I started watching Supergirl when it first aired. It mostly was because I recognized Melissa and wanted to see what she could do on a show that wasn’t Glee. At that point in time, I wasn’t really into the superhero craze and wasn’t watching any of the Arrowverse or other superhero shows.

I gave Supergirl a shot though. What I discovered was a show that I had no problem falling in love with. Week after week, I saw strong female characters and a show that was unapologetically feminist.

I fell in love with the characters and the relationships on the show. I saw the Superfriends grow into a cohesive team. I saw the Danvers sisters prove again and again that they were not a pair to be messed with, and had an unbreakable relationship. I grew to adore their relationship with their space dad. And of course, there was Supercat, which was so much a part of the heart of the show for me. Supercat drew me into the fandom.

Week after week, I tuned in and was glued to my screen for every moment of the show. I loved it. It had been years since I had loved a show this much.

Which is why it breaks my heart to see the show now, a shell of its former self. 

Yes, all the characters (save Cat), are still there, but they are shadows of their season one selves. 

Suddenly, the show has become all about ships and pairing everyone off. Instead of seeing a sister moment at the end of the show, we see the show closing on a couple, most of the time Karamel, which, is not only toxic, but opposed to just about every value I loved in season one. Kara is secondary in this relationship. Karamel is mostly about Mon-El and his desire for Kara (compare this to how Kara actively pursued James in season one).

We get fewer space family moments as well. While we have had a few, they are much further between, and are secondary to the ships on the show.

Then, there was the whole message of season one, about Kara growing to have it all. She had her Superhero life and finally had her dream job at Catco. 

Throughout this season, we have seen CatCo less and less, until finally, it was allowed to be completely forgotten, when Kara was fired.

Now, less than a year later, her place is only as a superhero and Mon-El’s girlfriend. I refuse to believe that the Kara of season one, who had J’onn impersonate her just to convince Cat that Kara wasn’t Supergirl so she could keep her job, would be happy as a full time Superhero. 

Whatever happened to “having it all?” 

The one good thing that came out of season two was Sanvers and Alex’s coming out story. That was so beautiful and well written. 

The rest though makes me sad for what one was. I want season one back (just with Sanvers).  Sadly, it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon (if at all) though. 

Supergirl has actually ruined me. I went back to rewatch season one and the SECOND James stepped on scene i broke into tears because GODDAMN it i miss season one, I miss Cat, I miss Karolsen, I miss strong female representation, I miss Kara using her superhearing to be alerted to Ms Grant’s arrival at Catco, I miss the little Danvers sister moments, I miss when Kara was a strong independent woman who was just trying to find herself, I miss… i miss Supergirl. CBS Supergirl.
I’m going to go sob in my corner now, reminiscing about the old days.

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So even after all this time, I have yet to watch season 2 of Agent Carter. I hear a lot of, umm, complaints about it and it kind of makes me want to just pretend it exists and read my steggy fanfic lol could you maybe give me the bullet points of the season that could summarize why it was so terrible? I don't have much free time so I'd rather not waste it on something I'll be sorely disappointed with.

Bullet points, okay, I’ll try my best!

  • moving the show to another city
  • the change of tone
  • Peggy was written out of character
  • two phoned in love triangles
  • no Angie / wasted Angie cameo
  • it’s like Steve had never existed
  • Jarvis the bumbling comic relief
  • way too few female characters
  • way too little female interaction / the season BARELY passed the Bechdel test
  • a female character was treated as a hurdle to overcome and then never seen again
  • we have no idea what happened to Dottie at the end
  • WAY too many fedoras
  • only one black character who even turned on the heroine and went nowhere
  • the issue of racism was barely touched
  • a generic and bad backstory for Peggy that focused too much on how men influenced her life instead of focussing on how she grew as a person, and that forgot that CA:TFA existed
  • the heroine is forced into a relationship with a pretty, white Nice Guy who has no problem with slut-shaming and fat-shaming, who treated her badly in the past and keeps treating her badly in the present
  • a man not taking no for an answer being portrayed as romantic (IT’S NOT!!! IT’S CREEPY!!!)
  • ended on a cliffhanger we’ll probably never get a solution for
  • wasted potential (we expected more from Peggy’s backstory, we would have loved to see Peggy founding S.H.I.E.L.D., we would have loved to see more of the Howlies, we would have loved to see Peggy kicking more ass)
  • wasted screentime (we could have gotten character development instead of love triangles, Jarvis running after a flamingo or a musical number about who Peggy should bone)
  • too much focus on the male characters (e.g. we only get to see how Jarvis handles Ana’s injury but we never see how Ana copes with it)
  • at the very end, it wasn’t even Peggy who saved the day!!!

Fuck the second season! No wonder the show got cancelled!

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I really really miss season one Eva, not her being so unsure and insecure but just her being so normal and relatable and real? I feel like since her season she's been reduced to this background party girl and I know that's how the mains are seeing her but it's so frustrating:/ also while I'm talking about s1, I miss s1 noora too, she seemed so cool and together and then willhelm happened and ruined her:( ugh I just want the girl squad to be good again

sameee:( s1 was so good

okay but i miss season one of hemlock grove… and definitely parts of season two.  should’ve just stopped watching at the CoffeeMakerScene™ . 

you know the one.. 

So since Switched at Birth’s finale and all of the episodes being up on Netflix, I’ve started watching from the beginning (also I missed some of season one the first time around) and hey! Switched at Birth is great! Considering I know one other person who watches it, I thought I would do a rec post.

Switched at Birth (YES, THE TITLE IS AWFUL. IT’S A COUGAR TOWN SITUATION) is a five season show that aired on ABC Family/Freeform, about CAN YOU GUESS WHAT. Two teen girls from Kansas City, working class Daphne Vasquez, raised by a single Latina mom, and Bay Kennish, daughter of super rich and white parents, discover at age 16 they were switched at birth. Their families decide to live together in Bay’s giant fancy house so they can all get to know each other. What follows is a show less about the switch, and more about a bunch of well-meaning human beings just trying to do their best. 

  • I’d never rec a show based purely on “It has representation of x and x and x” because that tells you nothing about the actual quality of a show. That said, Switched at Birth is defined by how it is about Deaf culture. Daphne is Deaf, and as a result there’s a big cast of Deaf and Hard of Hearing supporting characters largely centered around Daphne’s high school, where Bay also ends up attending. 
  • All these characters are played by Deaf/HoH actors, including MARLEE MATLIN. Many scenes take place in ASL with subtitles, there is an all-ASL episode early in S2. The show has a great deal of consideration and respect for the culture it’s depicting, and after a few early missteps kind of gets right down in it re: examining this culture from it’s own perspective and ableism and audism being bullshit. 
  • Bay and Daphne are THE BEST and their relationship with each other is ALL-TIME. Bay starts out as a spoiled brat, and becomes this amazing, selfless, loyal person who is still kind of awkward, Daphne begins a little too “perfect differently abled person!” but that gets broken down and her character becomes firey and ambitious and prone to big plans and equally big mistakes in a way I can only describe as Classic Gryffindor. They go from Reluctant Roommates who Dislike Each Other to Friends, Kind Of to Sisters to Best Friends and Soulmates and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! So much time is devoted to their personal passions and dreams and ambitions.
  • In general, there is some amazing, sloooow-build character work going on on this show that’s as good as anything I’ve seen on prestige TV. People come to like and understand each other, then backslide, then fight, then make up like mature human beings, and stumble their way towards understanding. It makes where they all end up so rewarding and earned. Every relationship is specific and lived-in and unique. 
  • The parents are all great, fully-formed characters in their own right. Equal weight is given to their stories and arcs as their kids’.
  • Do u like to ship good het? Can I interest you in the star-crossed love of Bay, and Daphne’s childhood best friend Emmett, otherwise known as “Deaf James Dean”? Riding around on a motorcycle doing illegal street art and learning to navigate their language barrier? 

And I mean, it’s not perfect and subject to the over-earnestness and faults of it’s early 2010s ABC Family origins, and man are there some arcs that are just duds, but it’s absolutely worth checking out. Please come love the Kennish-Vasquez family with me. They won a Peabody Award!!!

i miss rogue one season because then everyone irl would talk with me about star wars but now they’re like shut up about the star war amy….it’s sad