Reasons to love the HTTYD fandom

Add your own reasons too!

1. People come from around the world to celebrate and scream over dragons! We can talk with people on the other side of the planet about the same thing we love. Native languages in the fandom include American Sign Language, Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lituanian, Malay, Maltese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Tagalog.
2. I am HTTYD.
3. Toopliss. Come on. We have an entire tumblr blog dedicated to Toopliss.
4. If you need some great Toopliss humor, watch this.
5. HTTYD creative writers are prolific and talented! HTTYD is the eighth largest movie fandom represented on FFN.net, with over 12,800 fanfictions posted on this site alone!
6. Our fandom is full of deep, pressing questions. We have had multiple lengthy discussions about how Hiccup takes off his flight suit pants. Because how he pees is really that important to us.
7. But we actually do have really heart-felt conversations. HTTYD is full of incredible depth, and fans tap into all the themes, emotional heart, and understanding the stories bring.
8. The author of the books, Cressida Cowell, gives wonderful, kind replies to fan emails. Not every fandom has such amazing interactions with their Queen.
9. Here’s Hiccup reaching up to touch a NASA satellite, Bill Cipher, a violin, a shoe, and a toaster.
10. Frankly, we Photoshop just about anything. There’s a reason why we keep asking everyone if they’re on dragon nip or something.
11. All major memes make their way into the HTTYD fandom with wonderful results.
12. Stoick the Past jokes.
13. Sending everyone who posts a Stoick the Past joke into the Grounded Dungeon (at least until the rebellion).
14. We can pick up on the smallest quotes from the movies and quote every scene to each other in hilarious ways.
15. We’re nerdier about dragon stats and information than Fishlegs.
16. Breathtaking fanart, emotional fan comics, glorious coplays, and gifs of every part of every movie and television episode out there. HTTYD fans know ART through and through!
17. I mean seriously just look at gifs like these.
18. At least a third of the fandom seems to mysteriously have their hair cut like Hiccup’s.
19. A fandom-wide adoration of John Powell’s music. (DOOOOO DOOOOOOO REEEE MI MIIIIIII. DO MI SOL REEEEE MI MI!)
20. We regularly swear by Norse gods. Why use boring old English profanity words when you can scream, “FOR THE LOVE OF THOR ALMIGHTY”?
21. If we see a rocky island or anything Norse, it automatically gets pulled into HTTYD fandom posts.
22. For that matter, we can hear the word “dragon” from a mile away.
24. Jay Baruchel, amongst other actors, find HTTYD an incredibly meaningful milestone in their careers!
25. Fans know how to laugh and make jokes with everything, but we also know how to sap out feels and respect the serious issues within the story. We know how to shed tears of laughter to tears from feels.
26. Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile.
27. We have such a WEALTH of fandom materials! We’ve got / going to get three movies, four seasons of a tv show, four movie shorts, three series of graphic novels, twelve books plus a dragon guide, video games, and more. 
28. I feel like the fandom is accessible and we can make friends and get to know the people in the community! I have made some extraordinarily close friendships because of the HTTYD fandom. It never feels like I’m talking to just some random url, but a person I’ve gotten to know. I know the personalities of so many people on this fandom and I’m always excited to get to know more.
29. Every time I see a fan going through some struggle in the fandom, I see so many people reach out to encourage them, sympathize with them, and help them out.
30. Just watch this post for encouragement. <3
31. Buttcup and frog legs wrapped in bacon.
32. Late night Netflix marathons when new episodes of the television series are released. Excited screaming, liveblogging, and discourse exploded the night Race to the Edge came out.
33. We have AUs ranging from the modern world to mermaids under the sea to crossovers with Rise of the Guardians to fusions with Jurassic World to just about anything you want to imagine.
34. Never forget the day we got “neville longbottomed by a goddamn cartoon.”
35. Only we understand what it means to leave s’s out of words. TOOTHLE! PLAMA BLAT! - the tableboy of Thor(s)tonton.
36. We all live in the magic of flying in the skies on the backs of dragons. What could be more aweing, inspiring, and incredible than that?
37. Pain, love it.
38. We’re such a community that we’re actually trying to organize an event where people get together across the USA or across the UK and geek out about HTTYD 3.
39. The Dragons fandom has a wide range of perspectives and a hoard of incredible analyses. There’s a blog dedicated to all the thoughtful things Dragons peeps say.
40. We arrange fandom events like chats, streamings, Secret Odins, and Snoggletog gift exchanges! We literally celebrate our own holiday with Snoggletog and give everyone some nice yaknog. :)
41. Many of us have had HTTYD profoundly, literally impact our lives.
42. When Hiccup says “This is Berk,” it sounds to us like, “This is home.” Our home.


Every Malec Moment (1x04): “No matter what happens, we must not let go of each other’s hands.”

I included Izzy in this because I love how you can really see how much she cares for her brother and wants him to be happy. Plus I feel she can see the possibility of something between Magnus and her brother already. :D (I mean, seriously, look at Gif 4. :3)

You know...

I am just baffled at those who can honestly say they a) actually watch the show with their eyeballs and then b) question the genuineness of Hook’s love for Emma. Even if you were somehow too clueless to pick up on the overwhelmingly numerous and obvious illustrations of this over the past two seasons, there was this in the finale:

Here, our dashing rapscallion is sitting and pouring his heart out to David, who is, at that moment, a complete stranger.

Let’s remember: HOOK IS UNDER RUMPLE’S DISGUISING SPELL HERE. David does not know him. He does not know Emma. Hook literally has no reason to not tell him his true feelings. He actually is in a rather safe place for this confession because there is no threat of reveal. There is no consequence because David will just see some random prince in love with some random princess. 

And if/when David does remember this, if/when he connects the dots that Prince Charles was Hook talking about Emma, he too will realize how genuine the pirate’s feelings are. Because he will remember the context in how they were delivered: honestly and with nothing to gain. 

I mean, seriously. 

(gifs lovingly borrowed from x and x)

Skylar sat on the floor in one of the rooms, blood covering his lips, smeared on his cheeks, as he had a smirk on his face. His tongue poked out to lick at his lips, eyes dark with his legs cross. Blood dripped down his chin, and some on his t shirt, as the nurse who was in front of him cried and ran past everyone in the hall.