I actually made these a couple of months ago on my phone, so of course I’m now pretty iffy about them. I might remake them later.
   Anyways, ever since the covers for Countdown to Chaos were revealed, I’ve been making my own redesigns for many of the Sonic characters, and a TON of Fiona. I’ve actually been meaning to upload these designs for quite awhile. Honestly, it’s probably best I started here though, since I’ve only recently made designs that actually fit into the SEGA Sonic style.

Fiona Fox - I wanted to make her look less like Sally and Tails, so I gave her scarlet fur with black tips since the foxes of Mobius have no diversity whatsoever. Her hair and gloves are similar to Sally’s to keep a little bit of the “Sally clone” look Fiona has always had, albeit much more subtle.

X Years later Fiona - I like to think an older Fiona dyes her fur, perhaps even with the same product that turned Sally into a blonde for that one issue.

Skye - He is the son of Fiona and Tails. First of all, I absolutely hate that Tails and Mina somehow ended up together. Throughout the comics, they have little to no interactions and no chemistry at all. Pairing them together just seemed so arbitrary. What was even worse was their children. Those two were a mistake, honestly. Manik and Sonia were pretty cute. Lara-Su was precious. And I ADORED Belle and Jacques. Skye and Melody on the other hand, were such an embarrassment. Melody was just 2edgy4me and looked like one of those gross Sonic OCs. Her brother was even worse: imbecile Tails with a dumb haircut and hooker boots. Neither of them had hardly any personality. Honestly, they’re hardly anything more than filler characters. BUT I DIGRESS. Skye here, has his father’s knack for tinkering along with his mother’s sarcastic personality. I wanted to keep his design similar to SatAM and AoStH Tails. In my own version, there is no Melody Prower because I find it absurd that Mobius is filled with so many twins, even with that whole halfassed “different species” explanation in the Sonic encyclopedia.