qilmore asked: luke/lorelai in season 2 or season 3

Are you seriously telling me not to do this? No, I’m not telling you not to do this. Then what are you saying? I’m just saying that if you need any help, I’m here.

Yes Calvin has harrassed and humiliated women publicly, posted racist and homophobic things on social media, and failed to apologize for any of his mistakes, but remember that one time Karlie posted a photo on her Instagram and didn’t credit? Because that’s like the same thing anyone can be problematic guise /sarcasm

There will be a huge move for the show, and it will be as satisfying an ending as it would have been in the first two seasons. So if we had ended with Will taking the fall for Hannibal’s crimes, that would be a satisfying ending. Or if Hannibal is actually laying all of his friends to waste and walking out in the rain, that would be a satisfying ending. And this ending for season three would be as satisfying.

Bryan Fuller

Okay, so now that I’ve seen the finale, I’m no longer questioning Bryan’s understanding of the word “satisfying.” But I think he might have serious issues with the word “as.” The phrase is “more/than” or just “more.”

Bangtan in gym class

Gym teacher: ok kids today we’re going to be playing basketball
Jin: ugh are you serious, I might break a nail….. sports are for peasants. Excuse me teacher Im feeling kinda sick can I just sit down
Gym teacher: suck it up and play the game
Jin:*pulls out $20* I said I was feeling kind of sick *slides twenty into teachers hand*
Gym teacher: Fine…you dont have to play but you have to participate somehow
Jin: can I be the cheerleader?
Gym teacher: sure
Jin: yaaasssss
Gym teacher: ok, enough of this lets start. The teams are Namjoon, jungkook, and hoseok and Yoongi, jimin, and taehyung
Yoongi: are you shitting me coach? Im the best player here and you stick me with two halves of a whole idiot. I might as well break my own damn ankles and give them a ten point start
Gym teacher: just play the game kid
Yoongi:*mumbling obscenities under his breath*
Jimin: excuse me teacher, can we play shirts vs. skins? *already has his shirt halfway off*
Gym teacher:Sure, go nuts
Jimin:*proceeds to rip his shirt off at the speed of light*
V: Teacher I dont want to take my shirt off…..
Teacher: ok you know what, only jimin can take his shirt off, the rest of you just play the damn game
Yoongi: listen here you little shits, the only thing you have to do is get the ball and throw it to me
Jimin&V: uh huh
*game starts*
Rapmon, jhope,jungkook: /beating the others by 20 points/
JHope: yall are gonna need some hope after we crush you guys
Jungkook: yeah you suckers are gonna lose to this tough kookie
Yoongi: *proceeds to break both of their ankles in the crossover of the century* whose tough now bitches *throws the ball to taehyung*
V:*gets hit in the face with the ball*
Yoongi: oh shit
Jimin: OH SHIT
V:*looks around* nose starts bleeding *starts crying* ahhhhhhh hyung h-hit me ahhhhh
Jimin:/trying to calm him down/ its ok buddy its ok,
V:*still crying*
Jimin:wanna go be cheerleaders with jin?
V:*cries even more*
Jimin:*has to escort taehyung to jins cheerleading section*
Namjoon: since you broke jhope and jungkooks ankles and lost your team mates lets go me and you 1 on 1
Yoongi: fine next person to score wins
Jimin and Jin: YOONGI YOONGI HES OUR GUY GAME SO RAW MADE TAEHYUNG CRY!!! *spirit fingers and kicks*
Jhope and jungkook:*booing and flipping off jimin and jin from the bleachers*
Rapmon:somehow miraculously scores
/gets dragged off the court kicking and screaming by the gym teacher/ /ends up biting the gym teachers hand then running after namjoon/
*chaos ensues*
Namjoon:/seeks refuge under the bleachers/
Jhope:/recording this shit for snapchat/
Jungkook: /on the floor laughing his ass off
Jimin:/trying to capture yoongi/
Jin:/internally reflecting on his decision to join the group/
Yoongi: /gets taken to the principals office/ ANd I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-
Gym teacher: Im fucking done

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is hide your favorite character?

plot twist: I HATE HIM.

Definitely one of my personal favourites. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

But nobody beats Bara Hide. His chin gets to me every time.

I really don’t want to be a part of this fandom anymore for fucks sake every two seconds I turn around and there is new drama and new bullshit and it’s fucking exhausting and all I wanted was some good music but people a really starting to fucking ruin it


Saturday & Sunday miles

12 miles Saturday at 11:06 min/mile
15 miles Sunday at 11:06 min/mile

Saturday was only supposed to be eight but I was feeling strong (unlike most of my runs this week), so I took it to 12, knowing that my scheduled 16 might take a hit. I made it 15 on Sunday in some serious heat and humidity plus hills. My legs were shredded from the climbing after mile 10. Not disappointed with this weekend at all. My long run pace is 11:05, so I was right there for both runs. 5 weeks until marathon day!

Also: why does no one ever talk about their horrible chafing? Because I had some serious betrayal today. Sports bra, camelbak, shorts. Everything. Please tell me your chafing horror stories so I feel less alone in this world. Or maybe I am alone. Just me and my chafing. Should probably buy stocks in body glide.

My long run was significantly lonelier than my last 16 miler, which was run with trivialbob. No personal tour guide telling me interesting Minneapolis tidbits! And no post run lunch with Bob and mrstrivialbob. Bob and Sheila are the best of tumblr - thanks again for hosting us a few weeks back!

And that’s a wrap on the weekend!

lxngundertree -> tharnachad

what could be a better time to change my url than when i’ve also decided to change my faceclaim and consequently will change my theme too? yeah this feels like a solid decision

with some help from cirocchio and thesxmmersword i’ve finally decided to change my faceclaim, and since i’ve had some issues with this blog and been rather inactive for a while, it’ll get a bit of a makeover too. there won’t be any major changes. it’s just small things about my portrayal that i’m not 100% satisfied with ( and i’m not going into detail because i’m not even sure if anyone but me is going to notice the changes, but i’ve had this blog for a while and my writing has developed and went in different directions so things just feel a bit disorganized. ) there are old headcanons i don’t agree with anymore that i need to rewrite, some that need to be added and the about & verse pages will probably be updated a bit.

so this is what will happen: i currently have three or four replies in the queue and i’m not changing icons on those. the queue will be running so i have a chance to update pages & those headcanons i want to do. then when i can concentrate on something else than witcher 3 for more than five minutes i’ll change my theme & everything and then i think i’ll be off semi-hiatus ( though with school starting it’s possible everything gets a bit slow anyway. )

and because i’m a snail that might take a fews days? or a week? something like that. then i’ll be back.

and changing my url is totally relevant, honest. you’ll have time to get used to it until everything else changes tho lmao you won’t lose me

disorders i think the signs might have

aries- bipolar disorder: a mental disorder characterized by serious mood swings. persons suffering from this disorder can expierience “highs” and “lows”, lasting from a few hours to a few days. they can be longer, from a few weeks to a few months.
taurus- binge eating: binge eating is characterized by eating an abnormally large amount of food, more food than usual.
gemini- multiple personality disorder: the presence of two or more distinct personalities or identity states; each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self.)
cancer- alcohol/substance dependence: dependence on alcohol or substance (ex. nicotine, tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, etc.) is characterized by a maladaptive pattern or substance use.
leo- narcisisstic personality disorder: an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy for others. people suffering of this disorder often believe they are of primary importance in everybody’s life or anyone they meet.
virgo- obsessive-compulsive disorder: preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and mental and interpersonal control, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency.
libra- insomnia: difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, occuring at least 3 nights a week for at least 3 months.
scorpio- sex addiction: an addiction, or need for intimacy.
sagittarius- specific phobia: (i.e. for sagittarius, fear of being trapped, no freedom, not being able to travel, having to stay in the same place.)
capricorn- acute stress disorder: characterized by the development of severe anxiety, and other symptoms that occur withing one month of witnessing a traumatic event (ex. death of a loved one.)
aquarius- depersonalization/derealization disorder: the individual may feel detatched or that their head is filled with cotton; they may lose touch with their surroundings and people interacting with them.
pisces- panic disorder: feelings of terror that strike suddenly and repeatedly, most often with no warning. they usually can’t predict when an attack will occur, and many develop intense anxiety between episodes.

***DISCLAIMER: it does NOT at all mean you have these disorders. they just reminded me of some of the stereotypes of the signs.***
disorders and definitions credit to psychcentral.com.

thedoubleexposurephotography said: Does it measure up to the hype?

It certainly smells good up close, I’ll say that. 

I wouldn’t say that it’s as strong of a manly scent as Midsummer’s Night is but the manliness is more subtle. 

It’s more like an underlying musk that is intermixed with a sweetness of cedar and some other spices that I can’t identify exactly. It just smells kind of… warm? And like… happy smiles? And like… comfort? And like… curled up with a super soft blanket in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands? Yeah, that feels kinda right. 

I have one of the tiny candles and it doesn’t give of much scent (at least not that I can notice anyway, it’s sitting right next to me on my candle warmer so it could be filling the air and I’m just oblivious) so I might consider getting one of the bigger candles if you’re serious about a stronger smell. Or you can be like me and bend down to sniff it every couple of seconds to get a whiff of it. 

But again, I can see it being like a Chris Evans smell. It just smells… beardy

It kinda smells like what you would imagine Richard Armitage would smell like in that one picture where he looks really tired as he lounges in a flannel… full beard and everything… chest hair exposed… while he’s looking over an iPad…


This is what this candle smells like. 

Warm, cuddly, sleepy Richard.