Pairing: Fíli x Sigrid + Reader

Characters: Fíli, Sigrid, Kili, the Company

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak

Word Count: 1, 750 (Woah! I might have overdone this one…)

Note: I have nothing against Sigrid, just thought she’d be good for the story.

Links: Part 1 Part 2 

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Jovially, royals and guests from across Arda, had gathered into the Great Dining Hall. They had all been spread out through the entire hall; many dwarves drank their mead while guffawing at silly tales and stories. Beside them, their Ones, gossiped, also laughing merrily. Despite of the fact of being hardworking, dwarves loved to gather to tell stories after a drink or two and roar in laughter, even if it were for no special occasion. But this evening it was different. This evening there were two occasions as to why everyone was so content.

The first and most important event was that Erebor had been finally reclaimed and restored to its glorious peace. Thorin was crowned King Under The Mountain, right after the defeat of Azog the Defiler and the rest of the Company had a place to call home.

The second reason as to why there was such a grand celebration was because Fíli was married to his beloved wife, Sigrid, daughter of Bard. The guests that had arrived, had also brought with them lavish and magnificent gifts from their lands for the happy couple. Along with these gifts, they had also brought their cheerfulness. 

Of course, everyone was happy that day. It was a celebration, hence the name of it. But I was not…or at least, I forced myself to be. How selfish that must sound, right? 

However, I had a truly painful reason not to be. Content that is. And it was quite difficult to think of it without it bringing tears to my eyes. It had to do with the dwarven prince. The one who was married.

As I thought of him, my eyes wandered over to the dais where the royal family and their friends were dining. Fíli had sat beside Thorin’s right and holding his big calloused hand was Sigrid. She was pretty and in her white wedding dress, she looked even prettier. Her rich, dark hair had been curled up and a beautiful braid was very much evident, as it had been purposefully tucked behind her ear. Her skin seemed as pure as the first thick blanket of snow while her emerald eyes gleamed with joy.

I watch the pair of them as Fíli leans over to whisper something in her ear which earns a soft laughter from Sigrid, rendering Fíli’s features to be graced with a handsome smile. Even her laugh was lovely. I thought to myself before I stared down at my plate, sighing sadly.

“It is an insult to have to sit below a human.” A dwarrowdam hissed behind me. Slightly, I turn my head to see her speaking with her friend as they, both, cast they’re eyes to Sigrid like I had done a few moments ago.

“We cannot complain, Freida.” The other replied bitterly. “She is married to the prince, in time, she’ll become the Queen.”

‘She’ll become the Queen…’ I repeated those words in my mind, like a mantra as if I wanted to continuously torture myself. To torture myself for having so foolishly fallen in love with the dwarf prince since the beginning of the quest.  And it was not only because of his aggravatingly handsome features, which he had Mahal to thank for, but of his personality as well. Of his sharp intellect and wit. Of his kind, loving and protective nature. Of his loyalty and good judgement.

I had tried to keep my distance from Fíli during the journey so that we would all focus on what was more important than my measly love interest. Yes, we talked and sparred together many times but I was keeping my feelings hidden from him. I had decided upon letting him know of what I felt for him after the reclaim of Erebor, but it seemed I was too late. Fíli, my sweet, darling dwarf, had fallen in love. And it was not with me. 

I was truly happy for him but in my mind, I continuously cursed that one day when I lay in tears on my aunt’s lap and she reassured me, “You will have love, sweetheart. He will come, your prince will come. You simply must be willing to open your heart and let him in. Let him love you.”

Well, apparently, I had opened my heart, my feelings, and my emotions and I regretted more than ever. Because like my previous aching heartbreaks, the dwarf prince was never going to love me. Looking over at the royal table, I decided upon something that I would most definitely regret later on. But it was too late as I had reluctantly begun to walk over to the royal table.

The Company turned their attention to me as I ascended the steps, slowly. I fold my trembling hands tightly together and with a shaky voice - trying not to cry - I whisper, “Kili, may I please speak with you?”

The dark-haired dwarf’s orbs bore into my own as he snaps out of his daze. “Sure, sure, of course. Let’s head out to the hallways where it would be more quiet and less overwhelming.”

I nod as I wait for him to come around the table and join me out at the hallways. As I wait, uneasily I decide to cast my eyes one last time to Fíli, who surprisingly I caught to have been looking at me with an expression I could not pinpoint. His blue eyes resembled the colours of the ocean, shimmering and crashing beneath the sunset. Looking into his eyes was not only hypnotizing but it seemed as if though I was staring at a fragile piece of turquoise glass, which laid in the sand, glistening in the bright sunlight.

I offer him a final smile and turn to Kili, who lightly grabbed my elbow and led me out of the Great Dining Hall. At the entrance, we stopped and his eyes were laced with concern and confusion. I could not hold it back anymore so, I let the tears cloud my vision as they quickly trickled down my cheeks. From one than it continued like an endless waterfall.

Alarmed, Kili widened his eyes and took a hold of my hands, “What’s happened, (Y/N)? Why are you crying? Should I be going to get my bow and arrows?”

I laugh through my tears as Kili lightens the tension and mood. The young dwarf smiles and brings his thumbs, wiping my tears away. “No, Kili. I don’t think this time would be a wise choice.”

“Then, perhaps not,” he agrees. “But tell me what is bothering you?”

I sigh and momentarily shut my eyes before finding the courage to tell him. “I am going to leave Erebor. After all, this marks the end of my adventure.”

“What?” Kili says as his eyebrows instantly knit in confusion. “Why? Please, do not do this (Y/N) or at least rethink it. Listen to me, if this is about the time uncle said those terrible things to you, you must know that he was - ”

“No, Kili, this has nothing to do with Thorin.” I reply, swallowing uneasily. There was an uncomfortable few minutes of silence and when I lower my head, Kili gasps, comprehending the sudden meaning of my answer. “(Y/N),” He whispers but I shake my head, not wanting him to say anything about it.

“Please, do not make this any more harder than it already is.” I plead as I reach from under my sleeve, producing a stone with a dwarvish engraving that said kidhuzel, which meant ‘gold of all gold’. That was the first and only word that I learned in Khuzdul. It was a word that Fíli had taught me and he made me promise to remember it while thinking of him.

“Please, return this to your brother. Not today. I don’t want him to think of this on his happy day. Maybe when you deem it to be right.” I say, placing the stone on his the palm of his hand as Kili ran his index finger over it. “Gold of all gold. He read and I squeeze my eyes shut, forcefully pushing my tears back.

“Wouldn’t he want you to keep this?”

“Yes, he would.” I reply, breathlessly. “But every time I look at it, it makes me tear up.” He nods understanding and looks back to me. “Kili tell him I will forever remember and keep the promise. Tell him I loved him even if he might not have loved me in return.”

Fresh tears began to sting my face and the sadness I felt seemed to float  through the atmosphere. “Let him know that I thank him. For making me believe in love…again. Even if he did not feel it, it was quite real for me.”

Kili nodded once more and reached to embrace me. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head upon his shoulder. For a while, we remained like that, in a comforting silence as he soothed me by rubbing circles on my back. I sniffle and let him go. “And I thank you for all those silly stories and pranks that seemed to aid me from my worrying and overthinking. You are a good friend, Kili.”

“Nonsense, you do not need to thank me, lass. I had known from the start, you’d helplessly fall for my charming personality.” He replies, winking mischievously as he did so, rendering me to laugh wholeheartedly.

“Well, I will miss you, my charming dwarf.” I say, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“As I, you, my little Thumbelina.” He replies, using the nickname from the stories I had told the Company and implying that I was short for a human. Sighing yet smiling to him, I turn to take my leave at the Southern Gates, not believing this was truly how it was to end. I had dreamed of it to be much more differently…and happier.

“Oh and Kili,” I call to him before he’d enter the Great Dining Hall. He turns and regards me with a curious expression. “After tea with Bilbo, you are welcome to come to my house for dinner.”

He smiles widely and bows, “I’d be honoured, lass. And so would the Company.”

I watch him till he retreats back into the hall, I walk away slowly, each footstep resonating in my head as I thought of the reoccurring memories of the journey I had taken apart in. My tears, once again, cloud my vision and this time, I let my sadness engulf me while I head out to the Gates.

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 14

Negan x Addison 

[Summary: Addison faces Negan after her drunken confession] 

A/N: want to guess what this chapter is about? ;) moving forward with the story now, also this is my first time writing smut (*゚ー゚)ゞ xx  

Chapter 13 || Masterlist 

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“Oh god…”  I grumbled.

My head is throbbing so badly it’s making my brain shake. I blinked a couple of times, my eyes adjusting to my surroundings. What happened last night?

I definitely remember drinking tequila, a lot of tequila. 

The reason why I drank the tequila was because of my awkward conversation with Vincent. I vaguely remember Naomi’s face, and at some point I spoke with Simon…hmmm..

I was walking through the halls making my way back to my room when… 

Hold on. 

Hold. on. 

I ended up in Negan’s room last night.

Oh, fuck. That’s not good at all. 

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If you’re looking for the whole series, feel free to scroll through here before a masterlist is born! ♥


[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

\ Drunken Truths


That little bit happened to be half a bottle drunk down in clear shots.

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Our Time Alone

Pairing: You x Yohane
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Words: 1435 words
Rating: T
Summary: Following up on Unloved, You and Yohane look back at how their abnormal relationship has gone so far and where it’ll go next.
Notes: I don’t tend to write sequels, but I really liked Unloved and wanted to do more with the “not love, but mutual need” angle of You and Yohane’s relationship. Expect some angst, much like last time.

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Young Volcanoes (groupfic) - MistressIndie

Indie A/N: Welcome to this beautiful superhero queen mess! We were going to title this Just Ass League, but then decided to be like mildly more serious for reasons.

Mistress A/N: This is gonna feel great. And not hurt your soul at all *grins evilly*. Other alternative titles included Her-HOES (like heroes) AvengHERS and Friendship is Magic (that one was never NOT a joke)

Summary: in a world where drag is it’s own superpower, many queens have been bestowed with superhuman gifts. Precognition, super strength, empathy, the ability to travel through time and space itself??!! These and more are the gifts of a few select queens. It’s all drinking games and interpersonal drama until a messenger shows up with grave inspiration.

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The Night Visitor - Part 2 (Credence Barebone x Reader)

Part 1

Summary: It’s Credence’s turn to fall ill and be taken care of. Reader finds him standing delirious on a street while it’s raining and quickly takes him home to do something about his fever.

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 3497

Warnings: mentions of abuse, possibly angsty themes like loneliness (?) etc.

Comment: Comments/thoughts are LOVE, don’t be scared to drop a few words if you like this, it keeps me going. 
So, there’s the sequel and there is much more Credence in it, with some fluff too. I hope you enjoy!

Ten days. It had been exactly ten days since Credence winded up in a certain apartment belonging to a kind and pretty witch - namely you - in the middle of the night. He had absolutely no idea how he’d got there, but he understood one thing: something was seriously wrong with him and it wasn’t the high fevers and terrible lethargy caused by the flu he had apparently caught somewhere and which was bothering him since yesterday.

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my part of the exchange; for @claireroseheart for the yuumikayuu gift exchange ( @mikayuugiftexchange )!

i ended up going with the starbucks au (”mika works at Starbucks and yuu comes in so often that mika knows his daily order and write encouraging notes on his cup”) out of the three hehe uwu

i hope you like it!!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Posting the WIP since I’m a bit too tired to clean this up at the moment.

I didn’t accurately depict Guzma and Kukui’s height difference in my previous drawing of them, but this time I might have overdone it. It’s hard to tell because Guzma’s sprite is slightly taller/larger than Kukui’s, but he’s also got terrible posture so I think if he actually stood up straight he’d give Lysandre a run for his money in the height department. But he’s not particularly lanky in his concept art, so who knows.

I’m also not 100% sure what his tattoo is supposed to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Team Skull symbol, like that’s totally the self-indulgent thing he would do. Furthermore, I draw Kukui with scars because HONESTLY that man does science by letting monsters hit him with their attacks, of course he would have that rugged battlescarred look.

Anyway here’s the boys going for a long walk on the beach. I’d like to draw more blatantly shippy things once I get the hang of them.


Anonymous asked: alex gaskarth smut. like you two are friends and live together but not really close or anything and then he starts flirting with you and making loads of sexual comments and stuff and then hes really dominant.

Okay so I MIGHT have slightly overdone the ‘dominant’ part. But oh well. Send in your requests because I’m trying to get back to writing! And if anyone could drop a code in my ask for how I can get a link to my imagines  maybe in my description so you can go there on your phone that’d be great. Okay love you guys enjoy my perverted writings! -Love, Kaila 

You were bummed, your best friend had set up a date with one of her friends for tonight, but the asshole just canceled. Okay maybe his grandmother was in critical condition in the hospital but you could still be bummed, right? 

“Where are you going, dressed all fancy shmancy?” Your roommate, Alex asked in a slightly flirtatious tone of voice as he laid on the couch without a shirt on. The flirty edge to his voice was entirely new and came as a surprise to you. 

“Well, I’m not going anywhere now…” You kicked off your heels and brushed your hands through your hair, getting it out of it’s fancy model.

“Why’d you take off your heels?” Alex asked, he looked insulted and surprised. 

“Because I’m not going out, maybe?" 

"But they make your ass look so fucking hot.” Alex looked at the heels as if he was looking at a dead puppy and his eyes went from your chest to the heels and back. 

“Sorry?” You frowned a little. Alex got up from the couch and picked your heels up from the floor. 

“Please put them back on?” He asked as well as demanded it seemed. What the hell had gotten into Alex tonight? Normally you guys didn’t even pay much attention to each other, now, he had been undressing you with his eyes approximately since the second you entered the living room. 

You carefully took the heels out of Alex’s hands and bend over to put them on. You felt Alex’s hands on your back for no apparent reason, for a second you thought he was going to push you down to your knees but then Alex seemed to change his mind and waited for you to stand up straight again. 

“Good girl.” Alex smiled, his face was very close to yours and as he closed the gap between your bodies, his hand firmly smacked your butt and remained on there. 

You had to admit that apart from feeling really awkward and uncomfortable, a wet spot was without a doubt forming between your thighs. You put your hand on his hand to get some form of control over where Alex’s hands were going. 

“Jesus, Alex, what’s gotten into you?” You asked as your dress slid up your thighs, seemingly by itself. 

“I know what I’d like to get in you.” Alex replied as he pressed you up against the wall. He sucked on the skin of your neck for a second. “Right here…” His hand slowly slid between your wet thighs. “In your already very wet little cunt.” He put his hand inside of your thong and rubbed your clit. 

“Alex…” You protested. 

“You don’t want me to stop.” Alex replied, he kissed you, the first kiss you had ever gotten from him. “Tell me you want me to stop and I’ll go upstairs and this’ll be forgotten.” He slid two fingers inside you without any warning, you gasped and arched your back, as far as that was possible. “Tell me.” He repeated as his fingers slid in and out of you, making you greedier for more. 

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” You said when he curled his fingers. A smile spread across his lips. 

“I thought so.” He unzipped your dress, it instantly dropped to the floor. He pulled his fingers out of you as you were about to come and ordered you to open your mouth. You sucked his fingers clean.

“Asshole.” You mumbled, Alex smiled again just before he seemed to be getting inpatient. He kissed you hard and smacked your butt even harder, possibly leaving a red mark on it.

“Slut.” Was his reply moments later before he unhooked your bra. He showed that he was in charge, and fuck, was he in charge. You craved him inside you, especially after all this teasing. “You know what I’m gonna do?” Alex spun you around and pushed you onto the couch, your legs were spread, you were ready for him. 

“Do enlighten me.” You replied teasingly as you removed your thong.

Alex dropped his pants and stepped out of them. “I’m going to make you scream so loud that the neighbors might call the cops on us.” He said. “You might be arrested for sluttery.” Of course his remark was followed by a bad joke. 

“What the hell are you waiting for?” You asked, Alex shrugged slightly and grabbed you by your hair. He pulled your head up and made you sit up straight, facing away from him. You felt his hard member against your butt as his rough hands squeezed your boobs very firmly. A pleasure moan escaped from your lips, he continued feeling your breast for just a second longer and then pressed your head down. Your butt was in the air, you sex lined up with his, you could feel his tip press against your entrance. 

He thrusted his member into you hard. You screamed, as he had predicted. He filled you up what seemed entirely, hitting your g-spot over and over again. 

“Fuck you’re one tight little slut.” Alex said, spanking you as he fucked you. 

“Alex… Alex I think I’m gonna come.” You said between the pleasure screams that were muffled by your hand. 

“You come when I fucking tell you to.” He said breathlessly as his hand came down on your butt again. 

His thrusts got a little sloppier and you took him coming as a queue for you to come. 

You both crashed down on the couch, looking at each other while breathing heavily. 

“How about that…” You said with a little giggle. 

“How about that.” Alex repeated, he looked pleased. “I’ve been wanting to do that for way too long.”

“I’m glad you did.” You answered with a smile.

“I’m even happier believe me.” He said. You rested your head on his chest and wrapped yourself around his torso. 

“I think this gives me the right to cuddle with you." 

"Only if you’re naked." 

"That’d be reasonable." 

"Then it is settled, we shall have a sexual, naked cuddling relationship.” Alex joked. 

God freaking dammit, that hurt. You thought he wanted to be more than that. He tilted your head up a little and looked into your eyes. 

“In other words, are you accepting to these conditions of being my girlfriend?” Alex smiled at your expression. 

“I very much do.” You replied. Alex smiled before kissing the top of your head and stroking your hair. 

You made a mental note to thank your best friend for setting you up with a guy who’s grandmother was terminally ill, because of him, you were now in a relationship with Alex. You closed your eyes as Alex played with your hair and hummed a song as you fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.