Every single day, we go online… And, trust me, I love the internet! But, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other peoples’ awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives, all we see is the behind the scenes of our lives… You’re the only one that’s inside your brain feeling your anxieties and the voices that are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voices are as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. (x)

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Dear bf

I am so in love with you.
when we first started dating I wasn’t sure about it, not because things between us weren’t perfect, because they were, or because you weren’t perfect, because you are, but just because I had so many issues with myself and with trusting other people that I felt like I couldn’t put myself in a relationship again without falling apart. I remember one time while I was waiting for you to pick me up for a date I spent a while crying because I hadn’t felt sad for a few weeks and it felt weird to not feel sad and then I felt wrong for crying about not being sad. looking back, that is really fucking weird, but that’s besides the point. I was a mess.
things changed. somewhere along the road I went from being absolutely terrified of falling in love with you to falling in love with you completely and unhesitatingly. honestly, I felt it coming right from the start. I think that’s what scared me. I knew I was gonna be yours while I was fumbling with my keys and trying to get into my house after the first date. it was scary! it’s still scary. but I love you.
there are some things working against us right now, sometimes life is tough for no reason. it doesn’t change anything, I still love you. it gets bigger and bigger every day. it won’t change. everything else could change, but that won’t.
I love your big heart. I love that you love everything. I love that you can’t stay unhappy for longer than an hour. I love that happy is your default. I love how you idealize and romanticize things even more than I do. I love the way you say words differently than everyone else does. I love how your eyes crinkle up when you smile. I love how genuine you are in everything that you do. I love the stupid jokes you’ve been making the entire time we’ve been together, that you probably won’t ever stop making. I love how you tell your friends we’re going to get married someday. I love that little temper that sparks up when you keep losing in your video games and are up way too late. I love everything about you.
and I swear, at this point, when you talk, I hear the wooden floors of our first house creaking under our feet as we run around, drunk, whispering slurred I-love-you-more’s. I hear little laughs from our one, two, three, (maybe more!?) kids, who get chased and wrestled with and loved more than either of us ever did. I hear the quietness of waiting for you to come home. I hear the holidays wrapped up in you. I want the wedding ring and the baby spit, I want it all with you. and the fact that I can say that without feeling my stomach turn and my heart ache means a whole lot.
you’re my whole heart.

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Hey can you write a souharu when one of them gets a call from work that the other is injuries and is in the emergency room. So the other is rushing to get there, and once they get there the nurse tells them that the other died, but she messes up the name and the injuried partner appears right down the hall, and they have an emotional reunion because the other partner thought that he had really died... I'm an angst junkie... Hehehe

AHHH this is good but heartbreaking af. I had a poll in which I asked people about which one of the characters were to be the hospitalised person, and the results… (drum roll) are below. You guys didn’t know what you were voting for, and I’m fully prepared for the eggs that might be thrown at me for this.

Another long one. (sigh)

Send me a fic prompt + a pairing (SouHaru, MakoRin or MakoRei)!

A drop of sweat trickles down his forehead, and Sousuke wipes it off with a half-hearted motion, knowing it won’t solve anything as it’ll only be joined by yet another very soon. He looks at the clock on the wall, watches the second hand move at what feels like an agonisingly slow speed.

It’s a slow day at work, and of course, Sousuke’s been put in the office, ordered to sort out police reports and filing them correctly. He snorts to himself. Correctly. Why wouldn’t he do things correctly? Sometimes, he feels like those above him treat him like a kid, telling him the simplest things that even people outside of the police force would understand without difficulty.

Damn Rin for being so lucky, Sousuke thinks to himself, accompanied by a grumble, envying his friend who’s out probably wrestling a criminal right about now.

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Hey, most people don't liked Caught, thinking different from the rest of the album. I specifically didn't like so much of Mother. What do you think about the songs? Thanks :)

I personally think Caught is a slow grower. It’s nice, but for me, the other songs on the album swallow it up, musically speaking.

Mother has really grown on me. I love the quietness at the start, and how the song bursts with vibrance and metaphor during the chorus, dies back down and then explodes with one final hit into an electronic mess at the end. It’s so satisfying and I think it makes a great closer to the album.

I hate it when people call other people’s ships disgusting… I’ll go to the Suzalulu, Ereri, Prideshipping, Drarry, and Thorki hashtags be filled with love only to find a comment about how messed up my OTP and how everyone that ships is fucking trash

We’re not forcing our ships on you… So please leave us alone. If you see something that bothers you just ignore it. No one likes to see people insulting their ships or fandoms, so please don’t do it to us.

Whatever you ship or like, it deserves respect. Please give all of us that

So on the one hand I kind of like and admire that the conflicts and arguments in cmk get tangled up in each other and continue going beyond the first blow up. I think it’s very true to life that people continue messing up, and things get complicated, and people lose sight of who is at fault and who did what first. 


Peter better get called out for what he did soon. And while I like that Katie is complex and has her own problems, I feel like none of them have anything to do with Peter, and the way they’re sort of being set against each other and being labeled as “both problematic” is kind of unfair? The way I see it, the things Katie needs to own up to are telling Bianca how she should feel/co-opting the Harry thing in the argument with their mom and interrupting the party. (She’s already owned up to the Tom thing being a mistake and honestly it has nothing to do with anything going on right now.) The stuff Peter did to Katie is way worse than anything she did to him. So while I agreed with most of the latest video, I wish their friends would acknowledge that they aren’t equally responsible for the situation.

Watched the new We Bare Bears Show

Overall I thought it was pretty boring but, I really liked the art style and there was one cute emotional moment that worked in “Viral Video”. However I didn’t laugh even once. Which is not good for a 30 minute episode that I figured is intended to be a comedy. I’m just not feeling it.

I think it would help if the bears weren’t just like normal people. That choice sucks a lot of the magic out of them being bears at all, since they have no bear things that mess up their existence in a regular world.

It’ll be interesting to see what other people’s reactions to it are when more people see it.

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Tony Stark / Bruce Banner

Comes home drunk: Tony haha, it’s always Tony. 

Tops in bed: Bruce is a sweet guy when he’s not a giant green monster, but Tony is the one who tops during sex. 

Does the laundry: Bruce is lucky if he even has laundry, he’s always ripping them apart when he changes into the hulk. But Tony has people to do that. 

Cleans the mess: Bruce, when he and Tony team up….things get broken, and i mean a lot of things. 

Leaves a mess: Oh god, they both leave a terrible mess, Tony when he shoots stuff, and Bruce when he gets angry and decides to smash. 

Throws food at the other: Tony starts it, but it ends up as a full out food fight. 

Spins around in the squeaky chair: Tony, and Bruce stops working to watch him. 

Gets jealous easiest: Bruce, lets not talk about what happens. 

Cuddles the other: Bruce loves to cuddle, and Tony thinks its amusing. he gives in though. 

Feeds the pets: Bruce feeds them while tony gets ready for a meeting. 

Cooks the meals: they both cook, but Tony does it more often, He is a show off. 

Spends the longest time getting ready: Tony, he is always tying to do something with that hair of his. 

And who spends the most money: Again, its Tony. Booze, property damage, etc.., But Bruce pays his fair share for property destruction. 

⊰ &&. afflictusclade

      “hey…” he didn’t mean to trail off. the grass he sat on wet and his intoxicated
       state enough to have him consider hanging up. but he’s already there, under the
       glimmer of nothing other than artificial street lights faint in the distance. one hand
       clutched around an almost empty bottle and the other coiled around his phone. “i’m
       outside, i didn’t know where else to go.” his tone soft, words slurred and yet you still
        find tints of sorrow beneath the mess of it all.


My flight doesn’t leave until six,sighing at the delays,but knowing you..you are no where near done after one day my blonde friend,but on the other note:

I’am so freaking pumped to fly out! I just need to be careful,my injury is crucial if I mess this up.

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Am I the only one that's a little bit bummed that apparently EK's next single is going to be Birthday Cake? Nothing against that song - it's okay - but wouldn't "Molly", "Never Leave L.A." or "Last Chance" have been better choices? I mean, she even mentioned that people had come up to her talking about how much they love "Molly". Idk, "Birthday Cake" doesn't really seem like it'd be a bigger hit than those other three. I still like it, though!

You’re not the only one at all. I love Birthday Cake but it was definitely low on my list of guesses for the next single. I would have gone with “Mess” or “Never Leave LA” but regardless I know my ass is buying it on August 7th hahaha

When you do your second BBTC as Cassi hoping you don’t get blindside evicted week 2 again (yes i see the irony)

When you actually make it to final 6 with no solid alliances

When you get evicted 6th place and realize your social game sucked

When you have to leave the juryhouse cuz you got things ta do in the morning that you were late for anyway

That BBTC was such a mess and it was so much fun that I can’t believe it. IDK if other ones can live up to this one tbh. Shoutout to whoever Dana was because she was HILARIOUS, and to my two ride or dies (though I probably wasn’t theirs), Janelle im-here-to-crush-dreams and Jon sstevemoses. And especially thanks to britneyanddanfan for hosting an awesome BBTC!!!


I just got back from the Minneapolis show and it’s hard to describe how I’m feeling. I feel calm? And just at peace. To finally see the boys up close and live was so bizarre but so amazing? They were right there and were just four normal blokes? I thought I would be a sobbing mess but mostly I just had fun, danced around and took it all in.

My husband and I were sitting right next to the catwalk so the boys could see us clearly. The entire time I held my signs while my husband filmed (thanks babe!). My sign said “FIREPROOF WAS OUR WEDDING SONG” on one side and “MY HUSBAND LOVES HARRY (I LOVE LOUIS)” on the other side. Honestly I didn’t expect much reaction but boy oh boy was I wrong!!!

All four boys saw my signs and interacted with me and husband multiple times. In the first minute Liam saw my “fireproof” sign and smiled and started singing to us. Then he kept coming back!!

Harry LOVED my husband and when he saw “my husband loves Harry” sign he grinned and started singing to my husband AND MY HUSBAND FREAKED. After that he came over countless times, looked at us and gave my husband peace signs and that dimpled grin. IT WAS AMAZING.

I thought Louis was never going to look at me until he FINALLY saw my sign “my husband loves Harry, I love Louis”. He SMIRKED and sang to me for a bit and I just froze. HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYES AND I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO REACT. It was just the best moment. He circled our area a bit more after that, singing more to our side, and at this point I was screaming. I wanted to show him how much he is loved. I hope he knows.

Later Niall saw my “fireproof was our wedding song” sign, looked me in the eyes and pointed at it and went “really?” with a shrug and like looked for my husband and My husband was like IM HERE NIALL.

Other thoughts:

Liam is amazing and is such a wonderful performer. He is all over the stage and just plays to the crowd and just slays with his voice. He sounded great and hit some amazing high notes and my husband and I were like WHATT. Also he was sweating so much and had to change his shirt which then had a button pop off then Louis ripped it off at the end?? All I know is it was open and his abs are ace.

Niall was pretty relaxed and didn’t interact with the crowd much, just stuck to his guitar. But I loved his voice and omg his jig during Act My Age was legendary.

Harry was such a crowd pleaser, he definitely was the most involved with the crowd and he is so fun to watch. Plus he was always coming around to us and to see him flirt with my husband and shake out his hair was great. His voice was very good and on point. At one point he sang happy birthday to a grandma and said hello to a little 3year old girl. It was so sweet. He is just so sweet and charming.

Louis. My Louis. He came out in this outfit with a white tee and blue button down over it and I DIED. Then he complained about being hot so he changed into the skate tough tank AND I DIED AGAIN. And his hair was a fluffy fringe and I was so happy. He was so little in person and I was just in awe that he was in front of me existing. He messed around with Niall and Liam a lot and it was just so fun to watch. And his voice… Is just so much purer and clearer than I could have ever imagined. Whenever he sang I had to clutch my hands to my chest. He messed up his parts a few times but overall he sounded lovely on harmonies and all his chorus leads. HE SLAYED NO CONTROL AND THANKED THE FANS FOR THE NO CONTROL PROJECT AND I DIED. And his part in dfwyb made me cry a little.

LILO. I LOVE LILO. Louis made Liam tell a joke at one point but I didn’t get it can someone explain it to me? NOUIS was also on fire tonight. I have videos. SO MANY VIDEOS.

Liam read “MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CHOP SUEY ARE HIS EYELASHES” and I screamed. Liam you bad boy.

Harry and Louis touched arms in the wmyb formation and I screamed. As for other HL moments i wasn’t really paying attention, I could only focus on one at a time.

Rainbow bondage bear and sugar baby bear are amazing in person and much smaller than I expected? It was amazing to see them up close.

we were surrounded by really young fans who would still very much like to marry Harry. I know the boys appreciated having older people like me and my husband in the audience, which is why I think we got so much attention.

I only really cried during 18 and No Control. It was just so beautiful and Louis’ part was GORGEOUS.

we went hard to Stockholm Syndrome, No Control, Act My Age and Little White Lies.

Overall it was just so fun. I can’t believe we interacted with all the boys, it was a dream. I have five bazillion videos that I will upload later. Probably add more thoughts too. !!!!!


How to study effectively and have a great school year

A few weeks ago I uploaded an evaluation of my study habits during the first semester of 2015 and, since then, I have received a few messages from people that have the same or similar struggles.

The purpose of this post is to help those people with the mistakes that are not easily fixed. I will approach other common mistakes and bad habits, too.

So… How to study effectively and have a great school year?

1. Have a progress journal, not a planner.

I have spent way too much time trying to keep up with a planner. One hour every Sunday trying to figure out what to do during the week, only to have my entire schedule messed up by a single event.

Instead, try to create a more effective system:

  • For homework, projects and other things that you have to present to the teacher: try to do everything on the day you are given it; if you can’t, write it on a post-it note, stick it somewhere in your room where you’ll see it and make sure to finish it within a week. Sounds extreme, but it’s actually the best way to get things done.
  • For personal goals, things that require constant effort or that need to be done on a daily basis (self-studying a language and exercising, for example): literally graph your progress. Every week, write down what you need to do on a piece of paper and draw seven squares next to it. Colour a square whenever you finish the task. 

2. Stop obsessing over perfection.

Getting your perfectionism under control doesn’t mean you have to start bs-ing your academic life. It means your notes have to be neat, not pretty. It means you have to give your best, but not freak out when irrelevant things go wrong.

  • I get we all want our notes to look like the ones we see on tumblr, but we need to understand that spending three hours summarizing a 50 minute lecture is not reasonable. Your blog aesthetic is not more important than your education.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. I used to think this was a quality, but being so anxious you puke and crying for a whole afternoon because you messed up a little bit is counterproductive and unhealthy.

3. For real, don’t be so hard on yourself. Have some self-esteem.

I have lost count of how many times I cried/felt bad because I wasn’t as smart as others or because I didn’t do well on a test. I’ll not even go into why this is unhealthy.

Don’t waist time you could be using to improve yourself to depreciate yourself.

4. Be reasonable and have control over your life.

Sure, we’re young, but this doesn’t mean we have to be immature. A lot of mistakes I made were due me not taking action and waiting for others to notice wrong things and fix them for me.

  • If you are mentally unstable, go to a doctor asap. Have daily moments of introspection and seek help when something feels wrong. You have to take care of yourself, this is nobody else’s job.
  • Same for your physical health.
  • You shouldn’t be drinking so much coffee and you know that. Stop.
  • You should be eating healthier and you know that.
  • You should be sleeping more and earlier and you know that too.
  • Don’t wait a small problem become a big one to take action. Fix things as fast as you can, always.
  • Stop neglecting yourself.

5. Some final tips

  • Don’t hate any of your teachers. Do your best to like all of them, pretend for a while if you have to.
  • Don’t skip class just because you think it’s not important. I lost a lot of important classes because I thought I would be able to study the subjects by myself.
  • Exercise often.
  • Don’t ignore your doubts, you’ll probably have to deal with them later.
  • ASAP is your new goal. Do everything as soon as possible.

That’s it. If you are too lazy to read the entire thing, I can sum it up for you: quit being a baby, grow up and fuck off.