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I just came across your nurseydex text convo posts again and I was wondering if you could make more? Any situation idk I just love them and miss nurseydex so much what they up to R they ok!! 😩😭💔

(u type like chloe! omg but sure??)

DMN😌, 3:30am
do u want Denny’s

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:33am
it’s 3am and i’m in maine.

DMN😌, 3:35am
oh that’s so weird i’m also in maine
what a coincidence :)

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:35am
you’re such a weirdo i can’t believe it.
i’m coming outside.

DMN😌, 3:36am
expected more resitance on this

kill will 🚨❤️, 3:36am
i’ll yell at you in the morning
right now i wanna hug my boyfriend

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hello~ can I have kagami kise midorima and mukkun in a long distance relationship with their s/o and once they finally reunite they catch up on physical affection sfw/nsfw up to you. thank you!

Of course! Here, enjoy! Warning NSFW!

Kagami: “T…Taiga!” you gasped when you felt his tongue inside you.

You had your fingers in his hair pulling him closer so he could reach deeper inside you. You were so near reaching your peak when Taiga pulled away.

“No Taiga, please.”

You whimpered when the contact between you two broke. But he just pressed you deeper into the madras in the bedroom and took your both hands in his and pinned them over your head.

“I’ve missed you so much _____”

Kagami said as he trailed down with his tongue, sucking on your nipples. All your clothes were lying on the floor. “

Ah! I’ve …ah… missed you too” you gasped and writhed in pleasure underneath him.

Before you even could react, he entered you and at the same time he sank his teeth into your neck.

“Ah…please Taiga. Faster!” you screamed out when he moved painfully slowly inside you.

“Ah…____you feels so damn good.”

Kagami moaned in your ear as he pounded into you.

“Taiga!” you screamed his name when you reached your orgasm.

You felt him come inside you  with a moan and where prepared to roll away to sleep but he had other plans.

“Oh no you don’t get to sleep now. We have just started _____,” he said with a husky voice that he always had when you two has sex.

And so he started to pound into you again. This was just the beginning of the long night that awaited.

Kise: “Ryouta” you mumbled against his shirt.

“I’ve missed you so much _____-cchi”

Kise pulls you closer against him where the two of you lies in the sofa looking at some movie. He took your hand and intertwined your fingers. He lifted his hand to your cheek, caressing your soft skin.

His fingers traced down your neck to your collarbone where he stopped and pressed light kisses on your skin.
You laid your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair as you pulled him as close as possible.

“I’ve missed you too Ryouta.”

You said and let your hands sneak under his sweater.

“You are so warm Ryouta” you murmured and he once again kissed you on the lips.

“Yeah, I know. I’m so hot” he said getting a smile from you.

Midorima: You ran into his arms when he opened the door.


Midorima hugged you tightly. He had missed you so much. He never thought that he ever would be so attached to anyone. Being away from you for so long had been so painful.

“I took an early plane so I got here earlier. And my mobile ran out of battery so I couldn’t call you. So I thought that I could surprise you. So did you like the surprise?” you asked and looked up seeing him blushing.

“Of course I liked it” he said leaning down to give you a kiss.

He closed the door at the same time that he let his hands trail down to the hem of your shirt. He ran his thumbs in under your shirt, caressing your bare skin.

“Well, someone is a bit bold?” you said and nibbled at his lower lip, earning a groan from him.

“Don’t do that, you overestimate my self-control _____.”

You hooked your fingers to his waistband and pulled him closer.

“I’m not looking for self-control.” You said as you kicked of your shoes in the hall.

You let him pull of your shirt and when he lifted you up you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom” Midorima moaned against your lips.  

Mukkun: “Hey stop Mukkun, it tickles.”

You giggled when your boyfriend places out more snacks on your body. Your clothes are all sticky from the candy so you know that you have to wash clothes tomorrow.

You two are lying in the sofa with the table full of snacks, candy, all sweets that you had bought on the way home to your boyfriend. And this was what cuddling was for you and Mukkun.

He loved you, your body and snacks and combining everything was his idea from the beginning.

He placed out snacks and sweets on your body and without using hands he eats it.

“hey that’s not fair I also want some snacks.”You whined. You tried to sit up to reach out to the table.

“Nee _____-chin, lie down, you are ruin the snacks.” Murasakibara says.

Before you could protest Murasakibara pressed his lips against yours. His tongue separated your lips and suddenly you felt something sweet.

Your eyes widened. Chocolate. He pulled away with a satisfied smile just for a second  to see your surprised look before he leaned down for another kiss.

I KICKED ALL OF THE BOY’S BUTTS TODAY, THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAID I COULD STRIKE ALL OF THEM OUT, AND I DID. I have missed baseball so much, so, so, so very much and the coach wants me to start training for Spring, for a chance try out! My goodness, all of the guys were so nice, and Oscar even wore a baseball cap. 

Today was so good, I am very happy with this– boom. Nadia Hudson: 1, other boys: 0


all my life you stood by me

when no one else was ever behind me

all these lights they can’t blind me

with your love nobody can drag me down

one year since drag me down dropped!