bbc merlin fest: day #6

Favorite Quote: Various
Tonight…we do battle. Tonight we end this war, we end a war as old as the land itself. A war against tyranny, greed, and spite. Not all will greet the dawn, some will live, some will die. But each and every one of you fights with honour, and with pride. For not only do we fight for our lives, we fight for the future. The future of Camelot. The future of Albion. The future of the united kingdoms. For the love of Camelot!

Happy Birthday Space Big Star Kim Heechul!
You’re definitely one of the most unique person I’ve ever known but that’s your charm ^^
So don’t ever change that!

I hope you’ll enjoy your birthday!
Always stay happy and healthy!~
I love you and I’m so proud of you.
See you soon ♥