just so you guys know for fanfic purposes i will be pretending none of this ever happened because in no universe where lex luthor exists could trump get elected because lex doesn’t like competition. also there are superheroes but let’s face it, mostly lex. for real life purposes i may also pretend this isn’t happening because i am not sure how else to function. anyway it’s a rule of mine to not integrate real life tragedies into fanfic and i consider this one of those so in advance don’t ask me to write about batman punching trump.

Fact of the Day

The c. 15,000 golf courses in the US use up as much water as one-sixth of the US population - equivalent to about 55 million people.

Ancient aquifers which took millions of years to fill are being spread over large, private enclosed spaces, many of which have been built by corporate developers encroaching on ‘prime’ ancestral native heritage sites - so wealthy white elites have an arena for business networking and a nice bracing stroll.

And you can bet that water isn’t contaminated with lead.

I think about Flint, Michigan and how you put people in these desperate situations, where they’re drinking toxic waste and how they’re supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and the city government or the state government is so corrupt that they’re not even trying to help,” he fumes. “They’re just trying to save their own asses. It’s like ‘How do you educate people when they’re starving or being poisoned?’ And it’s one crisis after another. It makes your head spin, really, and that’s what [Say Goodbye]’s about
—  Billie Joe Armstrong on the Flint Water Crisis in ‘New Day Rising’ (Kerrang)
if you could pass the word id appreciate it

hey so, my SER ( state emergency relief ) was denied due to a fraudulent claim by my mother on her case file, i have to reapply which means that while they helped me pay the majority of the bill there’s still a portion i can’t cover this month due to having to pay the past due balance of my water bill. i live in flint, michigan – so if you’ve been keeping up with the news you know that everyone’s water is fucked and while we don’t have to pay our water bills – the past due balance had to be paid or they would shut it off. i made the decision to pay this balance, because i know i can’t afford an activation + late fee on top of an already inflated bill, because the reality of the matter is even if i don’t drink the water i still have to use it to bathe in unfortunately.

i’m unable to currently move out or sell my home despite these repeated financial issues because it’s against the law to sell houses infested with lead and the water is legally unfit to drink among other things so i’m stuck here until the water infrastructure is finished however long that will take.

i’ve been out doing everything i can to get this bill lowered but if you could please donate or spread the word, my paypal is: beiialedge@aol.com

below is a picture of the shut off notice – after pleading with my case worker i managed to get the date extended to the end of the 21st

again if you can spread the word i’d honestly appreciate it, and sorry to clutter up your dashboards with my problems yet again