a few days ago i saw this post that said something like “not all straight people are heterosexual + not all heterosexual people are straight” and it took me until literally right now to realize what that meant

I want to say I’m sorry. Not in a white guilt type of way but in a real I-fucked-up-bad type way. The original posts I made in regards to POC and racism/oppression were written without being educated on racism or what POC go through every day.

I’ve been actively trying to educate myself about racism and social justice by following more social justice blogs and conversing with a few people, mainly thatoneniggawiththedreads on things like race fetishization, white guilt, white privilege, white gaze, colorism and so many other things that I had never even heard of before two days ago.

Please bear with me, honestly I never meant to come across as racist or ignorant, I really just had no idea what I was doing wrong. Now I do, and honestly I apologize.

PS. Thank you thatoneniggawiththedreads for being patient with me and helping me understand all of this and to grow as a better person, seriously thank you.


nerdwhat asked:

Is pearl really leaving the crystal gems? Is Greg really going to die trying to save Steven? I here rumors about stuff and don't know if it is true can u please tell me I don't want any of the rumors to come true

i havent really heard about too much of either of these things, other than they both just sound like fan theories to me. i think i saw a single post a few days ago about pearl leaving and getting replaced with someone named ‘topaz’, but the post i saw was quite obviously a prank (the ‘source’ link lead to a gif of amethyst-as-pearl making fart noises or something, so it clearly was meant to be a joke), 

sometimes fans are right about their theories, but i find it a lot less stressful to just accept fan theories (especially the angsty ones) as just that, enjoy them for what they are and appreciate OP’s clever thought processes, and just wait and see what happens in the actual show! you can enjoy both headcanons/theories and the show canon separately and simultaneously! that’s the beauty of fandom! not just SU but any fandom. especially gravity falls fandom. jesus guys i think you need to give your conspiracy-theorizing brains a breather or something. i am worried for your health.

and, worst case scenario? even if some of that stuff DOES end up happening, i think the writers of this show have proven themselves to know how to balance out the feelings in an episode, so you’re never just ANGSTBOMBED and left feeling at a loss. audiences need breathers, too, and these writers know that! whatever happens, i highly doubt it’ll be like tumblr, where fan speculation can sometimes feel like all angst, all the time. doubly so when the show is somewhat cutesy, lighthearted, or aimed at kids (steven universe is definitely always the latter, but often times all three at once) because fans tend to like to fill in the gaps in source material with their fan content.

tl;dr: dont worry friend! it aint over till the last episode airs! (even if pearl DOES leave she might come back! even if greg DOES die trying to save steven from something i doubt it will feel like a total loss! it will all be ok)

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better!

,I was tagged by ncisabbylover- thank you sweetie! x

Name: Emily
Nickname: Em, Mimi, Emi
Birthday: 24th of August
Gender: Female
Height: Idk!

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Last thing i googled: “Cotton on body”

First thing that comes to mind: Why did I start watching HTGAWM, I can’t stop thinking about it??? AND ALSO THE SOUNDTRACKKKK FOR IT (so goooddd).
One thing that makes me happy: All the TV shows, and fanfiction.

Amount of blankets i sleep under: 2.

Favourite fictional character: At this very moment- Melissa Conner (Remedy), because I just watched the latest episode <33

Favourite anime: I don’t watch any ahhh

Favourite tv show: At the moment, How to Get Away with Murder.

Favourite drink: Black tea.

Favourite food: Mango.

Last thing i saw in cinema: Insurgent

Dream holiday: Venice, Italy.

Dream job: Novelist!

I’m tagging: lothlorrien, drawn-to-darkness, anankas, alwayshisconsuminglove, jamanddogtags, & teaspoonings!

there is no sadness quite like a fangirl’s.…

I’ll explain: so Thorin had this moment of self-realization in botfa and throws his crown (quite hilariously, I might add) then proceeds to the front hall, lacking all armor and protection that he had no more than three minutes ago. he just had some normal dwarf stuff, I guess. and so do all the other guys. before breaking down their brick wall and charging to help Dain, Thorin says “will you follow me, one last time?” now, that’s always bugged me, the whole “one last time” bit. I hadn’t read that part of the book yet when I saw this so clearly I had no idea what was going to happen other than closure. a few days ago, I saw an article posted here explaining what he meant, along with the lack of armor.
they were going on a suicide mission.
they knew it was going to end here and now and they didn’t want to go all frilled up in the king’s best armor. Thorin and the company wanted to go out swinging, like the warriors the were.
several minutes go buy and Thorin, Dwalin, Fili and Kili are on top of Ravenhill, looking for Azog. who would show up right before a giant army of gundabad orcs do? bilbo. Thorin then says “We’ll live to fight another day.” Translation: yeah, I was totally ok with dying today, but for my friends and my home, I think I’ll stop now.“
he was going to stop. he was going to live.

cdwalkerreplied to yourpost:[A little tiredly.] Can you leave th'vampire…

[Wheezes. No wait. Not what she meant. Fuck. Maybe she is sort of used to Luke looking for trouble. And she has to apologize. So she’s gonna follow after him. Sit herself right outside his door.] Luke! C'mon… M'sorry! I didn’ mean it.

[He locked the door. Charlie just DIED a few days ago, she shouldn’t be worrying about him. Fuck.

He just can’t DEAL with all the SHIT.

Luke dragged a blanket off the bed and wrapped himself in it to set himself in a corner of the room. ball himself up and ignore her. Just…give him time to recover. He’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need help. It’s not a big deal.]

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What tattoo do you have on your ribs? And can we see it lol?

Yeah I just made a post about it a few days ago when I got it. It’s a herb brooks quote, “you were meant to be here. This moment is yours,” and it’s in pretty script and it’s so cute.

[ Why am I looking at my old posts? lol. I have actually never rped on tumblr before.. I tried once but it lasted a few days barely and never bothered with it after. I had on other websites though so I guess I never understood the tumblr ways. Then season two of Reign came back and I didn’t plan on making a Francis rp blog… it was meant to be a fan dedicated blog of Frary, and it slowly converted to an rp blog LOL. (though if you followed me from the beginning, which I doubt anyone has - you would know this.) Anywho - I really had no idea about all the formatting and deleting other larger posts & whatnot… (noob i know shh!) I have learned so much these past few months  - I’m so proud. XD ]

letsplayprocrastinate replied to your post: REblog saga part 2: I checked my setti…

are you using xkit? bc a few days ago the default blog of my one click reblogs changed to a sideblog so maybe a similar thing is happening to you

I am, but….the default blog is set to my main and the main is the one appearing in the dropdown as well xD It’s just ending up here somehow…

ah well im meant to be drawing anyway, i guess its a sign :P

Wow :P , and Thank You!

A few days ago I accidentally posted a ton of pictures. I meant to Queue but i apparently and absentmindedly kept hitting Post Post Post. “Oh Fuck!,” I screamed out loud when I realized what I had done. Just a few hours later I check my activity. I’ve lost almost 50 followers. Now I’ve never really cared how many people follow me, I post for ME, but this was slightly disheartening I must admit. It was kinda funny though. I’m just imagining all their faces as the unfollowers cringe at the amount of poststhat took over there whole newsfeed. I’m sure those people scrolled until they lost it, flew off the handle and said to themselves “Fuck this shit, UNFOLLOWING YOU, ATTENTION-WHORE!” 

I also wanted to thank the loyal ones who were lovely enough to NOT unfollow, or were just innactive during this embarresing and tragic event. Love Ya! :*

papaliukin replied to your post “Just remembered that I made a Daria-themed tumblr when I was still in…”

Once you start, you just can’t stop. A few months ago I went on a binge and watched the whole series (and both movies) in four days.

It’s such a great show to binge watch.

missmebymytaco replied to your post “Just remembered that I made a Daria-themed tumblr when I was still in…”

For a moment I thought you meant Daria spiridonova and I was like wow you’re so forward thinking, you’ve known she’d be awesome for so long lol

YES. It was all about Spiridonova! I knew she was going to be a STAR when she was 10! jk. I wish. But she is my favorite Russian right now <3

Meant to post this a few days ago. As a Raiders fan, I’m warning all my followers now:

There is a 90% chance I will be talking about the games (if I don’t have to work). These are the dates I will be live blogging (again, if I don’t have to work.)

Following the game, I will be live blogging OUAT (since the majority of the games will be on Sunday).