an everyone lives au where chirrut and baze really Are the team dads. chirrut gives jyn tips on hand-to-hand combat and insists she give him pointers on firing a blaster even though he’s never touched one and probably never will (blasters are baze’s thing). baze complains about it but he mends cassian’s jackets because he’s used to chirrut doing something reckless and tearing one of his capes like every three days. bodhi comes to their room when he misses home especially much and chirrut makes tea for the three of them. k2 teaches baze binary and is very proud of it because all the droids on base start liking baze the most so they don’t bother him and r2 anymore. It’s nice, as far as war can be anyway

yo if y’all post anything about the lightning, penguins, sharks, leafs, bruins or basically any other nhl team because i’m open to (almost) all teams like or reblog this post so i can check you out because i still need more hockey blogs to follow !!!