Drabble List #2

New drabble prompt list! Feel free to reblog!

  1. “That’s how the story goes.”
  2. “None of this is your fault.”
  3. “I know it hurts.”
  4. “Are you serious?”
  5. “You’re safe now.”
  6. “No one’s going to hurt you.”
  7. “I don’t understand.”
  8. “This isn’t what I wanted.”
  9. “My head hurts.”
  10. “I’m right here, okay?”
  11. “Wow, you look… amazing.”
  12. “Are you okay?”
  13. “Who did this?”
  14. “I made a mistake.”
  15. “When I’m with you, I’m home.”
  16. “There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
  17. “This is going to hurt.”
  18. “That was kind of hot.”
  19. “Please don’t let me be alone.”
  20. “Don’t try to fix me. I’m not broken.”
  21. “It’s never too late to get back up again.”
  22. “What if one day I wake up and you don’t?”
  23. “I immediately regret this decision.”
  24. “I’m not okay.”
  25. “I’m scared.”
  26. “You’re the one thing keeping me sane right now.”
  27. “Please stay with me.”
  28. “Please help me.”
  29. “It’s okay to cry.”
  30. “Is that blood?”
  31. “Can I kiss you?”
  32. “You’re everything to me.”
  33. “I’d like to see you try.”
  34. “Are you testing me?”
  35. “I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re beautiful.”
  36. “I’m lost without you.”
  37. “You have my word.”
  38. “I’m just tired.”
  39. “It just… hurts.”
  40. “Do you promise?”
  41. “I’m not drunk enough for this.”
  42. “Why are you shaking?”
  43. “I never meant to hurt you.”
  44. “Is that my shirt?”
  45. “Please don’t shut me out.”
  46. “Go back to sleep.”
  47. “I can take care of myself just fine.”
  48. “This is new.”
  49. “Take off your shirt.”
  50. “Be you. No one else can.”
  51. “I can’t breathe.”
  52. “Are you going to talk to me?”
  53. “I’m sorry.”
  54. “They’re gone.”
  55. “Just smile. I really need you to smile right now.”
  56. “Would you just hold still?”
  57. “I miss the way things used to be.”
  58. “Am I dead?”
  59. “Look at me.”
  60. “Can we just pretend like we’re normal for once?”
  61. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”
  62. “Please shut up. Just shut up.”
  63. “Please tell me it’s going to be okay.”
  64. “Yell, scream, cry, please, just say something, anything.”
  65. “When you smile, I fall apart.”
  66. “If I die, I’m never speaking to you again.”
  67. “If you don’t want to talk about it then say so. Don’t lie and pretend to be fine when you clearly aren’t.”
  68. “This isn’t what it looks like.”
  69. “I just really miss talking to you.”
  70. “I can’t do this on my own.”
  71. “I’ve got you.”
  72. “We’ll figure this out.”
  73. “Please don’t say goodbye.”
  74. “You’ve shown me what love can feel like.”
  75. “You make me feel alive.”
  76. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”
  77. “There is nothing wrong with you.”
  78. “I’m just looking out for you.”
  79. “Be careful.”
  80. “You owe me.”
  81. “Come with me.”
  82. “I trust you.”
  83. “I didn’t want you to see this.”
  84. “I’ve been praying for you.”
  85. “Take my jacket. It’s cold outside.”
  86. “I’ll walk you home.”
  87. “Let me help.”
  88. “Come here.”
  89. “You’re holding back.”
  90. “Remember when we were little?”
  91. “We’re all a little stronger than we think we are.”
  92. “Don’t sell yourself short.”
  93. “This isn’t who I am.”
  94. “I’m willing to wait for it.”
  95. “Are you ready for this?”
  96. “You can do this.”
  97. “Your life was my life’s best part.”
  98. “You were always gold to me.”
  99. “Don’t look at me like that.”
  100. “I’m fine with where I am now.”
  101. “We all want to be somebody.”
  102. “Promise me you’ll come back.”
  103. “I don’t know anyone else who can make me feel this way.”
  104. “I’ve never felt stronger than when you’re with me.”
  105. “I believe in you.”
Stargazing and controlling mothers JugheadXCooper!Reader Oneshot

Originally posted by dailyriverdale

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: Does Alice Coopers existence count? 

notes: Lmao sorry for the long wait but I got hella busy and also sick. what can you do :/ anyways enjoy my PG fluff.

You stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. You were supposed to be doing math homework, but the glow in the dark star stickers that you had superglued to your ceiling in 4th grade were much more interesting. So you stared at your makeshift night sky and thought about everything.

You thought about your sister Polly, and how much you missed her.
You thought about Jason Blossom’s death, and how you didn’t miss him.
And you thought about your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, and how you really missed him. Your disapproving mother didn’t exactly know you were dating him, and you hadn’t been able to sneak off to see him in the past couple weeks. Everyone else knew, and you wished you could share that part of your life with your mom, but there was no way in hell she’d be okay with you dating the son of a Southside Serpent.

“(y/n)? Are you still awake?” Your sister Betty’s voice came from the other side of your door.

You tore your eyes away from the ceiling and ruffled a hand through your hair, “Yeah Betts, I’m still up. Come on in.” Your door creaked open and Betty walked in. She closed the door behind her and crossed the room to stand next to you.
You sat up and nodded, “So, what’s up?” you asked.

Betty smiled sadly before taking a deep breath, “I’ve just been thinking about Polly lately. I mean, I know Mom won’t let us see her. And even if she did, Polly might not even be herself. But I really wish we could, I really miss her.”

You flopped back on your bed, letting out a long sigh. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like Mom’s trying to erase Polly, She won’t talk about her, won’t let us see her, and I hate it. I hate the whole thing. I miss her. I miss the way things used to be.”
Betty laid down next to you, the both of you staring at the star covered ceiling. You sat in silence for awhile. But after a few minutes Betty broke it with a complete subject change. “So, how’s Jughead?”

You grinned, “Good as far as I know. With your recent cheer-bellion Mom’s been cracking down on me with little errands for the newspaper. Trying to keep me busy, I think, so I don’t get any ideas about following in the scandalous footsteps of my sisters.”

Betty laughed lightly, “cheer-bellion?”
“Yeah. You know, Cheering-rebellion.”
Betty just laughed again.


The next morning you woke up before your alarm and rolled out of bed, your (e/c) eyes still bleary from sleep.  
You got ready for school quickly and threw your stuff in your bag. You climbed down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen. Betty was eating an apple and studying her history textbook at the kitchen table when you walked in.

“Are you studying at seven am?”
“Do you have a test today?”
“You terrify me.”
You shuddered jokingly and went to steal a sip of Betty’s orange juice, but she slapped your hand away. “Get your own (y/n)." 

You huffed as you grabbed a muffin from the box on the counter. "Nah, gotta get to school. Meeting…people.” Just as you had bit into your muffin, your mom walked in, already dressed for the day and chatting on the phone.
“Bye mo

m, I’m heading to school.” You waved before turning to walk out of the room. But Your mother’s voice stopped you.

“Where are you going, Sweetie? School doesn’t start for another hour.”
“I’m going early to work in the library for a bit.” You lied easily. You were meeting Jughead early today because you hadn’t been able to see him (other than the short lunch period) for weeks.

You grabbed your bag, muffin in hand, and walked out the front door. You walked to the school with a dorky smile on your face. There was a definite lovestruck idiot vibe coming from you.

When you arrived at the school, Jughead was waiting for you at the front doors. There were very few people hanging around the building, most teenagers didn’t show up an hour early to school.

When he spotted you he smiled. “Hey–” Before he could get out a greeting, you gave him a chaste kiss. When you pulled back he had a faint blush on his face, bringing a grin to your face. “I know you have a no PDA rule, but there’s barely any people around so. I feel like it shouldn’t count.”
He smirked, “I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Hey, guess who doesnt have newspaper things to do tonight!” You switched the topic to your evening of freedom from your mother’s incessant errands.
“Is it some unattainable version of you?” Jughead asked jokingly, but you sensed a tiny hint of sadness behind the teasing tone.
“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just regular me. Shocker, right?”
He grinned, “So does this mean I can actually see you tonight?”
You nodded while smiling broadly.

You and Jughead sat and chatted for about half an hour until the school was overrun with your classmates.
You stood up to head inside, “I’ll see you at lunch?” Jughead asked. You grinned and nodded in confirmation. Then you went inside and headed towards your locker.

Later that day you opened your front door, immediately heading for your room, But before you could get even to the stairs, your mom stopped you. And she did not look happy.

“(y/n), are you dating the Jones boy?”

You froze and internally cursed. “What?” you asked, blindsided by her question.
Your mother held up Betty’s Diary and fixed you with a stern glare. Dammit. You knew she had been reading that fucking thing.
“You are aren’t you? You know how I feel about him! (y/n), I don’t think you should see him anymore.“

"I am not going to stop seeing my boyfriend just because you can’t get past who his father is!” Your temper was flaring. You crossed your arms, giving her a defiant glare.
She rubbed her temples. “(y/n), I just want what’s best for you–”
You cut her off, “No, you want what’s best for you.” Your tone was cold and clipped. 

She could control everything else, you didn’t care. You would not let her control this. Alice Cooper was not going to stop you from seeing Jughead Jones.
You readjusted your bag on your shoulder and stormed back out the front door.

You showed up at the Twilight Drive, completely pissed and on the verge of tears. You knew Jughead was working that night and he was the only person you wanted to see right now.

You knocked on the door to the little projector building, tears threatening to spill from your (e/c) eyes. Jughead opened the door, looking somewhat annoyed. His face immediately softening when he saw it was you, and not some unhappy drive-in patron. You didn’t say anything and just wrapped your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder. Your breathing was shaky and unsteady from the overwhelming wave of emotions you were experiencing. Jughead put his arms around your waist slowly.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” Jughead asked you, his voice laced with concern. You mumbled something into his shoulder, nearly impossible for him to understand.

You untangled yourself from Jughead’s arms and looked up at him. “She said she didn’t want me to see you anymore.”
Jughead sighed. “We both knew that was coming.”
“Yeah, well…it’s not like I ever had any intention of listening. She can control whatever else she likes, but not this. Not us.” You closed your eyes and exhaled heavily. You didnt want to fight with your mom, didn’t want to wish she was someone else, but that’s just how it was. “Can I hang out here for a bit? I don’t really want to go home right now.”

Jugheads lips quirked up a bit at the corners and he nodded. You smiled and climbed up the chain link fence before twisting and pulling yourself onto the roof of the pink projector building. Jughead’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Even he had never thought of doing that.

He followed you up and sat next to you, the movie screen illuminating the whole lot. There were a few scattered cars around, but most people didn’t see movies on weekdays.
“So, where’d you learn to do that?” Jughead asked as you leaned back, staring at the stars overhead.
You grinned.

“When I was 9, I had no friends other than Betty and Polly. This was around the time Betty had a bit of a phase about her little sister hanging around. Although, I think that was ‘cuz she didnt want me tagging along with her and Archie. And Polly had her own friends. So I was alone most of the time. So I got bored a lot and used to sneak over the fence and onto the roof here so I could watch whatever was playing without being caught. Mom wouldn’t pay for me to come here whenever anything she deemed inappropriate was playing, which was pretty much everything. So I had to get creative.”

Jughead snorted, “I guess we were both pretty adept at getting in here without being caught.” There was a trace of bitterness in his words. He got that whenever he talked about anything even remotely relating to his family.
You put your hand on top of his in an attempt to comfort him.

Jughead shook his head slightly as the movie credits rolled in the distance. “I’m okay. I just need to go take the reel out of the projector.” He lowered himself of the roof as you watched the people in cars pack up and drive off.  You heard the chain link fence rattling as Jughead appeared back on the roof, laying down next to you.  You put your head on his chest and stared up at the night sky.
“Don’t you have to go home?” Jughead asked, his chest rising and falling steadily beneath you.

You closed your eyes and smiled, “Probably.” But you didn’t move. You didn’t want to go home, not yet anyways.
You couldn’t say how long you and Jughead stayed like that, just watching the stars in comfortable silence. And pretty soon you fell asleep, your hands intertwined and your head still on his chest.

The next morning you were woken up by someone calling your name. “(Y/N)!?” you sat bolt upright and glanced around, Betty was wandering around the drive in calling your name. You almost had a heart attack when you realized it was morning.
You stood up and waved your arms to get bettys attention. “Betty! hey!” Jughead stirred at the sound of your voice, While Betty headed towards the building.

“What’s happening?” Jughead asked groggily.
“I’m going to die. That’s what’s happening.” You ran a hand through your hair and laughed ruefully. Your mother may actually kill you.

You and Jughead climbed down the fence and Betty grabbed you in a bear hug. “No one knew where you were and no one could get ahold of you! We thought you were dead! There’s a murderer running around!” Betty scolded you angrily.
You checked your phone and the screen was black, signalling it was dead.
“Oops?” You offered sheepishly.

Jughead leaned against the building and watched Betty scold you.
“Oops?! Mom is ACTUALLY going to kill you this time!” Betty grabbed your hand and tried to drag you while texting with her other hand, letting everyone know you were okay. You tugged your hand out of her grasp and walked back to where Jughead was standing.

“If this is truly my end, I love you Jughead Jones the Third.” You grinned, an overly dramatic tone in your voice. You kissed his cheek and ran back to where Betty was standing. He was frozen with shock. That was the first time either of you had said I love you.

“What?” You asked innocently.
Betty laughed lightly, even though she was still beyond angry with you. Your mom’s car pulled up and Betty leaned over to you. “Any last words?”

You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so terrified.
Totally Worth it.”

sophiiemead  asked:

hey i love your writing! it's really amazing! could you write something about archie seeing betty and jughead together through his window and going over there to confront them and being really confused and a little mad?

Thanks so much! Here you go, hope you like it! 

A/N: Part 2 to the fic I wrote about Betty’s friends finding out about her relationship with Jughead. Part 1 can be found here. Also, I left it kind of open-ended in case anyone wanted a part 3 lol. Just let me know. 

“Archie!” Kevin sprinted across the Cooper’s front lawn, nearly toppling into a bush as he tripped over a crack in the pavement leading up to the front porch. “You can’t just barge in there like the angsty teenage police brigade, Mrs. Cooper will slice you up into a million little pieces and serve your for dinner. It’ll be her own homegrown version of Delicatessen and she’ll love every freakin’ second of it!”

“She’s not even here, Kevin,” Archie pointed out, turning on his heel and gesturing towards the empty driveway.“Her car’s gone. And do you really think Betty would risk having a boy in her room while her mother’s around? She’s too smart for that.”

“Well what are you going to do, Archie?” Kevin sighed, stepping in front of him to block his path to the door. “March into her room like the macho man jealous ex-boyfriend? Well newsflash my friend, but you and Betty aren’t together. You never were. So why are you acting like this?”

“I don’t know, I just…” Archie furrowed his brow in frustration, bringing his fingers up to massage his temples as if to get rid of a headache. “I just need to talk to them, okay?”

“Fair enough,” Kevin muttered, stepping back to gesture towards the door with one hand. “But would you at least knock like a civilized human being, please, and take the testosterone level down like fifty notches?”

“I can do that,” Archie agreed, the corner of his mouth twitching up into a faint smile.

“Thank you,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he waited for Archie to make his move. “Now, go on, I haven’t had a chance to binge watch Gossip Girl today and could really use my daily dose of teenage drama.”

Archie exhaled a nervous breath as he lifted his fist to pound loudly on the wooden door. He and Kevin exchanged a curious look as they heard padded footsteps making their way through the house and into the foyer. A second later the door swung open to reveal a sock-footed Betty wearing a mixed look of shock and horror to go with her classic slicked back ponytail.

“Uh, hi, Arch!” Betty stammered, her eyes wide with panic as she met her long-time friend’s gaze with a look of confusion. “And Kevin, you’re here too! What a surprise! What are you, um, what are you doing here?”

“We saw your little, Fifty Shades of Pillow Fights make-out sesh with our snarky, yet surprisingly lovable pal Jughead Jones III, from Archie’s window,” Kevin explained, narrowing his eyes at Betty and pointing a stern finger in her face. “You’ve been found out, Betty Cooper.”

“What? Um, that’s crazy, I don’t know what you’re…” Betty’s words came out rushed and jumbled before she realized she was doing little to convince her friends that she had not been participating in the acts she was accused of. “I’m really sorry we didn’t say anything earlier. We were going to, I swear, it just never seemed like the right time.”

“We had a deal, remember?” Kevin reminded her, his face contorting into a look of faux-hurt and anger. “Never leave Kevin out of the good gossip. And this, I mean come on, this is better than that time Cheryl got that football coach from Greendale arrested for-”

“Well, well,” A familiar voice coming from the doorway stopped Kevin in his tracks and they all turned to find Cheryl Blossom, accompanied by the unlikely pairing of Veronica Lodge standing by her side. “Isn’t this cozy. Looks like we missed the invitation for this little powwow you all seem to be having. It’s like the live-action version of Scooby-Doo, but instead of Sarah Michelle Gellar we get Betty Cooper. What a downgrade.”

“Hey, B, hope you don’t mind us stopping by,” Veronica greeted her friends as she stepped into the house, ignoring Cheryl’s snide comment and turning to smile at Betty. “Cheryl and I were thinking about this new cheer routine that we thought the vixens would totally rock and-”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Betty, I really have to talk to you,” Archie chimed in from behind the group, taking a step forward to place a hand on Betty’s arm. “Can we go somewhere a little less… Crowded?”

“Sure, let’s go into the kitchen,” Betty suggested, smiling politely at her unexpected guests and turning in the opposite direction to lead Archie into the kitchen.  

“Can I get you anything?” Betty asked, gesturing to the refrigerator stocked full of the finest foods that Riverdale had to offer. “Soda, juice, those disgusting cheese-flavored corn chips that you love-”

“Betty, how could you keep your relationship with Jughead a secret from me?” Archie’s voice rose above Betty’s, causing her to turn to him with with wide eyes. Having known him since they were kids, she had very rarely heard this sort of tone from her friend.

“We weren’t keeping it a secret, Archie, we just decided not to tell anyone yet,” Betty explained, coming around the counter to face Archie.

“I thought I was your best friend,” Archie reasoned, his voice dropping to a much softer tone. “There was a time when we could tell each other anything. What happened?”

“We grew up, Arch,” Betty shrugged, leaning her arm against the counter’s surface to meet Archie’s gaze with a leveled expression. “And I’m sorry, but this didn’t really have anything to do with you, okay? You’re right, you’re my best friend, but my relationship, whomever it might be with, is none of your business until I’m ready to share it with you.”

“I just want you to be happy, Betty,” Archie breathed, his brows knitting together in concern.

“Okay, well, I am happy,” Betty assured him. “Jughead makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time. He’s the one who’s been there for me through everything happening with Polly and the baby and my parents. He was here with me, while you’ve been working on your music and football and dealing with the whole Grundy situation.”

“I know,” Archie mumbled, his eyes dropping to the tiled floor. “I know I haven’t been around much, but-”

“But nothing,” Betty finished for him. “We’re growing up, Archie, and we’ve moved on to doing our own thing. So if you really believe what you just told me, and you want me to be happy, then I want you to let this go and accept that Jughead and I are together.”

“Okay,” Archie said after a moment, his voice barely making it above a whisper. “You’re right. I didn’t have any right to get upset about you not telling me about this. I just… I really miss the way things used to be, you know? Now everything’s changing and I don’t really know how to deal with it.”

“I’m still here for you, Arch,” Betty assured him, reaching up to pull him into a hug. “Always.”

Once they pulled back from the hug, Betty and Archie turned to see the rest of their friends emerging from the living room to make their way into the kitchen.

“Okay, now that all of that is settled,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, weaving his way through the group to stand in front of Betty. “Can you please tell poor Jughead that it’s safe to come out of hiding and join us? I’m just picturing him crouched in your closet with his little beanie, wondering when his next meal is gonna be.”

“Jughead, get down here!” Betty called up to her room, smiling at all the faces looking at her with curious expressions. “We’re going to Pop’s!”

A moment later, they heard hurried footsteps coming down the stairs before a disgruntled Jughead stood before them in the doorway leading into the kitchen.

Jughead turned to his friends, shoving his hands into his jacket pockets as he leaned against the doorframe. “Just so I’m caught up, everyone here knows that we’re-”

“Yes!” The group shouted in unison, rolling their eyes as if hearing that Betty and Jughead were now an item was old news.

“Alright, well who’s buying?” Jughead asked. “Because I was stuck in Betty’s closet for a good twenty minutes and I’m completely famished.”

“Told ya,” Kevin mumbled as he passed Betty, leading the way out of the kitchen. Betty let the rest of her friends pass, pulling on Jughead’s sleeve to hold him back before they joined the rest of their friends.

“So is everything…” Jughead trailed off, turning to place either hand on Betty’s shoulders.

“Everything’s great,” she finished for him. “We’re together, our friends are happy for us, and now we get to go eat celebratory burgers. What more could you ask for?”

“This.” Without another word, Jughead took Betty’s face in his hands and met her lips with a soft kiss.

“I could get used to that,” Betty whispered into his ear, reaching up to let her hands slide gently across his cheek.

As Betty laced her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace, Jughead lifted his head to see the boy who he once called his best friend staring at the couple as if they were complete strangers. And although it was faint, almost undetectable from a faraway glance, Jughead could see that Archie was looking at them with a look of something he had never seen from him before. Archie Andrews was jealous, and the fact that Jughead was with Betty Cooper and Archie wasn’t, was the reason for it. 

The world makes more sense when your words warm me more than the sun. I still miss the way things used to be. I know I should be over this but some days I can’t get myself out of bed. Sometimes the truth hurts a little less and the lies a little more and sometimes the dreams lose their way into the sky. I have been cold since we last spoked. When I stumble across you the words that leave my heart are still an apology filled with broken silence. I still miss the way you would warm me. The sun has gone for a while. I’m so cold without you babe. I still miss the way things used to be.
—  k.m
usefull - part 1

Request: I combined two request for this one :) Sorry if the reader is not shy enough, In the next part I will make sure she shows it more!

1: can you do a scott mccall imagine where the reader and him are dating but she’s very shy around other people but when there alone she’s really funny and do weird stuff that make scott laugh? sorry if it sounds alittle odd 😅

2: hey i was wondering if you could write a scott x reader where there dating and she’s super shy and quite and scott he is very protective of her but she doesn’t mind and one night she gets hurt by theo and can it be fluffy at the end? sorry if it’s weird 😝

(A/N): Thank you all for voting for the new series, you are with more then I expected! The voting will end in two days :)

Fandom: Teen wolf

Pairing: Scott McCall x reader

Word count: 1527

warnings: Theo being a dick

“Is there something wrong?” Lydia asked you. You weren’t listening to her words because you were looking around you. The hallway was extremely quiet, compared to normal. Well, you didn’t even know what normal meant. You saw Stiles and Malia walking past each other, without saying a word. The pack was falling apart. Everyone knew it, but nobody said anything about it.

“(Y/N)?” Lydia asked again. You shook your head and looked in her eyes.

“Yes?” you said, shocked.

“What’s wrong?” she asked again.

“Nothing,” you said quietly.

“(Y/N) you can talk to me, you know that right?” Lydia told you. You nodded and sent her a smile. You weren’t much of a talker, but lately, you were even quieter. Bad things were happening, and you were a bit lost. You weren’t a banshee, but you still felt something bad was about to happen.

When you came to Beacon Hills, you were lonely. You heard many things about the popular guy called Scott McCall but you had never really talked to him. One day you said next to Lydia Martin in class, and she talked to you. You were shy like you always were, but still, you felt comfortable around her. You became friends with her and eventually, you met the rest of the pack. You had no idea that werewolves existed, but when you found out you were not scared.
You embraced it in no time and became part of the pack. It took you a bit longer to grew close to the rest, but at that moment you were okay. You liked everyone, especially Lydia. You didn’t really let her know, but she was a good friend.

You felt her hand on your shoulder and walked with her to your next class.

During break, you put your books in your locker and walked to the cafeteria. You looked around, searching for your friends. When you found a red head, you walked up to her.

“Hey (Y/N)” Scott said. You gave him a smile and sat down next to Lydia.

“What do we do about The Dread Doctors?” Lydia asked. You shivered, you hated them. The conversation continued, and you looked at Stiles, he was extremely quiet. He had a look on his face you couldn’t explain. He looked… broken. Scott noticed it too and looked at you. You send him a questioning look, and he sent you a worried one. You looked back at your food, hoping he was okay.

“What do we do now?”  Malia asked.

“I don’t know,” Scott said. “Guys, you do know tonight is the-”

“Supermoon” you heard behind you. You turned around and saw Theo standing there. He looked at you, but you turned back. You just- did not like Theo. There was something bad about him, but you didn’t know what. But you knew you were going to find out.

“We know,” Lydia said. Theo sat down beside you, and you immediately felt uncomfortable. You tapped Lydia’s shoulder, what made her turn to you.

“Let’s go,” you said, and she nodded. You stood up and so did Lydia.

After class was over, you opened the door of your car. Thanks to everything that was going on, it was hard to pay attention. You wanted everything to be over, but you knew it wasn’t that easy. You were about the drive home until your phone went off. It was Scott.


“Scott? What’s going on?”

“It’s Hayden, The Dread Doctors found her, she is-”

“Where are you?” you asked.

“In the animal clinic”

“I’m on my way,” you said, and you started your car. “Scott, why did you call me? I’m can’t save Hayden, I’m useless”

“(Y/N) you’re not. You are smart, you always help everyone” Scott says. Your heart skips a beat.


“You are not useless” you paused, a smile appearing on your face.

“I miss things the way they used to be,” you said. “I miss the way the pack used to be, everyone was happy”

“Me too”

“I miss the way you lose Mario Kart”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he said, and you could feel his smile.

“Or the way your face looks with flour all over it” you smiled.

“That was your fault (Y/N)”

“I know, I did it on purpose”

“Scott, a little help here” you heard Liam say. You sighed, back in reality.

“Go help him, I’ll be there in a minute,” you said.

“Okay,” Scott said, and he ended the call.

When you arrived, the door was open. You walked inside and found Scott.

“Where is she?” you asked. He led you into another room and there she was. Lying in Liam’s arms.

“Hayden,” you said, and you rushed forward. You panicked when you looked at her. She was weak, trying to keep her eyes open.

“What can we do?” you asked.

“Well I thought maybe Scott could-” Liam started.

“No” Scott interrupted.

“Do what?” you asked, turning to Scott.

“Bite her,” Liam said.

“Why not? It’s a good idea” you said.

“Look at her. She is too weak, it would kill her”

“It saved my life,” Liam said, walking to Scott.

“Well, that was different. You were hanging off a ledge-” Liam stepped forward, shaking of rage.

“You promised!” he shouted. “You said you’d do everything you could!”

“Which is why he is not doing something he thinks could kill her,” you said, stepping between the two boys. “There has to be-” you stopped when you heard Scott breathing heavily behind you.

“Scott?” you said, grabbing his face. “Scott!” you called again.

“Scott” you heard a heavy voice say behind you. You turned around and saw a figure standing there. Theo. His hand went into his pocket and came out with an inhaler in its palm. He threw it at you, and you caught it. You gave it to Scott and he quickly brought it to his mouth. You ignored Theo and kept looking at Scott.

“There is another way to save her,” Scott said, breathing again.

“Guys, I don’t know what the statistics are for surviving a werewolf bite, but she’s definitely not surviving this” Theo said. You sighed. “We need to do something”

“Scott” You whispered, and he looked at you. “We have to call your mom”

Liam put Hayden on the table, while Melissa sat down medical stuff. You knew the basics, but this was too advanced for you. You were standing next to Scott when your phone went off. You grabbed it and answered the call.

“(Y/N)?” It was Lydia.

“Lydia? What’s wrong?” you asked.

“I’m at the library, I found some important information about Parrish. You need to come here”

“Wait one second,” you said, and you looked at Scott.

“It’s Lydia, she found information about Parrish. I have to go there, maybe the information can tell us what we can do to save Hayden from the Dread Doctors” you explained.

“Okay, but be safe,” he said, looking concerned.

“I will,” you said, giving him an assuring smile. “You too”

Walking into the library, you saw Lydia in the middle of the room, bending over a table.

“Hey, I’m here,” you said, laying your hand on her shoulder.

“The black dog is also known by it’s more common name, The Hellhound” she read.

“A Hellhound.” you paused. “What is that?” You asked, but Lydia closed the book rather harshly.

“Lydia?” you asked, but you did not get a response. Lydia stared into the distance, and you knew something was wrong. She was hearing something. You didn’t want to interrupt her moment, so you waited behind her. But she suddenly gasped loudly, and you stepped in front of her.

“Lydia?” you asked harder this time.

“You know what’s coming” you heard someone hear again. Not someone, Theo. You turned around, glaring at him.

“What are you talking about?” you asked.

“someone’s gonna die here” Lydia creaked behind you. You turned around looking at her with wide eyes.

“You’re right,” Theo said. “But I can’t let you tell anyone” You knew he was wrong. From the beginning, you knew he wasn’t who he said he was.

“Why?” Lydia asked.

“Because I want you, Lydia. I want all of you” he said. Before you could react, his elbow connected with Lydia’s face with force. You jumped back and looked at your friend on the ground, out cold. Theo looked at you.

“And what am I doing with you?” He asked himself. Your eyes widened, and you stepped back slightly.

“You always look so shy, (Y/N). But when you are around your friends, you are different. Especially with Scott. I wonder, why him?” You backed up a little.

“But guess what?” he asked, “He is not here right now.”

“What do you want?” you asked. You were nervous, but you hoped he didn’t saw it.

“I already said I wanted Lydia. But I need you too. Let’s see if Scott really cares for you” You backed up even further, and raised your hands.

“Please, Theo stop-” You started. But before you could end your sentence, everything turned black.

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Dear anyone

dear friend,

i’m impatient and selfish, suffocating and overbearing, whiney and flighty, sensitive but cold and a total debbie downer. there’s so much wrong with me and there’s so much i wish i could change about me, but the one thing i will never be apologetic about is how much i love you. that will never change. i can count on one hand the people i would die for. you are one of them. i can suck at showing it but i promise it’s true and i’ll spend my whole life trying to make sure you never feel alone. you were the first one, y’know - the very first. anything that came after was all that it was, but you were the first and that means something to me. i have my regrets with you, i can’t begin to tell you how many. i’ve fucked up more times than you can remember (you’d have been long gone if you did), and i know one you do cost me more than i thought it would. karma’s a bitch, but i had it coming and i live with it every day. sometimes it feels like things have changed. well, of course they have, but it’s tangible in some ways more than others. i miss the way things used to be at times, but then there are other things we have now i wouldn’t trade for anything. i wish nothing but the world for you because nobody deserves it more. you’ve gone through so much, darling, more than anyone should have to go through at all, and you continue to go through it every damn day. you’re not here now but if you were and if i could, i’d hold you so tight that every part of you that feels broken would piece back together into one. i admire you so freakin’ much; i can’t write for shit but i’ll always write shitty letters to you to try and make you understand. i love you~

TFB theory

Okay I’m not sure because I tend to read things way too far and always come up with stupid theories but here’s my thoughts.

I’ve listened to Going Grey like 20 times now, and I’ve completely fallen in love with their entire discography all over again, listening to every song over and over and there’s things I’ve noticed. I have a feeling the entire album is just looking back or feeling some kind of nostalgia for the past, as it includes a bunch of things that can be linked to older songs.

Let’s start with You Used To Say (Holy Fuck).

“Wicked roots that take me under
Are twisted up on the inside”

And then Santa Monica:

“There’s something about drowning I can’t shake
Or someone dying anyway”

Also Ocean:

“You stayed shallow, while I went too deep
I’m scared to be living by the ocean, living by the ocean”

Because he might drown you know, it’s the water. So those might all be linked together.

Okay now Peace Sign:

“Sounded like an angel singing
About a pain in her chest”


“Cause I got this pain in my chest
Every time I swim to consciousness”

Peace Sign:

“But she sees the future
In mysterious ways”


“She sees these visions”

Then in Bae there’s lyrics about being twisted up, just like in You Used To Say, not sure what that means but there’s that.

In Vacation Town, obviously “I miss the way things used to be”.


“You and me
Backyard to backyard
To trampoline”

Sounds like the Swimming Pool video when Brian and Mat go from backyard to backyard, jumping in the pools.


“You and me get the chills at the same time
Who would have thought?
The exact vibrations”

Might refer to Rhode Island:

“Casanova just can’t turn the charm on
Or find any of the right vibrations”

And here’s where I actually teared up in public:

Grand Finale. It’s gonna get sad and I hope I’m wrong but

“I’m bored, wanna leave
It felt good before but now it’s getting older
‘Cause there’s no more empathy”

Obviously talking about the feeling toward the end of a show, Brian seems to not like the way the nights have been heading.

“When I wake up I think of you”

Then Father:

“When I crawl out in the morning, can I stay inside your head?”

Might be another reference to the past.

Okay now the part that’s most concerning to me:

“Final firework of summer, your phone falls into the fire
It’s the last act of a dying cellphone
Last call of a desperate man”

In mountain it’s:

“I bought fireworks, a big bag in Pennsylvania
I’m gonna light 'em up when I get home to Jersey
They’ll probably arrest me. It’ll probably ruin my whole summer.
Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.

Then added to that the obvious phrase “It’s our Grand Finale“ where they might be talking about this being the literal finale of the band? Maybe they preferred when they were not as big, signed to FBR and stuff. I really don’t know for sure and I really really hope I’m reading it too far (as always) but I did want to share so that I can say “CALLED IT“ when they do break up.

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Kyle, admit that u missed the old Cartman during his "PC Principal-brainwash" phase :-)

K: Oh, god…

K: That really isn’t the case. I just missed the way things used to be, that’s all. Everything was changing and Cartman was so nice but only in a weird, aggressively-social-justice-y kind of way. Even though I hate to admit it, Cartman being nice just doesn’t feel right. At least he’s back to normal, but he’s still a huge jackass, y’know? 

I miss the days when I came home from school and I didn’t feel like bawling my eyes out because I have so much work to do. I miss the days where the only homework I had was coloring, and even that was pretty much optional. I miss being innocent and small and not understanding the fact that there was bad in the world I lived in. I miss the simpler days where getting in trouble was always just as easily gotten out of, and I miss having a bunch of friends. I miss the way things used to be.

Their future - Kenna/Raydan fanfic

Summery: After defeating the iron empire, and restoring peace, Kenna can finally think of her future as queen of Stormholt. But, with her mother and all of her mentors gone, it turns out to be a difficult thought.
At the unusual sight of her being unsure and upset, Raydan offers himself for comfort, and Kenna gets a reminder of all of her accomplishments, as well as a reassurance about her future.

Author’s note: This is my entry for this week’s choices creates prompt “We are made of all those who have built and broken us”. When reading this prompt, I immediately thought about Kenna (and Raydan) 😊😊
I also remember liking a post about Kenna planting apple trees and starting the Cordonian culture, so there’s slight mentions of that (or rather, hinting) ❤️
Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this! 😊
Tagging the lovely hosts @kittenmusicals and @hollyashton

“Is there anything bothering you, my queen?” Raydan’s voice rang in her ears.
“Hmm?” Kenna looked up from the window she was staring down at, only to meet Raydan’s concerned expression. He stood there, examining her, still awaiting an answer. 
“Oh, no, of course not.” she said, mostly out of instinct. He knew better than to believe that half-lie.
It was one of those rare moment when Kenna has let her guard down, when the look in her eyes didn’t seem so purposeful and sure of herself, and Raydan couldn’t help but feel he had to to make that unsure, upset look wear off of her face.
He didn’t want to pry further, knowing she’ll tell him on her own terms.
Instead, he offered her his hand.

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