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Waiiiiiiit, you’re into DS9? And GARAK? What about Garak/Bashir? <3 *wibbles*

*side-eyes the heck out of tumblr*
*leans over the table and whispers* - I swear this hellsite has an evil plan to get me back into all my old fandoms

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Im coming to Germany in a few months and people keep telling me its really dangerous and I should cancel my plans but it doesn't really sound like it's bad there like people keep telling me My friends and I will be in Hildesheim & Hanover is it okay?

I wouldn’t say it’s too dangerous. I guess you might be afraid of terror attacks? That’s of course a serious issue but after all it’s not very likely that you’re going to be the victim of such an attack. Likewise you could have for example a car accident :P. At least I feel quite save here and I think there are countries that are way more dangerous than Germany. So I think you shouldn’t worry too much about possible dangers but that’s just my opinion and I won’t take any responsibility for that!

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I have a feeling that westallen+Grandice=Love ... I am not sure if it's just me, but I feel a good sense from them, and no offense , LA is just a "passing period" nothing major, but from my "Calculations " and Westallen spoilers, there is something going on that we need to know! Is it just me? or am I just crazy ?

Nahh you aint crazy! i don’t see La-shingles as anything serious, might be a hit it and quit it typa situation… hate to say it but what else could it be..?? true love…

I’m ready for Westallen, im tired of talking about La-shingles… give me Westallen to focus on till she’s gone because atleast with westallen i know its canon! 



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Hi! I keep seeing you talking about the foxhole court and I was wondering what it is about?

It’s MY HEART AND SOUL! It’s a trilogy (The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, The King’s Men) by Nora Sakavic and it follows Neil, a sweet, scared, mouthy boy who’s desperately trying to outrun his past and yet finds himself unable to turn down the opportunity to play his favorite sport (Exy, which is like a violent form of indoor lacrosse) at the collegiate level. His team is filled with other people who’ve been given second, third, and one hundredth chances, people everyone else would have given up on but in whom their coach sees potential and promise. With their support, Neil gradually learns how to confront his past and realizes how comforting it is to have other people around to help shoulder the weight of his problems. It also has a canonical queer relationship between Neil and another boy on his team (Andrew, my child who I would fight the world for), and their relationship is so fucking intense and incredible, and it builds so gradually and yet seems so inevitable that the wait is worth it (so worth it!). They’re hands down my favorite canon couple, and I love them and their love so much that it makes me breathless. They’ve both been hurt so terribly, and I just want them to be able to be safe and happy together. 

It’s a really intense read (it had me sobbing many times and wanting to wrap my boys up in blankets and never let them out of my sight), but it’s so gorgeous and emotional that all the pain is ultimately worth it. Neil’s journey is beautiful, and I’m so proud of my boy and how far he’s come

Can we please just acknowledge how well the relationship between Jonathan and Will was characterized?

From the first episode, Jonathan cared so much for Will and had so much unconditional love for his younger brother, and that’s something what we don’t normally see from brothers in television– Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Shameless, etc. Yes, brothers like the Winchesters and Salvatores love one another in their own way, but their relationships are usually based off conflict or competition. Sam and Dean are always talking about love after one of them is killed or maimed, and don’t even get me started on Damon and Stefan. 

It’s so pleasantly different In Stranger Things. Jonathan’s love for Will didn’t increase or change because Will disappeared and was possibly dead; Jonathan didn’t need to have an epiphany like, “my brother might be in serious danger, I should start loving him more” because he already showed his love and care for Will so much! 

I found it so real and heartfelt the way the show put an emphasis on Jonathan and Will just appreciating one another while living their lives– ex; the scene when Jonathan and Will are listening to the stereo together, or the scene after Will is saved when Jonathan goes downstairs while Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will are playing D&G. It was brotherly love without a need for it, but a natural want for it, and that’s the only way I can describe it.

I honestly haven’t seen a relationship between two brothers depicted in all it’s sincerity like Jonathan and Will. I know this is kind of a rant but I NEEDED TO LET OUT MY FEELINGS FOR THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL BROTHERS AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP.

Single Father Kyungsoo

“Please, I am begging of you. I need someone to babysit and you’re the only one I trust fully with him.” Kyungsoo pleads, his voice wavering as I continue to stir the tea.

“I guess I can take him for one night, but you are paying for pizza.” I say and he nods estatically before wrapping me up in a hug.

“Thank you so much, it really means a lot. I’m serious, I think this girl might be the perfect person for Tae.” He says and I nod giving him a soft shove.

“Go get ready. Me and Taeoh will be fine.” I coo and he nods pulling me into one last tight hug before running out the door, waving goodbye to his son.

“Hey, Taeoh, what is your favourite movie?” I question and his head shoots up as he waddles over to the small blue backpack on the table, pulling out a brightly coloured dvd case.

“Care bears, huh? I guess we can watch this.” I mumble and he lets out a winning grin, just like his father.

“Gosh, you two will be the death of me one day.” I humm slipping the dvd in the player before pulling the young boy to sit next to me on the couch, a small cat plushie curled into his arm.

“Taeoh, you really have to have this bath or your dad will kill me.” I hiss as he splashes more water onto me.  “Taeoh, I swear if you don’t get into the bath this second, I will burn all your cookies.” I yelp and the boy quickly sits down in the tub, giving me a cheeky grin.

A loud knock booms through the apartment, and I quickly squeeze some shampoo onto Taeoh’s head before running to the door and opening it to a dull Kyungsoo. Telling him to sit on the lounge I run and finish Taeoh’s bath before sending him to the guest room to dress.

“Kyungsoo, why on earth are you back at this time? I thought the movie was at nine?” I question and he just lets out a groan before burying his face in the lounge.

“Don’t even get me started on that god forsaken women. I’ll be quick and say when I told her about Tae, she basically ditched me, saying she needed to go home ‘cause her dog was sick.” He explains and I sigh rubbing his back softly.

“Maybe her dog was sick.” I coo trying to help but he just growls.

“She’s allergic to them, she told me on our first date.” He said and I let out another long sigh.

“Well then she wasn’t worth it. You need someone who is willing to accept you, and obviously that wasn’t her.” I mumble before hearing a gentle voice calling from down the hall.

“Listen i’ll go put Tae to bed and we can watch a movie, with some popcorn and ice cream.” I say placing a small kiss on the top of his head and running off to sort out his son.

“Did daddy not have fun?” Was Taeoh’s question as I pulled back the bed covers in the guest room. I just nod as he climbs into the large bed.

“Is daddy ever going to be happy?” He questions again and I shrug. “But don’t you worry that pretty little head of yours, because i’ll always be here to make sure your daddy is okay.” I coo back placing a quick kiss on the boy’s forehead before handing him his toy and turning off the light.

“You’ll really be here?” A deep voice question as I close the door to the bedroom. I flinch turning to where Kyungsoo stands against the wall.

“Of course I will, you’re my best friend.” I mumble before walking into the kitchen grabbing two spoons and the large tub of cookies and cream ice cream.

“So do you want to watch action or horror?” I question placing the food onto the table, no response came from the man. So I decide on horror, walking over to the dvd case.

Strong arms wrap tightly around my waist as I pull the movie out of the cabinet.

“Kyungsoo, what are you doing?” I question and he just presses a soft kiss on my neck. I lean my head back slightly before pushing myself away from him, my heart beating faster than before.

“Kyungsoo, don’t do this again. We both know what happened last time, and that was awful.” I explain but he advance his lips covering my own in a matter of seconds.

“Maybe, I actually want this as much as you, this time.” He breathes out before moving his kisses down my neck.  I let out a soft moan, his smile tickling my neck.

“No. No, Kyungsoo. I’m sick of being your rebound girl, when someone rejects you. Listen I understand that it’s hard for you and Taeoh, but trust me it’s hard for me as well. Whenever you come over here pleading for me to babysit, I know exactly what’s going to happen if things go wrong. And I love you and Tae but I can’t keep being your toy.” I say and he just stand there in shock.

“Don’t say anything, I think you should go. You can come get Tae in the morning.” I mumble and he nods, reaching out his hand but I just turn away letting out a deep breath, listening as the door opens and slams shut.

so i just realized i have some serious maladaptive daydreaming going on and all my life i just thought i was super weird lol but its like so freeing to know that im not the only one who literally lives in their head with characters from shows and ocs and paces in circles for hours and hours on end just daydreaming and ik it sounds weird and it looks weird when im like….sitting on my bed rocking back and forth but i promise u im having a great time in my head universe

Changes (part 4) (AU)

(Negan x Reader)


„Negan?“ You ask a little confused when you open the door. It was pretty late and you hadn’t talked to him since the last night you practically ran out on him, which hadn’t been on purpose but still. You hadn’t had time to go over and apologize so you were a bit surprised finding him in front of your door in the middle of the night.

„Hey there sweet cheeks.“

„Hey I wanted to…“ You only noticed now but there was blood on his shirt and he didn’t look that well overall, „What happened to you? Are you okay?“

„I killed someone.“ He says in a serious tone.

„Might wanna tell me what really happened? Why didn’t you go to a hospital?“ You say, walking back in and leaving him to follow you.

He sits down on your couch and takes off his shirt, giving you a better look at his wound. From what it looked like he had been stabbed with a knife and it was pretty deep.

„You need stitches and I really suggest you go see a…-“

„I have a fucking cute doctor right here, why would I go to the hospital? Just stitch me up. I don’t mind the pain.“

„You won’t say that anymore when I start.“ You grin and stand up to get your first aid kit from the bathroom.

„You look like you’ll be enjoying this a bit too much.“ He says when you come back.

„Oh don’t be silly.“ A sweet smile was all over your face as you get out the needle and hold it out in front of him, making him wince a bit at the sight. To be honest you did enjoy this. Making grown up men jump back in horror at the sight of a little needle was always fun.

„So what really happened?“

„Got in a bar fight, nothing serious.“

„Do all your bar fights end with a knife in your shoulder? Cause if they do I might have to stock up on bandages.“

„They usually don’t.“

You walk through your apartment over to your bedroom with Negan trailing behind you, „Alright, lie down there I’ll keep an eye on you tonight.“

„Now that sounds fucking nice to me.“ He says, a smirk appearing on his face.

„I’m taking the couch.“ You say, rolling your eyes at him.

He leans against the door frame and crosses his arms over his chest, „You can’t keep an eye on me if you don’t stay with me. What if I die while you’re over there?“

„You have a stab wound you’re not going to die idiot.“

„Are you sure? It would be your fault beside you own me for sticking that fucking thing into me.“

„I thought you didn’t mind the pain tough guy?“

„…I don’t but it wasn’t exactly pleasant either.“

„Fine you win.“

You sigh and walk in the bedroom a few minutes later, having changed into your pajamas. Negan was already lying in bed and gave you a curious look when you walked in, a sly smile spreading across his face.

„All dressed up for me? You really shouldn’t have bothered just stay naked next time.“

You hop into the bed and pull the blanket over yourself, „In your dreams maybe.“

„Oh definitely.“

You were half asleep already when you felt two big arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you close. He felt warm and the even heartbeat of his against your ear was calming.

„Are you awake?“ Negan asks and you open your eyes and look up at him.


He leans down a bit, brushing the hair out of your face before kissing you. It was a bit strange cause you could feel his hesitation and he had this weird look in his eyes, like he was afraid you’d pull back. He was so full of himself all the time it just wasn’t like him at all.

You put your arms around his neck and kiss him back. Negan grabs your waist and rolls you both over so you sit on top of him. He gives you a genuine smile before pulling your head back down to kiss you again.

a conversation i just overheard:
  • person #1:YOLO!
  • person #2:YOLO Beyoncé!
  • person #1:Beyoncé Fierce.
  • person #2:You know it.
If you weren’t as awful as you are, you might be creating very serious trouble. Now I don’t want to say that so that you can say, in turn, ‘well, let me be more awful still.’ You know, St. Paul got all tangled up in this. He, having explained that without sin there can be no grace, said 'Shall we then sin that grace may abound?’ Heaven forbid! But, this is of course a problem that simply has to be faced: that the universe in its grand design has nothing special to do with morality. Or rather no more special connection with morality than with anything else.
—  Alan Watts