We’ve been trying to talk about the blatant sexualization towards Millie Bobbie brown we’ve been trying to bring up that people will not stop treating a 12/13/14 year old girl as an adult we’ve been trying to talk about how she’s being put in far too adult clothing and now we have to watch the ramifications of people refusing to treat a child like a child and watch her be groomed by a grown man and people are defending it as tho any fucking 31 year old man should be texting a 14 year old girl at all hours talking about dating and saying I miss you and all the shit she didn’t even want to share in an interview

just wanted to remind yall of something. i know we all miss dans channel. i know we all want more gaming videos and that spooky week is soon. i know that we all miss more frequent uploads. but dan and phil are coming to the end of a 5 month world tour. im not sure if anyone has realized, particularly if you’re outside of the countries theyve visited in the past month, but dan and phil have been tweeting at pretty late hours (3am etc) recently. you can imagine the amount of jet lag and sleep loss theyve been experiencing and how tired they must be and when they get back to london, them resting is top priority. content can wait, their health is important!

Guess who’s supposed to be on hiatus but missed her babies soo much? I woke up early this morning so I could do this before everyone woke up because I just can’t stay away from my characters and photoshop…hehe. Luckily, I have this picture saved so I could edit it. Sorry, this edit is a bit crappy…:(

I hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely morning, day, night...I MISS YOU ALL and i love you ❤️🌺

Thank you to @cassandragrusel86 (I can’t tag for some reason) for the gorgeous pose and to  @oranostr , @gorillax3  and @elliesimple for their beautiful clothes.

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Man I'm not going to lie I freaked out yesterday when I couldn't find you good to see you back tho can't lie I'm gonna miss all those random Tae videos (I'm being serious they were very random and funny) especially the one with the random character dancing with her at the end (never found out who that was btw) anyway not really a question but still Welcome Back!!

I’m Glad too that you found me

And haha yeah, I used to make videoes too, about the character dance with tae, I think you’re talking about my friend fofu’s persona

Also her design is the origin of ragwort’s stepmother.

fofu’s tumblr is gone for real though

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#47 for the lyrics prompt for Toshinori, cause lbrh... Hahahaha

Hey there, friend! (‿‿) Nice to receive a request from you heheh. And it’s All Might too! I was hoping someone would request him again.

I hope you like it! (◕‿◕)

Your url is tagged to this ask, so it’s easier for you to find it on my blog! @american-nidiot

And just for reference, prompt #47 is “Superman’s got nothing on me.”

Yagi Toshinori / All Might

It was one of the rare times that he woke up before you did on lazy Sunday mornings.

You were curled up into his right side, purposely avoiding his left because that’s where he sustained the great injury that very well started the end to All Might, the Symbol of Peace. He sighed, watching his breath condense into a thin wisp that soon disappeared before staring up at the ceiling instead. Anything was better than keeping his eyes on the injury that has already happened and that he cannot change. Not anymore.

He had an inkling that All Might would be no more, one day. Whether it was a day fast approaching or it was still in the distant future, it was still coming and no amount of denial would stop it. He only wished–

You stirred in your sleep, as if you sensed his train of thought and wanted to distract him from it. He stroked your back absentmindedly and nuzzled his chin into your hair as he hummed, willing you to enjoy your rest and leave him alone with his thoughts for a little longer.

“… What are you thinking about that’s so distressing that you keep sighing, baby?”

So it didn’t work. Maybe he should’ve started singing a lullaby instead, he thought with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Don’t worry about me, Y/N. Everything’s fine,” he said.

You shifted, moving your head from his shoulder up to the pillow beside the one he had laid his own head on. You looked him in the eyes, and eventually he caved, his chest deflating and his shoulders drooping.

“I– cannot be All Might for much longer, I’m afraid.”

You cupped his jaw and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips. He moved to lie on his right side, leaning into you, leaning your touch. It was all he could do lately. Rely on you. Rely on the people around him, the people who used to stand and live and exist in the protection of All Might.

Now he was only Yagi Toshinori.

“You’ve done your best as All Might. There is no superhero that could’ve done what you did. Well, not in all the comic books I’ve read anyway. Even now, I bet you could flick Superman in the forehead and it’d be like he got hit by Kryptonite.”

It was the first time he’s laughed in a while, and the feeling of his chest constricting with a need for air was like something new, something unfamiliar to him. He closed the distance and touched his forehead to yours, and he let your warmth soak into him.

“Even Superman?”

You kissed him once, and then twice and thrice for good measure, as if you knew that he was going to spit out some self-deprecating nonsense and you didn’t want to hear it.

“You could kick his ass quirkless, and you can still kick his ass today. You wanna go hit him up? I’m sure it’d be a good show, even if it’s only like ten seconds.”

Your laughter bled into his, your combined breaths forming a whitish mist in what little space there was between his lips and yours.

“C’mon, say it, Toshi.”

“Say what?”

The pout resting delicately on your lips called another fit of laughter from him. You ran your hands up and down his chest, once sturdy and well-muscled and capable of carrying the weight of the nations bearing down on a thousand earths. But now–

“Say it, Toshi. Please, for me?”

If you believed that he was no less as Yagi Toshinori as he was All Might, then he supposed there was no harm in giving his full trust to your unwavering faith in him.

Superman’s got nothing on me.”

You closed the distance and he could feel your smile against his lips

hello there!

Thought I’d give you a more in-depth reason for my vacation from tumblr, so here it is.

It first started out with my dad having to get a pretty serious surgery, and a lot of time had to go to helping him out around the house while my mum went to work.

Then once that got taken care of I actually got a job! I work at the nearby Barnes & Noble and I’m really enjoying it so far, everyone I work with is delightful, but I’m suddenly finding myself at an almost complete loss of personal time.

Don’t think I haven’t missed writing, because I really have. I miss seeing all of your lovely comments and writing for my favorite fictional kids.

It’s just that I don’t know how to balance all of my stuff yet to leave time to sit down full stories for you lovies, and I’m sorry for leaving you hanging like I did. I hope this brings some clarity!

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Mark just playing with his necklace. Reading his name over and over again. Tracing his eyes up and down the lines. Every now and then whispering “Sean” and just beaming because he thinks it just a beautiful name. After saying it a few times the final time he said it came out in a choke. Tears streaming down his face and he grasps the necklace. “I miss you”



you :(( had me at :((( “sean” :(((((((((((((((( 

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Heyoo! I've been gone for a while but I missed you all. So what have I missed? Are we burning or chill? Any interesting and suspicious business? And how are you Lily? You doin good? So much to catch up on. -N

Hello!! :D
Well, Jack said he was recording Transference, so everyone is anxiously waiting for Anti to show up during the gameplay, so we’re all burning haha
And I’m good! I started to be more careful about what I’m eating and what quantity, so it’s a little rough, but I’ll be all right :)
What about you? How’s it going? - Mod Lily

Lotsa followers :]

Hi everyone. I keep getting followers even though I don’t really post and I am on a hiatus from the game. But I do want you all to know I appreciate every single one of you. I miss you all as well. Trust me, I miss you all more than you’ll ever know.

What a nice night with Dolce. 💕

I hadn’t ridden for a whole week because school just won’t allow me to. I thought to start my long weekend off I’d give her a lunge today. Again to my surprise, she was wonderful. So quiet and responsive. She was moving beautifully. I’m working at the barn tomorrow for half of the day and I’m almost sure I’ll be riding her afterwards. I really miss seeing her all they time.

I (partially) Blame Nostalgia

The power of nostalgia is terrifying. It’s one of the things that I’ve fought the most as I’ve gotten older and I totally understand on a gut instinct level why we become more conservative as we age.

I was just thinking about how much I miss the old Northern California vibe from before the tech bros ruined it, but do I really? Do I miss the Giants crappy stadium and a team that wouldn’t spend? Do I miss the feeling that LA had all the political power? Do I miss a Sacramento that had maybe two or three decent restaurants? Do I miss life before all the exciting tech innovation that happened right in my little corner of the world? Do I miss the way we couldn’t breathe every year when they burned the rice fields off? Do I miss a time when this town was nothing but a government, insurance and aerospace company town? Do I miss shitty weed?

Or do I just miss my porch and my creek and my hot tub? Do I just miss that funky Victorian in midtown we lived in for a while? Do I just miss trips into the City to visit the in-laws? Do I just miss the Novato Renn Faire and the three night show the Dead did every year at Cal Expo right around my birthday? Do I just miss the slower pace of life?

Or do I really miss being in my late 20s and thinking I’d found the best place for me? Do I really miss being as healthy as I was ever going to be?

Nostalgia folks. It’s a hell of a drug.