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hey! can i request number 6 from the list with fred weasley? i know it's summer but i miss christmas and winter so much!! thanks ❤️

Additional Notes: Don’t worry, I understand completely. I’ve been missing Christmas like crazy, so I get what you mean! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a nice day, anon!
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 610

6. “All I want for Christmas is you, baby!”

Today was the day, the day all of you had been waiting for. Hogwarts was like an utter dream, covered in tinsel and magical, shimmery light, giving it an almost ethereal glow. Dumbledore even had a tree installed, which gave the Great Hall a beautiful atmosphere that made you nearly want to faint.

You had decided to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays after your best friends, Fred and George Weasley, had pleaded you not to visit your parents. You being you couldn’t resist the puppy dog eyes they gave us, which lead you to owling your parents on the change of plans and reinforcing that you were not a weakling and just couldn’t bear the thought of your best friends having fun without you.

Regardless, today was the day all of you had been waiting for. It was Christmas. Alone in the fifth years’ dorm, you stared down at the pile of presents at the foot of your bed. It was a magical sight, especially when you knew the goodies that many of your friends had chosen as a gift to you. Even then, you were guilty of feeling excited for the reactions of your friends when they see the mountain of things you’d decided on getting them. The mere thought made you briskly tear open your things before skyrocketing out of the dorm room, a thing of chocolate chip cookies and a knitted Weasley sweater with your initial the only two things on hand.

“Guys, guys!” you whisper-shouted upon reaching Fred and George’s dorm. The two nitwits were the only fifth year Gryffindor boys that decided to stay at Hogwarts over the break, so unlike the usual festivities and questionable actions going on in the room, the only thing you came upon was two beds with sheets and pillows pulled all over the immediate area. “C’mon, it’s Christmas!”

A groan came from the easternmost bed. George. “Five more minutes,” he said into his pillow.

Fred, on the other hand, almost immediately threw off his sheets and popped his head out. “Christmas?” he said excitedly.

You nodded your head vigorously, nearly dancing from the nerves pounded up in your gut at seeing Fred and hearing the word out from his mouth. “Yes!” you yelped, bouncing on the balls of your feet. “It’s Christmas!”

Fred jumped from his lounging position, his feet pounding against the rug as he speeded over to George. “George! George! Wake up, you lazy bastard!” After a few pushes and shoves, George eventually rolled himself out of the bed… with a little encouragement by Fred, of course. As he finally managed to pull himself off the ground, you watched with anticipation as Fred and George sat down, pulling their respective gifts into a pile upon their laps. It made you wish that you hadn’t opened all yours already.

After a couple moments of watching, you decided that you wanted to ask Fred a question. “So what’d you ask for Christmas, Fred?” you asked, still jittery from all the previous dancing. Looking at him only increased the butterflies in your stomach, which you had to ignore in order to keep your expression from turning flushed.

Fred wiggled his eyebrows at you, nudging an elbow into your hip. “All I want for Christmas is you, baby!” he said, adding on a wink which gave the desired effect. You blushed bright red and turned from him, but that only made him smirk. “Love, I always knew you fancied me. That blush just proves the point!”

You smacked him on the arm but couldn’t deny his words. No one could underestimate the power of Christmas.

“i know summer just started but… i miss winter! i miss it so much!” orin huffed, resting his head softly on top of his empty starbucks container. “y’know that seasonal depression thing? i think i get it in reverse. i’m happy in the winter but sad in the summer… well, not sad just sweaty.” he laughed ever so slightly. “i’m moving to antarctica.”


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen