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Bellarke is my #1 otp since the show began but honestly this season I kind of feel like Clarke doesn't deserve him anymore. She's completely different this season and doing things that season 1-2 Clarke would NEVER do.. this whole episode I felt like yelling at her because it's so out of character for her. Lexa/Clexa has ruined everything.

I feel like Clarke is pushing Bellamy away though because she doesn’t want him to get hurt anymore because of her. I mean Bellamy almost died saving Clarke just like Finn died looking for Clarke (towards the end). Just like Wells died after him and Clarke made up. And it just sucks for Clarke. Because this girl still thinks she is more responsible for the deaths at Mount Weather than he is even though Bellamy did contribute with her. S

he’s an 18 year old girl who has been through so much and she doesn’t know how  to handle relationships anymore considering that every time she gets close with someone they die. I mean Clarke pushed her mom away when she hugged her. Clarke still feels that undying guilt that’s pushing on her and I just feel like she needs to let it out.  She is a different person because of all she’s been through. Now, I don’t think that’s an excuse to say that Cle.x@ should be together, but Clarke has changed and I feel like she’s being more cautious around everyone she encounters. Everyone she’s ever gotten close with has died or hurt her before. She doesn’t want Bellamy to be the next. Maybe she thinks that her being away from him will make him stop protecting her or stop trying to help her. I just think we have to wait it out. I don’t think Clex@ makes sense rn or um…at any time actually, but I wouldn’t lose hope for Bellarke. We still have the hug scene and we’re only on the 4th episode. I didn’t agree with Clarke necessarily in 3.03, but I  do think that she’s pushing all the people she loves away including Bellamy and Abby.

Real Talk Lexa Time

I have never felt so strongly towards a character than how I feel towards Commander Lexa from The 100. She is such a complexly written character that to anyone who just skims the surface with Lexa, they see a monster and a cold-hearted betrayer. But I see someone so much more, someone who has been through so much and cares far more than what she leads on. I’m not going to go through all the pieces of Lexa that I love, because we would be here all night. I honestly will love and protect her until I die. She is so important to me and I just don’t understand how a fictional character can affect me so strongly. I feel emotionally and mentally changed because of this character. I mean, I’ve loved characters from books and shows before, but I feel like I’ve never truly thrown my entire soul into their story before. I have never looked so deeply into their backstory and cared about how they’ve grown up or what their childhood was like. I honestly forget that she isn’t real and she has never existed. But in my mind she’s the most real thing and I feel such a connection that to anyone who has never felt this way towards a fictional character is probably reading this with a confused look on their face.

No matter what happens with the Commander’s storyline, she will always have a major presence in my everyday life and I will never forget her story.

Thank you Jason Rothenberg and Alycia Debnam-Carey for bringing this strong, lesbian woman to life.


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I need all the stormpilot!hurt/comfort.

I mean, we have two characters that have been through hell…. Poe was kidnapped and tortured (body and mind) with almost zero time between that and going to battle losing several friends in the process.
And then you get Finn, with the full mind change of freedom and choices that the Resistance can give him, has to learn and figure out who he is, discern what is pure First Order propaganda from reality, and undergo therapy after his fight with Kylo Ren (we don’t even know how much damage he sustained).

so yeah, i think they need therapy and be together and be better and all that.

Hurt/comfort 2k16

So I legit cried (a little) during DA:O when I found Cullen at the Circle because…..wow. I mean, I started playing Dragon Age backwards so I romanced him in Inquisition and just thought “oh gee isn’t he a cute little crooked smile knight in shining armor?”

But then I played Dragon Age II right after and met him as the Knight Captain and felt kind of bad for him and all the things Meredith (and just Kirkwall in general) put him through. And THEN I saw him in Calenhad Circle and just…his character has been through so much. Honestly can’t believe I’m THIS attached to a computer generated entity, but it makes me even MORE appreciative of who he has become during the Inquisition compared to all the crap he went through before. And also makes romancing him that much more meaningful because the guy just deserves some untainted happiness for once.

Love is too short

I haven’t written a poem in a very long time. I’ve been digging through some tough shit lately. Developments with my anxiety disorder have made life particularly hard for me this year. But my girl has been there for me throughout all of it and I’ve never been more appreciative. This poem is for her.

Love is too short

Only four characters.

Two vowels, two consonants.

Only a fraction of a tweet,

but not a mere fraction of my vocabulary.

I’ve said “I love you” more times

in the past year, than I have in all sixteen of my life.

It is still not enough.

How can one small word describe so much emotion?

How can something only two centimeters

on my phone screen be representative of my whole future?

Love is not considered a basic human emotion.

It is composed of other parts of our primal instincts.

Happiness and comfort. Also fear.

Fear of being without that one person

who means the world to you.

There are infinite numbers between zero and one.

The space we occupy is infinite.

And as far as any of us know, time is also infinite.

Is love itself infinite?

Is love so powerful that it may also prosper forever?

My undying love for you will radiate long after I’m gone.

The feelings that have taken me over are etched into my bones.

Our story may not be remembered,

but history still exists even if no one tells it.

Love is far too short.

I want to do more than just love you.

I want to be infinite with you.

Poem by Larissa Walker, Dedicated to Megan Ter Haar.

(Please don’t remove authorship thanks)

Can we talk about how much supernatral’s representation has improved? i mean, we’ve only gone through half this season and thers already been three female charecters introduced! One being a black women, one being deaf, one being as powerfull as GOD HIMSELF, and all three being COMPLETELY ALIVE. And yeah, there is the death of rowena that everyone’s still pretty pissed about, but we have Jody, Alex and Claire teaming up, and they’ve gotten so popular their problably gonna get their own spinoff! (I mean, it’d be kind of a let down if they don’t. They already have shirts for it.) who knows, pretty soon they might even introduce a trans character (let’s crossour hearts and hope to chuck!). Bottom line is, they’ve problably had more diversety in these past two seasons than the’ve in all the other seasons combined (which is pretty actually :p) lets hope the writers keep this up! Maybe we’ll even get canon destiel ;)

Here’s why I’m not too upset (yet???) about the Hulk being in Ragnarok: My objection has never really been to the human element of the Thor movies, but that the movies have been stuck trying to balance Earth and Asgard and failing really hard at that.  My problem was things like trying to slog through that whole Selvig storyline in TDW when much more epic shenanigans were going on pretty much everywhere else.

Whether the combat arena rumor about the Hulk is true or not, I don’t think they’re going to use the character to drag Thor back to Earth and keep him there, but instead that it’s going to be at least something about the greater Cosmic MCU.  Plus, okay, the Hulk going up against Asgardians means I’m probably gonna get an AWESOME fight scene and half the reason I read comics is for the knock down drag out fights.

I don’t care who they put in the movie so long as a) it’s still Thor’s movie, as Waititi has said it will be, and b) that it’s about filling in the other worlds besides the same movie that almost every other Marvel movie is set on.

I finally finished the “Ms. Marvel” series from 2006-2010!

     I guess I’m kinda doing this backwards huh? I mean, I knew the basics of Carol’s pre-Captain Marvel life, but I’d never actually gone back and read any of it until a few months ago. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of this outfit and was afraid it’d just be book after book of her being sexualized to no end by male artists and writers..

     I’m so glad that I gave it a chance though! For anyone who’s a fan of Carol as Captain Marvel but has yet to read her days as Ms. Marvel for whatever reason, don’t let the “strong female character” cover art turn you away- this series is a great read all the way through.

     I love Carol Danvers so much it’s unhealthy unreal. I’ve never been this invested in a comic-book character’s story before, and apart from Wonder Woman I don’t think I ever will be again. Carol Danvers has gone through so much even before this volume of “Ms. Marvel,” it’s a miracle she’s as stable as she is at the time this series begins (look up “Marcus Immortus,” and you’ll see what I mean).

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(Seriously, it’s fucked up)

    But Carol’s a fighter, a true warrior through and through. She takes everything thrown at her and uses it to better herself and become a stronger person (or at least the Carol of this time period-onward does). But if you’re like me and already knew that from her Captain Marvel days, it’s good to see that this series shows us things we’ve never seen before. And why haven’t we seen these things before? I think Marvel forgets their own characters’ history a lot. And by “think” I mean “know.”

     But like I said, we get to explore aspects of Carol as “Ms. Marvel” that haven’t been present since her taking on the name of “Captain Marvel,” namely her pre- superheroic past and the effect it has on her current life (or rather her then-current life, since it’s ‘06 and all). Everything from her days in the Air-Force to her fateful fight with Rogue that took damn-near everything from her comes back to haunt Carol over the course of this series, and that’s not even taking into account the trauma she faces throughout the Civil War, the Skrulls’ Secret Invasion, and Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign.

     Yeah, Carol’s gone through some shit guys. No wonder she wanted to leave life on Earth for space. Twice.

(I’d fly away from my problems with a big-ass smile on my face too, Carol.)

     Don’t worry though, there’s enough light-hearted humor and touching moments to help balance out all that dark stuff. Seriously though, the writing in this series is so well done I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it. I mean, just look at this page:

(I mean if you’re gonna go for someone who understands how fucked up your life can be, Peter Parker’s your guy Carol. Yup, that Peter Parker.)

      I’m not going to get too much into spoiler territory in case you guys wanna read it yourselves, so I’ll just leave the reading order and let you go at it. Happy reading!

Reading Order:

Ms. Marvel - Volume 1: Best of the Best

Ms. Marvel - Volume 2: Civil War

Ms. Marvel - Volume 3: Operation: Lighting Storm

Ms. Marvel - Volume 4: Monster Smash

Ms. Marvel - Volume 5: Secret Invasion

Ms. Marvel - Volume 6: Ascension

Ms. Marvel - Volume 7: Dark Reign

Ms. Marvel - Volume 8: War of the Marvels

Ms. Marvel - Volume 9: Best You Can Be


Hey wonderful followers,

Some have been with me since 2012 and some have been with me only recently. But I just want everyone to really really know, that I appreciate your support through it all. This has been my personal blog that I quite embarrassed to show because it expresses many sides to me that I do not share with many people. So those who’ve underwent through my phases from being born into this website, from updating ships that have been really colorful, from characters that inspire me, from series I love and bring close to my heart, from monochrome to my depression/little to no self esteem/dark/suicidal stage, and to where I am standing right now. It means so much to me, I can express myself in an area where I hide myself most through society and make it through the day coping. 

I’ve found posts where I can relate my mood to. I’ve found posts where I never felt alone. I’ve found posts that all brought me to you guys. 

This isn’t a goodbye, no this isn’t close to it. 

This is me saying that it’s time for me to go through another phase. I can’t say that it’ll be always colorful, nor always monochrome. But it’s really time for me to fully reach towards what makes me happy or in other words, myself. So I am bringing more color back to my life, bringing more ships that make my withered heart grow, and I will also have monochrome posts that bring much meaning to me. I can’t even express how much tumblr means to me. It’s mostly kept me insane and in tact of who I was. 

So thank you for giving me this opportunity to be apart of this community. I will keep fighting. I will keep going. I will stay true to myself.

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| Ew it’s a nerddddd ~

my opinion on;

character in general: I honestly adore Hiro Hamada so much. He is such a great character and the things he goes through really define his strength of character. He seems like a normal genius but very much teenage boy who’s full of sass and fight. I mean he sneaks out bot fighting to earn extra cash and takes great joy in playing the “naive, defenseless child” card. He has his faults which is part of being human and I really admire that he was able to curve his need for revenge even after he learned that Tadashi had died because of that man. I honestly should rewatch Big Hero 6 because it has been a very long time~

how they play them: Swag is his own unique mix of canon and headcanon Hiro. Which is a beautiful thing. He has all the salty determination of normal Hiro but with a very thoughtful take on specific details. I’ve always admired Swag both on here and on my Roy. Never a dull moment when interacting with them.

the mun: They are always a joy, someone who never fails to make me laugh whether we’re chatting ic or ooc. I always just refer to them as Swag because I feel like there are quite a few elements of themselves in the way that they write Hiro. I love reading their shenanigans on the dash with others. 

do i;

follow them: Yes!
rp with them: Yes
want to rp with them: Yes, Yuri always is up for interacting with Swag.
ship their character with mine: Nope

what is my;

overall opinion: 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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(Your portrayal is brilliant! You really have Katherine's dialogue down pact, and your graphics resonate who Katherine has always been to me: a survivor who holds tightly to beauty and strength because it's all she has left. The url you have is also genius.)

meme: tell me what you think of my portrayal of katherine anonymously or not. 
status: always accepting critisism tbh

          i kept this longer than i should have because i just couldn’t stop starring & smiling tbh. honestly, your kindness means so much to me. katherine is a character that i like to think i’m good at. she’s one of two muses that have stayed with me the longest & her muse is the strongest. thank you so much for the kind words lovely ! i absolutely appreciate it.

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2,6,14,15,24 and 46. I saw that you wantd a lot that's why. If you don't want to do them all it's okay! These are for the harry potter questions btw! And I love you're blog!

  • 2: What Hogwarts house are you in?

- im in gryffindor c:

  • 6: If you weren’t in the house you are in now, which other house could you see yourself in?

- in ravenclaw for sure!!!!

  • 14: Who is the most badass character?

- this is difficult coz i think neville is hella badass as well BUT HARRY, for sure, i mean, this poor innocent child has been through so much and look what he has done (and ye he had lots of help), but he did a lot of stuff on his own as well! im so proud of my son.

  • 15: If you could talk to JK Rowling, what would you tell her?

- propably: “jk i love u so much, thank u for making harry potter ily, BUT WHY did u let harry name his child albus severus???????? why not hagrid or ron or anyone else i mean WHY????? but ily” u probs have heard this a lot but its bothering me. i just dont think that harry himself would have named his own son that but whatevs, whats done is done. (no hate to jk coz i love her so)

  • 24: If you could date any of the characters, who would you date?

- NEVILLE FOR SURE, because i love neville so freaking much. hes so dorky and so clumsy and its so adorable. just like his face, its so pretty. he has those kind of cheeks u want to squeeze in and his personality is so beautiful, he cares a lot about you and i think hes that kind of type that asks if u are ok all the time. idk he is just the sweetest lil puppy and he must be protected i love him.

  • 46: A character everyone hates that you love?

- i thought of draco first, but lots of people love him tbh. i think just tom riddle/voldemort. idk what it is. im weak for villians. i just think hes a very interesting character.

OMG thank you for these, this was SO MUCH FUN!!! and thank you for loving my blog, thats sweet!!

ask me more pls ily, heres the link: