Guys, I hope you are all ready for the 27th. I know it’ll be so unbelievably hard to watch, but let’s try to be there for our boys and to truly celebrate C.’s life. To remember everything good and to share in this love we have for him together, all over the world. Let’s focus on the gratitude that he was here, that we had him as long as we did, let’s watch this and sing and scream and smile. Don’t feel alone we are all together in this watching the same thing, feeling the same pain, you’ve got a family, a family he gave you. Prepare some tissues, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to miss him, but know YOU can do this. We’ll get through this together and we’ll make it out alive.


why i haven’t seen this video before?
Part two.
All voices are on point but Louis sounds amazing (kudos to his ankles)

“it doesn’t matter if it was a relationship or a friendship. when it ends, your heart breaks.”

- Day 26

Carrie Fisher’s Birthday

Dear Carrie,

Today would have been your 61. birthday. I miss you deeply and it makes me sad that we can’t celebrate this special day with you. But you will always be my role model and daily inspiration and I’ll never forget you. Thank you for everything. I love you.

The force will be with you. Always.

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So happy Carrie Fisher day everyone!

your name.

i wanted my own space, but now i have too much. too many cracks on my heart, where were we when i needed us to happen. i wanted to breathe, but now the oxygen betrays me, we all breathe alone. i needed to be lonely to understand the fear of not having you is more real than thunderstorms and breaking points. i needed someone, but i didn’t know that that someone would be you. years have gone, wrinkled souls— press the daisies well, this is how i’ll fade away. i wanted to know love, but i chose pain instead. did we choose wrong? did we know that we would kill ourselves years later just to find out the true meaning of living without one another? it’s much colder in summer even with the sun out, you used to be around, but now you’re a year round trip to nowhere. where did we go wrong? is this the end of the song? we used to watch each other from a distance, but now the distance watches us grow old without another chance. is this darkness? where is the light source? where were we when love hung itself? shaking away my worries, i should have held you with fury and bit my tongue a little more. patiently waiting delivered my patience to the sea, this is how i’ll drown. if this is death, where would we be if we chose to love— where would we be right now if i would’ve picked you years before? things i’ll always ponder on, my heart it’ll wander on. if this is lust and longing, where would we be my dear? where would we be? if another reality, in another path— a quiet road, in another place, at another time. you are still mine. i’m just fucked up because it took me this long to realize. it’s all messed up, baby, it’s all messed up. darling, i fucked up and now—

i’m missing you. so much so. forgive me.