Let me tell you a little story.

When I was teenager (so long ago) I loooooooved Jackie Chan movies. I specially loved the ones he did with Owen Wilson, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights, ‘cos of the nice friendship and humour and Owen’s character was funny and useless (and the fights, oh my god, those fight scenes!)

Well, there was a kid in the second movie who was just so cute, like incredibly cute

He was still too young, but I told myself this kid is going to grow up hot.

Fast forward ten years, I’m looking to my new fav marvel actor’s IMDB page AND I SEE THAT IT’S HIM, IT’S HIM AFTER TEN YEARS

I said that he would grow up hot and boy





Over The Garden Wall: Episode One: The Old Grist Mill

“Somewhere, lost in the clouded annals of history lies a place that few have seen, a mysterious place called the Unknown… where long-forgotten stories are revealed to those who travel through the wood.”


FINALLY! The video is here! Prepare for any initial positive impression of me to be completely shattered. This video…it’ll entertain you, that’s for sure. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll scream with rage. Yeah.

so i’m the blog and this is the friend. together we’re blog and friend. we filmed a q&a by popular request. just kidding. i made people send in questions in exchange for blogrates, because that’s the only way to get anyone to do anything on this godforsaken website. watch us answer stupid questions and see ben be stupid about memes and…well, everything really. enjoy. or not. love him (understandably), hate him (understandably), he’s ben and he’ll never change. #stopthepepes2k15 #nillco #sadviolinmusic

anonymous asked:

I hope you're proud of yourself Mia, I don't even watch iZombie and I'm already having smutty dreams about Rahul Kohli. Why is he so beautiful? I may have to watch this show now. Keep posting his gorgeous face please :D

HA! Here’s how I feel about that, Nonny:

But really I’m just doing the good lord’s work cause everyone should be aware of this beautiful dorky-ass gorgeous dead-sexy cinnamon roll of a man (also I couldn’t stop posting if I wanted to - the thirst is reeeeeeeeeeeal Nonny, the thirst is oh so painfully real *weeps*). 

And do watch the show as well, because sadly gifs and pics cannot convey how his British accent impossibly makes him even more attractive. Seriously dude, you had to be British too?? KNOW WHEN TO QUIT GOD. 

(I mean, just swap out “tall doctor” for “tall actor” and this is still true for Rahul! Except he’s also a giant adorable nerd who, unlike most actors, isn’t a social media phobe and - amazingly - isn’t completely grossed out by fandom’s messier parts.)

So yeah. Just go with it or fire up your xkit blacklists cause he’ll be a regular feature here for the foreseeable future.