Love. Listen to me. You’re perfect. Whether others see it or not. People come and go but it will only make you stronger and show you who your real friends are. The ones who stay through thick and thin. Don’t let the others take over your life. See through the bad ones. See the good ones. See how everyone who left, everyone who hurt you, made you stronger today. Stronger than you know. It’s ok to break down sometimes. Feel down. You can still be strong and cry. Just know you’ll be okay. And I’m here for you until then and always.

This is what my internet best friend told me a while ago. It applies to everyone. She has been there for me for years. Im so glad I know her and met her :D

Ich liebe dich mein Freund!

evekvitka  asked:

Fandom - Riverdale or Game of Thrones


• The character I least understand: Hal Cooper, he could have just told Polly that it was incest and they would have stopped immediately but instead he was passive aggressive and vague because?????

• Interactions I enjoyed the most: anything between Betty and Veronica at all

• The character who scares me the most: Cheryl, I am in love with her but she is WILD and completely unpredictable, I’m afraid if I met her I’d say hi the wrong way and she’d kiss me and then light my car on fire

• The character who is mostly like me: honestly, I don’t think there is one on Riverdale, they’re all so different from me but I’m probably closest to Jughead out of all of them.

• Hottest looks character: It’s a tie between 80% of all of them, (I’m really into FP and I don’t know why he’s just sexy)

• One thing I dislike about my fave character: Cheryl and I dislike that she doesn’t love herself as much as I love her.

• One thing I like about my hated character: Grundy and I like that she fucking left

• Quote or scene that haunts me: “Thanks for trying. I’m going to be with Jason now.”

• A death that left me indifferent: Jason, the murder was the driving force for the show but apart from that I didn’t feel for him because I didn’t know enough about him to care. I was more worried about the people around him.

• A character I wish died but didn’t: Penelope. Tbh I had a suspicion it was Cliff at the beginning and I actually was disappointed after the finale because I would have loved to see him try to frame her, or something idk.Also she straight up was like “incest babies are good because they’re incesty.”

• My ship that never sailed: Grundy x jail time, so dissapointed

(I have seen game of thrones but it was so long ago and I think I only saw till season 3 so I wouldn’t even try I’m sorry haha)

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for me, one of the biggest anxious feelings i had after leaving my girlfriend the first time i met her, was that it'd be the last time I ever saw her again. I wonder if that's a common fear most have?

i think it absolutely is ! like my bf is leaving in less than 5 hours (after an objectively long visit) and even though we’ve been actively planning our future in a realistic and responsible way, i’m still genuinely terrified that i’ll never see him again. and i’ve been scared of that every time he leaves, not just now.

most of the time it really is just anxiety, though ! and you are most certainly allowed to voice said anxiety to your partner bc chances are, they feel it too. and (for me, at least) having validation that you aren’t the only one who’s anxious or sad or freaked out about being separated again helps tremendously. -mod 🌹

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'Lapis: Kiss her forehead and tell her I’m sorry. But I just needed to see her gorgeous eyes. “Along with hear your perfect voice.” I’d whisper to her.' She's really is beautiful, isn't she? those jade bright eyes, golden hair, the way her smile can light up the room, did you ever think anyone like her could be real? wouldn't you do anything to earn your place by her side? Love, Aphrodite

Lapis: She’s gorgeous… I never thought a perfect human being existed until I met her. I’d do anything to be with her.

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gold and glitter for the ask meme! :>

Glitter: Describe someone special to you.

  Uh, flawless? A literal goddess, just her existence makes me really happyyy. She’s so adorable in both personality and appearance and just sghasbddxhnhxd. Not to be a downer but if I hadn’t of met her, I’d probably be dead by now, she’s one of the only (and definitely the brightest) rays of pure sunshine in my life.

Gold: Describe what you would call the most perfect meal.

  I never eat proper meals so heck if I would know, but for me, probably anything as that as chicken alfredo is included, heh. .

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Weeb: D

Camp Friend: S

School Friend: K

When I was younger (13), one of my friends, K, convinced me to go to a summer camp with her. As I had never been away from home for more than a night, I was nervous but agreed to go with her. This time was during the falloff of my weeaboo phase and I still retained a small obsession with Naruto. As such, I checked out several Naruto manga from the local library and decided to bring it along (partially as a type of security blanket).

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