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I've seen a lot of stuff about Bro being frighteningly abusive to Dave. I didn't pick up on that when I read, and the thing that made me come here was the mention of Bro "using him for porn videos" or something. Did... did that actually happen? I dunno if I was just reading fast and misunderstood or what, but to me it seemed just like their interactions were just Bro screwing with Dave in the way brothers do. Did I horridly misinterpret this/miss something major...?

Bro did use Dave in his pornos. Don’t worry, Dave usually served as a prop by, let’s say putting a smuppet down the garbage disposal or something stupid like that, he never did anything inherently sexual.

Dear M,

I don’t understand why you think I’ve moved on. I wish things could’ve stayed the way they were, I have so many questions unanswered, so many thoughts unprocessed and I’m left with the memories that still hang off of my desk, all the letters and pictures that I can’t bring myself to take down even though I know I should burn them. Even though I know, even though I fully comprehend that this, us, is over. You were my first love. My first everything. My world. And suddenly my world cracked and fell apart. Right in my hands.

I miss you.


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For a game that seems to like us inspecting details and hiding hints for us, to have such obvious continuity errors (things which, due to the nature of games - models requiring different textures, for example, in the case of the room numbers - are actually MORE difficult mistakes to make) strikes me as odd. Perhaps I'm fanboying here, but I read this as the universe subtly breaking/corrupting as Max uses her power more and the end approaches. My two cents.

I’ve kinda been speculating that “Chaos Theory” was released earlier than expected and the devs just missed a whole mess of things they probably would’ve caught with a couple more weeks of fine tuning. That’s just me speculating, tho.

Theoretically, one could use the continuity errors as a way of explaining the possible breakdown of time in the original timeline. I mean, who’s to say that when things go wrong in time, it starts out big and not with tiny details easily missed? I mean, that would be a great story element to use in a game like this.

But, I figure someone like Max (who can manipulate a form of time itself) would notice if one of her friend’s dorm room number(s) suddenly switched and that the birth dates of her friends has changed suddenly, making them younger or older than originally thought. She was pretty observant about them dead birds cropping up in town.

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Assalamu Alaikum, I am a practicing muslim but my family is not religious at all. I usually pray salah on time but nobody in my family prays so I always miss it when I go to visit them. I feel awkward to ask if there is a space where i can pray as i'm not sure how they would react but I also feel so guilty for missing salah :( what should i do?

Walaikum Assalaam,

We should try to please Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala not the people. When our focus is to please Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala then we don’t care what people will say or how they will react. No matter what don’t leave salaah and try to encourage your family as well. Always remember your manners are the best way to give dawah.

May Allah make things easier for you and guide us to the straight path.


Regarding TG:re Chapter 30.

Yo! So, I decided to take a break from editing my theme (I’m just missing one thing: classifying all my posts… yeah, quite a lot) and answer some questions regarding the latest chapter; I know I still have some other questions, but I thought these ones have a little priority because next chapter comes out tomorrow or so. So, here you go (by the way, to make it easier to identify the questions and answers I’ll be using a ton of Blockquotes from now on):

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A lot of news lately but I have another thing I’ve been keeping under my hat and I’ll try to keep this brief* and not flip out too much**: we have a special co-headliner for one show this tour. It’s the show in Pioneertown. As is often the case, I have a little story to tell here. 

In 2012, we toured Transcendental Youth. Shortly before we left for tour – like, two days before – my emotional health went through the floor. I hadn’t been on tour in that kind of state since 2008; I hadn’t missed it. If you are in one of those crying-while-awake ways, it does not help the situation to wake up and get in the van every day. But I did two things that helped me find my way back to the surface. The first was I made a conscious effort to trying letting the shows do some kind of work for me: to try to use my own songs the way I use other people’s songs to heal or find catharsis or in some way patch me up. It worked. Not every night, not every song, but I came to really look forward to the ones where it felt like I was journeying into some hidden cavern in my heart and retrieving something of value. It did not hurt my secret project there that the album we were touring was Transcendental Youth. I took this strategy into the future and it has been a great thing for me personally, I recommend it if you make stuff: let the stuff you make work on you, be open to it. 

The second thing I did, which is what I always do when things get hairy, was find a song that I couldn’t even sing the chorus of without crying, and then start listening to it about ten times a day. I don’t recommend this to everybody, it is just something I do. I can’t go looking too hard for the song: I have to just be listening for something that crushes me and then embrace it. Past listen-several-hours-a-day lifesavers for me have been KT Tunstall’s “Hopeless,” KT Tunstall’s “Fade Like A Shadow,” Amy Grant’s “Nothing is Beyond You” plus three songs off of her “Legacy…Hymns and Faith” album, Andrae Crouch’s “Take a Little Time,” Ana Gabriel’s “Mi Talisman” and also “Quien Como Tú” and wow I didn’t actually know how long this list was until I started typing, there’s probably a half dozen more, Gwen Stefani’s “The Great Escape” is one and a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song called “I Tried” is another and there’s also Christine Fellows’s “Migrations” and “Vertebrae” I still can’t even listen to those ones.  

Anyhow, my song for that tour, the thing I listened to on headphones in the back of the van all day, was Aimee Mann’s “Labrador.” Aimee Mann’s ear for songs that will crush me like a bug is extremely keen. The video for “Labrador” is a shot-for-shot remake of a video she made with her band in the ‘80s, and it’s totally brilliant; the chorus is one of the saddest things I have ever heard in my life. 

This is the only show of the tour we’re playing together. I kind of can’t believe it’s happening. If, during Aimee’s set, you wanna find me, it will not be hard. I will be the guy completely losing his composure and making everybody uncomfortable by just letting the tears roll right on down my face for about four minutes during “Labrador.” 

Also, the venue only holds 350 people. This is going to be rad. THANK YOU AIMEE FOR SAYING YES TO THIS IT WILL BE SUCH A HUGE HONOR TO PLAY A SHOW WITH YOU!

*once again, did not succeed in keeping it brief

**not exactly acing this one here here, as it turns out

“I used to get bullied as a kid but I’ve got mentally stronger, to protect myself,” said the model, whose first language is Japanese, screwing up her nose in mock horror when handed an English menu by a waitress.

“When I was small I stood out and always felt I had to fit in with everyone. I’d try not to bring attention to myself, but now I say what I feel. I do things my own way.

"I want to start a revolution,” Miyamoto added with a laugh. “I can’t change things overnight but in 100-200 years there will be very few pure Japanese left, so we have to start changing the way we think.”

You go girl! [x]

This took me six hours, but here they are. My favorite Witches of all time (missing Alicia cause I ran out of space- I’m bad at planning things out- but I WILL make it up to her)

Bad organization aside, though, I’m really proud of this.

Please don’t remove the caption

Ask of you want to use and credit me

Your laugh plays
over and over in my head and I’m
reaching for you but
I’m not sure if I’m
even looking
in the right direction.

I said I missed you but
it was too late for any of it to matter and
I don’t think anything
has been less true in my life.

I always
give up too soon,
try to fix things too late but
I’m here and I’m trying,
do you want me to try?

I don’t know if we
can go back to the way we were but
god I want to,
I miss you so much and
hearing your laugh made
my heart feel whole.

And I used to wonder
how people could love
someone who didn’t love
them back and
how they could
stand it, and then I guess I
fell a little bit in love
with you and
realized that some people are worth it.

—  Life lessons you didn’t mean to teach

yrs truly has a girlfriend. a real fucking girlfriend. not a girl that i have a crush on. not a girl that has a crush on me. not a girl to fool around with. not a long-distance relationship (whether that distance be simply 45 min. away or across a whole ocean) that will never amount to anything other than scribbled e-mails & plastic wedding rings sent by post. no, none of that. a real girlfriend. and her name is beagan. and she’s superduperhellapunkrockcool. she has spiky blue hair and her favorite band is the subhumans. i can kiss her & tell her secrets. she makes my heart beat like a drum in a crass song. and she has the softest lips.

this all started ages ago. the first time i saw her i thought she was the coolest, most beautiful girl i had ever seen in real life. (apparently, she sorta felt that same way about me, but i’ll get to that later.) when i finally got the courage to talk to her, we became friends, & we’ve hung out quite a bit since skool ended. i still had a crush (for lack of a better word) on her, but i didn’t say anything cos i’m sort of with d. & she was sort of with this guy m.

but we spent hours together on thursday, and at one point i looked at her & couldn’t breathe for a minute becos she was so beautiful. and i felt really awkward all of a sudden.

i had had too many cups of coffee, so that night i had plenty of time to not only have a panic attack, but also to lay awake & dwell on my feelings for beagan.

then, we hung out again the next day. and i couldn’t stand it, i had to tell her, but i was so scared. i didn’t even know she dug girls at all, much less me. but she finally dragged it out of me, & then she told me that she felt the same way about me. we talked about sexuality. i told her i had dreamt about her the night before, & she told me sweet things like how she had been really disappointed when she thought i might be straight & how the last time she had made out with m. she had been picturing me the whole time.

then we sat on her front porch for what seemed like hours, but was really only 20 minutes. we kept inching closer & closer to each other, meanwhile avoiding each other’s eyes. and we were giggling like schoolgirls, until we were so dizzy & giddy we felt like we had been drinking or sucking helium out of birthday balloons.

“does this ever get any less weird?“ she asked me. “like, even when we’re 30 or something?” “probably not,” i said. “i think, even then, this kind of stuff will still make us feel like we’re 12.”

finally we kissed each other, and it was so hard to stop. it was the most amazing, sweetest thing ever.

-from a journal entry, 7/3/00

The happiness you gave me
Was something I never thought I’d be
It was like cool summer’s air
I thought we’d make a good pair

We acted like friends of the best
I think we’d make an amazing mess
The good morning texts were such a bliss
I think it’s the biggest thing that I’ll miss

I liked you so much I thought it was crazy
My mind started to get a little bit hazy
The way I felt was so great
It’s like I never felt anymore hate

But every road has its bend
I just didn’t think this one would end
But even at the close of the day
I told myself I was gonna be okay

—  my lyric poetry that was written for school 😶😁

So, I’ve noticed there’s been a growing interest in playing Native American characters, so here’s a guide to help!

To start off, I would like to point out that a lot of customs vary tribe to tribe. If I missed something or anything needs correcting, this is subject to be changed or added onto. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me and I would love to help and discuss things further. Anyways, please like/reblog if this has been of any help to you!

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Just found your meta, and about the lullaby thing in AoU - that's a great way to calm the Hulk down, get him out of a combat mindset. But it would have been one hell of a lot stronger if everyone had done the lullaby thing at one point or another, not just Natasha. Maybe if, instead of throwing a cage at him and doubling up on the armour Tony had used speakers, classical music to soothe the savage beast and took off a gauntlet.

Whoops, I missed this one, sorry! I agree Tony should definitely have been the one to do the lullaby. I mean, obvious choice. And then Steve would have joined in because the power of teamwork. And Thor, not wanting to be left behind, would sing an Asgardian lullaby his mother sang to him when he was a child. Loudly.

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Thanks for the answer (on the hand questions). I love reading your opinions! And actually, I'm pretty sure I know what they wanted to do with that scene where he bandages her hand (oral sex metaphor?) but is that it or do you actually mean something else (and more things)? I'm intrigued now. I would love to read everything you have to say about that scene because that was the moment I began shipping CS. I almost died from the hotness and sexual tension of those 5 seconds. Definitely PG-13.

Well, I think that the scene was supposed to show that yeah, he’s missing a hand…but look at how good he’s gotten at using his mouth to do things.  and then you picture all the other things he could do with his mouth (yes, oral sex would be on that list).

the thing about that scene is that it isn’t just sexual though. don’t get me wrong - the way he’s looking at her he definitely WANTS her to have naughty thoughts (and she looks flustered enough to convince me she DID) but the scene also very tender  - he’s tending to her wound.  he uses an article of clothing he removes from his body. he’s gentle.


and i think that’s important to note.  because he’s been trying to break through her walls all the way up that beanstalk with no luck. he’s reading her like an open book yet she’s keeping those walls up. but the moment he touches her, and uses his mouth on her - well she’s disarmed. physically and a bit emotionally too.  he’s detailing his plan to get the compass and after he finishes she can barely get out a whispered “and then?”. 

and after that her walls start to crumble a bit. which allows her to be more receptive to him.

what do i mean by that?  well the first clue is that she doesn’t pull her hand away. and he continues to hold onto it after he’s bandaged it - through the entire discussion of what to do.  the second is that when they finally let go of each others hands (only so he can reach for the poppy powder) Emma notices the Milah tattoo - AND SHE ASKS ABOUT IT.

now this isn’t important just because she’s curious if there’s another woman.  i do think she initially takes it as a sign that he’s got someone yet flirting like crazy with her - that he’s just another man she can’t trust. she’s basically LOOKING for a reason to not like this guy - looking for proof that she can’t trust him, looking for a reason to deny these feelings she’s having because he’s just another guy that would use her and leave her.  yet the response she gets proves anything but that - behind all the bravado is a man motivated by love.

he’s lost someone. he’s had his heart broken. just like she has.  this is the moment that Emma starts seeing him as a person. this is the moment she feels that they are kindred spirits. 


and then Emma confesses that she’s been in love. once.  she reveals something so personal, something that she had denied only an hour or so before. 


and honestly I just see it all starting with the hand bandaging.  because he caught her off guard by doing that - and created an intimacy she was resisting when he tried to connect with her verbally. when he told her she didn’t need to reveal anything about herself because she was an open book it made her walls go higher. but when he bandaged her hand it set up a moment for them - she was physically attracted to him and then emotionally attracted to him. it’s the beginning of her walls crumbling down.  honestly after that moment she didn’t stand a chance (and neither did the fandom).

that scene is just EVERYTHING.

Jurassic Thought

Have I mentioned before how Jurassic Park (the entire franchise) is incredibly genius with the way it deals with historical inaccuracies with its dinosaurs?

While it’s brought up in the first installment, it’s mentioned that dinosaurs were actually the ancestors of modern day birds, not reptiles.
This is common knowledge now, but at the time when InGen was first working on cloning dinosaurs, it wasn’t widely known and even hotly debated.

InGen uses frog DNA to fill in missing segments from the ancient preserved samples they have. This already makes the animals that they clone, not actually “dinosaurs,” but some sort of weird cross-bred species, that just happen to resemble dinosaurs.
This explains why they don’t have feathers.

If feathers were spotted on the dinos InGen created, the scientists would’ve originally just been lead to believe that it was a fuck up.
And once the fact that dinosaurs most likely had feathers was established, they’d still have reason to keep making their animals featherless. We have a general image of dinosaurs, and most people still don’t picture them as giant emus.

So, since InGen was designing dinosaurs for the general public, it’s not unreasonable to think that they’d alter their genetic creations to more closely adhere to popular theory.
This explains other scientific lapses as well. It’s all done in the name of making (real goddamn!) dinosaurs more exciting.
Which has done nothing but backfire horribly, but ehhh… If we were able to really bring dinosaurs back to life for the soul purpose of sticking them in amusement parks, I can’t imagine that things wouldn’t go any differently.

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Tadashi ruffles Hiro's hair as a sign of affection. Do you think Hiro has his own sign of affection, which annoys Tadashi a lot whenever Hiro did it, but when Hiro died, Tadashi deeply misses it?

Hmmm, what an interesting thought.

I’m sure Hiro definitely uses nicknames like ‘nerd’ as signs of affection. And they’ve got the fistbump thing. But you mean something Hiro does specifically to Tadashi, right?

Personally I kind of see it always being Tadashi approaching Hiro, rather than the other way around, but I think on very rare occasions when Hiro’s feeling particularly emotional, he’ll run up at Tadashi and hug him from behind. Sometimes he only hugs Tadashi for a few seconds, sometimes he just clings for awhile, but he always does it from behind so that Tadashi can’t hug him back and trap him. The part that annoys Tadashi is that Hiro doesn’t always pay attention to what Tadashi’s doing before he grabs him. So in more than one instance Hiro has grabbed him right in the middle of pouring himself a glass of milk, only for milk to end up all over the floor and Mochi happily trotting over.

But oh god does he miss it when Hiro’s gone. Mostly he wishes he’d had the chance to hug Hiro back just once, but Hiro had never really given him the chance.

Welp, missed my deadline officially...

Aargh I am so angry!!! But it’s my own fault I should have started with this literature portfolio way sooner.
But the frustrating part is, we have delve so deep in several books and you put so much effort in it, but I am 109% sure the teacher won’t read every page/the whole damn thing. Oh but it will be used during our oral exam. GREAT, several days of work being discussed in merely 5 minutes. Ugh.
My head feels all fuzzy, but I want to finish it tonight! I might be too late handing it in, I want to send it away asap