Dear Y/N (Poe Dameron)

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Dear Y/N, 

I hope you’re doing okay. I hope you’re not worrying too much about me, I promise you I am fine. Everything is okay here, the mission is taking longer than expected but I assure you that I will return to you soon. How are the boys? How’s Y/F/S/N’s reading? Is he doing okay? Would you tell him how proud of him and that Daddy will come home soon? Is Y/S/S/N sleeping alright? Is he still feeding alright? How are his sleep patterns?

It still doesn’t feel right, not coming home to you each and every night. I yearn for your warmth and your comfort. Y/N I miss you more and more each day. Even BB8 misses you and the boys, I swear that droid doesn’t help on the days when I’m missing you.and the boys. It only makes me want to return home to you. I need to hold you and the boys in my arms again. I need to hear your voice, I need to look in your eyes and know that you’re safe. You’re all safe. 

Which is why I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I come back to you within the next few weeks…

I love you so much no galaxy is big enough…

Your husband 

Poe x

Love Letter requests are OPEN, just send a character (Male or Female) with whatever you want the letter to be about


I remember Ethan’s heart beating against my back and gripping onto my waist as soon as he seen grayson held my thigh (can see in the first gif him reaching). I remember Grayson’s laugh when I clearly told Ethan to hold my waist and he held onto my thigh. We spoke about the dumbest stuff and I honestly miss them more and more each day. They promised they’d see me soon and I hope they mean it.

I just always assumed that you’d be in my life forever- as a lover, a best friend, something. Now that we aren’t speaking, it feels like half of me is missing. I don’t know exactly what I want, I don’t think I really ever have, but one thing I’m sure of is that you belong in my life. I miss you more and more with each passing day, my love. I truly hope that one day, life will bring us together again.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write (#4).
poetry 87

I’ve missed you so much since you’ve been away

I miss you more and more each and every day

It’s no mistake

You were the one

The one that brought me joy

The one that brought me out of my shell

The one that got me through hell

It was you

No other is true

It was always you

Who knew just what to do

I love you

I always will

You have my heart

Even still

Forever and always 

I’ll wait for your return for as long as it takes 

We Missed You

***Summary*** You’ve been friends with the twins since preschool so you’ve gone through everything they have. When the move to LA you lose touch until one day when they surprise you.
Your POV:
I’ve know the twins since I can remember. We know everything about each other. We were really happy. Just the Three Musketeers. That’s what our moms called us. Our parents were great friends too. They still are. But times changed. They followed their dreams and moved to LA. We haven’t talked much since. I miss them more and more each and every day. It had been about two years. I was outside playing soccer with my brother when I heard him ask, “So have you talked to Grayson or Ethan lately?”
“No but I miss them like crazy.”
“To bad they aren’t here right now,” he said pointing behind me.
I turned around and saw Grayson and Ethan standing right behind me with open arms.
“GRAYSON!! ETHAN!! I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” I yelled running and hugging them.
“We missed you,” Ethan said.
“Good job little guy,” Gray said giving my brother a pat on the back.
“I don’t have that big of a mouth,” my brother said pretending to be offended.
“Wow you’re good.” I say while I give him a hug.
“I know,” he said raising his eyebrows.
“I’m starving,” Ethan said.
“You’re always hungry,” Gray said.
“True, but I want some pizza. Why don’t we get pizza and catch up.”
“Ok well Grayson’s driving.”
“Fine,” he said annoyed.
“So, Y/N what’s up with your life?” Gray asked.
“To be honest nothing. I mean I’m about to graduate but really nothing new.”
“Surely you have a love interest,” Ethan said.
“Nope I’m single and I love me some Pringles.”
“See here this is what we missed most, Gray said with a chuckle.
"What about you guys? Anyone special?”
“Well actually Gray has one”, Ethan said nudging Grayson with his elbow.
“No I don’t. Just shut up E.”
“Okay. No girls in LA are what I look for. You know?”
“Yeah. I know how you feel. When are you guys going back to LA?”
“Not sure yet,” Gray answered.
“Hey Y/N do you want to bring your family and have dinner at our house?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah that sounds great!”
We rang the doorbell and we heard Lisa yell at Grayson to get the door.
“Welcome to our welcoming home,” he said with a goofy smile.
“Why thank you good sir,” my mom said playing along.
“Please come in. Dinner will be ready shortly,” Lisa said from the kitchen. Our family dressed a little nicer then normal. I had a white romper on with some brown boots. I never really cared about my hair but today I decided to curl it and I put on a few layers of mascara. I looked pretty good.
“Hey kids why don’t you all go upstairs and let the adults talk?” Sean suggested.
“Okay Dad,” Gray said. My brother ran to Ethan’s room and I followed.
“Oh hey guys!” Ethan said fixing his hair. “You look nice Y/N.”
“Thanks E.”
“Umm… Don’t I look pretty too Ethan?!” my little brother asked trying to control his laughter.
“Couldn’t take my eyes off of you,” Ethan said laughing hysterically. Everyone started laughing.
“Hey Y/N will you come with me?
"Yeah. What’s up?”
“We need to talk.”
“K.” We walked to his room and we sat down on his bed.
“So at the restaurant you know how Ethan said I had a special someone?”
“Well… uh… I’ve liked you since preschool and I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I had to tell you. If you don’t like me back I understand but I just needed to tell you.” I didn’t even think about it. I kissed him. He held my face and he kissed me back.
“Gray I like you too. I always have but I didn’t want to creep you out.”
“Well then can I have the honor of you becoming my girlfriend? I’ll stay in New Jersey for you.”
“Yes, Gray, yes.”
“Dinner’s done!” Lisa yelled. I heard Ethan and Andrew run downstairs. Gray grabbed my hand and we walked down together.
“Well it’s about time!” Ethan yelled. “Guess what Drew?!”
“Looks like we’re staying in Jersey!” Ethan said.
“YAY!” he yelled.
“Well let’s eat, I’m hungry,” Sean said.
The End
****it’s pretty tacky but whatever. Love ya!💜****

I miss you

I miss you in every way, I miss you more and more each day, I wish there were some words to say, which would have made you stay, the world is Cold and colorless without you, time is a blur without you, and I don’t wanna be without you. But you made your choice and it wasn’t me. I didn’t get a choice, it was always you and will always be. You’re the voice inside my head, you’re every book I’ve ever read.and the days go by and the months pass, still I can’t get you out of my head, can’t get you out of my heart, you’re name is the first thought when I awake with a start,and the last when I fall sleep. And everything in between. You haunt me. All because you didn’t want me.

Miss you (kinda a song fic if you squint)

Summary: Stan needs to fill the now quiet shack with noise so he turns on the radio and it ends up being on a love song station that Mabel left it on.  So he starts singing along and doesn’t realize Ford hears him.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not the song, not the characters, nothing.

Warning: Could be taken as mild Stancest if you look closely. If not wanting that it’s kinda cute overly close bro-ness.

Author note: I heard this while driving and was like… if you replace girl with bro then it totally could work as Stanley singing to Ford…. And this was born.

It had been a week since the kids had left.  Ford was still disappointed that Dipper had decided to go back with Mabel to his home in California.  All that potential wasting away throughout the school year, though the kids had promised they’d be back next summer.  Since the young twins leaving, the genius scientist hadn’t left his lab at all, burying himself into his work.  After so long though Ford’s body was truly hating him.  Between the two of them, over what little bit of summer that Dipper had spent in the basement lab, the two had eaten all of his food rations that were stored down there.  A real bed wouldn’t hurt either.  His back was starting to feel his age.  With those thoughts in mind Stanford went up the elevator and headed towards the kitchen sluggishly.  Only upon reaching the doorway to the room he had to stop and stare.  He wasn’t expecting his brother there, though a quick glance at the clock told him it was morning so it made sense.  What didn’t make sense was that Stanley was softly singing.

Stan had been having a sad week himself.  He had grown to really love having the kids around.  Dipper’s constant nerd or awkward preteen moments and Mabel’s jokes and antics always brought a smile to his face almost every day throughout the summer.  He couldn’t look at his carpet without picking up traces of glitter caught in the fibers or even look at a pen without wondering how many he’d have to order after Dipper chewed on them.  When the two had left, Mabel had made Stan promise to try and make up with his brother, Stanford.  The only good thing from the near apocalypse was that they at least established a very shaky truce and Ford wasn’t going to kick him out right away.  But since his genius brother hadn’t stepped one foot out of the basement since the kids had left, that left Stan alone to deal with the overwhelming quiet that now seemed to take over the shack.

As he lumbered into kitchen to fix himself some breakfast, Stan nearly winced at the sight of the still existing pitcher of Mabel juice on the counter that he couldn’t bring himself to throw away but dear god he wasn’t going to drink that.  Looking anywhere but that horrifying concoction that his grandniece called a drink, Stan’s eyes landed on a small radio that one of the kids must have also left.  Needing some kind of noise, he quickly moved over and turned it on.  Only to have the sounds of an overly cheesy love song to start loudly sounding.  Stan winced.  Mabel had listened to this last.  He remembered her sighing longingly over this station.  Even as he lifted his hand to change the station, he knew he couldn’t do it.  Not yet.  This was Mabel’s station.  He might as well let it play as he cooked himself some breakfast.

As he shuffled his slipper wearing feet over to the refrigerator, Stan simply started listening to the familiar and overly played songs.  He had heard them over and over for near three months.  As he pulled out a skillet and tossed some butter to melt in it, he started to faintly hum and by the time he was cracking and cooking up some eggs and bacon he was singing under his breath.  As another song came on he went along with that too, remembering the first time he heard the sad breakup song how it oddly reminded him more of his estranged brother then anyone… even his old ex-wife.  It didn’t even register to Stan that as he was singing he had replaced the lyrical word of ‘baby’ with ‘bro’.

“Yeah miss you.  Tonight I feel so cold and lonely and bro you’re so far away.  The space between us keeps on growing. How I wish that you can hear me when I say.”

Ford blinked in confusion.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had heard his brother sing, if ever.  And where he could hear the original song playing on the radio, and he was guessing it to be some type of love song though rather depressing, the fact that Stanley was clear singing it about him had the scientist not sure how to react.

“No no no no no no, wish you hear me saying. Oh I miss you. I miss you. Oh bro, since you walked away.  I miss you, oh I miss you.  I miss you more and more each day.”

Stan reached up into a nearby cabinet to grab a plate.  Not focusing on more than the stove top and cooking food.  He set the plate down and reached over to hit the button for the coffee maker.  The bubbling sound and strong aroma helping to wake up his still sleep cloudy mind as the music kept playing.

“Now tell me do you think about me, cause I think about you all the time. Only miles just stand between us…,” The soft gravelly voice of Stan reached Ford’s ears and he couldn’t help but listen.  He wasn’t even sure if Stan realized that there was pain in his voice as he sang.  He was about to just turn around and leave when Stan just happened to pick that moment to move to fill up a mug full of coffee.  The singing stopping instantly and Stanley shifted embarrassed.  “Stanford… uh… how long you been standing there?”

“Not…not too long,” Ford answered back a little too quickly to be casual.  He looked down at his feet not knowing what to say.  Stan, looking at his plate full of food for a moment, before taking a deep breath for courage and asking, “you want some breakfast.  I can make another plate.”  Stan held his breath, still not looking at his brother.  He had tried to make peace but the few chances he had gotten in the past had always been shot down by his twin.  Ford’s answer of, “that would be nice, Stan,” was not what the con man had been expecting, or the almost shy quality to his brother’s voice.  Looking back at his brother, Stan could see an almost hesitant smile on his brother’s face.  He couldn’t help but give one of his own back and say softly, “then sit down and let me fix you up some grub.”


Request from anon: You should do a part two for “low-key” where they get back together or something

Sammy’s POV

“Hey Sam. How you feeling today?” Nash walks in my apartment with all the guys following him. “I’m cooling.” I say, flipping channels. “Have you talked to Y/N lately?” Nate asks. I just shook my head no. It’s been 2 weeks since the whole controversy. There was an article where they said I stopped seeing the girl because the fans kept sending her death threats and hate causing her to commit suicide. I rolled my eyes so hard at the article. I quickly shut down that rumor because I got tired of people talking about about Y/N when no one even knew her. If only you people freaking knew her, they would love her. “Well, why don’t you call her?” “She’s not going to answer. She wants nothing to do with me or my fans.” I slouch down lower on the couch. It’s okay man. Things will fall into place..” Swazz tries to reassure me. 

A couple days later, the guys and I were out to eat and we sat down, ordering our food. I put down the menu, and looked up. All the guys saw me staring, and followed where my gaze was going. Their eyes landed on Y/N, sitting across the room, eating alone. “Dude,” J elbows me, “Go to her! Talk to her!” “No, no. She doesn’t want anything to do with me.” I say, my eyes not leaving her. “Do you miss her? Low-key?” “High-key.” I just said. “Then? Go to her. Maybe she’ll be happy to see you too!” He tries to encourage me. I finally manned up, and walked to her. Getting closer and closer to her, I felt myself shake. Next thing I know, I’m standing in front of her table, quiet. She notices a body next to the table as she looks up. 

A smile from the both of us emerge from our face once we look at each other’s face. “Sam.” She says quietly. “Hi…” I wave awkwardly. She moves her head back, looking behind me, to see all the guys staring at us. She waves her hand and they wave back at her. “Would you like to take a seat?” I quickly sit down across from her. “This is the first time I’ve heard you quiet..” She says. I watch her head turn from side to side, looking around, probably to see if there would be anyone to take pictures of us. “No, no.” I stop her. “Don’t worry about that anymore. It’s not a problem anymore.” “Really? You don’t want to be low-key anymore?” “No. I… I…”

I took in a deep breath, “Y/N, when you told me you thought it was a bad idea for us to become a thing, my heart physically broke. I know we’ve only known each other for a month but, I felt like it’s been forever. I miss you more and more each day. I missed talking to you. I missed seeing your face, your smile, hearing your laugh, your stories. I missed, you..” She looks at me with soft eyes. She then smiles a little, “I’ve high-key missed you too..” She admits making me happy that she’s missed me. “Would you like to join us for lunch?” I point to the guys, that were still staring at us. She nods, and we walk towards them. She greets them, talks to them, and I just sit there, looking at her, smiling. 

“So, Y/N, are you okay now?” J asks, and she looks at him. “You know, with all what the fans said.” I felt her get a little uncomfortable, “Johnson, no,” “No, it’s okay. Uhm, yeah. Yeah, I’m better. I learned to not let it get to me anymore. So i’m okay now. Thanks.” She smiles softly. “So, does that mean you’ll give our boy another chance?” Hayes slaps my back, giving her a goofy smile. She just laughs at him. I look at her for her response though, and we made eye contact, “Yeah, i’ll give it another shot.” All the guys cheer and she just laughs. “Are you sure you’ll be okay with what the fans say?” I say to her. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll get used to it. I mean, all your guys’ fans are like that. So, can’t stop it. Do you want to keep us low-key again?” She turns to me. “No. No more low-key shit.” I say to her. I had Johnson snap a picture of Y/N and I while we were out walking around. I posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram, 


Things are slowly falling into place. Whether you like it or not, she’s mine, she’ll be around. Love her for who she is. She’s a true beauty and a down to earth soul. Thank you for giving me a second chance. I promise this time will be better. Thanks for loving the same things I love. Thank you for loving me and my friends for who we are. Thanks for being you. Thanks for my ice cream too. @Y/N High-key, I love you. Kept it low-key enough. It’s time to show you off to the world. 


Skatemaloley: 😍😍 That’s my boy!!! GET IT! Much love to you both. 

JackJackJohnson: Fave couple! 😘

NashGrier: Glad you’re happy again bro! 

Tez: OK Mr and Mrs. Good looking! 

Hayes Grier: MOM AND DAD! YES! MOM AND DAD. ☺️ Can I get an ice cream too mom?? 

JackGilinksy: High-key ship you guys! 😏❤️ When’s the wedding? 

Y/N: High-key, you’re a dork. But I like dorks. So it’s okay. I love you too. @ Hayes Grier, come get an ice cream, young one. 

Does time really make two people stop loving one another, because even after all this time I’m still in love with you. I miss you more and more each day. And no matter how much I can’t admit it to anyone I feel that you’ll be the one I truly never get over…
—  baefiveoneoh (There’s always that one love you will never fully get over..)

I miss this cast more and more for each day that goes by ❤️
But yet I’m still really pumped to see the new cast hopefully soon ❤️

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