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did you see the tweet Naughty Boy retweeted recently? it's a pic of him and zayn (the one that caused the "feud" with louis) and the caption "iconic". do you think there might be more to come from him?

I didn’t see that. Interesting. Maybe the public reconciliation between Zaughty is going forward? I never bought the public story of the twitter fights so I expect a reconciliation and there was a hint of it recently. We shall see.

I’m really tempted to just reboot my blog (again) and just revamp my threads mostly? I currently have about 120 or so threads and that’s wayyyyy more than I can handle. I thought I could do it but I genuinely can’t and I’m really really sorry. I’m not sure yet as to whether I’ll go through with it but it looks like it might happen? We shall see

“Mega-metres?” Tungsten asked.

“It’s a term I came up with.” Michael put one finger on the map, near Karak, then another on Volcanus. “With the distances involved in inter-world travel, mere kilometres are not sufficient. ‘Kilo’ means ‘thousand’ anyway, so why not ‘mega’?”

Stroking his beard, Tungsten examined the map more closely. “Other world. Amazing. If I had not set foot on Karakafar myself, I might not have believed you.”

“We have dried samples of plants from Evergreen. Any who doubt me can see those for themselves. None of the plants there grow on Karak.”

“Off course, off course. Let others deal with such matters, we shall deal with the facts. Right now, we have three new worlds to call our own. Hostile worlds to be sure, but if we dwarves feared such we would still be living in caves.

The question then is, what should we do with them? We can’t just build a few ships and throw dwarves onto them. Even this Evergreen world you described does not sound appealing.”

Michael sighed. “Yes, I suppose finding other worlds exactly like our own was a far-fetched fantasy. If only the minerals we found were more easily reached, there would be no question as to what we’d do.”

“I’ll tell you what I will do. I will travel to the capital and file a formal claim to the right of exploitation. Not the whole worlds off course, the High King would never allow a single guild to own three worlds.

As for you, take some rest my friend. You have earned it.”

Michael shook his head. “I’ve had enough rest this last year, when we were flying between worlds. The ship needs a few repairs and new supplies before it can take you to the capital. After that, I have some improvements in mind that I need to work out.”

“As you wish. We have done much so far, but our work is only beginning.”

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So those HRC videos, are those the only ones you were doing or are you going to do more?

I might do more, we shall see.  Like, I don’t have any more strategies just yet that I’m particularly happy with?  More like “okay” at best.  I mean, not that I claim to be a pro or anything.  But I feel like I’d need to put in a bit more practice for that, and I don’t really have that kind of time at the moment while I’m solidly focused on BN4.

Riddle Time

You have twelve people, eleven of which weigh the same, the twelfth which does not. There is no way to tell which is the heavier person by sight alone.
The only method that allows you to deduce the difference of weight in these people is a see-saw. You can fit how many people you wish on the sea-saw at once, however you can only use the see-saw a maximum of three times.

How do you find out the passenger who is heaviest?

Yes, there is a harder version of the puzzle where you do not know if the odd weight person weighs more or less than the others, but let’s ease in to this riddle, shall we? Although, if anyone answers the harder version I might be impressed….

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((Hey, don't worry about the mutuals-only thing, friend! Sometimes things are just not meant to, since the more private blogs here more often than not are looking to interact with a very specific set of characters because they feel like that would be more fun for them. It's sad that they don' give ocs a chance but they're on their right to do it, you didn't did anything wrong per-se. Your writing and character are definitely not the ones to blame!))

((Don’t worry I know that, it’s just that the blog is an OC blog and I feel like I missed the chance to interact with them. Maybe some other day I might, oh well, I guess we shall see :-3 thanks Friendo.))