these are the rest of the unpopular opinions i’m not posting them individually because i hit post limit at 7 pm last night and missed everything rip

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1. Jesse’s coming over tomorrow and I’m gonna make him watch Steven Universe. I’m v excited
2. I’m probably gonna make Karl watch Steven Universe before he leaves for his show
3. Karl and Jesse are probably gonna room together this fall and honestly they are like my most favoritest people and the fact that they will both be within fifteen minutes of me is so !!! I’m so excited I can go bother them all the time and they can come hang out with me and Katelyn and our cats
4. I did not play Animal Crossing today. Do my animals miss me?
5. Maybe I can get through this semester
6. You still need a job, though, Kara.
7. Well I’m working on that, geez.
8. I’m knitting my first ever sock!!! It’s a big endeavor wow. And I’m modifying the pattern cause my needles are the wrong size. I live on the edge.
9. Gotta get back on top of VOX stuff and do my hw. I can do it. I think.
10. Like, I’m smart enough. I just don’t put the time in. Probably because of depression and all the rest of that shit.
11. I was stressing abt hw and Jesse was trying to make me feel better and he said I’m smarter than him, and that I’m also smarter than a sprinkler. Even the new advanced sprinklers. Somehow that helped
12. I think too much.

When 7 year old Daniel went on a easter egg hunt he noticed he was missing his bunny ears. He began to try and search for them but as a result lost his tracks. It was then when he met a 12 year old boy named Phil. 

late easter art? inspired highly by the newest easter nest video. the colors were amazing and I loved drawing this so much. child! phan is rly my guilty pleasure pfft Also phil with his still ginger hair coz idk if he’d dye his hair when he was 12? hm 


Snow Weiss and the Seven Troublemakers Children - [Part 4]

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*Chitai is Very Proud of that Ambulance Joke*
Chibi Ruby being a naked loli here lol