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!!! Thank you so much lip reading anon! I really appreciate your answer. I've been wondering about this for years. So maybe Jared wanted to "refuel Jensen" for one second? Since That's the brother fighting episode, you know. I love this little scene because Jared didn't look playful and Jensen just leaned on Jared so naturally. Thank you anon and thank you Sera(can I call you Sera?). I love this blog.

Hello, dear anon!

You can absolutely call me Sera, if you so wish. I know many already do and I’m starting to recognize it to mean me. :P Thank you so much for the love!

By the way, great assessment! They’ve said the scenes and storylines where Sam and Dean don’t get along are hard for them, so it would make sense for Jared to offer comfort. How a moment like that made the gag reel is another question entirely, though!

My sincerest gratitude to the lip-reading anon as well! Both of you anons are a blessing upon my humble little blog. I hope the coming week with turn out prosperous for you both!

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Can I talk about The Wide Window for a second?

Specifically– how the book, the 2004 movie, and the new Netflix series all manage to portray the same exact scene with three different themes?

Naturally, there are probably going to be spoilers, so read on at your own discretion, a phrase which here means, ‘make a choice and don’t blame me if it was the wrong choice for you…’

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Being a lone pet

Being a pet without an owner can sometimes make it hard to feel like a “real pet”; trust me, I know. I was a solo pet for quite a long time. But there are some things you can do to make yourself still feel like the pet you are:

  • wear a collar. just because you are not owned, doesn’t mean you cannot wear a collar. if you are a single pet, by choice or by nature, you can still proudly wear a collar of your choice to prove your pet identity and sense of self.
  • set a schedule for yourself. lots of owners like to give their pets vague or strict schedules to adhere to, to keep them productive throughout the day. just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean a schedule won’t benefit you; in fact, it’s a very healthy habit to get into.
  • give yourself treats, when you earn it. when a pet does something good, owners will typically reward them for their positive efforts. feel free to reward yourself when you finish an assignment, finish your chores, or accomplish a goal you’ve been working toward.
  • go into pet space. give yourself time to be a pet; chase a ball, paw at a mouse, run through the woods. you are a pet and you should make time for yourself to act like one.
  • remember you are valid. so many pets feel as though they are not valid just because the do not have an owner and that is absolutely not true. every pet, no matter their species, owner status, or anything else is any less of a pet than the next. you are a pet, never let anyone take that from you.

there are many other ways to deal with being a pet without an owner (feel free to add your own) but the key is to remember that just because you are on your own, you are not any less of a pet. do what makes you feel like your species (dog, cat, pony, etc.), do what makes you happy. there is nothing that makes you any less of a pet than one that has an owner. your perfect owner will come along someday, just be patient and remember to take care of yourself in the meantime. and message me if you ever need advice or a have any questions.

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How do you interpret the waterfall scene in tfp where sherlock envisions it? if we truly are in john's mind bungalow then that doesn't make sense... I don't subscribe to the dream within a dream within a dream theory because of its complicated and (imo) anticlimactic nature, and s4 does seem to be from john's pov due to the sherlock/ mary being friends thing and john's self-deprecation and sense of uselessness which is illustrated in numerous instances. But this waterfall is confusing!

I love that y’all want to hear my thoughts on this stuff, but you might be disappointed b/c nothing like this is bothering me. 

For me, the meaning of S4 is not unlocked by simply asking, “whose POV is it?” or “whose dream is it?” or “whose head are we in?” I don’t think the window we get into anyone’s head this season is from the unfiltered, raw perspective of a dream, or from being “in” one person’s head at all. Being “in” someone’s head implies for me that we’re privy to the thoughts they haven’t yet shared, an unedited version of things. I think what we’re seeing in S4 is a final, highly edited, polished product of the story that John wants to sell to the public, the story that gives one explanation of how Mary died and John ended up back at Baker Street, but for various reasons that shine through if you look hard enough, is not the real one. Fresh paint to disguise another smell.  

The Great Game was never solved by being able to answer “whose dream” or “whose POV.” It’s about reading in between the inconsistencies of a story sold to the public to extract the truth.

And in writing, Watson was never covering for just himself, either. Any detail that John couldn’t have known himself is easily read as a flourish added by Sherlock on final review before the story goes to print. Frankly, every time there’s an aside conversation in S4 about oh jeez, what about Rosie, what’s the gender of the kid who died, what’s Greg’s name, etc. etc. is, in my mind, a tiny breach of the fourth wall where John and his cadre of editors are making sure he’s keeping the story straight. The official story at the beginning of T6T was reviewed by committee, after all.

The Mistress - Optional Bias

Author’s Note: If I could explain to you guys how long it took me to write this! LOL! I worked hard on it. It’s a little different from my usual themes (Dom!OC/Sub!Bias whaaaat?!), but I had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you again for all your patience! It means so much :) I hope you like it! 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people in high power positions tend to be very submissive in bed. It made sense. They spent their entire day making big decisions, high stress jobs that required 100% of their attention. It was only natural that in bed, they wanted to give up that control and let someone else be in charge of making them cum. He was no different. As one of the youngest and most prominent CEOs in South Korea, he spent many nights in compromising positions, tied up, pinned down, and so fucked out that it was impossible to count his orgasms.

You glanced up from your book at the clock nonchalantly. He always arrived at 11 pm. Sometimes he’d come once a month, other times he’d come every night of the week, but every session began at 11 pm. You’d give him another fifteen minutes. No sooner had the thought entered your mind did you hear the distinct knock of the infamous CEO. You laughed to yourself. He was the definition of punctual.  

“Come in.” you said. The door slowly creaked open as he walked in, smiling shyly as he entered your apartment.

“Sorry I’m late.” He began. “I had to –“

“Stop talking. Take off your clothes.” You interrupted. His mouth snapped shut, but he did as he was told. He began undressing quickly, articles of clothing flung haphazardly in any direction in record speed. You fought the urge to laugh as you sauntered over to him, your heels clicking loudly on the floor.

“You kept me waiting.” You said simply.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” He said softly. You clicked your tongue disapprovingly. You pressed a hand to his chest and slid it down his torso, your nails raking across his skin, before cupping him firmly between his legs. His head rolled back with a shaky exhale.

“You know I’m going to have to punish you.” You said, smiling at the visible shiver that went down his body and the way his cock began to twitch before your eyes.

“Yes.” He answered with a slight nod of his head. You slapped him across the face, not hard enough to hurt but enough to get his attention. “Yes Mistress!” He quickly corrected.

“That’s better.” You said, rewarding him with a few pumps along his cock. You gently tugged him by his cock further into the room, stopping when you reached the bed and pushed him down on his back. He scooted back until he reached the head of the bed. You smiled at his compliance as you straddled his hips and reached up to handcuff his wrists to the bed. He watched anxiously as you secured him to the bed, his dick pressing against your thigh impatiently. You intentionally grinded against him, the only barrier between you being the thin lace panties you were wearing. He groaned deeply and bucked his hips up towards you. You leaned forward, placing kisses along his neck and jawline.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me?” you asked, your breath ghosting over his ear. He ran his tongue along his lips and nodded.

“Yes mistress.” He whimpered, his cock twitching under you. You pressed a quick kiss to his lips before jumping off of him, leaving him tied and hard on the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked, the alarm in his voice almost pathetic. You giggled calmly.

“We’ll need some lube, won’t we?” you said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. After fetching the lube from the bedside table, you climbed onto the bed and situated yourself between his legs.  You spread his legs and kissed up his inner thighs. You stopped, maintaining eye contact with him, and enveloped him whole. His eyes widened in shock before they rolled to the back of his head.

“FUCK!” he yelled out as his head slammed back into the pillow. You chuckled with him inside your mouth, the vibrations added a new sensation. You pulled back to the tip, swirling your tongue around his slit, and lowering back down until you felt his cock hit the back of your throat. You continued between deep throating him and teasing the tip of his cock until a string of moans and the clinks of the handcuffs filled the room. You pulled back, pressing the tip of your finger against his entrance. He jerked in surprise, his cock twitching in your mouth in response. You leaned down and kissed his hip soothingly.

“Relax baby.” You cooed. You waited until you could feel his muscles relax before taking him in your mouth again.  You slowly slipped a finger to the knuckle, keeping the same pace as your mouth. He moaned loudly, his teeth sinking deep into his bottom lip, unsure of which way to move. You added a second finger, curving them over his prostate while your tongue flicked over the slit of his cock. He thrashed against the bed, screaming your name.

“I’m…I’m gonna cum—” he moaned. You pulled your mouth and fingers away, squeezing the base of his cock to ward off his orgasm. He bucked his hips, desperate for any friction that might help him over the edge, but to no avail. The frustration and disappointment in his voice gave you a giddy sense of joy.

“Do you need to cum?” you asked sweetly, your grip still snug on the base of his cock.

“Yes, please.” He said, still breathless as beads of sweat began to run down his forehead.

“Well, that’s too bad.” You said, nipping at his earlobe. “You’re only allowed to cum when I say.” you said firmly in his ear.  

You waited until his breathing returned to normal before starting again. You took his cock in your mouth again, alternating between sucking and licking, while you thrust your fingers in and out of him at a steady rate.  By his fourth orgasm denial, there were tears in his eyes.

“Shit…I’m so close” he sputtered under his breath, his eyes shut tight. “Can I please cum? Please?” he whined. You pulled your mouth away, giving the swollen head of his cock a light lick.

“Yes, you can cum.” you said as you grabbed his cock and pumped it in rhythm with your fingers. High pitched moans and deep growls flowed as his hips bucked wildly.

“That’s it, baby, cum for me.” you urged. His jaw dropped and his head fell back as spurts of cum shot across his abdomen and chest. He collapsed down on the bed, the handcuffs barely supporting his arms. You continued to milk him for all he was worth until he began to pull away from you.  

“Thank you, Mistress.” He said, his voice barely audible. You let him take a few deep breaths before getting up from the bed. You grabbed a towel and wiped your hands before sloppily wiping the loads of cum from his chest. Tossing the towel to the side of the room, you slowly slid down your panties and reached down to massage your clit. HIs eyes were trained on you, dark with lust.

“I think you need to make me cum. Right now.” You said. His eyes locked on your dripping center. He reached up and licked across your folds eagerly. He reached up to grab your thighs as best he could against the handcuffs. You lifted yourself away from his mouth and pinned his hands down firmly.

“Did I say you could touch me?” you scolded “Use your tongue.” You ordered. He nodded and swept his tongue across your clit in a way that made you arch your back with a moan. He smiled and continued to lap at your clit, swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud.

“Good boy.” You moaned. You reached up and unhooked your bra, pinching your nipples and tweaking them. He moaned into your pussy at the sight. His wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked harshly, making you scream out in pleasure. Your fingers reached down and buried themselves in his soft hair. You leaned back, running your hands down his body and taking hold of his cock. He was already hard again. You ran your thumb over his slit, eliciting a strained moan from him.

“You get off on pleasing me, don’t you.” You asked.

“Yes Mistress.” he nodded, his tongue flicking ceaselessly against your clit.

“That’s it. Keep sucking my pussy like the naughty slut you are.” you moaned. You began to roll your hips on his tongue, eager to reach your own orgasm. He relaxed his jaw and let you grind against his hot mouth until you were tensing up and coming undone over him. He continued with soft licks, helping you along, until you’d come down from your high.

“Would you like to fuck me now?” you asked as you slid down his body, siting just above his erection.

“God yes!” he groaned. “Please.” He wasted no time, his hands coming out to take hold of your waist. His lips latched to your neck and began to mark you.

“Condoms are in the bedside table.” you moaned. He rolled over, quickly ripped open a foil packet and sheathed himself. You shimmied down and lined him up with your entrance. You both moaned in unison as you sat down on his dick, not stopping until he bottomed out. You reached out and gripped his shoulders, holding on as you glided up at a glacier pace before slamming back down on him.  

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned, rolling his hips to meet you thrust for thrust. With this new angle, every bounce had him brushing against your sweet spot. His lips came up and wrapped around your nipple, gently biting down and swirling his tongue around the nub. It was almost too much for you.

“Mmm…I’m gonna cum.” You warned. His fingers began circling your clit as you bounced wildly. You screamed as your inner muscles tightened around him and bringing him towards his own orgasm. His grip on your ass tightened as he emptied himself into the condom, dropping his forehead into the crook of your neck to catch his breath. A few halfhearted thrusts later and you were both spent, leaning on each other for support.

He kissed your shoulder, your collarbone, the darkening mark on your neck, and aimed for your mouth. You turned your head so that his lips would land on your cheek instead. You climbed off of him and threw your legs to the side of the bed, slipping out of those heels before walking to the adjoining bathroom to clean up.

You could feel the jolts of pleasure as you walked, the tiniest of movements still managing to stimulate you. You slowly wiped your face, fixing your smudged eyeliner and lipstick and smoothed down your wild hair (tasks that would normally take you 30 seconds stretched to five minutes). You walked back into the room to find the CEO carefully putting his clothes back on.

“Um…thank you.” he said, his cheeks flushing. You smiled endearingly at him. How could he possibly be embarrassed after an hour of fucking?

“No problem.” You said nonchalantly. He looked…cute. All the worry lines and stress induced wrinkles were smoothed out in his afterglow. You low key wanted him to spend the night, to sleep in his arms and wake up to that messy hair.

“Have dinner with me tonight.” he said rather than asked, his sudden change back to professional demeanor bringing you out of your daydream. He asked every time he came over and every time you said no. You didn’t want the type of life he was offering. And he knew that. You shook your head and pulled the sheet tighter around your body. He walked over to you, closing the space between the two of you before you could stop him.

“Then at least let me kiss you.” He said. Your eyes widened as you shook your head. Kissing him would make this mean something. Kissing him would unleash all the feelings you’d been trying to keep at bay.

“Just one kiss.” He said, tilting your chin up so that you couldn’t look at anything expect him. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to yours gently, giving you the opportunity to break the kiss if you wanted. When you made no attempt to stop him, he cupped the sides of your face, deepening the kiss as if he’d been saving it after every dirty word, every hook up, and every orgasm. His tongue glided over yours, his tastes mingling on yours in this new, intimate way. You hadn’t been kissed like that before in your life and it made you yearn for more. You weren’t ready for him to pull away, but he did. He winked down at you, managing to make you blush. He put his jacket back on and kissed your forehead once more before leaving your apartment. You smiled as you locked the door behind him. He hadn’t been gone for 30 seconds before he came knocking on your door again.

“Did you forget something?” you asked. He shook his head.

“Same time tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure.” You answered.

“Great. I’ll bring dinner to you. Wear some cute pajamas.” He said with a proud smirk. He waved before you closed the door in his face, rolling your eyes and unable to wipe that stupid smile off your face.

 I just watched Matpat’s newest video…

 I literally started crying. 

 I knew he was getting hate and a lot of it and hearing him talk about it just broke my heart. I could literally hear the hurt in his voice. He by no means deserved any of that. No one does

 Personally, I love his theories and him as a person. (As all who follow me know) Do I think all his theories are true. No. What I like about them is the creative nature. The amount of work he puts into each one. The way that they make me think. I think some people miss these aspects and just go straight for the hard true/false.

 And just the whole giving the Pope undertale thing that he talked about. I actually thought it was a nice gift, in the symbolic sense. Which, is what Mat intended it to be. I actually got really sad after seeing all the hateful comments towards him afterwards. Some people…

 Mat is a kind, hardworking person who never fails to cheer me up. His theories, his live streams, I adore them all. I am truly sorry that he had to go through all that. 

  • Some jerk: Hi Bill does homosexuality evolutionarily make sense?
  • Bill Nye: One time i read a book that said bonobos are gay. And sexuality is on a spectrum, I know a lot of gay men who are married to women and have children 🙂 So it's okay as long as gay people marry the opposite sex i heard homosexuality in animals was more common in captivity than in nature? Sometimes women say things that only make sense if our language was shaped by cis men and if not all women are cis and dyadic, but that's absurd 🙂 I am the bastion of progressiveness and scientific understanding
  • Me, a lesbian biology student who actually knows shit about evolutionary biology and the diversity of life: Bill. Uh, Bill. Social species with biparental care, such as humans and penguins + many other primates and birds have a little things called inclusive fitness that accomodates even exclusive homosexuality. Social species also use non-reproductive sexual interactions to strengthen bonds between individuals. Even in less social species, there are many cases in which bisexuality and even nigh exclusive homosexuality either don't harm or even increase an animal's fitness. Also sex is a human construct; even momentarily putting aside the humans you shat all over, where do sexual mimicry, asexual reproduction, or truly hermaphroditic species fit into your paradigm, Bill?
  • I know this is ranty and bitter but hearing a childhood icon say something shitty is even worse when they have a mangled understanding of your field. "Science says it's okay to be gay as long as you repress it for het relationships" jeez

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31 for Roy and Riza please or 47

This has been a WIP for ages. I’m not even sure it makes sense. I have been meaning to sort through all my prompts for months now, but college has kept me too busy for things such as having an actual life.

31. blame me.

“I have a mission for you, Captain.”

Being handed an order to kill, and passing it on to his assistant, shouldn’t feel so natural. But they’d gotten too used to the notion that they were murderers, and so, Roy barely read the file before handing it to Riza, who proceeded to look over it with an unreadable expression. He would’ve walked on to his desk, hadn’t she taken so long to react.

“Consider it done, sir.”

“What’s wrong?”

Once again, her reaction was delayed, her words contained.

“I know the target.”

“Where from?”

“From my hometown.”

He frowned. That was a small fact he would’ve noticed, had he bothered to read the target’s file. Now Riza’s hands were shaking, her lips were pale, and she didn’t meet his gaze but wouldn’t focus completely on the words laid before her. Could have fooled any other man, but not Roy Mustang.

“Give it back, then.” He extended his hand. “I will assign this case to someone else.”

Now her eyes met his in a steely glare that knew that he knew too well. It admitted no objection. It showed no mercy.

“With all due respect, sir, it’s unlike you to doubt my ability to carry out my mission.”

Roy wanted to scream that this wasn’t about ability. Scream, because he had a duty toward her, a duty to protect her. A duty that, if everything else failed, he still had to fulfill.

“I have ordered you countless times to drench your hands in blood for my sake. I have always asked too much of you, Captain. And I’ve taken advantage of the fact that you let me. Believe me when I say that I can afford the privilege of sparing you this time.”

Her hands clutched the file even tighter. In another life, Riza would’ve been swayed by the sadness in his voice, and would have been free to give into her emotions. To let someone else carry out her sins.

There were many things he could protect her from, but too often, he couldn’t protect her from herself.

“I appreciate your concern, sir.” Her voice was merely above a whisper. “But we cannot afford the privilege of giving into a dirty conscience. It’s too late for that. If a human life is doomed, then I shall be the one to take it. Spare someone else.”

Equivalent exchange, as Riza would have it. If Riza had made her decision, it would be unfair of him to attempt to sway her. She was more than just a piece in his game.

“So be it, then. Don’t say I forced you into this.”

“I don’t make a habit of blaming you for my decisions, sir.”

“I have been careless. That you can blame me for.”

“Don’t be foolish. I knew what I was getting into.”

“Did you?”

The question brought her undivided attention back to him. When Riza said, all those years back, that she’d follow him into hell, he didn’t imagine he’d be putting her through hell so often. That she would come to share his dream. That she would come to share his nightmare. That his own feelings would come so tangled into their dealings, to the point that he often regretted ever asking her to watch his back.

To his surprise, a quiet smile settled in her lips and too late, he realized his adoration was plainly written on his face.

“I suppose not, for better and for worse.” Her voice was soft, mellow, devoid of any kind of bite. “I definitely didn’t think you’d become so soft.”

“Didn’t think you’d become so harsh,” he shot back.

Riza was now reading, truly reading the case he’d assigned her. Relaxed, stoic, that little smirk fading while fatal words entered her mind. The storm wasn’t over. Not yet.

“Captain Hawkeye.”


“Report back immediately after the mission is complete. This is an order.”

He would’ve normally let it wait until the morning, as Riza was not one to fail. But the middle of the night, for once, seemed more appropriate. If she stumbled, Roy kept a box of her preferred brand of tea and a spare toothbrush in a drawer, just in case. And as Riza’s eyes glowed, full of the same brand of affection he’d shown earlier, he wondered if she knew.


Language learning tips for the wandering raven

The first thing that will be helpful when learning a language is to start thinking in terms of the grammar- instead of going directly from English, try to think more in the context of that language. For example, in Hebrew, we don’t say “I have a dog,” we say
יש לי כלב-
“There is to me a dog.” If you can start adding in that extra step, that in-between step, when you are first learning, it will make it easier to remember the words for what you want to say and it will be more grammatically correct. That way you don’t have to go straight to thinking in another language, but the syntax feels more natural once you get there. When going from another language to English, do the opposite. Translate it exactly first, then arrange the general meaning into something that makes grammatical sense.

For common household vocabulary, it helps to put sticky notes with the word in another language all over the house. When learning Spanish, for example, stick a note that says “ventana” on the window, and every time you look out the window, you’ll be reminded.

If you have a bilingual friend that speaks the language you’re trying to learn, use it. Don’t try to speak only in that language at first- it’s frustrating. Start with little things. For example, if you’re trying to learn French, and you know an exchange student from a French country, you might open a conversation with “Bonjour, ça va?” And then move back to English or whatever your native language is. Then you might start throwing in the occasional French word into the conversation, such as, “oh that is just tres drôle,” and then move onto smaller sentences such as “tu est belle,” or “je t'aime,” until eventually you can have a whole conversation that actually has some value instead of some lame template from a textbook. It’s not exactly traditional, but it’s more natural and much less frustrating than trying to keep up full stop right away and feeling inadequate.

For that person that really annoys you, start thinking up your insults in another language, even if you don’t say them. At first they may seem lame, like “you’re ugly,” or some such, but it keeps you interested in furthering your abilities, with the added benefit that if you were to say them, said adversary wouldn’t understand. This only works for some, for example, it’s a stress relief for me that keeps me from lashing out and helps me learn new words. If you’re a “water off the duck’s back,” kinda person, this may not work for you.

These are just some general tips, and they may not work for everyone, but they’re worth a shot. They’ve helped me get through a lot of tough classes.

fanart of TEW fic A Nail Through a Star by croik

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve really been enjoying croik’s story! There were a bunch of scenes that really stuck with me, but upon rereading, I had to draw this from chapter 2. This is one of my fav TEW fics, I just wanted to show my support and say that I’m excited for more :)

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Like I'm a Slytherin but my sign is a Leo and posts that are like "Which Sign is in Each Hogwarts House?" are seriously disheartening because I know I belong in Slytherin but posts and stuff like that keeps telling me that I belong in Gryffindor.

Yeah it can be difficult when your sign isn’t a common one seen in your house. But I think Leo’s in Slytherin make sense. Cause these are some of the Leo traits:

  • Natural born leaders,
  • Self confident,
  • Ambitious,
  • Cunning,
  • Loyal,
  • Royal,
  • Passionate,
  • Determined,
  • Charismatic,
  • They can achieve anything they want,
  • Very good at solving difficult problems,
  • Love appearing and being highly competent,

I mean really it does make complete sense for a Leo to be in Slytherin. And do you know how many Slytherins have cats for patronuses? I think people automatically think Leo = Lion = Gryffindor. And there probably are quite a few Leo Gryffs. But I think it makes absolute sense. So be a proud Slytherin Leo! 


My name is unimportant, but my Master calls me ~Assassin Babylon~ the goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality.

What am I? — I am what my Master calls a ‘natural’ slave, which means that I was born to be the slave of a Master. I guess you could call it my destiny. Within me there is an emptiness that is filled only by service to, and by being pleasing to, a man. I long for his touch and his approval. There’s also something very powerful inside of me that reacts to the presence of a Master. Not just any man, mind you, but someone who has that special ‘something’ that makes a man a true Master. I can sense this ‘something’ from across a room and it attracts me like a light does a moth. In turn, a Master can sense this reaction in me. He can pick me out of a crowd. Even before my training, there was something about my walk, my speech, my body movements, my essence, that marked me out as a slave. I don’t know what it is, yet I know that it is there, and that it is sensed by Masters because they’ve told me so.

Q: What are you?
A: I am a slave girl.
Q: What is a slave girl?
A: A girl who is owned.
Q: Why do you wear a brand?
A: To show that I am owned.
Q: Why do you wear a collar?
A: That men may know who owns me.
Q: What does a slave girl want more than anything?
A: To please men.
Q: What are you?
A: I am a slave girl.
Q: What do you want more than anything?
A: To please men.

‘What are my duties?’ I asked.
'Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience,’ said Master

Assassin of Gor


Darn it, Gwenpool did it again.

One of the things I like about Gwen Poole is the sheer absurdity of the fact that it works.  It shouldn’t work, by all reasonable means, but it does. 

But I worried that not even writer Christopher Hastings could make Arcade work in the wake of that poxed foulness of Avengers Arena/Avengers Undercover. 

But then he did. 

Arcade as demented Dungeonmaster (in a full D&D sense) works. 

But what won me over is that Gwen called him out IMMEDIATELY!

It subtly pointed out the meta nature of Arcade and used that to the story’s advantage. 

Kudos, Chris!

George Harrison and Gary Moore during the Natural Law Party concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, 6 April 1992. Photo: Richard Young.

In memory of Gary, who passed away on this day, 6 February, in 2011.

“[Gary Moore is] an unbelievable guitar player, he’s just - I mean, guitar players like him around, it makes me just feel like a skiffler.” - George Harrison interviewed by BP Fallon, 1987

“He was like most people, you know. He had different sides to him. George was a character, and he was a very charismatic and special person. He was kind and had an incredible sense of humor, a very funny guy. He had what we call a wicked sense of humor. He was quite naughty. He’d make you laugh. He was like a naughty school boy with a glint in his eye. That was George.” - Gary Moore, All Out Guitar, 2007 [x]

“[George] was a very underrated guitarist. He could kind of think of something to play in eight bars that no one in the whole world except him would have thought of. You realized that there was kind of a genius at work there…. He was just great, our George.” - Gary Moore, George Harrison: What Is Life, BBC Radio 2 documentary, 2009 [x]

The song “That Kind Of Woman,” recorded by both Eric Clapton and Gary (on his 1990 album Still Got The Blues) was written by George Harrison.

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Hello Rose! I just had a question for you. In my full year spread, I pulled the lovers card for January. My boyfriend and I broke up, and I found out that he was messing around. Even when we were still together (to this day) I pull the four of wands in every reading, no joke. No matter how much I shuffle, or what deck I use, I pull the same card. Do you have any idea what it might mean? Thank you:)


I’m sorry to hear about your break up, that’s never fun.

It sounds to me like this might be a significator, either for you or for your relationship. Basically, it represents you (or the character/nature of your relationship) and can give you guidance about your interactions with others by helping you understand more about yourself.

I hope this helps and makes sense! 😊

I really love Leopika, so it makes me sad when I see people mischaracterize their dynamic. Kurapika doesn’t hate Leorio and he isn’t a tsundere asshole. Kurapika rightfully criticizes Leorio when Leorio is being immature or obtuse, but the nature of their dynamic is based on respect, immense affection, trust, and banter. It is important to incorporate banter into fics and portrayals of them because they poke fun at each other constantly (they’re foils just as much as Gon and Killua are foils), but acting as if Kurapika is mean to Leorio is also incorrect. 

Kurapika doesn’t always call Leorio an “idiot”. He actually really trusts and admires him (as he should). In the beginning of the Dark Continent Arc, for example, Kurapika admits that he can “relax” in the presence of the hunter zodiacs because Leorio is with him. Kurapika clearly can’t relax in the presence of people he doesn’t trust or like. In fact, after the genocide of the Kurta clan, the only people Kurapika really smiles and laughs around are Senritsu, Leorio, Gon, and Killua (his best friends). Otherwise he is on guard and critical of the people around him. 

Also, Leorio gives just as much as he takes. Leorio reprimands Kurapika for acting recklessly and selfishly at certain times. He also makes every effort to calm Kurapika down. They have a very balanced, trusting relationship, which is what makes their dynamic so wholesome and beautiful. By frequently portraying them as “the genius and the idiot he sometimes cruelly makes fun of”, you’re ruining the beauty of their relationship. 

“She is a wild woman to work with,’ he still affectionately admits today. She has a naivety, vulnerability almost, that makes her attractive to be with and to watch”

“I loved her since Lucas. She was so cute, so beautiful and so natural. She was very helpful and very professional. I could tell that she and I had some kind of chemistry”

“I ask about the rumour that he was too shy, during the making of Heathers to let Winona Ryder know he had a crush on her. He looks at me as if I’ve missed a memo somewhere, and his hand starts to cover his mouth. “I mean, I definitely… let her know. Sure I did! I was 17, just hormones and ego. And the sense of invincibility that comes with that”

“I read that you had a crush on Winona Ryder while you were making Heathers but you never told her. That’s surprising as you didn’t seem like a shy guy in the 80s.
Yeah, well, as I’ve gotten to know myself over the years I realised I’m kind of a sweet, sensitive guy, a shy guy, and communication is not something I’m so good at”

“I love her. I’ve never gotten over the crush I had on her then. She is still the woman of my dreams”

- Christian Slater on Winona Ryder

“We went out for two weeks and he broke my heart”

“We really have a great on-and-off screen chemistry”

“He’s one of the most brilliant actors I’ve ever worked with”

“A lot of guys came in and read the scene where I am fake hanging, and they would do the whole monologue to me. I was just standing on this chair for two weeks and pretend I’m hanging while the actors do the speech. Some of them were so like just didn’t get the comedy of it, were really being very dramatic about it, and then Christian came in, and he was perfect”

“it was too weird, when you’re really good friends with somebody.It’s hard when you try to make something work. It’s bogus. It should just happen naturally”

- Winona Ryder on Christian Slater


Still stucked on Thom Yorke’s face. What an amazing face and body gesture. How can anyone who can draw not be inspired to draw him ?

I was dreaming while listening to my favourite Radiohead songs, and naturally started to imagine the story. The person singing it, living and feeling the lyrics, in a story that would make sense.

The lyrics are quite obscure for me, and their music videos often don’t help to figure out what they really mean. So I created my own interpretation, certainly very far away from what Thom Yorke wanted to say when he write these lyrics, and even more far from who Thom Yorke is.

So I made a character from the real Thom Yorke, and completed with what I imagined him to be. Someone who would wite such melancolic songs, tourmented, insecure, depressed, and sometimes a bit revengeful.

I like how he looked like in the earliest music videos, with this weird yet fascinnating crazy way of dancing he had. He was in such transe when singing.

And the face, jeez. My favourite video is Just, in which he’s ginger. His skin looks even more white. And the look in his eyes. I really love how his paralysed eyelid makes him look like totally numb or nealy dead on one side. His whole being seems awkward and strange, even when completly static.

I really whished Radiohead would have make a music video as good as Just for Paranoid Android, which is my absolute favourite song from this group. There is definitely a story with different mood and phases going on, many emotions I would have loved to see a Thom Yorke - inspired character feel.

And that’s the kind of dreams that went on in my head when I drew these. In case anyone wondered.

I didn’t quite figured out what was going on in Paranoid Android, but I think it would be cool to draw a story with this character with subbtle and appropriate use of the lyrics, at one point or another. Er, maybe later.

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Are natural horsemanship trainers for horses what Cesar Millan is for dogs? Meaning harmful bs with a way too big platform and following?

Hmm, in a way but also not really? Natural horsemanship is an umbrella term that a wide variety of trainers train under. In my experience, there are some people who believe natural horsemanship is simply a much more gentle way of working with horses compared to traditional methods and focuses on the bond between handler and horse. It also has a focus on groundwork and building foundations on the ground rather than under saddle. However, dominance theory seems to underpin a lot of the ideology behind the training methods in NH eg. moving the horse’s feet the way the “alpha horse” does, chasing them around the roundpen and just the general justifications of using pressure.

That said, I’ve seen some willing and responsive horses that have been trained under the principles of natural horsemanship… Because the trainer is tuned in to releasing pressure at the exact right moment. But I’ve also seen dead-eyed “robot” horses trained under the same principles. 

So with Cesar Millan and his following they all use physical punishment, pinning down, choke/prong collars, alpha rolls, grabbing the scruff, biting the dog (i kid you not), harsh corrections… I’ve never seen a responsive and happy animal come out of those methods. They’re cookie-cutter trainers too, meaning they refuse to adapt their method to the individual animal. 

In contrast, Natural horsemanship does seem to carry with it the idea that it is more gentle and humane for the horses because it’s ~natural~ even though it basically works with traditional principles of negative reinforcement but it’s been marketed in a way where it’s all about the ~bond~ ect. 

Here’s a quote that sums it up rather well

Anthropocentric labelling of human–horse interactions makes the interpretations by proponents of natural horsemanship sound irrefutably plausible and humane. Unfortunately, such labels can be misleading, contradictory and constitute potential barriers to effective training. They can also lead to misunderstanding, conflict and reduced welfare for human and equine participants. One of the potential dangers in adopting an anthropogenic framework to explain horse motivation is that the trainer/rider may assume that a horse knows what the human wants. This assumption permits humans to issue unclear cues, leading to frustration and even feelings of deception when they fail to produce the desired outcome in the horse.

-P.D McGreevy, C. Oddie, F.L Burton, A.N. McLean, “The horse–human dyad: Can we align horse training and handling activities with the equid social ethogram?“ (2009)

Dominance based dog training is something that’s rooted in traditional training methods from the past. So it’s not really even trying to pretend it’s an improvement… 

What I’m trying to get at here though is that because NH is such a broad term that describes a lot of different training methods and ideas, it ultimately comes down to the individual trainer. Whereas with Cesar Millan you know straight away that he produces miserable animals with his techniques.