So while I was stalking the deepest depths of miss maddie’s blog to find that date I got all nostalgic and teary eyed because I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH

2014 was a frickin great year for us okay

@nerdynalani @lovingorcas @kyrrahaf @itsgettinghyakinhere @marinelandcanada101 @lissodelphis AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO WENT AND CHANGED THEIR URLS ON ME

@bigbybxdwolf  ||  X.

        ’S fine. I ain’t really got any interest in havin’ a 
        missus, myself, anyway. 

   That could mean a  couple things,   but he doesn’t
   go into any detail– just flashes Wolf that stupid gr -
  -in, finger-pistols.                             What a douche.


Burned out flames should never re:ignite.
But I thought you might
Take me home.