Exo Reactions To You Trying To Teach Them Your Native Language

The gifs for this might not make sense because with the way I wrote it, I had a  hard time finding exactly what I wanted. Hopefully it turns out okay anyway. Also, to the person who requested this, I’m sorry that it took me so long to get around to. xo

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He doesn’t make much of an effort to actually learn, constantly teasing you about how serious you’re taking it & trying to sneak kisses. He gets frustrated when you push him away & tell him to pay attention but he keeps his strong determination to have some kind of fun while he’s learning. 


He messes around a lot while you’re teaching him, playing with things & trying to distract you on purpose so you’ll laugh. Though he does want to learn, he wanders around the room, listening to you speak & not ever for sitting very long. He sees you getting frustrated at one point & settles down to try harder.


He is constantly playing with your hair or asking you questions, though actually paying attention & is able to repeat things to you pretty flawlessly the first time he hears them. He spends most of your lessons together touching you in some way so that you know he’s paying attention even if he doesn’t appear to be.


He’s attentive & you have his full attention the whole time as he tries as hard as he can to learn everything in your sessions together, never complaining or asking for breaks. He’s eager to learn & takes it seriously so that it’s easier to talk to you & have deeper conversations in a way that is comfortable for you.


He talks about taking snack breaks a lot, but other than that he’s totally focused on what you’re saying, watching your mouth carefully to make sure he’s saying things right. He kisses your cheek when you smile at him for doing well & he blushes when you kiss him back as a reward.


He doesn’t totally put an effort in because it’s pretty easy for him to learn new languages & he’s been around you enough to pick up the basics. But he does attempt to better his skill in your language & asks if he’s been saying things wrong or if he needs to enunciate more, wanting to be flawless at it.


He takes a few tries to get certain things right but other than that, he does well, never doing much to draw your attention from the lesson but sometimes resting a hand on your thigh. He uses his charms to sway you into taking breaks but it’s always him insisting the two of you get back to work.


He spends a lot of the time playing with your clothes or touching your face to fluster you. He’d wink & say things in your language to show off that he was learning but he’d focus a lot of his efforts on making you blush or get so distracted that he can take the opportunity to kiss you.


He whines a lot about how hard your language is but he actually does very good at it, not struggling with pronunciation as much as you expected. He sighs constantly when you get into boring parts but he doesn’t say anything, letting you explain it to him while he stares off with a blank look.


He does very well & manages to get a lot done in the short amount of time that you two spend together. He flows through your lesson effortlessly, smiling at himself & feeling proud for impressing you with his ability to learn so fast. He urges you to teach him more, wanting to know as much as possible.


He tries pretty hard but falls behind a lot & needs your help to get back on track. When he puts his mind to it, he gets a lot accomplished but it takes you a lot of effort to keep him going at it once he gets discouraged. He feels like it’s too difficult even when he’s doing well, needing your reassurance to continue.


He makes a lot of suggestive gestures or faces at you while you’re trying to teach him, knowing he’ll break you sooner or later. He knows that he’ll pick up your language eventually since the two of you are together so much so he focuses on more important things, like trying to unbutton your shirt or pants.

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speaking of ocelot, I finally gave into temptation and started adding fictional characters to my tomodachi life island. I didn’t do so until now because most of my favourite characters aren’t human so I was stuck for ideas of who to add, plus the game sort of pushes you into adding yourself and your friends / family first so adding fictional characters alongside them feels weird?? idk

anyway I threw in snape, ocelot, dio and konata because those were the best ideas I had while I was awake at 4am. If you think of anyone else that might be good comment I guess!

officialtrashbin replied to your post:So… Who’s excited to finally be getting a physical…

I get to watch Billy never return to the game series again, in HD this time.

I’m just happy I’m seeing so much attention for this game. Billy in HD is enough for me!!

anonymous asked:

So I'm currently writing a book and I just talked to a friend who mentioned that if the main characters end up in a homosexual relationship it might not sell as well and I just got really sad about the whole thing. This just killed me inside because I'm really passionate about this project and the message its meant to send to people (or i want it to send to people). And no I don't know if I want to even try publishing do you think I should go for it anyways?

Has your friend ever thought that the reason books with same-sex relationships don’t sell well is because they are not as numerous as books portraying an opposite-sex couple, or that maybe they don’t get the same advertisement or praise as books portraying and opposite-sex couple. You write whatever you want to write and how you want to write it and don’t pay any mind to outsiders opinions. If you think that for that the message and overall story is fine the way it is then don’t change a thing. This is about you and what you want to do. Yes you should try to publish it if you want because clearly you feel passionate about the story and we need more writers in the world who are passionate about their story lines.


In which I assume it’s unerasable from Syaoran’s point of view, because it’s probably LONG gone for Sakura. 

…I just made myself sad. 

But anyway, adorable art! Look at all the gifts Outo is giving us. Sakura and Syaoran going on grocery trips, with Mokona tagging along. 

Sakura pausing to look at the TINY CAT SHAPED OBJECTS and being so excited that she calls out for Syaoran to look too. 

Mokona being entertained and finally meeting someone her own size, even if they are ceramic. 

And Syaoran backpedalling at the drop of hat despite the fact that he’s carrying breadsticks half his own height BECAUSE SAKURA WANTS HIM TO SEE THE THING HE NEEDS TO SEE THE THING. 

And all of these cute moments happening naturally with a Sakura who doesn’t even remember their backstory, but is growing to be his friend and cares about him quite a lot anyway. 

SMALL MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS IN OUTO. I will cling to these with both hands before Outo rips them away again. Because my trust levels have plummeted. 

Sakura definitely seems to have a “sillhouete of a bird” motif going on here though. It’s a little hard to miss, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand it could be an actual black coloured bird, which has it’s own implications. On the other, it could be more of a “shadow” of bird that should be there. They have a history with birds together, after all, and it’s this history that is now a glaring hole for Sakura. It’s a literal gap in her memory, just like these birds are holes in her colour scheme. It could also represent her own missing feathers, which constantly hang over her every interaction with Syaoran. This is Sakura, but it’s always not the WHOLE Sakura, and some parts of her are going to be missing forever. 

Then again, maybe Sakura just thought it was pretty. 

Either way, the glass that Sakura is pressing her finger against is also reminding me of this, which MIGHT NOT BE INTENTIONAL, BUT KNOWING CLAMP IT STILL COULD BE.

monicacrossing asked:

I totally love the hair you make because I can use it in my game on laptop mode with no problem! Do you know where I can find more hair like it?? You're great btw

Hi there, thank you so much! I think that the reason my hairs work so well with laptop mode is because they’re what is referred to in the community as ‘Clay Hair’ and not ‘Alpha Hair’, meaning it is the same type of hair the game originally came with, that has no transparencies. I might be wrong though because I’ve never used laptop mode, so please someone correct me if I am lol

Anyway, if that is the case there are so many great creators out there who make clay hairs. You can always wade through the TS4MM tag and there will be heaps in there for you to look at, but here’s just a few of my favourites:


aaand my brain has suddenly gone blank =/ I’ve probably forgotten many people but that should get your started =D


I had a lousy run. I was trying to do 6x1200m repeats and I just didn’t have it in me. I might have set my pace a bit too fast. I only managed two repeats and then I jogged it out.

It’s absurdly humid. Humid enough that I took my shirt off to finish off the run because it felt like I was wearing a wet blanket. I never run without my shirt, in part because I don’t have the best body self-image. But it was ridiculous. And who really cares what I look like anyway?

Calling Anyone Who Loves Music

So me and cliffordsrsly have had a great idea. remember when Halsey tweeted this:

Well, we figured, why can’t we do that? So here’s presenting the Music Sanctuary! The description on our website best describes what we’re trying to do: “ Hello! We are Reagan and Mollie, two teenage girls with a dream to help other kids around our age who are struggling. We want to make a way for these kids who might be depressed or struggle with any mental illness, but are still alive and fighting because of a band or artist. We know that music can really influence someone’s life for the better, and we want to give these kids and teenagers the opportunity to meet these people who have influenced them that much.”

But, as we all know too well, none of this is free. We need some donations to kickstart this. We are going to contact some places to see if they want to sponsor us, but i don’t know how they’ll respond to two sixteen year old girls. 

If you want to donate, we have a gofundme here. If you want to visit our website/blog, you can here. If you want to contact us and find out more what we’re about, our email is contact.themusicsanctuary@gmail.com.

Even if you can’t donate, it would still be amazing if the word was spread. please tell people who could potentially donate. Help us make this dream a reality! 

And one last thing, this is for any artist. It’s not just for one particular genre of music. All kinds of music saves lives and we want to show the world.

*this is our unofficial logo but i think it looks good lol*

We’ve gotten a few questions about how to get over a fear of studying/fear of tests/fear of failing tests, and I have a few tips for getting over this!

1. Stop telling yourself that studying won’t help

“What if I’m studying the wrong stuff?” “This isn’t sticking.” “I’m going to fail anyway.” These are all things that I used to think in high school, and this delayed my studying or prevented me from doing it at all. You can’t tell yourself this because it will only stress you out and you can’t study while stressed (at least not effectively). Take a step back and be realistic. You MIGHT study some information that won’t be on the test, but no test will ever cover all the material you are taught. If you study well, you’re GOING to study important material that WILL help you on the test. 

To be blunt, yes, you might still fail. Failing a test happens to everyone, but it isn’t the the of the world. You need to get over the “I’m going to fail anyway, so why bother studying” mentality and replace it with the “Yeah, I might fail, but studying now might be the difference between a 34% and a 59% on this test.” Every point counts and studying never hurts. 

2. Study throughout the semester, not the night before the final

The fact is, the most effective studying takes place over the course of a long time, not in one weekend immediately before the exam. You can study every day simply by doing things such as rereading your notes every day and making flashcards throughout the semester. Every day I reread my old notes before class starts and eventually that information just sticks. You don’t even have to study it anymore because it’s in your head from rereading it in your notes. 

Furthermore, studying throughout the semester takes the pressure off of the last minute studying before an exam that often leads to the fear of studying. If you already know a lot of material from studying throughout the semester, that means you have much less work to do when the test comes around. This makes studying much less stressful and you’ll feel much more prepared for the exam. 

3. Actually study, don’t just pretend you are

When I got a bad grade in high school I would convince myself that it wasn’t my fault because “I studied so hard.” But in reality, I didn’t study much, if at all. Sitting in front of a book is not studying. Thinking about studying is not studying. Mindlessly reading a textbook while scrolling through tumblr is not studying. You need to actively engage with the material and LEARN it. You aren’t there to memorize information, you’re there to learn. Study the material as if it’s something you want to remember for the rest of your life, not just something you want to remember for the next 8 hours. 

4. Fall in love with learning and make goals

Studying can be a good experience, no matter what your previous experiences with it have been. I hated studying in high school and I was afraid it wouldn’t help. Now I enjoy studying because I genuinely enjoy what I’m studying and I create a relaxing environment for myself when I study.

Studying can also become easier if you set goals for yourself. It can be things like “study for 20 minutes every day” or “reread old notes at the end of every week” or even “get at least an 80% on this next exam.” When you start to see results, even if they’re small, you’ll become much more encouraged to study and it will become much easier and more enjoyable. 

I hope this helps some of you! Here are some additional links that may be helpful:

favourite korra pairings in order (sorta)
  1. korra/asami
  2. korra/lin
  3. korra/bolin
  4. korra/every girl 
  5. korra/me
  6. korra/herself
  7. korra/korra/korra
  8. korra/mako

the end

i’m bad at making serious lists like this, it took a bit of thinking but i think i did a godo jobb.

Step 388: Those awful shoes will never change their ways

If they are a size too small, but you bought them anyway because they are vintage, they will never fit your feet. If they cause sharp, stabbing pains whenever you wear them too long, it is not your foot that is the problem (and also you might be doing long-term damage). 

If they are too narrow, too blister-y, too anything other than relatively comfortable items that protect your feet from the dangers of the ground, then give that shit to Goodwill.

One important caveat: If the shoes are made of leather, they can be stretched slightly for size and width by a trusty shoe guy. I’ve done this with a few pairs of too-narrow cowboy boots. So that’s worth a shot. But if that doesn’t work, SEND THEM AWAY FOREVER.

Dean had three identities in The Prisoner: Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, and Freddie Mercury. When the episode first aired, we discussed these identities as regards the strategies these men took toward media representations of their bisexuality.

But as intertextuality between Supernatural and rock lyrics is something of a hobby horse of mine, I began wondering what these particular men had to do with the episode itself, the episode leading into the season finale, the harbinger of Darkness.

The Queen song that seems most connected to the episode is, naturally, Bohemian Rhapsody:

I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I’m easy come, easy go,
Little high, little low,
Anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me, to me.

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.

The other two are trickier, because there’s a wealth of songs that might relate to the episode. But my picks are:

Black Sabbath: Sins of the Father (bubbling under: Rusty Angels, Angel Heart, Iron Man, Paranoid, Walk Away, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle).

You’re the only witness
To the murder of an angel
How much longer are you gonna pay
For yesterday
Sins of the father

And for Mötorhead: Heartbreaker (bubbling under: The Hammer, Angel City, I Am the Sword, Don’t Lie to me).

Time to get us outta here
No emotion only fear
Say a last goodbye

Monsters at the edge of time
Waiting ‘til we cross the line
All we find is black despair

Dream maker, love taker, heart breaker. By the end of the season, Dean Winchester is all these things.

Day 7/7: Recharging your desires
Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. - 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Have you ever worked on something or waiting for something for a long time but never quite got the results you were looking for? When this happens, it might cause you to throw your hands up and wonder, “Well, what’s the use? Why I am doing this, anyway?“ Maybe you:

1. Didn’t quite make the grade you were hoping for in one of your classes
2. Applied for a job that seemed promising but it fell through at the last minute
3. Invested time and energy into someone who took you for granted
4. Started a business and it didn’t quite take off like you were hoping
5. Set out to achieve a fitness goal but life got in the way and you had to quit

Whatever it is that you’ve started and haven’t been able to finish, know that just because you’re not where you thought you would be at this point, that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Even if you’ve lost the zeal or the desire to continue, know that through Christ, it’s not over yet. Even if you end up working at a completely different job, or you end up being single for a year while God prepares your heart, whatever it is, there’s no need to settle or give up, just because it didn’t work out in your timing. Instead of giving up, keep on pursuing the Lord despite what hasn’t happen yet. For instance, if you’re in college and your GPA isn’t where you thought it would be when you first started out, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve it this semester. If you find yourself still thinking about how hard last semester was walking into this new semester, pray before you enter that new classroom. Ask the Lord for strength to use you in that classroom for HIS glory, not your glory. The more you begin to realize the opportunities you have to be His servant on your campus, at your job, or at home, the more you will see that even when you’ve lost motivation, and even when you’re ready to give up, your labor is not in vain.

Biblical context + further reading: 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Olicity Fanfic Recommendations

Let me start with saying a couple of things I learned those last days:
I sent like 40 fanmails/asks and wrote a few comments on Ao3 to wish my favorite writers a Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day because I thought it was a great idea to go out there and spread love. Besides, I sometimes tend to be a lazy reader and give more likely kudos/likes than comment on fics although I know from experience that sometimes receiving comments makes me even happier than likes/kudos.

Anyway, most of he people I wrote a message to answered and thanked me for the message and told me how happy it made them, and that made me happy. It was really fun to write those messages and recieve answers.

So I thought I should do this more often and created a side blog (olicity-fic-appreciation) to regularily appreciate fanfic writers. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with that blog yet because I already recommend fics here and I think that shows appreciation. So I might delete that blog and stick with my recommendation posts. I just wanted to let you know, and if anyone has ideas on what to do with that blog and/or how to appreciate fanfic writers more, you can of course tell me.

But now to the recommendations:
I didn’t get around to read a lot lately because I was busy with university stuff and I was in Spain for a week, but I read a lot of really good fics I want to recommend. Special thanks to arrow-through-my-writers-block and yespleasehawkeye for tagging me. Since I returned from vacaction in the middle of the night and didn’t want to fall asleep in the car, I could read your wonderful works, and didn’t even have to search through any tags. Everyone else is always invited to tag me.

Unnamed fic by dust2dust34 - Oliver hurts his jaw and sounds adorable, so Felicity and everyone else can’t stop laughing. 

“Hands” by yet-i-remain-quiet -  Felicity is hurt while at a charity gala. Oliver tries to figure out what to do next.
(The link leads you to the complete work on Ao3, but you should also take a look here because the first part was based on a gif and it is very intense.)

“In your wedding dress” by smoaking-greenarrow - It is supposed to be Oliver’s and Felicity’s happiest day, but something goes very, very wrong.

“Light up my room” by smoaking-greenarrow - Oliver and Felicity babysit Sara. Oliver tells her a bedtime story.

Unnamed fic by machawicket - A prompted fic that includes adorable Oliver with a hurt jaw. 

“Extra Base Hits” by machawicket - The first time Oliver comes before Felicity (smut).

“Once upon a dream - Olicity at Disneyland” by arrow-through-my-writers-block - Oliver and Felicity visit Disneyland together.

“Sensations of survival” by arrow-through-my-writers-block - Oliver and Felicity come home from a mission (smut).

“No worries (for the rest of your days)” by sophie1973 - Inspired by: You need to marry someone you’d still be down to fuck real quick in the laundry room while the kids are watching ‘The Lion King” downstairs and there is only ten minutes left on the timer till you need to take the dinosaur nuggets out the oven (not real smut, but somehow explicit).

“Olicity: Stay at home Dad” by yespleasehawkeye - Felicity needs to go back to work after maternity leave, but she’s heartbroken at the idea of leaving her little baby, even if she’s with Oliver.

“Olicity: Sweat it out” by yespleasehawkeye - Felicity gets the flu and Oliver takes care of her.

“Olicity: Mother knows best” by yespleasehawkeye - Donna surprises Felicity with a visit. Oliver answers the door in nothing but a towel and Felicity doesn’t wear much more either.

“Still sleepless in Star City” by aussieforgood - Part two of “Sleepless in Star City”. You can find the first part (recommended before) here.

In case you missed it, you can find my last recommendation post with a link to the one before which will lead you to the Olicity fic survey here

Dear Chan (Dino)

type: oneshot

genre: angst/slight fluff

synopsis: The days wither away with every shed tear and Chan isn’t there to watch the chaos

author’s note: written in letters ^^ I’m obsessed with lee chan as you can see

Day 1, Letter 1

Dear Chan, 

This is probably the dumbest idea I’ve ever had (worse than the time we decided to jump the neighbor’s fence), but I’m going to do this. I can’t sleep at night. I can’t breathe either. But it’s okay. As long as you’re still alive and smiling and laughing. Without me. Yeah. It’s okay. 

Day 1, Letter 2

Dear Chan,

The first letter might go in the trash because I sound so desperate and gosh, I hate sounding needy but then I realized you’ll never read any of these anyway. Why am I writing these? Why.

I miss you.

Day 2, Letter 3

Dear Chan,

It’s been a number of days since we broke up. It stings and my tears are making the ink run on the page, but there’s more tears on my pillow than anywhere else. Did I do something wrong?

I still remember the day you broke up with me. You were wearing that yellow flannel I hated. We were on the couch and I could tell something was wrong because you barely looked at me. The summer heat was deadly that day and sweat dripped down the sides of our bronze faces. 

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” was your conversation starter. Lame. But I didn’t care because it was you. I replied with a smile and a “Yeah, it is”, but you were too distracted by how to break up with me. 

Your hands easily found mine and our fingers knew where to go. I wanted to kiss you on the cheek, but I hesitated. I wish I hadn’t. I wish I told you “I love you” more often. I wish I hugged you more and kissed you more and held your hands more. 

It’s really sad when someone wishes for the impossible.

You broke up with me with a deep breath that made your cheeks puff out. I felt my heart rip a little inside my chest, but I couldn’t mend it. I still can’t. Shoot.

Day 3, Letter 4

Dear Chan,

My mom forced me to go to the supermarket with her. I didn’t care what I wore, so I threw on a worn grey hoodie and running shorts. The supermarket was a nightmare; I swear, everyone was staring at me, pitying me. Why did you leave me? Did I really screw up this time? I want you back…

When I got home, I slammed my bedroom door and threw myself against it. It stung, but I thought it was numbing. I started to cry quietly. I’m a mess without you. 

I thought of your smile and the way you would hug me with your chin on my shoulder and your arms tight around my torso. I only cried harder. 

When I went to shower, I realized I was wearing your grey hoodie. 

Day 5, Letter 5

Dear Chan, 

I slept the whole day yesterday. I didn’t write a letter to you on the fourth day, but I could barely pick up the pen without crying. I’m such an idiot, crying all the time like a blubbering fool. I want someone to save me. 

I was going through my drawers and I found all of your stuff. All of it. The mixed CDs you used to give me every Saturday after lunch were stacked neatly in the corner. Your favorite hair gel was still there, half empty. The instant film camera we bought together with our saved allowance still works. Next to it was our little blue photo album with a dozen different photos. 

I need to stop making wishes, but I wish I hadn’t went through that album. I wanted to rip apart and cut up every single picture, but when my fingers slid over your face, I couldn’t. I stared at your pictures. There’s a lot of you, but more of me. 

I looked so happy. I had no idea you took so many. What was the point, though? It’s not like we were going to last. 

Day 6, Letter 6

Dear Chan,

My friends won’t stop texting me. They keep telling me that it was your loss and that I deserve better. What the heck does that even mean? I can’t even think about you without shutting down and curling up. You were everything to me and now…I guess I didn’t mean much to you.

I want to give back all of your things, but I don’t want to let go of you. I want to go back to those happy times. But it’s over. The curtains are drawn, the show is over, and the actors have gone their separate ways. It’s done. 

My mom is worried about me. She wants to send me to a psychologist and it’s driving me crazy. She doesn’t get it. I get angry just looking at her and I hate it because she didn’t even do anything. She’s just trying to help. Why am I fighting the people who love me and loving the people who don’t want me?

She forced me to put your things in a box. “For when you’re ready to give them back. Maybe not now, but later.” She said. She said it like I was returning a book to a classmate. But you’re not just a classmate. You’re Lee Chan. 

I hid your grey hoodie. She didn’t notice. 

Day 9, Letter 7

Dear Chan, 

My friend came over a few days ago and found my letters to you. She took away all my pens, my journal, my notebooks; everything that I could turn into a “desperate cry for help” as she kindly pointed out. I missed three days of writing because she dragged me out of my room and threw me into the world again. 

We went out to see a movie, but I just sat there like a lifeless doll. I don’t even remember the title or the main actor. The velvet seats felt so familiar because we used to go to the movies a lot. Do you remember those days? The days of throwing popcorn at each other and making up fake backstories for the characters? Maybe only I care about those things. 

When the movie ended, I almost choked when I thought I saw you outside the theater. I got dizzy because of all the blood rushing to my head, but when the person turned around, it wasn’t you. Of course it wasn’t. 

When we went to the mall, I secretly bought a stationary set while my friend was at a boutique. I’m writing this letter to you on a discounted Valentine’s Day card set. Ironic.

Day 11, Letter 8

Dear Chan, 

I skipped a few days again. I couldn’t get out of bed and I didn’t want to think about you anymore. I want to get out of this. But you always come back to me in a fading memory, from triggers like seeing your favorite color or hearing our song or just. Whenever. 

I guess it hurts a little less. I can cry without quivering or hiding under my blankets. I try to go for a walk in the early hours of the morning. It makes me feel better when I can’t see people. No one wakes up at 4 am to go for a walk. 

Today I went around the old dirt trail we used to go to. I felt empty walking down that nostalgic, winding path, but it didn’t…sting. I guess this means a small stitch has been made in my heart. 

The creek still has crystal clear water. It’s freezing in the morning, but I smiled for the first time in a while when I touched it. I’m so glad I decided to walk there. 

Day 15, Letter 9

Dear Chan,

It’s been almost a week since I last wrote to you. The past four days have been uneventful, but I’m slowly getting my life back. Kind of. Whenever the sun touches my skin, I still think about the summer days we spent together and how long we would be outside, just enjoying each other’s company. I only cry when I dream about you, which used to be every other night, but now, it’s dwindled to twice or three times a week. I think I’m making progress.

I still walk at 4 am. I can’t bring myself to sleep in past that hour. It’s okay though, because the walks are helping me forget.

I still miss you. The feeling is a little less desperate, but it’s still there, tugging on the side of my mind. 

Do you ever think about me? I always wondered this, even while we were dating. Am I ever in your dreams? Do little things, like the smell of morning tea or the feeling of sticky ice cream on your hands, ever remind you of me? Or am I in this loop alone, stuck for as long as I still feel some way about you?

I actually asked my friend to go out to lunch. I walked past our favorite cafe on the way to the diner. I didn’t know what to do, but my feet stopped moving and I found myself staring in through the window. The sweet old lady still runs the place, flashing the same smile and nursing the same injured leg. I wanted to walk in and buy a slice of cheesecake, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. 

I hadn’t cried yet this week, but after that, I did. I guess my wounds aren’t stitched all the way yet. I fell asleep with wet cheeks, but the relentless waves that crashed in my mind every night were calm. 

Day 19, Letter 10

Dear Chan,

I saw you today. Outside of the ice cream parlor. 

All that went through my mind was your name. Written in messy pencil, printed in black ink, scrawled in your stupid handwriting. Lee Chan. Chan. 

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in things happening for a reason and the universe and the planets aligning for one, special moment? Because I didn’t and I never did, but when I woke up this morning and decided to go get ice cream, and you happened to be there, it hit me that maybe fate does exist.

Gosh, you looked. Amazing? Handsome? I don’t even have the right words to describe you, but you looked nice. Let’s go with that. Really nice. You were wearing a black graphic t-shirt and your Converse, with your hair all tousled and gorgeous. I saw you laugh and smile with your friends and I just. I wanted to go over there and smile and laugh with you, but it would be so inappropriate.

You know what? I’m so frustrated. I’m tired of this. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I still can’t, and then you reappear into my life again, magically, as if the planets had aligned and the universe decided it was the right idea. I’m struggling and trying to escape, but why did you have to come back? 

I’m stuck between screaming and insanely laughing because this is a joke. This is a joke and I’m terrified because I love you. I love you. Oh god, why am I…

Day 21, Letter 11

Dear Chan,

I always thought of my mind as a rough ocean, with pounding waves and dark, sharp crests. So many thoughts are swimming in the wreckage of our breakup, clinging onto the broken pieces, but today, it’s different. Something is changing. 

My mother took my box. She found your grey hoodie and trapped it in those four cardboard walls. “This is unhealthy. It’s been more than two weeks and all you’re thinking about is this boy.” She said. I tuned her out and she decided it was time for me to return your things. 

Cold, sweaty hands. I sat in the shotgun seat, head resting against the window, trembling inside. My head felt strange, as if someone had held it and shook it as hard as they could. There was that feeling, that odd sensation of being hit a thousand times and being woozy. 

Something stabbed me in the chest when we parked outside of your house. It was the same two story home, with a porch swing and white windows. My eyes drifted over every part of your house and collected all the memories we had left. I stopped at your bedroom window. The curtains were drawn. 

It took some coaxing for me to get out of the car, but I did. A heat wave swept by me and hot air breathed down my neck. It left me dizzy for a second, but I kept walking to the trunk to get the box. I thought about how stupid it was, to feel so attached to a cardboard box, when all that was in there were another human being’s belongings. 

My footsteps to your front door were slow and dramatic, just like in the movies. The box got heavier and heavier with each foot closer. I wanted to vomit and run home so bad, but I knew I would never come out and do this again. 

My stomach had twisted itself into a tight knot by the time I worked up the nerve to even knock on your door. The anticipation welled up inside of me and threatened to spill out when I heard the sound of clothed footsteps. 

And there you were. Like a glowing mirage, your eyes met mine and I swear, my blood ran cold. The heat of the sun seemed to be strengthened and maybe I was just delusional or overwhelmed, but your eyes were screaming some emotion close to depression.

“Hey.” Your voice was so soft.

I could barely contain myself. Could you tell? Could you see the frustration and pain? 

I barely said anything. I fumbled up a hello and stuttered a goodbye before shoving the box at you and sprinting down your driveway, allowing those memories and that two story house to fade in the background. Maybe you shouted my name. Maybe. I don’t know. 

Day 35, Letter 12

Dear Chan,

Two weeks felt like a year, but I’m happy to say the rips in my soft heart have been carefully mended. Of course, that doesn’t stop the dull pain I feel whenever I hear someone accidentally let your name slip, or when I hear our song on the radio, but it’s just that. A dull pain and nothing else. 

I went for a walk again, just like any other day. Four in the morning, with the early rays of the sun, is when for a brief period of time, the world forgets all the bad memories and fears. It’s when for a second, everyone is reborn again in clean, white light. 

This morning, I saw you. You were standing by the edge of the woods, staring up at the huge trees bathed in pale sunlight. I stopped walking then, and was tempted to turn around, but I ended up walking up to you. 

“Hi.” was what I said.

“Hey.” was what you replied.

“So,” I continued. “how have you been?” I let the last word trail.

I didn’t want to know. It hit me after the words left my tongue. I didn’t want to know that you’ve been doing great and that you brushed off our breakup like it was some lint on your shoulder. 

“I’ve been…okay.” You said. I nodded, feeling my heart squeeze. 

“Well…I guess I’ll just…keep walking.” I said this quickly before I walked past you, further into the forest.

You were a speck in the distance when my phone vibrated. You texted me. I miss you. Three words, quiet but firm, formed a sentence that ended in a period. A statement. 

I turned around.

Day ??, Letter 13

Dear Chan,

This is it. If you’re confused, since I gave you no context whatsoever, enclosed in this package is something I wrote while we were separated. I decided to give all of these letters to you in this cardboard box. 

Honestly, I don’t remember how we even got back together. It wasn’t immediately after you sent that text, since I was hesitant, but you were persistent and so after a few months, we were attached at the hip again. 

This is the last letter ever (hopefully). You can burn them if you want? Anyway, I guess I love you….maybe. Okay, I’m gonna stop. 

pimpingyogranny asked:

How to draw Female and Male figures? I usually just draw the face and neck and stop. Help?

Well here are my tags: Anatomy, Proportions, & Bodies. I know I have some other more specific ones, like: Poses (there are some nsfw nude models btw), Torso, Arms, & Legs. I’ve answered an ask or two about this before so this post links you to it (Or check out my Asks). 

I usually end up just drawing the face and neck as well, so it might help to do a rough sketch of the entire body before you focus on the face. That way you have something to work off of after you draw a simple face. 

Idk about you, but I know that once I’ve drawn a good face I don’t want to attempt to add a body because I feel like they won’t match up/look good. 

Anyway here are some tutorials/tips I found. These three from WikiHow are a bit more on the cartoony side, but they should help you with the basics: 1, 2, & 3. 

This link will lead you to a site that will give you all kinds of tips.

This site has multiple pictures with a lot of explaining descriptions for you.

This site will link you to a bunch of different tutorials for figure drawing.

If you go to google images and just sear “figure drawing model reference” then you can find a lot of models in various poses that you can use as a reference.

I hope all this helps! 

phanatyy asked:

Hey Juby-san! I just wanted to say good job on the opening line of Ai No Scenario, the "Say" in the place of where in the Japanese it says "Se[kai]" I thought that was very clever ouô (plus it always adds to the experience when people try to make it sound like the original lyrics, to me anyway <3 ) Hope you have a good night!

Woahhhh! This might be the first time someone’s analyzed a specific line of my lyrics and then complimented me! 

Originally posted by nyaharo

Gosh, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t prepare anything um firstly thank you very much. Also, I love doing this for the exact reason you pointed out! Because everyone already recognizes the song by that big “SEEEE[KAI]” sound so I find it a lot less jarring for people to listen to an English cover keeping similar vowels. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be a good vowel to sing! But man that first stanza of the song was the hardest to write since there were so many (bad/vague) translations out there that drove me bananas. Usually Honeyworks is so easy to write with because of all the casual language but this one was very much up to interpretation possibly due to it straddling the anime and pv. 

WOw I could go on and on, I’m really sorry for the big huge wall of text. Thank you for your kind words!

By the way, if anyone needs a tutor, I’ll do it. I’ll be your tutor. I’d like more extracurriculars for my college applications. And my people skills are mediocre to above average, so it might even be kind-of fun if I’m your tutor. Sometimes. Maybe. But maybe not, because I don’t exactly scream “life of the party.”

Anyway, the point is that I’ll try to make tutoring somewhat enjoyable. So if you’re totes gonna bomb a test or something, hit me up. I’ll hook you up with some #brainz.

Title: madness [ AO3 ]
Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Character/Pairing: Miyuki/Furuya
Summary: Part seven of the I Belong to You series. Sickfic.
Notes: Subdued tones. Eh…I don’t really know why I wrote this, but…here it is.

“Senpai, you should go lie down,” Furuya says, but Miyuki pushes him off lightly.

“I need to eat first,” he insists and tries to head towards his desk where his electric kettle sits.

Furuya grips on his arm tighter and all but pushes him towards the bed, where he’s forced to sit down.

“I’ll do it,” the pitcher states.

Miyuki closes his eyes and yanks off the face mask. “Furuya, it’s fine,” he argues, shrugging off his jacket that has generated too much uncomfortable heat. “Go join the others.”

But Furuya stares at him and Miyuki kind of feels it actually borders on a glare.

“Lie down,” Furuya says quietly. “Please.”