Inverted Natsu

Isn’t he great? I mean, look at him: 

I swear he looks ten times more badass than he usually does. Actually he seems almost sinister, dontcha think? Panel cleaned by the awesome @acnomogia thanks Morgana!

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October is my favorite month.

Why you ask? 

Because HALLOWEEN, obviously. 

And also because it’s Inktober, and that means awesome art from my artist friends like @jillianlambertart

and ALSO it’s IF Comp, which I will not be participating in this year. Instead I’ll be judging, which means I will be blogging and reviewing the shit out of all these games over the course of the month. Anybody can judge, so you should come and join in. 


not to self: don’t read sad fics right before bed, you’ll inevitably get hit with feelings and need to draw sad things ;_;

based on @bananannabeth‘s happy  lil fic!


A bold new V I S I O N for the Marvel universe. [x]

Cooking lessons with the Saviour!! 


i need help 

omg im sorry if ihavent been on for a while, schools been keeping me busy and such, but I have been watching markiplier more than usual. I mean who wouldnt??? Look at this adorable man, hes funny, hes a kind hearted person, and his fanbase is so chill. 

MARK, if you happen to stumble upon my dumb art, I just want to say how amazing of a human being you are, your videos make me forget all the negativity thats going on around me. If you end up visiting NJ(or NY) for a con or something, It’d be amazing to get a huge hug from you and blabber about how much of a awesome guy you are! (I probably dont have the balls to do that) but ye otherwise, heres some doodles 

A Dinosaur Enthusiast™ told me this little mnemonic at ECCC this year and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use it ever since then! I’ve seen a bunch of dino art because of Jurassic World (yay!) and although most people know that Jurassic Park dinos are naked and should have feathers, their poor broken wrists are often looked over. Remember, raptors (and other theropods) were clappers, not tappers!

Dinosaurs are AWESOME and more accurate dinosaurs only means more awesome dinosaurs. Dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaursdinosarusdinosarusdidngosurgsdinosugars


Werewolf!Jack dedicated to @lelelego 

Omg! I had this sitting in my drafts from a little while ago. When I finally got Rhys future outfit, I decided to finish it. But with the requests I totally forgot! Ah! 

Hope you like it! :D 


Art trade with @blatterburystreet ! She wanted me to draw Slit giving Nux Max’s jacket, since Nux doesn’t have as much warpaint as the other war boys which means not as much protection against the sun. Now what kind of lancer would he be if he’d let his driver go out without any protection against the sun or die historic without looking totally awesome.

I really hope you like it and that it’s at least somewhat similar to what you imagined! Thank you for sharing your amazing art and for being such a gal dang nice person to be around. (psst here’s her half of the art-trade if you wanna look)