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You ever thought about making a set of vinyl stickers of your most popular cats?

I keep roughing out ideas for stickers to have at conventions but alas they have yet to make it past pre-production. I also like those acrylic charm things..might take a more serious stab at it this year if there is enough interest :3

do u ever watch something and you’re just like
this is it. I’m never going to like anything else this much again. everything is going to disappoint me from this point out. i cant watch anything anymore bc it wont be as good as this thing and theres nO POINT

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Hey Tumblr Mom. I just found out my S.O. might be facing a serious medical issue (heart problems). I want to be brave and upbeat for him, but I'm also really worried. I have had my own share of medical escapades, but I've never needed to watch someone else struggle with it. I guess my question is how do I manage to keep being a support for him while not running myself into the ground or freaking out?

First of all *offers hugs* second of all, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by this and frightened. ETD is frequently upset by my health issues—it’s distressing to watch the person you love be in pain/be scared—though he is always careful to stress not at me

You need to take the time to care for yourself too, allow yourself to process this. Being upbeat and strong for someone doesn’t also mean you can’t go have a good healthy cry in the bathroom. You need to allow yourself to feel things too. Otherwise it’ll just bottle up and you’ll run yourself into the ground and be unable to help anyone. 

I recommend talking to him about it, be honest and tell him you’re frightened by the situation (don’t catastrophize it either though, the added stress of thinking you are thinking the worst will not help), but you’re going to be there for him however you can be. Talk about what the coming months will entail, what kind of care might be needed, what he thinks he will need help with and what you think you can do. If either of you has anxiety or depression it might be a good idea to see a therapist if you’re not already, just so you have that other person to fall back on to talk to. (Couples counseling is also not a bad idea in the long term if the illness is likely to be long term)

Just…talk to each other. Don’t hide things. Chances are the other person can sense it and are expending more energy worrying about you too which is good for no one’s health.

I wish you both all the best, and so much love. I hope things turn out as good as they can, take care of yourself <3 

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My stepdad who goes back up to Scotland to visit relatives regularly (we live in the south) keeps telling me whenever I talk abt independence that 'normal people want wee Elsie to shut up' to shut me up, keeps on saying that the polls are lying and says that another referendum won't actually happen. Can you think of anything I can say to him that might even just convince him that this is serious and happening and that 'normal people' do support independence?

To be honest if that’s your stepdad’s reply when you try and address a serious matter then he’s an immature cunt. Don’t see how an adult should be using such a childish putdown.

My best advice would be to know more than him. Read up on it fully. He doesn’t sound like he knows much about it and he’ll be intimidated by you knowing so much more than he does.

Then whenever it’s brought up, run circles around him with facts and figures. If I were you I’d even use the phrase ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Keep fighting the good fight lass!

  • Cassian: She hates me
  • Rhys: She does not hate you
  • Cassian: She is always calling me brute or prick
  • Rhys: It’s her way of saying I might like you a little
  • Cassian: Rhys, I am serious, she threw a shoe at me!
  • Rhys: Just one?
  • Cassian: *raised brow* Just the one
  • Rhys: Feyre has thrown two. One actually hit me!
  • Cassian: Do you think it is a human thing?
  • Rhys: No, I think it is an Archeron thing
Kino Voice Sample
  • Kino Voice Sample
  • Kino (CV. Maeno Tomoaki)

(;-◞౪◟-)  I got my Lost Eden Vol. 2 CD in the mail today, so I’d thought to share a sample of Kino’s voice. (๑꒪▿꒪)*  I signed for the package right before I had to go to school, so I picked a random track to listen to and it was this one (track 3). Kino drinking guava juice in the bathtub. It’s about 1:30min long just to give you an idea of what he sounds like.


Best of Tems, Worst of Tems…

I am SO sorry @abadtime.

The final picture is my current area of residence. You can reach me via Vick the trash man.

when your scary but stupidly attractive boss’s less scary but also attractive partner starts to work with them ;) @feynites

who asked for a high school musical au? was it nobody? oh cool, well here’s one anyway

  • new years eve is always cheerful with the foxes!
  • yeah i’m kidding
  • neil isn’t even at palmetto, mary died a little while back and he heard this party had free food and he wouldn’t stand out being a teenager on his own
  • andrew takes advantage of the fact that kevin won’t leave his side and takes him skiing
  • because andrew’s a little shit
  • and then he takes kevin to the party because there’s karaoke and he bets he can get kevin drunk enough to sing
  • (“it’s a teenager party! there won’t be actual drinks!” kevin protests)
  • (“oh ye of little faith,” andrew answers)
  • (so they go)

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to clear up some assumptions i went ahead and labelled the web of connections shown in sombra’s origin story video. i think this just left me with more questions than fewer

also i couldn’t identify. whoever/whatever that^ is (connected to rein and the Big Eye). i might just be forgetting someone/something’s face/icon that looks like this, so help me out if you recognize it

mccree and mei (along with liao, but we know next to nothing about liao anyway) are missing from the overwatch web. with mei, it’s understandable. she’s a climatologist and may not have connections of note to sombra. not sure about mccree, though i’ve read some ideas ranging from ‘reyes is protecting him’ to ‘sombra refuses to acknowledge a cowboy in the year 2076′. but to be serious, i think she straight up might not be aware of him or is missing info on him. it’d make sense to see him here because of him being former deadlock gang (shimada clan’s here even though genji destroyed it, so i wouldn’t say deadlock wouldn’t be worth having here as well if it could be linked to mccree, who is in turn linked to reyes and overwatch as well)

zarya could be connected to volskaya, which we can infer from the end of infiltration and her voice line on the volskaya map where she says katya volskaya is a hero to her people for defence against the omnics, etc etc. but zarya’s not on the web, so who knows how her connection to volskaya works.

gabrielle adawe could be connected to numbani and the united nations, but she also does not appear on the web.

i added a list of the heroes who aren’t seen in the web (they could be above the cutoff, obviously). most of them are unaffiliated with major organizations (ow, talon, shimada clan), though.

this probably took me longer to assess than the art people took to make it. don’t think too hard on it

Chaotic monk

After fighting a group of lizardmen and finding a woman barely alive who went to find her brother who is dead next to her.
Me: So unless you guys wanna stick around and maybe Ando(the monk) wants to kick her in the face, are you gonna go back to town?
Monk: Well..
Druid: Oh no.
Me: He’s less chaotic neutral and more chaotic asshole now.
Now the party is in a tavern to spend the night before heading back to complete the quest and the monk is just being a general ass to the innkeeper.
Monk: Hey, arm wrestling is serious business, I might beat him but I wouldn’t leave him bleeding.
Me: you started off quiet and chaotic neutral, and now you’re talkative and chaotic asshole.

Dear Infinity,

Are the nightmares getting bad again? I know we don’t talk much anymore, I’m a real shitty friend. All I do is write, but I can’t even hit you up every now and again. I guess I’m just so caught up in myself that I forget about those things. How have you been? You left a rather sad message recently. You think that this will be it. The last time we’ll talk. You can’t do this anymore. You’re giving up. I don’t know the details. I don’t know what happened. Hell, I barely even know you because of our absence as so called friends. Does the sky still have pastel colors? Is it your health? Is it another lover? Whatever happened, or will happen… I’m going to say that it’s going to bend your mind and break your heart, but if you give up now… all of your fighting… what will it be for? I know that you might be serious this time and I’m sorry that I can’t do much but write some more. It’s all I am, just more words for people to read. Maybe you’re still alive. Maybe you’re not gone. Maybe you’ll read this and go, he wrote something for me again. I can’t keep up with relationships that well, will you ever forgive me? And if in some way, you are gone… I guess I just wanted to say that I miss you.
—  If you’re still reading this: I’ll always miss you.