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I actually submitted fan art 3 or 4 times too, then tried to send an ask about it twice, which you also didn't get. Then you turned off anon asks, so I just gave up as for some reason Tumblr refuses to let me make an account. Said drawing was of some small not story-relevant post you made, so there is now no point in sending it. >.<

Dude, I really don’t understand!! If you have a problem submitting fanart, PLEASE message me. Anyone can message me, so please do so, I feel so bad :’c

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Although the delay for the release of Saurian is disappointing, I understand your reasons for doing so, and I think that, if given the time you need, your team can do great things. It is always better to release a game when it is ready, not rushed, and I believe the majority of this community would agree. In fact, I have even more hope for the game now, because the delay means that it will have more time to get done right, and there are no better people to handle this task than you.

We truly appreciate your kind words. We are making the most of the extra time and always have the aim of working towards the best possible first experience in Saurian for our backers, pre-orderers, and future customers. Thank you for supporting our decision!

A-Typical April

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Hey guys! It is almost time to celebrate A-typical April ^_^ A chance for all of us to give some love and appreciation to the less popular and celebrated things in the ML universe! There is so much about this show that is great other than just our adorable love square, and while we are still on Hiatus I thought it would be good to take some time and focus on that. ^_^  (This does not mean no Adrien or Marinette, just that the focus of all the works should be on something other than the Love Square.) 

For A-typical April I will be providing a series of both Weekly themes and Daily prompts that you can follow. (And will even have one of those fun visual calendars as well.

Now you CAN do art or fics or gifs or anything else following the weekly or daily prompts (and you certainly don’t have to do all of them!), OR you can show support by finding and kudos and reblogging other people’s works! Take a minute to look through the tags at some Tom and Sabine art, or share a link to a great Julerose or Ninoir fic. So many great non-lovesquare works get glossed over, and this is a wonderful chance to take the time and appreciate them! This show has so many amazing aspects to it that make it what it is. 

Anyways: For now Here is a list of the weekly themes! (Daily Calendar coming soon!)

Week 1: Friendship- There are so many amazing friendships on this show we could honestly spend a whole month just talking about that. 

Week 2: Love- As much as the Love square is great, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the other pairings in this fandom, there is no small list to chose from 

Week 3: Villains- This can include all the akumas, the troublesome adults lurking around (may or may not be plotting an Andre Bourgeois drabble for this week) or even some love for our resident butterfly enthusiast. After all without the villains, we wouldn’t have much of a plot now would we? 

Week 4: Daily Life- we all love the magic and the action scenes, but part of what is fun about this show is the regular day to day interactions between the characters. We get just as excited to see Marinette win a videogame contest as we do to see her face off against an actual giant robot!

That’s it for A-Typical April part 1! Part 2 Coming soon. (AKA probably tonight) 

If you want to participate please feel free to like and reblog this post- also use the following tag-        #MLAtypical  #Atypical April

That way people can track the event! 

  • What artists say: #soon
  • What they really mean: Definitely not soon. In fact, so far in the future that you might have grand children by the time we release the new album. Enjoy the waiting!

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Omg...if I have to see D@isy R/dley refer to SW as diverse or see her going "yay girl power yay!!" one more freaking time (I came across a gifset just now), I'm going to blow a goddamn gasket. Does this girl not know what diversity means?

I care about Daisy so little it actually hurts my brain when people won’t shut up about her…and tumblr has this obsession with her. Like, yay, this mediocre white girl who couldn’t even do an American accent like they wanted and was spray tanned got the part.

Listening to Daisy go on and on about how great TFA was for women pissed me off to no end. She was literally the only female lead. Every other woman was a minor character. They get no credit for Leia, because she already existed in canon. And there were no women of color at all. Sorry, but Daisy comes across as a white feminist to me. I know everyone worships the ground she walks on, but I do not care for her.

I never knew I could watch a whole episode with Big Foster interrupting my Sasil. I mean them scenes were absolute and utter pure gold! I mean, did I just fall a little for Big Foster? He had me cracking up! That look from him to Sally Anne after she mean mug him in the kitchen…I must have watched that twenty times already. You hear Hailey’ s voice when she saw Hasil roll up? It was all pleasantly surprised. Has nothing to do with Hasil all dressed up and fine as hell. She know her panties got damp. I had to sit on a towel the whole episode. Lord Jesus all that neck whispering had me fanning myself and thanking WGN for this gift. I was never into nape caressing but I am now. So Sasil can go up the mountain and visit now. I love that they finally matured and put it all on the table and compromised. I was hoping this wouldn’t drag out. Sally Anne knew who he was before she met him and she still have him the drawers. Just no guns in the house but knowing Hasil their baby will be a ninja Assasin. I’m so happy Sally Anne is going to school! It’s exactly what I did when I got pregnant. Realized no more Fucking around. I’ll be damn if I let this life down. And I got my Associates Degree so it’s good the show is pointing out just because you pregnant and poor now doesn’t mean you get to settle. You can still achieve your goals. Lil Foster got some nookie

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Whenever Matsu shows affection to his s/o, his s/o would look at him, smile and say "you wuv me!" In a child-like voice. How does Matsu react?

Osomatsu: “yup, I have a huge crush on you!” He cuddles them close, cause that reminds him of the bears that say “honey I wuv you”

Karamatsu: he clenches his heart, that worked too well making him blush and try to hide it.

Choromatsu: is too flustered now, “I-I-I mean yes I-I do love y-you.”

Ichimatsu: “I do.” He’s looking away huffing lightly.

Jyushimatsu: does the voice thing back, “I do wuv-wuv you very much!”

Todomatsu: he’s taking a video next time. Pulling that cute shit has consequences of him complimenting them.

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I finally found out why I have been having trouble talking to people with pausing, it's the brain tumor. Before I never paused while I was talking, and my friends notice it all the time when I'm talking to them. I used to be good at everything, and then when I got the brain tumor I lost it.

Remember that it has been proven that over time, brain cells do regenerate. It is a very slow process, but just because there is damage  now-it doesn’t mean some of it won’t be repaired.

The best way to help your brain is to use it as much as possible. that means learning new things. Your brain exercises and keeps active every time you learn something new. 

So keep at it. It only helps you out. 

Someone asked me to do all 100 to a questionnaire post on here so here it goes:

1.The meaning behind my url: My mother was originally supposed to name me this but my grandmother and aunt convinced her to name me *cringe* Morgan instead. So i used this name as an alter ego. One of many actually.
A picture of me: check tagged/ me for that i only have the mobile app for now. Im beautiful tho. How many tattoos i have and what they are: don’t have any.
Last time i cried and why: It was over my lost keys. I was having a bad day. It was raining and i was sleepy and my phone broke that day. Tragic.
Piercings i have: none
Favorite band: New Power Generation
Biggest turn offs: Hyper Masculinity, fetishization of my skin tone, nubby nails, un kept hair, and terrible dress.
Top 5 (insert subject): Rappers : DMX, Mystikal, Jay, Andre 3000, and Pac.
Tattoos i want: none now but i used to want this cheetah print tattoo inside of a tiger wound all down the right side of my body.
Biggest turn ons: well kept nails and hair, just the right amount of cologne, free from hyper masculinity, southern accents, deep voices, bellies, and ears.
Age: 19
Ideas of a perfect date: Home. W either chinese food or take out from The Cheesecake factory: 5 Cheese Penne with chocolate crusted cheesecake and some wings from this local place called Dixie and we just sit and watch my favorite movies and talk about Prince’s catalog. Plan B: Find that place that serves shrimp and chicken w rice in Pineapples, have a walk and maybe window shop and talk. Then go home and touch each other and watch crooklyn in my apartment.
Life goal: Reach the approval of God and also to finally get to a place of financial security. Which im doing now by furthering my education.
Piercings i want: none. But i used to want a stud just like Tupacs.
Relationship status: single.
Favorite movie: The Wiz
A fact about my life: I don’t go anywhere but work and school.
Phobia: bugs
Middle name: Mariah
Height: 5'9
Are you a virgin? No
What’s your shoe size? 8
What’s your sexual orientation? Straight. But had a bi phase in high school. Was curious. Always been strictly dickly.
Do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs? I drink every blue moon.
Someone you miss: Nobody i know of.
What’s one thing you regret? Not coming to Tumblr sooner or even starting here. I love this site.
First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive: Michael Ealy
Favorite ice cream? Mint chocolate
One insecurity: My voice in middle school. Thats all behind me now.
What my last text message says: “now ive gotta work these next two days.” - sent to Alex 💕.
Have you ever taken a picture naked? Yah
Have you ever painted your room? Nope. The apartments we was in didn’t allow it.
Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? Yah. It was iight.
Have you ever slept naked? Yeah i try to every week. Good for the skin.
Have you ever danced in front of your mirror? No. Just by myself.
Have you ever had a crush? Is this is a joke? Lol
Have you ever been dumped? Once. Never again.
Have you ever stole money from a friend? No
Have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met? No
Have you ever been in a fist fight? Once. I dragged her on the dust backyard cause i told her no you cant use my gameboy. Other times I’ve always been held back by security after i threw the first hit.
Have you ever snuck out of your house? Multiple times. Always left a remote under my window so i could get back in.
Have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? No.
Have you ever been arrested? No. Had a dropped case tho.
Have you ever made out with a stranger? No.
Have you ever met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? Multiple times. W this guy named tyrone. My first “boyfriend”.
Have you ever left your house without telling your parents? Multiple times. I was a sneaky kid. My mom was so over protective and strict.
Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor? No. Lol whats that? Love and Basketball?
Have you ever ditched school to do something more fun? No. I just dont go that day.
Have you ever slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yeah. Just my sister and cousin.
Have you ever seen someone die? No.
Have you ever been on a plane? 3 times.
Have you ever kissed a picture? No but i want to.
Have you ever slept in until 3? I did today lol.
Have you ever love someone or miss someone right now? No.
Have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? No.
Have you ever made a snow angel? No. Lol 😂
Have you ever played dress up? I do all the time. Still do.
Have you ever cheated while playing a game? Twice.
Have you ever been lonely? No.
Have you ever fallen asleep at work/school? Work? Yeah took naps at my old job. School? Almost everyday in hs
Have you ever been to a club? Yes in Bk. Madlib was there. I still have the biggest crush on him. I was only 16 tho :/.
Have you ever felt an earthquake? No
Have you ever touched a snake? No ion touch Satans puppets.
Have you ever ran a red light? Nah.
Have you ever been suspended from school? Nah. Just didn’t go most of my senior year lol.
Have you ever had detention? Multiple times.
Have you ever been in a car accident? Once when i was 3 w my grandad. Then one w my mom when i was like 12. The man on the motorcycle was decapitated.
Have you ever hated the way you look? Yeah in middle school. In fact anytime i wore glasses. I refuse to wear them outside now.
Have you ever witnessed a crime? Yah. Ion snitch tho.
Have you ever pole danced? No but i will for the right person to ‘Insatiable’ (look it up kids)
Have you ever been lost? Once. Im good at directions.
Have you ever been to the opposite side of the country? Paris twice w my mom for FW.
Have you ever felt like dying? No.
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Once.
Have you ever sang karaoke? Nope. They never got the songs i like.
Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yah. Like eating cheese.
Have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? No
Have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger? Always older. I love older men.
Have you ever kissed in the rain? No. Thats how you get sick. Dumb nigger.
Have you ever sang in the shower? All the time foo.
Have you ever made out in a park? Yeah and had sex.
Have you ever dream that you married someone? Twice.
Have you ever glued your hand to something? No. Nigga i was skating and skidding my butt on concrete.
Have you ever got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? No. What is this The Goonies?
Have you ever ever gone to school partially naked? Nigga i used to change everyday in junior and senior year. I was fed up w my mom by then. I was ole girl from Scary Movie type stuff. Sweater in the car “bye mom”. Crop top w matching pants in first period.
Have you ever been a cheerleader? No. Nigga i played tennis.
Have you ever sat on a roof top? No. Want to tho and have sex w someone.
Have you ever brush your teeth? Was this made by a white person? Yall nasty. I floss, brush, and baking soda soak my teeth wym.
Have you ever ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? I dont like scary movies. Brings demons in the house.
Have you ever played chicken? No. Immature shit.
Have you ever been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No. We’d be throwing bows if that happened.
Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? All the time and on here ever since i started two months ago.
Have you ever broken a bone? No. Heard it hurts tho.
Have you ever been easily amused? No. I am very underwhelmed.
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? Yah.
Have you ever mooned/flashed someone? Just my boobs to my boyfriend at the time across the window.
Have you ever cheated on a test? Used to put answers on the back of my chip bags.
Have you ever forgotten someone’s name? Im only good w faces tbh.
Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real? No but i will when i meet Prince.
Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows. Fact: I am left handed.

Honestly… you guys gotta remember that BTS have known each other for a very long time now, they live together, they do and share everything together. If they make jokes between each other, THEY KNOW that it’s a joke. They’re like brothers. They would literally never ever ever hurt each other on purpose. So never ever ever think that? They’re closer than family, I’m not sure how much they have to say it in order for you to believe that.

HOWEVER just because they make jokes with each other under any circumstance DOES NOT mean that you can and other army’s can. You ARE NOT their friend. Hearing something from your friend is fun and lighthearted. Hearing it from thousands of people you don’t even know? It’s HURTFUL. When BTS joke with each other, they don’t even give it a second thought. But when their fans wanna joke, even if it’s harmless, jokes don’t always come full circle. They’re not gonna make sense to someone who’s not a native English speaker. They seem hurtful and can be very harmful to idols as we have seen with many other idols.


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So did Linstead break up in 4x17 or are they just taking a break or what

…I don’t know. I don’t know what it means for their relationship. A few hours after the episode, I came to the realisation, that this is sort of like after Nadia died. Erin pushed Jay away when he wanted to support and help her through it, and now Jay is doing the same, he’s pushing Erin away. He hasn’t dealt with the trauma from Afghanistan, and I don’t think he knows how to deal with it, and in a sense, he doesn’t want to burden Erin with it. I hope they can come back from this. I really do. But it’ll take time and understanding on both halves.

Ultimately, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what road the writers take us on. If it means we’ll get more insight into Jay, I’m here for it. If not, then we take solace in their relationship and cherish how special it was to them and us.

I am failing so much today. I’m failing at being kind and I’m failing in school meaning I’ve handed in two terrible papers. And that was just today. Now I have an hour and 20 minutes to let go of that feeling so that I can start from scratch and do better at my new job. No pressure. No pressure at all.

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Yo Anon, word. I have been aching to see a shot of Shefani family altho the idea (and I mean fanfic) of them having quality time, cuddling on the couch, s'mores at bonfires, rzr and horseback rides is barely keeping me alive. It just speaks volumes that they keep their privacy at these times.💖

Last sb was the first time the boys went to OK, now in 2017 the trips have basically been the 5 of them. Just family!

They don’t need to be posting private time on sm!

Looks like they each did a selfie yesterday in OK.

I do wonder if Endy/Mike and kids or Jen/Todd and kids will come in for weekend and maybe photos then.

Cooperative RogueJedi Commentfic
  • moragmacpherson: "No, really, I mean it, if you keep using your 4L4s as air brakes I'm not fixing them next time."
  • attackedastoria: "I don't do it on *purpose*-- ... usually."
  • moragmacpherson: "How can you do that accidentally? No one else does, you are going to bankrupt the entire Rebellion on re-routers."
  • attackedastoria: "I am *not!*" Luke turns red, looking very embarrassed
  • moragmacpherson: Bodhi almost comes back with how this habit would have been broken back in the Imperial fleet but thinks better of it.
  • attackedastoria: "I promise I'll stop, okay? Kind of hard to forget with all the notes on my controls, now.."
  • moragmacpherson: "Those are supposed to be temporary, I'll clean them up while I fix this."
  • attackedastoria: "I don't mind, you can leave them." Luck ducks his head to hide a smile-- he actually did like having the notes around.
  • moragmacpherson: Bodhi's fingers twitch because really, they're against regulation, they're only there because he's a bit forgetful and occasionally out of patience, not wanting to think about how nice some of the little replies feel to discover or occasionally reread. "Well, do you still need the reminders?"
  • attackedastoria: "Yes." Luke lies, because he doesn't want Bodhi to get *rid* of the notes-- he sucks at flirting, but scribbling out little replies and doodles for Bodhi is easy enough for him to handle, and every time Bodhi snorts or smiles at one his heart skips a beat
  • moragmacpherson: "Fine," says Bodhi with a smile he can't seem to wipe off his face. "Flimsie's cheaper than most parts anyway."
  • attackedastoria: Luke can't hide his grin this time, because Bodhi's smile always makes him feel like an idiot. "You should leave me some more, then."
  • moragmacpherson: "Oh, I'm sure I'll find something new you've managed to fly this ol' girl home in spite of," says Bodhi as he starts to climb up.
  • attackedastoria: "Oh, I bet you will." Luke mutters, leaning against the ladder and tilting his head-- staring at Bodhi's ass like this was probably not subtle, but Bodhi couldn't exactly see him doing it
  • moragmacpherson: "That's not-- please don't take what I said as a dare," adds Bodhi as he clambers into the cockpit. When he looks out Skywalker's looking up at him for some reason. "Is there something wrong?"
  • attackedastoria: Luke blushes a little and snaps his gaze away before ducking his head. "Nope! Fine, everything's fine..."
  • moragmacpherson: Bodhi shrugs and looks down. "Oh, that's a rich thing to say, I'm starting to understand why that Artoo unit of yours is such a snippy little thing, how does he even survive this? And is that supposed to be a sarlaac?"
  • Bodhi holds the offending doodled piece of flimsie up in the air.
  • attackedastoria: Luke turns even more red, because it was *supposed* to be flowers-- he's not the greatest artist, okay? "Uh... sure, yeah." he sighs, ducking his head again. "And hey, I always do my best to make sure Artoo doesn't get hurt, he's my friend, you know."
  • moragmacpherson: "Survive, sure but he must be going completely nuts rewiring this thing on the fly, he'll be crazier than the Falcon's mainframe soon if you keep this up," says Bodhi, tucking the sarlaac back where it had been perched.
  • attackedastoria: Luke shudders. "Please don't even joke about that."
  • moragmacpherson: "At least you seem to have a dim idea of what your deflector shields are for, unlike Antilles..." Bodhi's voice trails off as he reads the addition to the "NOT AN AIR BRAKE" note: "Your eyes are even prettier when you're complaining about the cost of re-routers." He peeks out of the cockpit. "Luke?"
  • attackedastoria: Luke freezes for a moment-- he'd forgotten about that one. "Well... they are." He glances up, eyes bright as he tries not to look *too* nervous as he smiles
  • moragmacpherson: Those eyes are *very* wide right now, cheeks flushed. "Please don't bankrupt the Rebellion because you like my eyes when I complain, I'll find plenty of cheaper things to complain about, okay." Bodhi claps his hand around his mouth. "Could you go get me a cup of caf, please, it looks like I'm going to be in here awhile."
  • attackedastoria: Luke's eyes widen a little-- had that line actually *worked*? He grins after a moment, pushing away from his position against the ladder and throwing Bodhi a lazy salute and a wink, for good measure. "Whatever my favorite mechanic wants."

the captain; a beth cassidy playlist

i. seventeen running from innocence like it’s a lion nipping at my heels ii. doll, you make them feel so small, and they love it iii. it’s a mean world that i’ve known, never got no good doing what i’m told iv. smart ass little girl, always on the run, playin’ with fire and daddy’s gun v. they only want you when you’re seventeen, when you’re twenty-one you’re no fun vi. i used to cry but now i don’t have the time, i used to be so fragile but now i’m so wild vii. life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it viii. all the fires i ever started can’t begin to warm me ix. once i wanted to be the greatest, no wind or waterfall could stall me, and then came the rush of the flood x. who’s gonna stop me when i’m coming through?



{ Okay so it’s time for me to post one of these again the tone of the last one isn’t doing it for me anymore and I’m just letting you all know that my time here will be less frequent! Its the end of the semester and we all know that means finals and research papers! For example, I have a Psychology exam on on April 3 and a research presentation due not too soon after +usual assignments, a Humanities research paper coming up, a Comp. paper that’s actually due on Tuesday this up coming week, and a shit-ton of Algebra+ and exam I think next Wednesday(???? I’ll have to check the dates).

Anyway, it’s quite a bit to do and I’m really trying to manage my time better, so of course whenever I have free time I’ll mostly be studying/doing homework so I won’t fall behind.

I’ll be online occasionally though, hence this being a semi-hiatus rather than a full on one because I’ll probably be here to give myself a break from schoolwork or if by some miracle I get certain things done early( which may happen more than I think considering I’m about to have Monday’s off from work, so that of course will allot me extra time to do things.

So yeah, I’ll try to keep the queue going and pump out replies when I can, but this is just further warning that I’ll probably take longer than I usually do! Also I know ya’ll don’t really care about what I have exactly, but I’m also using this as a list of what I have, I’ll probably check things off as I get them done }

Sasako…wearing glasses…


A French streamer played a French XBox One copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, and in so doing let viewers see a … pronounced difference in the facial animation quality.

Even the run animation is more stable.

It’s at times like these when I wish I knew more about the tech side of game development.

What could account for quality such as this on a French console when US PC users seem to have no end of… the sort of thing posted in a lot of places by now?

I mean, that is a non-zero difference.

If you watch the stream, you see that it is indeed the default Ryder face – but even if it weren’t, why would a custom face fix the leg animation?


I’ve noted this in replies and reblogs of replies and seen it here and there over a thousand notes, so I might as well mention it in the main post.

The US PC “default” face did in fact appear in the French streamer’s video, when it came time to select male or female:

However, the streamer on French XBO did not select a default face, and did not select his Sara Ryder through that male/female option. He backed out and ultimately selected a quickstart Sara Ryder:

Which gave him the face in the top images.

My question is still “Why, though?

I’ve also been told that he was playing a previous build. If it was a different version than release, however, why is the US PC’s Sara face still there in the sex selection? Was the streamer playing a very particular version that came in the development process after making both of those default faces but before settling on one?

I keep asking these sorts of questions because it confuses me. It actually doesn’t affect me very much because I plan to make a custom face that looks like neither of the ones presented. I’m just baffled from a technical perspective, and can’t abide a mystery that seems like it should have a knowable answer.

(And as for the run animation, I’ve been told that there was nothing inherently wrong with it, but that it can be made to look weird with the right wiggling of directions on the controller. So there’s that part answered, at least.)