it was the most unexpected thing that had every happened to you. coming home to find Kol standing in your living room. “darling!” he exclaimed when you entered.


“you must be confused as to why im here.” Kol stated, “Y/N would you believe me if i told you you’re all i think about? that your face is in every waking moment and even when i sleep i see you? when im away from you its like part of me is missing. i need you.”

I Miss the Misery: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

So this is based off the song I Miss the Misery by Halestorm. Hope you guys like it!

Part Two

I’ve been a mess since you stayed,
I’ve been a wreck since you changed,

Kol wasn’t expecting her letters to be among Klaus’. 

Any other time, he probably would’ve thrown his brother across the room for going through his things, but when he saw the familiar cursive handwriting, he remembered that he had in fact been dead, so it probably didn’t matter. 

He sat on the bed, knowing he had to hide these from Davina if their relationship was to work. 

She wouldn’t like knowing that there had been someone else in the picture. 

She definitely wouldn’t like knowing the heartbreak this person had caused. 

She most certainly wouldn’t like knowing that she was the first person he had ever turned all those centuries ago. 

Y/N Y/L/N. The first girl Kol Mikaelson had ever loved. 

And so, checking no-one was around first, he began to read, reminding himself of all the reasons she had been a part of his life.

Don’t let me get in your way,
I miss the lies and the pain,

He was reminded of the night she left, the night he practically threw her out. 


One night before he was daggered and his family whisked him off to New Orleans. 

“Well, you made a right mess of that!”

“I’m sorry?”

She and Kol faced each other, emotions rising. They had just come back from a hunt, and she, in a supposed moment of weakness, had  let someone go. Which would result in them telling the whole of Cadiz that vampires lived among them. 

After 600 years of being with the Mikaelsons, you would think that mistakes like that would go unpunished. 

Apparently not. 

The two continued to fight about it. Normally, it probably would have ended in sex of some kind, that was how these two made up, but not this time. 

This time it was her who changed. 

”I can’t, I can’t keep doing this anymore Kol. I can’t keep worrying about whether or not we’re going to get caught. I thought the whole point of this was being carefree.”

”Well, if that’s how you feel, love, maybe you should just go.”

So she did, and never looked back. 

I miss the bad things,
The way you hate me,
I miss the screaming,
The way that you blame me!

Kol missed the fights with her.

He missed how they would always blame each other, and then Elijah would run in, call them both idiotic, how they were both as stubborn and as reckless as each other. 

It was what made them a perfect match. 

When the dagger was pulled out of Kol’s chest a century later, he did make an effort to try and find her. 

To apologise. 

To tell her he loved her. After all, it was why he had turned her.

Of course, now she would be dead. After he had died back at the hands of the Gilbert boy, his entire sire line perished. Including her. 

Miss the phone calls
When it’s your fault,
I miss the late nights,
Don’t miss you at all!

More than anything, Kol missed the times when she accepted that she was to blame. 

How she would show up, tears streaming, begging for his forgiveness. 

How he would pick her up, spin her around, attaching his lips to hers, her hands in his hair as he carried her to the bedroom. 

How, that night, all that would exist would be those two, their bodies merging as one. 

He tried to pretend that it was the sex that he missed, after she left, but anyone with a brain would know that it was really her. 

Her eyes, her hair, her smile, the way his name would roll off her tongue. 

Things he would now never experience again. 

I like the kick in the face,
And the things you do to me!
I love the way that it hurts!
I don’t miss you, I miss the misery!

Of course, Kol had Davina now. 

A sweet girl, whom he loved. He really did. 

But he would never have the things he had with Y/N, with her. He would never turn her, he knew that. 

He would never be with her for centuries. He just had to make do with the time he had now. 

Folding away the letters, prepared to go and see his current girlfriend, Kol was somewhat surprised to hear shouting from downstairs. 

So he followed it. 

He saw his two older brothers towering over another, almost in an attempt to hide this new person. 

“What’s going on?”

As if on cue, Elijah and Klaus were pushed aside to reveal the new arrival. 

Kol was taken aback. Confused. This wasn’t possible. 

The same eyes. The same hair. The same smile. 

The same feeling when his name rolled off her tongue. 

“Hello, Kol. Miss me?”


Crushes - Kol Mikaelson

Kol x reader

Rebekah x friend!reader

Warnings:  yelling, embarrassment, compulsion, a little angst

Word count: 2417

Authors note: ( y/f/n = your/friend’s/name ), this was supposed to be based off of  request but it took a different turn, i am proud of it though. This was only 13 pages on paper and it became 16 on the computer ( i added stuff ;) ). i choose Greece because i love the show “Xena warrior princess”. i was thinking about choosing Russia  because I’ve been watching “Arrow” and i love his Russian friend from the island he’s funny. (p.s send in requests please)

Summary: Rebekah wants to know who your crush is but you lie and say no one but then Kol walks in and you cant lie to him son you shut up , later Kol wants to know to when you dein him he has to take drastic measures that he ends up regretting.


Originally posted by sociopathic-winchester

Readers p.o.v

“No, Rebekah stop asking please.” I begged

 “Come on y/n, just admit to me who you like and I won’t have to ask. To think we have been friends for hundreds of centuries and you won’t tell me”.

 I plopped myself down on the couch and looked at her. “ I want to Rebekah but, problem is I don’t like anymore-”.

 “What did I miss” Kol said sitting down next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. Which maybe my cheeks turn red, I could feel it.

 Rebekah glared at Kol for interrupting me. “Y/n was just about to explain why-”

 “About to explain why I can’t stay for movie night” I cut her off.

 Kol looked at me shocked that I would miss a movie night with him and Bekah. While Bekah was looking at me skeptically, looking at my cheeks and kol and me.

 “And why not” she asked crossing her arms across her chest, giving me a smug look.

 “I-I” I looked at her and looking at her and I knew she figured it out. I hate the fact that she knows, because now she’s gonna want to talk to me about it.

 “You have to stay! You can’t miss out on this, we have been doing it since movies came out on film rolls!” Kol said

 I turned to Kol  I couldn’t lie to Kol. Even if I wanted to.

 I love him, not just did I like someone I loved someone and that was Kol Mikaelson. I have since Klaus un-daggered him A century after I met Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah.

 I turned my head to look at Kol and he looked between disappointed, sad, and shocked.

 “Please, darling” he said. While stroking my hair.

 “You know what, it’s nothing I can’t do tomorrow”

 Kol’s face lit up. His arm was starting to get a little warm around my shoulders, I had to get up or I would start to get extra comfortable.

 “Well then, now that that’s settled. Who’s gonna make popcorn-” Kol started to say but I cut him off, this was my chance.

 “I-I will. I mean, I should go make the popcorn, uh yeah.” I got up quickly and headed to the kitchen.


After the first movie I volunteered to make more popcorn and get more drinks, although as I got up Kol linked our hands and started to drag me out of the room.


 “I’m gonna help you, come on” he said cutting me off. I looked back at Bekah, she just shrugged clueless as me as to his behavior.

 As Kol dragged me into the kitchen and looked at me.

 “Ok look I know when you lie I can hear your undead heartbeat skip. You didn’t have anything to do instead of this, that was a lie. I want to know why you were so nervous before I walked in darling”

 I pulled my hand from his. I can’t tell him, if I tell him it will ruin everything. Plus how can he like or even love me the same way. I can’t let him know, then the last 800 years of friendship would be for nothing.

 “I don’t know what your talking about, come on let’s just make more popcorn “ I said turning around to get more popcorn out of the cabinet.

 “Sweetheart don’t make me have to compel it out of you” he said grabbing both my wrist, turning me around. “Please …  darling don’t make me.”

 “Kol nothing was said, even if something was said Kol it would be between me and Rebekah. I know this is hard for you to understand but not everything is your business.” I said trying to turn around.

 “Fine darling you give me no choice.” He grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes “what were you and my sister talking about before I walked in?”

 We were talking about crushes. She wanted to know who I liked” I said almost like  robot.

 “And what did you tell her?” He compelled me again. I have a feeling he’s gonna do that a lot in the next few minutes.

 “I told her that I didn’t like anyone”

 “Is that the truth?” He asked.

 “No” I swallowed hoping he won’t ask what I think he will.

 “Then tell me darling, who do you like so much that you were gonna skip out on movie night for? Hmm”

 “You. The person I like, love and have a crush on is you. I stopped talking so you wouldn’t ask. I can’t lie to you, that’s why I go around avoiding saying who I like.” As I finished my last statement I didn’t know how to feel angry that he actually compelled me, shocked about it to. But I was for certain embarrassed to hell and back. I can’t believe he did that, that he knows how much I like him, that he knows at all.

 “Y/n-” he started but I cut him off I pulled my wrist out of his grip. I jerked my chin out of his grip to.

 “I-I  have to go.” I said in a hurry to get out of the kitchen. I walked over into the room we set up the movies in. I grabbed my jacket, and started to put it on.

 “Where are you going, I thought you were gonna stay?” Bekah asked.

 “I have to go, I’m sorry Bekah” I said walking out of the room and Rebekah following me.

 “Y/n, you don’t have to go …” Kol said he looked sad when he saw I had I had put my jacket on.

 “I’ll see you guys later, I’m-m s-sorry” I stuttered, and with that I left.


Kol’s p.o.v

“Ok Kol what did you do to make her leave?!” Rebekah yelled.

 “I-I compelled her to tell me what you guys were talking about before I walked in. I … made her tell me who her crush was, who she liked.” I said still in shock.

 “Who, come on Kol tell me, who?!” Rebekah yelled excitedly.

 “Me. She likes me, has a crush on me.” We looked at each other I couldn’t believe it.

%%%%%%%%( 2 hours later )%%%%%%%%

I sat in my room holding my head in my hands. “She likes me. She has a crush on me. How could I not see it. How could I not for 800 years see it! I didn’t think that would be her answer, or that her and Rebekah were talking about that. I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t me, to be honest. I have had a crush on her since Klaus has un-daggered me, since the first time I met her. The only reason I was so shocked and just stood there after she said it was me because I didn’t think she would ever like me back. Let alone love me back. I thought ya know if she said someones elses name (besides mine) I could tease her about it and then kill the guy later. But the fact that she said my name shocked me so much that I was to shocked to stop her from leaving.  Now she’s gone.” I was brought out of my rant to myself, when Rebekah knocked on my my door entering.

 “Come on Kol, it can’t be that much of a shock. You two have always been super close and flirty, did you really think that there weren’t any real feelings behind it at all.” she said more as a statement then a question.

 “That’s the thing, to me it was never just just playful flirting … I have liked, no loved her since the moment we met. I just never said anything because of Klaus and he daggers. I couldn’t put her in that situation.” I told her.

 “Then go tell her how you feel. She ran out of here in pure embarrassment. You shouldn’t have compelled her!” she yelled the last part.

 “I know, I know  … it was wrong I just had to know. I hate that I compelled her I shouldn’t have done it” I said shaking my head and burying it in between my knees.

 Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to my side at Rebekah.

 “Then go talk to her before it’s too late.” she said with sympathy.

 “Bekah-” I started.

 She cut me off “Try! … at least try” she said the last part softer.

%%%%%( meanwhile )%%%%%

Readers p.o.v

I started to pack clothes into my duffel bag as soon as I got back. I spent almost an hour crying and walking around the square.

Y/F/N: Hey, I booked your flight.


Y/N: thxks for buying the ticket.


Y/F/N: Tell me again why you transferred money to my account to buy you a plane ticket?


Y/N: Because I need to get out of here for awhile and if I bought it then the Mikaelsons would be able to track where I went and that would defeat the purpose of being alone.


Y/F/N: Ok, I understand that. But why what happened exactly?


Y/N: Kol compelled me to tell him who I ike. He found out it was him and well you know he doesn’t like me that way so he just stood there, I left and now I need to get away for awhile.


Y/F/N: He could like you the same maybe he was just in shock. But I agree you need a little VK and he had no right to do what he did.


Y/N: thank you again for doing this.


Y/F/N: No problem

I put my phone in my pocket, grabbed my bag and turned off the lights with that I locked the door and left.

 As I got in the cab I said “Airport please” looking out the window at the night sky.

 I know some people would consider this running from my problems. But I’m not, I just need sometime to recover from being so embarrassed and possibly just lose one of the best friendships I’ve ever had. I just need to cool down from everything.

 So Greece  here I come …

%%%%%( now )%%%%%

Kol’s p.o.v

Once I got to her place I noticed the lights were off in her place, and I didn’t hear anything so I went around to the side and jumped up to the balcony and wedged open the window. I walked into the kitchen then the living room, I noticed that her closer was left open and half her clothes were gone and some jewelry is gone to.

 Great she left to god knows where I’m too late.


“Did you talk to her?” Rebekah asked.

 “No, I didn’t. Because she wasn’t there, she’s gone I didn’t know where … but she’s gone”

 “All her stuff-”

 “No … not all of it” I said

 “Well she probably needs space. Just give her time and space she’ll come back” she said, then left to her room for the night.

 I nodded, god I missed up.

%%%%%( 2 weeks later )%%%%%

“She’s back you know” Rebekah said leaning against the door frame to my room.

 I looked up at her “I have to go talk to her” I said, as I grabbed my jacket and left.

 “ you better come back with her as your girlfriend!” Rebekah yelled as I headed out of the compound.


Readers p.o.v

I was unpacking from my 2 weeks in Greece. It was nice getting away for awhile. I suddenly heard a knock on my door. When I opened it I was shocked to see Kol.I mean I knew he would come over but I didn’t think this soon.

 “Ummm, hi” I said shyly.

 “Hi … can I come in, I know that’s asking a lot but I want to explain everything” he said in one breath.

 I nodded, and opened the door more and moved to the side.

 “Sooo  … where’d you go?” he asked

 “Greece. I needed space for a bit.” I answered.

 “You always liked it there. I checked your bank account it didn’t say anything about a plane ticket being bought.”

 “ yeah i had y/f/n but it so you couldn’t track me. I have known you for a very long time Kol, I know how you think.” I said with a smirk.

 He smiled “ yeah you do … better than anyone.”

 After some time awkward silence you decided to break it “ you said you wanted to explain” I stated.

 “Ah yes, look I imagine that you left to take some time because of what you said and what I did. The reason I didn’t stop you from leaving the kitchen is because I was shocked, darling-”

 “I could tell” you interrupted

 “I was shocked you could like me, love me like I love you.” he rushed out.

 I looked at him shocked. He has liked even loved me back!.

 “You love me back? Why did you not say anything to stop me from leaving the compound?!” I wanted to yell at him louder but I do have neighbors.

 “I was scared darling. Happy I was scared” he said

 “I love you Kol.” I said walking up to him and cupping his cheeks “and that, is never going to change.”

 “I’m all in darling. All in, be mine let’s spend the rest of eternity  together” he said smiling.

 “Absobloodylutely” I said smirking.

 “Good cause  I have wanted you to be mine since we met … and Bekah told me not to come back unless I make you my girlfriend.” we both laughed.

 After that me and Kol never kept anything from each other again and Rebekah was happy to say the least when we came back to the compound together.

The Original sister

Imagine: Being a Mikaelson sibling, Klaus daggering you long ago because you were crazy, being released after Kol and Rebekah beg to have you back, forgiving Klaus because he’s your brother and you still love him.

The warmth of unexpected sunlight made you shiver. How long had you been asleep? Your arms reached out, looking for something to hold onto as the hunger pains and cravings kicked your senses into overdrive. The carved wooden sides of your coffin made you jump, how could you be so surprised? 

 It all started in that club Niklaus and Rebekah had brought you to. New York in 1925 was crawling with attractive men, a soldier had come your way, offered to buy you a drink and you had taken him out back to feed from him. Despite nearly killing him, he was sweet and you were going to heal him when he awoke. But everything was dark after that, spending forever in darkness or in a deep sleep, not able to awaken until you’re rescued.

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Home- Kol Mikaelson

Request- Smut where the reader goes on vacation? And when she gets home Kol says he missed her so they go to dinner because he wants to spend time with her and when they get home they realize they’re both horny AF and fuck to make up for her being away for a week


You drop your bags just inside the room you shared with Kol in the compound and sigh. Your vacations always took so much energy out of you, all the running around before and then during just burned you out. Kol doesn’t even move as you shut the door and take off your shoes, not bothering with changing your clothes as you lay down under the covers and fall asleep.

Kol wakes you up six hours later when he finally wakes up. You groan as you turn over and he smiles, that crooked sleepy smile that makes your lips move up into the same thing. His hand lands gently on your hip and his thumb strokes the skin there lightly.

“Let me take you out to breakfast.” You smile and cup his cheeks, bringing him down to kiss you quickly.

“Let me go shower and then you can take me to breakfast.” You roll over to the edge of the bed and sit up, pushing off it to walk to the bathroom.

You emerge to Kol already dressed and ready for the day. He waits impatiently for you to get dressed and put makeup on before you can leave. He takes your hand in his and you wind your hand around his arm, leaning your head on his shoulder as you walk towards the door.

“I missed you while you were gone.” Kol says and you squeeze his hand.

“I missed you too.” You remember the long phone calls at three am and the texts that drained your phone battery, you remember the ache in your chest that he wasn’t sleeping next to you.

You get to the diner and eat your breakfast, silent for the most part, enjoying the quiet and relaxed company. Kol makes a joke that makes you nearly spit out your coffee and makes your face turn red but you both laugh when you finally swallow your coffee. He pays the bill and you both get ready to leave.

You resume the same position you were in while you were walking, a hand in his and the other on his arm.

“I’m ready to go home and lay in bed all day.” You sigh, still tired from your long drive home.

“I don’t remember you to be so straight forward, maybe the beach has changed you.” He grins and you turn red, a little embarrassed.

“I didn’t mean- okay, maybe I meant-” He cuts you off, kissing you before you can say anything else and you kiss him right back.

“We should go upstairs.” You look around at his siblings, who just got a full show of what you making out with their brother looks like. They all grin like they’re the happiest people alive and you blush.

Kol, using his enhanced speed, takes you both to your room and you don’t get a single word in before your shirt is over your head and your pants are being undone.

“Kol.” You mutter just before he kisses you again, this time slower, enjoying the moment because you missed each other so much.

You lift his shirt over his head and start to undo his pants, pushing them down just before you both fall onto the bed, crashing and disoriented and laughing. You pull him in for a kiss and he pushes your underwear down your legs.

“I am going to make up for all the time we’ve missed, I don’t have the patience for foreplay, darling.” You nod and he slowly eases into you. He groans and you whimper as you adjust to him.

“Darling, you feel so good. I missed you so much.” You moan and grab onto his shoulders, swiveling your hips to get more friction.

He starts thrusting, slow, heavy thrusts that have your toes curling and your nails digging into his shoulders. You move with him, breasts bouncing and eyes closed as you cry out for him go faster. He follows your request, speeding up his thrusts and now pounding into you instead of going slow. He missed you so much while you were gone and he’s not going to waste a minute of being inside of you. But when you push back on him like that and when you moan the way you always do with him he loses just a little bit of control.

Kol’s thumb starts to rub circles into your clit and you start to lose control of your own body. Back arching, legs tightening, hands scratching as you completely come undone beneath him. Kol groans loudly in your ear but you barely catch it in your moment of euphoria.

You feel him pull out and land next to you on the bed, panting but smiling. You smile back and kiss him.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too, darling.”  

We dont talk enough about the fact that Klaus had Kol’s ashes like Klaus literally brought with him the ashes of his dead little brother from mystic falls and to New Orleans he couldve just buried the remains in mystic falls or something but no he put it in a urn or jar or what ever and brought it with him to their home in new orleans and idk maybe elijah and Rebekah helped him but still no one can say they didnt care/mourn kol even if they were shit at showing it THEY TOOK HIM WITH THEM EVEN IF HE WAS DEAD AND THEY TOOK CARE OF THE ASHES!!


Imagine: Kai and Kol fighting over your affections, after you’ve had a child with both of them…

“What happened in here?!” You exclaimed, eyeing the mess that your “living room” had transformed into. The culprits? Two toddlers. How, I hear you ask, could two little girls - who stood no taller than two feet tall  - cause such a thing? Well, having two temperamental mini witches under one roof was a recipe for disaster - as you have found out more times this year, than any other person in the world!

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People I will miss forever: Kol Mikaelson (TO) 
↳ “Oh, you’re angry, are you? Well join the party! I’ve been here 1,000 years. I was builiding that dagger to protect myself against you, Nik. I’m not the bad guy in this chapter of our family’s story. I’m the wronged, I’m the dead, but never mourned. And whilst you got everythng you ever wanted, I got a family who didn’t care if I lived or if I died.

Stefan Salvatore Imagine: I’m Sorry Pt 2

Outfit Idea

“Our actions have always spoken louder than our words. 4 months ago when my biological father told me that his actions were going to speak louder than his words. They indeed did speak louder than his words. I had decided to extend my stay with Kol and his family to make sure that Kol would be able to be back on his feet again. Yet who am I kidding the main reason that I wanted to stay was because I wanted to see if Klaus was willing to make an effort. It had lasted only 2-3 weeks before he became bored of me, and tossed me aside. I could keep lying to myself that I had stayed longer for Kol. Although I truly knew that it was to see if Klaus was willing to make an effort.

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Mood: Magnetised - Tom Odell.

Marcel: “Hey, did you hear? he’s back.” He sits in the chair next to you. Your went to a bar since you didn’t have anything to do.

Y/N: “Uh… who”? You say a little confused but trying to rest importance to it since one of the reasons you’re in a bar is that you didn’t want to think or care about anything for one night, just one.

Marcel: “Kol.” You freeze in the moment that name comes out of his mouth.

No, no, he can’t. You say in your mind. The last time you saw Kol he was dying, and because he was, you told him what you feel for him.


Kol is lying on Rebekah’s tights, his mouth and nose bleeding, and coughing. He is crying and Rebekah is telling him she will bring him back. You were kneeled in front of him, crying too.

Y/N: “You will be okay, we’ll bring you back, okay? Promise.” You say to him trying to calm him down. He stares at you and tries to smile but it doesn’t comes out like one.

You bend over to get closer to him, “I love you and always will.” You murmur in his ear, then you kiss his cheek. In that exact moment Davina comes crying too and you leave knowing you don’t have anything else to do there.

End of flashback.

Y/N: “You’re joking right?” You ask to Marcel.

Marcel: “No, I’m not. I don’t know what did Davina do but he’s back.”

Y/N: “I… uh- I gotta go.” You say to him, still shocked about the fact that the love of your life is alive.

“But I just got here.” Says a voice behind you and you know exactly who is it. You turn around to see Kol standing there smiling.

Kol: “Hi, Y/N.“  You don’t say anything. You obviously can’t, he’s there in his real body, smiling at you as perfect as always. You stand up from the chair to be at same height as his and all you can do is hug him.

Y/N: “I can’t believe you’re here.” You say to him almost crying. You missed him so much, you can’t help not to cry.

Kol: “I am, love.” He says hugging you back. You really don’t want to separate from him but you do anyway.

Y/N: “I missed you.”

Kol: “I would be disappointed if you didn’t.” He says with a playful smile on his face. “And I missed you too.” You smile.

You invite him sit with you and Marcel and he does. You talk for hours, about what happened, what’s happening and basically everything until Marcel says he has to go, leaving you two alone in a awkward silence.  

“So…“ You two say at the same time which makes you both laugh, you let him speak first.

Kol: “Don’t you think we need to talk about… that?”

Y/N: “I was hoping we didn’t.” You say feeling uncomfortable with the subject of the conversation.

Kol: “But-”

Y/N: “No, listen, we don’t have to talk about it. You’re with Davina, you love each other and that’s it. You don’t have any commitment with me, okay? Let’s just… be the good friends we used to be.” Those words leave a bittersweet taste on your mouth because that’s not what you really want to say to him.

Kol: “I care about you, you know? I…” He sights.

Y/N: “Don’t. Please don’t say anything.” You’re starting to get tired of this, he’s breaking your heart and it’s not even his fault.

Kol: “Listen to me, please.” He says grabbing your hand.

Y/N: “Kol… I- I need to go.” You can’t stand it anymore. You stand up before he could say anything else, you say goodbye to him and you leave.

“Y/N!” You hear him screaming your name but you know there is nothing he can say that would make you feel better. You wipe away the tears of your face and you promise to yourself this will be last time you cry for him.

Inside of the bar Kol stays motionless staring at the door through which you just got out.

Kol: “I think I love you too.” He says in a undertone.

I miss the days when Kol hit people with bats, tried to drown people in sinks and called people “darling” as a means of condescension.

I miss the Kol who would charm one minute and dismember the next. Who wanted to kill Matt on the stairs of the mansion just for the spectacle of it.

I miss the Kol who would agree to help Rebekah in her schemes and whined to Klaus when he tried to control him.

I miss the Kol who stood with his brothers and called out his crazy mother.

That Kol is a true Mikaelson. That Kol is who we need back. He can have a romance but he shouldn’t lose his identity to fit a storyline. Everyone else has a balance, he should too.

He can have new close relationships with his siblings without losing his swagger. It’s WONDERFUL that Kol is back, but these writers need to pay homage to Original Kol from TVD.


*Requested* Imagine meeting Kol 21 years after he was killed by Finn´s hex and finding out he still love you

( Another awesome request from adrianico19. I hope you & everyone enjoys this imagine. Also, I do hope the writers of the Originals will bring Kol back at some point, not just in flashbacks *fingers crossed*)

Word count: 719

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It has been horrible seeing Kol, the love of your immortal life, die a second time even if he wasn´t in his own body but still, it broke your heart into a million pieces. Since that day you haven´t been the same, no one has actually. Kol´s death affected the Mikaelson family more than everyone thought.

You currently walk along the people filled Bourbon street, enjoying the festivities and watching incredible street musicians and artists. You stop at one musician with a guitar, playing his soul out, watching him as he plays out all the emotions which are hidden inside of him. That´s what you love most about New Orleans: almost every day there´s a parade or some street event, where you can enjoy music, art and just everything artistic that life has to offer.

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