Oh my god. Really?! That was not what the episode showed. How is saving someone from killing themselves over a guy not backing them up? How is acting they need to look after themselves bringing them down?! How is telling someone they need to defend themselves and not value a man over their LIFE at all a bad thing?

I never even got that the PPGs were opposed to being friends with this person. Maybe she acted super weird, but the girls were being superheroes who were doing their job to save a crazy person who kept trying to kill herself to get a guy’s attention. Yes, OBVIOUSLY it’s not a bad thing to be feminine or to be a princess. But the PPGs already exemplify this. They love each other for who they are as sisters, even though they all have different qualities and interests, and they’re already friends with girls who don’t have superpowers (girls who these writers made look mentally handicapped and the butt of jokes, I might add…). What IS bad is falling over on the fainting couch because, oh, your life is ~worthless~ without your dream man and you reject all help because you’re waiting for a person who will never show up.

And there’s a HUGE difference between someone who’s ladylike and doesn’t fight with her fists… and someone who’s just unhealthily dependent on some loser creep. As much as people say that the earlier Disney princesses were portrayed as passive figures in their stories (which does has some truth to it), they still possessed qualifies of strength that the princess in this PPG episode did NOT demonstrate. Take Cinderella for example. She was super kind, she was hardworking, and nice to people who treated her like dirt for extraordinarily petty reasons! It was because of her overwhelming kindness that she received help in her most trying time from those she helped out and took care of (…even if they were animals :D). She didn’t wait for a prince to come and rescue her. I mean, even when she was planning to go to the ball, she wanted to go to have a good time. She didn’t even know she was going to happen to fall in love when she was there! Yet the entire existence of the princess from the reboot episode surrounded that prince saving her, and when her new friends (of sorts, anyway) the Powerpuff Girls tried helping her instead, she just shoved them away and ended up shaming them and tearing THEM down for their actions as if they were the ones at fault.

I mean, good lord. Even though women and girls SHOULD be awesome towards each other, that does not mean you’re obligated to stand by fellow women or let them do their thing if it’s 1) harmful to themselves or 2) harmful to others. If anything, you should help them or stop them from hurting other people! And this show is carelessly sending a pretty harmful message to little girls that makes it totally okay to leave other girls who clearly need help alone if they reject your assistance. Because that’s just who they are.

I know I can’t support that.

Small Character Info

So I should have done this last night before opening the poll for voting but it was like 2am here and I was tired and just wanted to get to bed, but anyway!

For those that are interested, if you’d like to read a bit more about the kids and what might be in store for them in the future I’ve made a post with some little bios on it! I’ve also added their sexualities to it because I’ve gotten an insane amount of messages asking about that. Just keep in mind that these little bios aren’t set in stone, things may change but I’ll try to keep their stories as close to the bios as possible. Anywho, if you wanna read it…



Field Trip

“I just think I’ve… earned the benefit of the doubt, here.”

It is a long drive to the airport, all the longer because they spend it in awkward silence. When they’re assigned seats three rows apart on the commuter flight to Charlotte, neither of them makes any attempt to ask for a change.

Mulder is disappointed more than angry, but he won’t lie; there’s a little anger there, too. She’s just so goddamned stubborn. Any progress they might have made with their baseball outing has been completely undone in the week that followed. Scully seems almost pathologically determined to distance herself from him, and if he thought she were doing it because she truly wasn’t attracted to him or interested in him romantically, then he could respect that. He’d be sad, but he could accept it and try to pick up the pieces. He is 100% certain, however, that that’s not what’s going on here.

No, this is about control or fear or Catholic self-sacrifice or something. Probably a combination of things. But not one of them is genuine disinterest. He’s sure of that.

He promised himself he wouldn’t push, not least because he’d thought it would absolutely backfire, but now he’s beginning to doubt the certainty of that. Maybe they at least need to talk about it openly. If he can get at the root of whatever’s holding her back, maybe he can put forth a convincing counter-argument. He’s certainly already convinced himself.

Either way, whatever’s going on between them now has to stop. It doesn’t even feel like she’s his friend anymore, and that just straight-up sucks.


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raelyn-sakura  asked:

You said no screaming at you, but can I scream WITH you?? I'm absolutely dying over Sharr and Yamu!!!! Sharrkan needs to be a man already and do it XDDDD Thank you for translating! You made my night!!!

Ahaha, I suppose that’s fine xDDDD

Personally, I really liked their panels because for some reason it felt like actual development. Yamu is really dense, but seeing their reactions made me think that they might be a little bit closer to clarifying the situation.

… well, that or Masrur will get fed up with all this and just go ahead and say it.

It’s a pity that Sharrkan is being so silly about the whole thing, because his decisions are just keeping this stalemate that benefits no one, and I’m pretty sure we as an audience will get tired eventually. I know it’s really hard to confess to someone in this situation, as you also fear ruining the relationship you already have, but at this point it’s just lying to her and she does not deserve that.

zorath217  asked:

Why do you think King Sombra and Pre-Reformation Starlight Glimmer are Complete Monsters? TV Tropes doesn't have them listed as such because they both fail the heinous standard spectacularly. Also one of them is reformed so that invalidates her.

Sombra forced the Crystal Ponies into slavery and allegedly did things to them that were so horrifying that they tried to block it from their memories. Also, once Cadance’s shield fell, one of the Crystal Ponies had such a violent reaction to the idea of Sombra’s return that it made it seem like anything else, even death, might have been preferable. To say nothing of the alternate timeline where he brain washed them into being his soldiers.

Also, there were children in the Empire. Harming children immediately makes you an irredeemable bastard, and I doubt Sombra just gave the foals of the empire exemption from slavery.

As for Starlight? She took individuality away from ponies, making them less just because she felt that was the only way to achieve her idea of “Harmony.” If there’s one thing in this world I find sanctity in, it’s the individual human mind. The ability to create worlds and art from mere thought, and the ability to add your own uniqueness to the greater whole and make it even greater, those things are as close to holiness as I can get to. What Starlight did was unforgivable and went completely against my own philosophies on life and happiness. All because her friend got a cutie mark and she didn’t.

And again, there were children in Our Town. Starlight basically told children they weren’t special, that they shouldn’t strive to be greater, and that success equals failure. That’s fucking child abuse. That’s fucking awful.

So while neither of them might have fit TV Tropes’ definition of “Complete Monster,” they do fit mine.

This morning a strange phrase was cobbled together in my mind from all the jumbled thoughts I was having: “chicken quest”.

And I should have let it go, but it just wouldn’t get out of my head. I began to wonder what a chicken might go questing for, what kind of story that would make for, how it might play if I made it into a game.

And then I started sketching out some ideas.

And then I downloaded Adventure Game Studio.

I’m really doing this, aren’t I. I’m making a game called Chicken Quest.

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if im not native can i still buy a dreamcatcher made by a local native person? i had one when i was younger and stopped having bad dreams so i think it might b a good thing. i recognize their significance and i think it is good to support small businesses and stuff so it might b good fer them too?

oh hell yeah if u want to use a dreamcatcher for its intended purpose and are planning on buying from an ndn person/business then theres no issue w that whatsoever imo??

the only issue is when people try to like act as if theyre pretty decorations or smth rather than seeing them as what they are

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What I'm saying is, if someone blogs a nice landscape, or a recipe, or advice on how to avoid stress (that's actually valid and not related to their beliefs), then I'm not going to be bothered if the person is a terf or a racist, etc. Because the post isn't connected to their beliefs.

you should be bothered though. You have no idea how these things might relate to their beliefs, even if you think they’re harmless. Curating your blog is the only thing you do on this site, you can choose to curate it from sources that also condone violence against at-risk demographics. Or you could not.

I don’t care how much you like that recipe or landscape, there is plenty of other content on the internet that is not made by a TERF or a Nazi. If there is something you desperately want to reblog, but it’s only made by a TERF or a Nazi, then I hate to break it to you but…

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*snuggles up to Jamie in bed, pressing a squishy messily wrapped gift to his chest* I made you a thing, *kisses his cheek*

*sits up in bed, delighted for the kiss and is pleasantly surprised at the…squishy…thing…*

*…is cautiously curious about what said squishy thing might be…*

Made? *tugs at wrapping tentatively* Sol, you shouldn’t have…what…? What is it?

to keep my blog safe from drama and so forth i will be thinking
of making this a private, highly selective, and possibly mutuals
only for things went down last night with a close friend and its
pretty bothersome. i hate to do this but tumblr is my safe place
to write and make friends. and i made so many wonderful friends
that i don’t want to continue to change things because i feel i am
going to be under watch or so forth. ( i might end up changing my
urls AGAIN because of this shit )
i hate the thought. but i have to
do what i have to do. <3

THANK YOU ALL that have been here with me and stuck through
all my shit YOU GUYS ROCK.

love harley <3

yukiz0me  asked:

Ah, I just wanted to say I'm 100% with you on the English dub of Komaeda's voice there. It's the only voice I can't stand from the dub, since it's way too overly antagonistic, when Komaeda's supposed to be a very morally ambiguous character. Megumi Ogata conveys the essence of his character perfectly. It's always relieving to see I'm not the only one who thinks this way, since I've actually seen some praise for dub!Komaeda due to mis-characterisation, etc.

The thing about Komaeda is, coinciding with his cannon dementia, he might have a limited understanding of social cues.

I say this because, until Chapter 4, he would say things that would upset the people around him and half the time he wouldn’t understand why. Of course, he can be an asshole when he tries to be–but for the most part, he actually meant well.

I liked the way Ogata portrayed him, especially with that whispery quality to his voice. It made him sound innocent and naive, which worked really well for his character because it contrasted just how twisted his actual worldview was, and made the reveal in Chapter One really effective, I think.

Bryce’s portrayal made that whole part of his character pretty non-existent. He sounded like he thought he was better than everyone, and took pleasure out of making fun of them. (It works well in Chapter 4 and 5 but past that, no way.)

Walked 3.5 km today because of Pokemon Go

Planning on visiting a park a short bus ride away tomorrow because it has lots of Pokestops, gonna make a couple of circuits and hit ‘em all twice to build up some items. Might even pack myself a little picnic to enjoy.

My whole life is different because of this game. I used to lay in bed most days, unless I had work or a social engagement, because my depression made me feel like, what’s the point of even getting up?

Now I’m getting up and dressed every day and going out. Walking farther and farther all the time. Planning outings with friends to go Pokemon hunting together. Planning solo outings like tomorrow’s.

Things I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing mere months ago.

Pokemon Go has given me that little push of motivation I’ve needed to get out and get the exercise I need, and I’m so grateful

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The way Ryota acted was really similar to Komaeda. Except Komeada was still able to partly keep his composure and not get too agitated, just sarcastic and preachy. I think Ryota in that sense might be like Genocider Syo, he has two completely different personalities when hope is mentioned, he becomes talkative and defensive. Nagito was always the same but just more exaggerated. I'm also really curious to see the relationship between him and the Ultimate Imposter, they must have talked right?

This is why I don’t like the English dub of Danganronpa 2.

Bryce Pappenbrook made everything Komaeda said sound sarcastic when he was never meant to be because Komaeda meant everything he said (until Chapter 4 anyway, but that’s another thing.)

Also, not necessarily. the Imposter chose Togami because he felt he had the most “absolute existence” out of anyone, but I haven’t read DR Togami so I don’t know if they ever talk face to face.

Mitarai and the Imposter were definitely in the same space, but whether or not they knew each other is a mystery.


Uh, hey. So it’s been like two years right? Haha woops. Good news though! Casperstuck is back, and is not in any immediate danger of being abandoned! 

Future updates might still be slow (not as slow as the last one!) but now you, the readers, have the chance to speed them up! I’ve made a Patreon, that you can go check out right now if you want to! If monthly payments aren’t really your thing but you’d still like to support me and speed up updates, there’s a Buy Me a Coffee link on my sidebar where you can send me $3 just for fun. 

Regarding this update, I’m so happy to finally have it done! Believe it or not, I actually started work on it last summer, but due to a ton of setbacks over the last year, have not finished it until… just now. 

By the way, this is chapter 4.1. Chapter 4 as a whole got too long and I had to cut it in half. To new readers or those who want a refresher, here’s where you can read it chronologically.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s expressed their interest in it continuing! I’ll try to live up to your expectations. If you have any questions or want to talk about the future chapters, my ask box is open.

when a friend is on a different Pokemon GO team

Instinct: just excited they have another friend playing too! friendly competition!! 

Mystic: silently judges you, will continue being your friend but might talk shit about you behind your back with their mystic friends


I’ve had it.

The way Blarkes are acting it clearly shows that they don’t deserve Eliza. We don’t even deserve Eliza. Eliza is Eliza and clearly Clexa and Lexa mean a great deal to her, on both a personal and professional level. She enjoys talking about Clexa and Lexa. The Clexa Fandom has ALWAYS been supportive of her, even if at times it seems like part of the Clexa fandom rally behind ADC more. The fandom has NEVER made accusations about her, defiling her character, as Blarkes have done. Has it even occurred to these idiots that Eliza is torn up about the loss of Clexa and Lexa and enjoys talking about them as a fan herself? That it is somewhat therapeutic for her to be able to talk with fans and help heal the fandom and herself? ugh, get over yourselves. Eliza has ALWAYS preferred Belarke as a platonic relationship ever since season 1, before Lexa was even introduced. Eliza not wanting to talk about Belarke is nothing new, no one on the cast has ever really wanted to talk about Belarke. Blarkes should focus on Eliza saying ‘for now’ in regards to keeping Belarke platonic, that was the bone she threw you. I believe that was more fanservicey than anything she has said about Clexa and Lexa at these cons. 

(p.s. also this is a reminder that blarkes are different from the nice, kind, respectable bel|larkes)

I don’t know if I will have the time to write any more letters because I might be too busy trying to participate. So if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about or know someone who’s gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. And there are people who forget what it’s like to be 16 when they turn 17. I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. We’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite.
—  Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)