I just always assumed that you’d be in my life forever- as a lover, a best friend, something. Now that we aren’t speaking, it feels like half of me is missing. I don’t know exactly what I want, I don’t think I really ever have, but one thing I’m sure of is that you belong in my life. I miss you more and more with each passing day, my love. I truly hope that one day, life will bring us together again.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write (#4).
I miss you

I miss you in every way, I miss you more and more each day, I wish there were some words to say, which would have made you stay, the world is Cold and colorless without you, time is a blur without you, and I don’t wanna be without you. But you made your choice and it wasn’t me. I didn’t get a choice, it was always you and will always be. You’re the voice inside my head, you’re every book I’ve ever read.and the days go by and the months pass, still I can’t get you out of my head, can’t get you out of my heart, you’re name is the first thought when I awake with a start,and the last when I fall sleep. And everything in between. You haunt me. All because you didn’t want me.

heartbroken 💔

I love you more than you know,
I just wish you didn’t have to go,
I just want one more day with you,
And I know thats what you would have wanted too.
Just one more day with you,
To ease all this pain,
Darling, I miss you so,
And I don’t know where to go.
I miss you more and more each day,
There’s so much I want to say,
I hope you’re next to me,
So we can laugh all day.
This sadness draws me to depression,
Tears lullaby me to sleep,
I can’t even escape in my dreams,
Pain is digging in my heart while asleep.
I wish you were still here,
But I know that you are still near,
Caress me my darling like you are here,
Let me feel that you are near.
One more day with you, please,
Help me to get through,
Until the day we see each other again,
Just one more day, please….. Stay.
Stay with me, say this isn’t the end.
Hold me tight, let me feel your warm skin.
I know, you wouldn’t want me to pretend.
But I also know you understand the pain I’m in.
Why did you have to leave me so soon?
My legs can’t make sense of the ground anymore.
I can’t stop looking for you in the moon.
This pain has no fast cure.
But what else should I expect, of course losing you would be hard.
We had a love that felt like it could last for centuries.
It’s obvious your departure has left me brutally scarred
But at least I have you in my memories. 😭

g r e a t n e s s  f r o m  s m a l l  b e g i n n i n g s; (an instrumental playlist) //  “i will be wild. i will be brutal. i will encircle you and conquer you. i will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. i will be inevitable.” [listen here]

1. destiny of the chosen immediate // 2. sol invictus audiomachine // 3. i’m proud of you sam hulick // 4. an end once and for all (extended cut) sam hulick and clint mansell // 5. to the stars tyler bates // 6. familiar nils frahm // 7. kind nils frahm // 8. the spirit tree (ft. aeralie brighton) gareth coker // 9. reunion greg edmonson // 10. the breaking of the fellowship howard shore and fran walsh

a playlist for my beloved commander lexa, i miss you more and more each day. may the stars continue to hold you in their embrace; reshop, ai hodnes. yu gonplei ste odon. may we meet again.

Does time really make two people stop loving one another, because even after all this time I’m still in love with you. I miss you more and more each day. And no matter how much I can’t admit it to anyone I feel that you’ll be the one I truly never get over…
—  baefiveoneoh (There’s always that one love you will never fully get over..)
"I love you, mija. And just remember, you'll be alright."

My great grandfather passed away in May of 2015 & he took a piece of me with him when he did. He was diagnosed & misdiagnosed for years until early 2015 they said finally that it was lung cancer. I spent the last week of his life with him, & the last time I saw him I was with my family. I hugged him good bye & tried not to cry, he told my fiancé as he hugged him to take care of me. He was one of very few who loved me & supported me, & he was more to me than just a grandfather, he was my only true father figure. He would always tell me that I would be alright, that I would be successful. The next day he fell into a coma. On May 5th he passed, a month before his birthday. I miss him more & more each day.

“ Dear Sarah and Gracie,

I’m sorry I broke the promise I made to you that I would see you both get into high school. I love you. Please behave for your mother. Take care of each other. Love, Dad.”

My father died a year ago today, February 11th. This was the last thing he said to me and my sister while he was still capable of speaking. He fell into a comatose like state the next day. He could hear us, but couldn’t respond. He spent five days in a nursing home before finally surrendering in an eight and half year long battle with cancer. I spent those five days spending as much time with him as I could. I’d talk to him, hold his hand, tell him it was okay to let go. Since he could still hear us, my mother would instruct us to go out into the hallway to cry, because we knew that he would try to hang on. He was my best friend. I miss him more and more each day. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.


December 24 2012: Merlin gave me the chance to leave my own little world for a while and delve into a world of magic, goblins and trolls for an hour. It has allowed me to meet people that I love and could not picture my life without. And though I miss it more and more each day, and it seems impossible that it has been gone a year, I am so very thankful that it got to be a part of my life, and can continue to be a part of my life. Merry Christmas everyone - for the love of Camelot!

Taylor if you see this, just know I miss you more and more each day ❤️ every day Kingston and I look at our photo and I remind him how loved he is by you. You have shown him more love than some members of his family and that means the world to me. He may not understand it now but he will appreciate it when he does. I’m so grateful he has you in his life. You’re family to him. He sees your photo as much as he does mine and his daddy. Thank you for that. I hope 5 years down the road, we can recreate his meet and greet photo and still see how he is still loved by you. So even if you think I’m some crazy mom, I just wanted to say thank you for loving my son.

Dear Lexa,

It’s been 70 days since I’ve last seen your face. I miss you more and more each day. I will forever keep you in my mind and heart. You will never be forgotten.



nobody actually understands my love for this absolutely magnificent angel who has gotten me through literally everything since i discovered her when i was 9 years old. happy 32nd birthday, queen. i hope you have finally found peace. i miss you more and more each day. i love you so much, amy jade winehouse.


I miss this more and more each day. This specific group of people will never exist like this again, however they will forever and always be my family. There is no other corps I would have wanted to spend my summer with other than the Colts. We were there for each other through all the good and the bad! We cheered each other on when we had to run, for what seemed like an eternity at times, made each other laugh when we needed to find something to keep us from a breakdown and never stopped believing in one another. We are the 2014 Colts, and we showed DCI something they had never seen before. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Hold on. 


I miss this cast more and more for each day that goes by ❤️
But yet I’m still really pumped to see the new cast hopefully soon ❤️

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