in touch. And now they’re gone. And I still can’t believe it.

@dostmotherknowyou, I love you so much, and I am shattered that I’ll never get to hear your voice again, you’re adorable laugh and to talk to you about the most random things. I miss you, I miss you so damn much. Words cannot express how heartbroken I am. The world feels less brighter without you in it.

I will never forget how kind, compassionate and free you were as a person. I love you, Dost. 

anonymous asked:

Owl City's song Fireflies has always reminded me of maladaptive daydreaming. In fact, it often caused me to start daydreaming.

Adam Young is a daydreamer, as far as I can tell from his interviews. He talks about being an extreme introvert and spending a lot of time thinking and imagining. That’s why I love his songs so much. 

Two that remind me of traveling are ‘The Real World’ and ‘Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust’. Especially the seond one, it has lines ‘real life I’m sad to see you go, I’ll miss you with all my heart, but I’d rather be alone’ - and honestly that’s how I feel a lot of times. I love the real world too but often I’d rather be alone and in my imaginary worlds.

anonymous asked:

Hi, just wanted to tell you that I love your work! Thank you so much for sharing, you're awesome! And I wanted to ask wether you had any plans on writing more JiraOro? Been shipping 'em for ages & I love your interpretation of both of 'em. Maybe even JiraOro with Mitsuki and Mom!Oro? Like Oro (missed Jiraiya) was bored and oops baby. Maybe this saved him 'cuz he loves him so much it heals him(a friend had a kid v early & she said loving him changed her for the better in ways romance couldn't've)

Oh, I really want to write this now. Maybe while Jiraiya is in Ame, Orochimaru starts playing around with combining DNA instead of experimenting on children/joining Root because he’s got a crush? And then Mitsuki. Yesss, this is definitely going in my idea folder, thanks!



Your eyes, nose, lips, your touch that used to touch me to the ends of your fingertips, I can still feel you. But like a burnt out flame, burnt and destroyed all of our love. It hurts so much, but now I’ll call you a memory.  

I know this is legendary but it can’t be missed when talking abot emotinal kpop songs. One of my favourite ballads all time. Taeyang voice is amazing and the music and lyrics very simple, but at the same time it all combined is just magical. 


Arriving back at the cabin, Kaitlin got a happy surprise as her kids had shown up early.

Kaitlin: Edison, Kali? Oh my god you’re here!

Kali: Mom!

Edison: Hey, mom. We thought we’d come early.

Kaitlin: Thank you! I’ve missed you both so much!

Caiphus couldn’t help but smile at their exchange and all of the love flowing around them, that is until his name was said.

Kaitlin: Edison, Kali, I’d like you to meet Caiphus. Caiphus, this is my son, Edison, and my daughter, Kali.

Caiphus: Hi, it’s nice to meet you both. 

He said this with his most convincing smile but he was nervous inside.

Edison: It’s nice to meet you, mom talks about you all the time.

Caiphus looked over at Kaitlin and saw her nervously bite her lip and smiled.

Kali: Yeah! She does, momma is special, and she likes you so you’re special too.

the-lesbian-label  asked:

Boob your blog is the most perfect blog in the world just like you and I love you so much and I'm so cooked rn boo and I love you boobiehead

stop itttt you make me blush! i miss cooked emmy every day I’m not with her :( and i love you the most boob 

Dear Adopted Mom,

I’m so sorry I had to leave to come back to school. I miss you, and your house that magically became home in the last three months, so much. I’m probably going to be a little distant for the next few days, which I’m sorry about, but I’m trying to make peace with my blood mom. She gets so jealous that it definitely isn’t a good idea to let her know that I feel so much safer and happier with you than with her. Give all the pets love from me, I miss them too.


Your roommate and adopted daughter.

I stayed up tonight because I just had to make this. Dost always seemed like a mythical creature. They never seemed odd as a faun, or a mermaid, or whatever they felt like being. Now they just get to be an angel.

We’ll miss you Kip. RIP.

It’s funny but I’ve always had a hard time drawing those curls he loved in his wigs so much, and yet this just felt so easy to make. I like to think I got some help with it.

idishido  asked:

Sorry, I've been trawling through your analysis again, you write so well! I know you've talked about their friendship before but wanted to ask if you could share you're thoughts on what Fishlegs means to Hiccup in the books? I'm always touched by how emotional Hiccup get's when Fishlegs is missing or even when Fishlegs briefly lashes out at him. Yet Fishlegs isn't obviously 'important' to the quest. He's not a combatant Hiccup can rely on, he's got no status; it's all emotion.

Thank you so much! :)

My previous ramblings on Hiccup and Fishlegs’ friendship are here.

I always love talking about Hiccup and Fishlegs! I think what is so beautiful about their friendship is the fact that Hiccup regards themselves as equals.

The two boys grew up as equals. Although Fishlegs was an orphan with no status raised by a dragon and Hiccup was the chief’s sons, they both experienced the same discrimination on Berk. They both grew up as small, skinny boys, not as strong or athletic as their peers. They both were subject to the fact the tribe did not expect much out of them. They both were the targets of the island’s bullies, Snotface Snotlout and Dogsbreath the Duhbrain.

So when Hiccup sees Fishlegs, he sees Fishlegs as one of “his people.” He sees Fishlegs as himself. They are equals, they are the same, they are in the same boat, they are two peas in the pod, whatever analogy you want to use. Both grew up with society holding them to low expectations… and so they team up together, holding one another up, and providing each other support with sympathy and understanding.

I don’t think that Hiccup for a second questions Fishlegs’ abilities. Hiccup might learn swordfighting and become an incredible dragon whisperer, yet he still knows he is one of the least popular and skinny boys on the island, just like Fishlegs is. As far as Hiccup is concerned, these two are equals, and he could not be more happy than to have Fishlegs’ support on his side. It might be true that Fishlegs cannot fight unless he is under his rare Berserker rage, and it might be true Fishlegs would rather avoid confrontation than run into an adventure, but Hiccup is going to cherish his friend’s presence all the same, and consider them of equal importance, standing, and value in their quests.

I believe that if someone prodded Hiccup with the thought that Fishlegs is not obviously “important” on his missions, Hiccup would argue for Fishlegs’ case. He might point out that Fishlegs is the voice of caution and logic in their adventures, providing a good flipside balance to ever-eager, bold Camicazi. He would certainly point out Fishlegs’ loyalty, and how his friend never gives up on him. He would talk about the time Fishlegs trusted Hiccup so much that he shot an arrow into Hiccup’s toe, thus saving his life from the Venomous Vorpent sting. He would talk about how Fishlegs’ support and belief in Hiccup helped him keep going, even when the going got rough. He would talk about how Fishlegs’ dedication to him at his first crowning helped change Vikings’ hearts. Hiccup would believe - with good, loving reason - that Fishlegs is integral to the success of their quests.

Fishlegs is so, so, so, so, so important to Hiccup. It’s beautiful. As you say, Hiccup is always emotional interacting with Fishlegs. He cries when he believes he has lost Fishlegs in “How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel.” He gets very worried when Fishlegs charges off on his own in “How to Break a Dragon’s Heart.” The bond these two feel is that of family.

I love that the relationship is so deep that it’s dimensional. It’s not just love or dedication you see between them. They understand one another and are very comfortable around one another, so they can honestly exude all of their emotions to one another without second thought. If Hiccup is irritated, he’ll eyeroll at Fishlegs. If Fishlegs is irked at Hiccup, he’ll make a sarcastic remark. The two will warn each other when they think their friend is going down a dangerous path. That is true friendship: they can be there for a friend and help guide them in the right direction. They will be honest, but they will always be caring. They will always be there for one another. This is one of the greatest, most beautiful friendships I have ever read in a book series.