“If ye had known it might mean Frank's—well, his death,

shall we say—perhaps you would have chosen differently. Given that ye did choose me, have I the right to make your actions of more consequence than you intended?“

Absorbed in his argument, he had been oblivious of its effect on me. Catching sight of my face now, he stopped suddenly, watching me in silence as we jostled our way through the greens of the countryside.

"I dinna see how it can have been a sin for you to do as ye did, Claire,” he said at last, reaching out to lay a hand on my stockinged foot. “I am your lawful husband, as much as he ever was—or will be. You do not even know that ye could have returned to him; mo duinne, ye might have gone still further back, or gone forward to a different time altogether. You acted as ye thought ye must, and no one can do better than that.” He looked up, and the look in his eyes pierced my soul.

“I’m honest enough to say that I dinna care what the right and wrong of it may be, so long as you are here wi’ me, Claire,” he said softly. “If it was a sin for you to choose me… then I would go to the Devil himself and bless him for tempting ye to it.” He lifted my foot and gently kissed the tip of my big toe.

I laid my hand on his head; the short hair felt bristly but soft, like a very young hedgehog.

“I don’t think it was wrong,” I said softly. “But if it was… then I’ll go to the Devil with you, Jamie Fraser.”

He closed his eyes and bowed his head over my foot. He held it so tightly that I could feel the long, slender metatarsals pressed together; still, I didn’t pull back. I dug my fingers into his scalp and tugged his hair gently.

“Why then, Jamie? Why did you decide to let Jack Randall live?”

He still gripped my foot, but opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Well, I thought a number of things, Sassenach, as I walked up and down that evening. For one thing, I thought that you would suffer, if I did kill the filthy scut. I would do, or not do, quite a few things to spare you distress, Sassenach, but—how heavily does your conscience weigh, against my honor?

"No.” He shook his head again, disposing of another point. “Each one of us can be responsible only for his own actions and his own conscience. What I do canna be laid to your account, no matter what the effects.” He blinked, eyes watering from the dusty wind, and passed a hand across his hair in a vain attempt to smooth the disheveled ends. Clipped short, the spikes of a cowlick stood up on the crest of his skull in a defiant spray.

“Why, then?” I demanded, leaning forward. “You’ve told me all the reasons why not; what’s left?”

He hesitated for a moment, but then met my eyes squarely.”

“Because of Charles Stuart, Sassenach. So far we have stopped all the earths, but with this investment of his—well, he might yet succeed in leading an army in Scotland. And if so… well, ye ken better than I do what may come, Sassenach.“

I did, and the thought turned me cold. I could not help remembering one historian’s description of the Highlanders’ fate at Culloden—"the dead lay four deep, soaking in rain and their own blood.”

The Highlanders, mismanaged and starving, but ferocious to the end, would be wasted in one decisive half-hour. They would be left to lie in heaps, bleeding in a cold April rain, the cause they had cherished for a hundred years dead along with them.

Jamie reached forward suddenly and took my hands.

“I think it will not happen, Claire; I think we will stop him. And if not, then still I dinna expect anything to happen to me. But if it should…” He was in deadly earnest now, speaking soft and urgently. “If it does, then I want there to be a place for you; I want someone for you to go to if I am… not there to care for you. If it canna be me, then I would have it be a man who loves you.” His grasp on my fingers grew tighter; I could feel both rings digging into my flesh, and felt the urgency in his hands.

“Claire, ye know what it cost me to do this for you—to spare Randall’s life. Promise me that if the time should come, you’ll go back to Frank.” His eyes searched my face, deep blue as the sky in the window behind him. “I tried to send ye back twice before. And I thank God ye wouldna go. But if it comes to a third time—then promise me you will go back to him—back to Frank. For that is why I spare Jack Randall for a year—for your sake. Promise me, Claire?”

“All right,” I said at last. “I promise.”

-Dragonfly In Amber

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Dex gets VERY bent out of shape when he doesn't understand all the romantic poetry Nursey is spewing out. He's done googling and went to a tutoring session with the writing center even though he didn't have any homework to learn. Why he's so invested in understanding he doesn't even know.

Okay, I’m not entirely sure I can do this, but let’s see where it goes, shall we?  :-) xxxx


Dex hated poetry.  He didn’t understand similes, metaphors, imagery, - any of it.  He’d been able to get through the poems he had to learn and dissect in school, but could never understand how people enjoyed just reading poetry, or why people might want to write it themselves.  And he had never wanted to understand it.

Until he met a certain Derek Malik Nurse.

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You know, I realized why I can’t get attached to my courier

She’s too like… I love all the couriers but they all seem to be chaotic chaotic, and that’s what I was going for with Gen

But I might go the other way and make her more like the Peregrine Mendicant from Homestuck. 

A good person who just wants to do her job, at any cost. u.u

We shall see.

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You're an amazing writer:)! Carmen is such a great story, from just sex to something more that neither seems to understand. Excited to see where it goes. Your drabbles are such a treat to read. Please keep writing!

I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this, this week has been….a challenge to adjust for me, but I have a bit of time now :)

Thank you anon!! Carmen is one that you can really see not only a change in relationship, just as you said, from sex to something deeper than they intended, but also in my writing style. I often want to go back and rework it, which I might do eventually. I think it has potential to be even better, more in depth. So we shall see what the future is. I’ve had an ending planned out, but am now considering turning that planned ending upside down. So yeah, we shall seee! 

Also, glad to hear that you enjoy my drabbles! I really like to write the little moments :D 


These past couple of months, the main has been receiving a lot of anon messages in regards to activity checks, hiatus, etc. I’m not one hundred percent sure if this is coming from within the group or outside, but whoever it is, please, please stop sending them. None of them will be posted and if it continues, we will turn off the option. Big Brother Resort has been ongoing for almost three years now. Though our rules might be more lenient than other groups, I think it shows that we are doing something right to still be here after all this time.

That being said, our activity checks will now be done in private rather than posted for all to see. In future, messages shall be sent to inactive accounts to ask if members are still interested in that role. If we do not receive a response within the given time frame, then the role will be re-opened (in public). 

I hate putting posts like these on the dash because we’re such a positive, kind group, but it’s more than disheartening to log in and see our rules or methods being questioned because we work damn hard to keep this place going, and I know our members do too. Trust in us to know what we’re doing, folks! We’ve lasted this long. Lots of love to those who stick with us. You’re all incredible.

This is a text post that also happens to have header text.

This is just regular ol’ text, the sorta stuff you see in day-to-day Tumblr-ing when you make your own post. I’ll just babble on randomly here so that there’s more substance and therefore more accurate to what actual posts looks like! I decided to make it into <small> font so that I could decide what to do with that style.

Might as well add another paragraph just to get a feel of what it looks like. I should probably also test out what all the other kinds of font styles look like, so let’s start, shall we? First we’ll start with bold text, to give that extra pop, and then sometimes I really want to emphasize something, so I use italics. And just for the heck of it, I’ll bold and italicize the fact that I love Sehun, like… a lot. In addition to that, I might as well add a link, which happens to go to my main blog. Oh! And how could I forget, striked out writing, in italic, in bold, in italic and bold.

I should probably also figure out what a <blockquote> looks like since I myself rarely make my own text post and reblog it from others, meaning there will be a blockquote. Sometimes unfortunately two blockquotes even though it’s only one caption /sigh

I should also check out what bullet points look like:

  • Ayo
  • This is what bullet points are like
  • Pretty nifty, eh?

Also might as well check numbering:

  1. Did you know?
  2. My favourite number is 9!
  3. And recently I also decided that 412 was another favourite number
  4. And youuu guessed it!
  5. It’s because of Sehun’s birthday… I’m trash okay :/

I feel like I should see what a Line looks like right after something like numbering or bullet points because sometimes it is oddly space and it looks ugly >:[

And I should probably also check what it look like after normal text, too, because why not!

And just in case, I might as well see what it looks like before and after <small> font, because you never know.

And I think that just about covers it! I would also test out a Read More but that’s basically the same as a regular link, which I already happened to do above. WOW, look at me, testing everything out :’)