Alright well I got tagged again

By @lovely-loathsome and fuck it why not here’s another 20 things about me

1. My favorite artist is Hieronymus Bosch
2. I’m obsessed with books. Physical books. I hate e-readers. I love collecting and owning and touching physical books
3. My top three favorite movies are Breakfast Club, Silence of the Lambs, and Shutter Island
4. My favorite director is Martin Scorsese
5. I own 9 fedoras
6. I used to have pet rats. I really miss them
7. My favorite superhero is Batman
8. I’m addicted to La Croix
9. My favorite sweater belonged to my late-grandfather
10. I subscribe to Wired magazine
11. John Watson is my Patronus
12. When I was younger I wanted to be an FBI agent
13. I met Matthew Gray Gubler once and he was the sweetest most adorable person ever. I’ll post the picture after this
14. I was actually alive when Columbine happened
15. I’ve written two movies. None of them have been produced but one of them made it to the quarter finals of a national screenwriting competition
16. I live in Southern California but I hate the beach
17. I have a poodle bichon mix that is a total brat
18. Nikki Sixx is one of my heroes
19. I have four tattoos but I want way more
20. I am obsessed with Disneyland, i basically grew up there and I have a Mickey tattoo on my ankle

I’m not gonna tag anyone because I already did once, but if anyone wants to do it go ahead, I tag you!

Tag game!

These are honestly so dead nowadays, I miss them ; 7 ;

tagged by: @berryblissthefangirl, my newest acquired friend and a cute smol bean! thank you :3c

tag 15 followers: LITERALLY WHO EVEN DOES THESE ANYMORE I FEEL LIKE NUT TO TAG ANYONE TO THIS. Except @akai-anna, she does these like a pro òvó

Name: Children it is very important to practice internet anonymity ò__ó

Nickname: Moonie. In real life as well, used by one person <’D

Star Sign: Aquarius!

Height: 163cm

Sexual Orientation: I don’t know. I just – don’t;;;

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor >:3c

Favourite Color: Shades of red and pink, black, some pastels ´ 7 ` I have a tag called colorlove that showcases all my favorites pretty well!


Average Hours of Sleep: Erm… 7-8 I think??

Number of Blankets: 1

Favourite Singer/Band: VITAS, IAMX, Happoradio, Anything that comes out of Eurovision, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, Billy Talent… I DON’T HAVE ONE FVAORITE. I just have times when I obsessively only listen to one for months.

Dream Job: I have no idea :((

Dream Trip: Urmm. Anywhere with a good friend..? Y7Y have never done that before….

When Was Your Blog Created: 2012, jesus

Current Number of Followers: 181 ; v ; (if I ever get to 200 I’ll do another smol fanart/fanfic giveaway..!)

What Made You Create Your Tumblr: Spite. Literally.