Being a lone pet

Being a pet without an owner can sometimes make it hard to feel like a “real pet”; trust me, I know. I was a solo pet for quite a long time. But there are some things you can do to make yourself still feel like the pet you are:

  • wear a collar. just because you are not owned, doesn’t mean you cannot wear a collar. if you are a single pet, by choice or by nature, you can still proudly wear a collar of your choice to prove your pet identity and sense of self.
  • set a schedule for yourself. lots of owners like to give their pets vague or strict schedules to adhere to, to keep them productive throughout the day. just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean a schedule won’t benefit you; in fact, it’s a very healthy habit to get into.
  • give yourself treats, when you earn it. when a pet does something good, owners will typically reward them for their positive efforts. feel free to reward yourself when you finish an assignment, finish your chores, or accomplish a goal you’ve been working toward.
  • go into pet space. give yourself time to be a pet; chase a ball, paw at a mouse, run through the woods. you are a pet and you should make time for yourself to act like one.
  • remember you are valid. so many pets feel as though they are not valid just because the do not have an owner and that is absolutely not true. every pet, no matter their species, owner status, or anything else is any less of a pet than the next. you are a pet, never let anyone take that from you.

there are many other ways to deal with being a pet without an owner (feel free to add your own) but the key is to remember that just because you are on your own, you are not any less of a pet. do what makes you feel like your species (dog, cat, pony, etc.), do what makes you happy. there is nothing that makes you any less of a pet than one that has an owner. your perfect owner will come along someday, just be patient and remember to take care of yourself in the meantime. and message me if you ever need advice or a have any questions.

“She is a wild woman to work with,’ he still affectionately admits today. She has a naivety, vulnerability almost, that makes her attractive to be with and to watch”

“I loved her since Lucas. She was so cute, so beautiful and so natural. She was very helpful and very professional. I could tell that she and I had some kind of chemistry”

“I ask about the rumour that he was too shy, during the making of Heathers to let Winona Ryder know he had a crush on her. He looks at me as if I’ve missed a memo somewhere, and his hand starts to cover his mouth. “I mean, I definitely… let her know. Sure I did! I was 17, just hormones and ego. And the sense of invincibility that comes with that”

“I read that you had a crush on Winona Ryder while you were making Heathers but you never told her. That’s surprising as you didn’t seem like a shy guy in the 80s.
Yeah, well, as I’ve gotten to know myself over the years I realised I’m kind of a sweet, sensitive guy, a shy guy, and communication is not something I’m so good at”

“I love her. I’ve never gotten over the crush I had on her then. She is still the woman of my dreams”

- Christian Slater on Winona Ryder

“We went out for two weeks and he broke my heart”

“We really have a great on-and-off screen chemistry”

“He’s one of the most brilliant actors I’ve ever worked with”

“A lot of guys came in and read the scene where I am fake hanging, and they would do the whole monologue to me. I was just standing on this chair for two weeks and pretend I’m hanging while the actors do the speech. Some of them were so like just didn’t get the comedy of it, were really being very dramatic about it, and then Christian came in, and he was perfect”

“it was too weird, when you’re really good friends with somebody.It’s hard when you try to make something work. It’s bogus. It should just happen naturally”

- Winona Ryder on Christian Slater


I have a baggie full of black-market oxy in my coat pocket, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to take it. I’ve got the dead-Derek thing completely managed. I know people were worried. Since he died, everybody’s been looking at me, waiting for me to fall apart or freak out or just become a mess. Like some bomb everyone thinks is supposed to go off. My mother was calling three, four times a day. Addison was calling… Everyone. It makes sense. It’s natural. Every man I’ve ever loved…has died. Including my baby. Thank you, universe. So, I should be, like… Greek tragedy, turned to stone, bat-crap crazy, but I’m good. I got this. I am fine. I’m telling you, I’m amazing. I am saving lives left and right. I am putting butts in the seats in that O.R. gallery. I mean, people are fighting to hear me lecture.  I am entertaining… Joke, joke, joke! I’m funny! I’m fun! I’m a party! I’m doing… I’m great! I’m handling the dead-Derek thing really well. Except today, I yelled at Richard… who was only trying to invite me for coffee, and then I went and scored oxy from this junkie doctor. Not yet. But I might. That’s the thing. I really actually might. I have been sober for 1,321 days, Owen. I was fine. It was managed. But I might. Derek died. He died. I don’t want to feel it. I I don’t think I can. I don’t think I even want to… I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t.

Amelia Shepherd in 11x22 She’s leaving home

“Well, that’s good. Your heart is alive. Keep listening to what it has to say.”

“My heart is a traitor,” the boy said to the alchemist, when they had paused to rest the horses. “It doesn’t want me to go on.”

“That makes sense. Naturally it’s afraid that, in pursuing your dream, you might lose everything you’ve won.”

“Well, then, why should I listen to my heart?”

“Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet. ”

“You mean I should listen, even if it’s treasonous?”

“Treason is a blow that comes unexpectedly. If you know your heart well, it will never be able to do that to you. Because you’ll know its dreams and wishes, and will know how to deal with them.

“My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer,” the boy told the alchemist one night as they looked up at the moonless sky.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”

Paulo Coelho ::The Alchemist

The Mistress - Optional Bias

Author’s Note: If I could explain to you guys how long it took me to write this! LOL! I worked hard on it. It’s a little different from my usual themes (Dom!OC/Sub!Bias whaaaat?!), but I had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you again for all your patience! It means so much :) I hope you like it! 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people in high power positions tend to be very submissive in bed. It made sense. They spent their entire day making big decisions, high stress jobs that required 100% of their attention. It was only natural that in bed, they wanted to give up that control and let someone else be in charge of making them cum. He was no different. As one of the youngest and most prominent CEOs in South Korea, he spent many nights in compromising positions, tied up, pinned down, and so fucked out that it was impossible to count his orgasms.

You glanced up from your book at the clock nonchalantly. He always arrived at 11 pm. Sometimes he’d come once a month, other times he’d come every night of the week, but every session began at 11 pm. You’d give him another fifteen minutes. No sooner had the thought entered your mind did you hear the distinct knock of the infamous CEO. You laughed to yourself. He was the definition of punctual.  

“Come in.” you said. The door slowly creaked open as he walked in, smiling shyly as he entered your apartment.

“Sorry I’m late.” He began. “I had to –“

“Stop talking. Take off your clothes.” You interrupted. His mouth snapped shut, but he did as he was told. He began undressing quickly, articles of clothing flung haphazardly in any direction in record speed. You fought the urge to laugh as you sauntered over to him, your heels clicking loudly on the floor.

“You kept me waiting.” You said simply.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” He said softly. You clicked your tongue disapprovingly. You pressed a hand to his chest and slid it down his torso, your nails raking across his skin, before cupping him firmly between his legs. His head rolled back with a shaky exhale.

“You know I’m going to have to punish you.” You said, smiling at the visible shiver that went down his body and the way his cock began to twitch before your eyes.

“Yes.” He answered with a slight nod of his head. You slapped him across the face, not hard enough to hurt but enough to get his attention. “Yes Mistress!” He quickly corrected.

“That’s better.” You said, rewarding him with a few pumps along his cock. You gently tugged him by his cock further into the room, stopping when you reached the bed and pushed him down on his back. He scooted back until he reached the head of the bed. You smiled at his compliance as you straddled his hips and reached up to handcuff his wrists to the bed. He watched anxiously as you secured him to the bed, his dick pressing against your thigh impatiently. You intentionally grinded against him, the only barrier between you being the thin lace panties you were wearing. He groaned deeply and bucked his hips up towards you. You leaned forward, placing kisses along his neck and jawline.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me?” you asked, your breath ghosting over his ear. He ran his tongue along his lips and nodded.

“Yes mistress.” He whimpered, his cock twitching under you. You pressed a quick kiss to his lips before jumping off of him, leaving him tied and hard on the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked, the alarm in his voice almost pathetic. You giggled calmly.

“We’ll need some lube, won’t we?” you said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. After fetching the lube from the bedside table, you climbed onto the bed and situated yourself between his legs.  You spread his legs and kissed up his inner thighs. You stopped, maintaining eye contact with him, and enveloped him whole. His eyes widened in shock before they rolled to the back of his head.

“FUCK!” he yelled out as his head slammed back into the pillow. You chuckled with him inside your mouth, the vibrations added a new sensation. You pulled back to the tip, swirling your tongue around his slit, and lowering back down until you felt his cock hit the back of your throat. You continued between deep throating him and teasing the tip of his cock until a string of moans and the clinks of the handcuffs filled the room. You pulled back, pressing the tip of your finger against his entrance. He jerked in surprise, his cock twitching in your mouth in response. You leaned down and kissed his hip soothingly.

“Relax baby.” You cooed. You waited until you could feel his muscles relax before taking him in your mouth again.  You slowly slipped a finger to the knuckle, keeping the same pace as your mouth. He moaned loudly, his teeth sinking deep into his bottom lip, unsure of which way to move. You added a second finger, curving them over his prostate while your tongue flicked over the slit of his cock. He thrashed against the bed, screaming your name.

“I’m…I’m gonna cum—” he moaned. You pulled your mouth and fingers away, squeezing the base of his cock to ward off his orgasm. He bucked his hips, desperate for any friction that might help him over the edge, but to no avail. The frustration and disappointment in his voice gave you a giddy sense of joy.

“Do you need to cum?” you asked sweetly, your grip still snug on the base of his cock.

“Yes, please.” He said, still breathless as beads of sweat began to run down his forehead.

“Well, that’s too bad.” You said, nipping at his earlobe. “You’re only allowed to cum when I say.” you said firmly in his ear.  

You waited until his breathing returned to normal before starting again. You took his cock in your mouth again, alternating between sucking and licking, while you thrust your fingers in and out of him at a steady rate.  By his fourth orgasm denial, there were tears in his eyes.

“Shit…I’m so close” he sputtered under his breath, his eyes shut tight. “Can I please cum? Please?” he whined. You pulled your mouth away, giving the swollen head of his cock a light lick.

“Yes, you can cum.” you said as you grabbed his cock and pumped it in rhythm with your fingers. High pitched moans and deep growls flowed as his hips bucked wildly.

“That’s it, baby, cum for me.” you urged. His jaw dropped and his head fell back as spurts of cum shot across his abdomen and chest. He collapsed down on the bed, the handcuffs barely supporting his arms. You continued to milk him for all he was worth until he began to pull away from you.  

“Thank you, Mistress.” He said, his voice barely audible. You let him take a few deep breaths before getting up from the bed. You grabbed a towel and wiped your hands before sloppily wiping the loads of cum from his chest. Tossing the towel to the side of the room, you slowly slid down your panties and reached down to massage your clit. HIs eyes were trained on you, dark with lust.

“I think you need to make me cum. Right now.” You said. His eyes locked on your dripping center. He reached up and licked across your folds eagerly. He reached up to grab your thighs as best he could against the handcuffs. You lifted yourself away from his mouth and pinned his hands down firmly.

“Did I say you could touch me?” you scolded “Use your tongue.” You ordered. He nodded and swept his tongue across your clit in a way that made you arch your back with a moan. He smiled and continued to lap at your clit, swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud.

“Good boy.” You moaned. You reached up and unhooked your bra, pinching your nipples and tweaking them. He moaned into your pussy at the sight. His wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked harshly, making you scream out in pleasure. Your fingers reached down and buried themselves in his soft hair. You leaned back, running your hands down his body and taking hold of his cock. He was already hard again. You ran your thumb over his slit, eliciting a strained moan from him.

“You get off on pleasing me, don’t you.” You asked.

“Yes Mistress.” he nodded, his tongue flicking ceaselessly against your clit.

“That’s it. Keep sucking my pussy like the naughty slut you are.” you moaned. You began to roll your hips on his tongue, eager to reach your own orgasm. He relaxed his jaw and let you grind against his hot mouth until you were tensing up and coming undone over him. He continued with soft licks, helping you along, until you’d come down from your high.

“Would you like to fuck me now?” you asked as you slid down his body, siting just above his erection.

“God yes!” he groaned. “Please.” He wasted no time, his hands coming out to take hold of your waist. His lips latched to your neck and began to mark you.

“Condoms are in the bedside table.” you moaned. He rolled over, quickly ripped open a foil packet and sheathed himself. You shimmied down and lined him up with your entrance. You both moaned in unison as you sat down on his dick, not stopping until he bottomed out. You reached out and gripped his shoulders, holding on as you glided up at a glacier pace before slamming back down on him.  

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned, rolling his hips to meet you thrust for thrust. With this new angle, every bounce had him brushing against your sweet spot. His lips came up and wrapped around your nipple, gently biting down and swirling his tongue around the nub. It was almost too much for you.

“Mmm…I’m gonna cum.” You warned. His fingers began circling your clit as you bounced wildly. You screamed as your inner muscles tightened around him and bringing him towards his own orgasm. His grip on your ass tightened as he emptied himself into the condom, dropping his forehead into the crook of your neck to catch his breath. A few halfhearted thrusts later and you were both spent, leaning on each other for support.

He kissed your shoulder, your collarbone, the darkening mark on your neck, and aimed for your mouth. You turned your head so that his lips would land on your cheek instead. You climbed off of him and threw your legs to the side of the bed, slipping out of those heels before walking to the adjoining bathroom to clean up.

You could feel the jolts of pleasure as you walked, the tiniest of movements still managing to stimulate you. You slowly wiped your face, fixing your smudged eyeliner and lipstick and smoothed down your wild hair (tasks that would normally take you 30 seconds stretched to five minutes). You walked back into the room to find the CEO carefully putting his clothes back on.

“Um…thank you.” he said, his cheeks flushing. You smiled endearingly at him. How could he possibly be embarrassed after an hour of fucking?

“No problem.” You said nonchalantly. He looked…cute. All the worry lines and stress induced wrinkles were smoothed out in his afterglow. You low key wanted him to spend the night, to sleep in his arms and wake up to that messy hair.

“Have dinner with me tonight.” he said rather than asked, his sudden change back to professional demeanor bringing you out of your daydream. He asked every time he came over and every time you said no. You didn’t want the type of life he was offering. And he knew that. You shook your head and pulled the sheet tighter around your body. He walked over to you, closing the space between the two of you before you could stop him.

“Then at least let me kiss you.” He said. Your eyes widened as you shook your head. Kissing him would make this mean something. Kissing him would unleash all the feelings you’d been trying to keep at bay.

“Just one kiss.” He said, tilting your chin up so that you couldn’t look at anything expect him. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to yours gently, giving you the opportunity to break the kiss if you wanted. When you made no attempt to stop him, he cupped the sides of your face, deepening the kiss as if he’d been saving it after every dirty word, every hook up, and every orgasm. His tongue glided over yours, his tastes mingling on yours in this new, intimate way. You hadn’t been kissed like that before in your life and it made you yearn for more. You weren’t ready for him to pull away, but he did. He winked down at you, managing to make you blush. He put his jacket back on and kissed your forehead once more before leaving your apartment. You smiled as you locked the door behind him. He hadn’t been gone for 30 seconds before he came knocking on your door again.

“Did you forget something?” you asked. He shook his head.

“Same time tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure.” You answered.

“Great. I’ll bring dinner to you. Wear some cute pajamas.” He said with a proud smirk. He waved before you closed the door in his face, rolling your eyes and unable to wipe that stupid smile off your face.

I respect the secrets and magic of nature. That’s why it makes me so angry when I see these things that are happening, that every second, I hear, the size of a football field is torn down in the Amazon. I mean, that kind of stuff really bothers me. That’s why I write these kinds of songs, you know. It gives some sense of awareness and awakening and hope to people. I love the Planet, I love the trees. I have this thing for trees - the colors and changing of leaves. I love it. I respect those kind of things. I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the planet. Because the planet is sick, like a fever. If we don’t fix it now, it’s at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have, where it’s like a runway train. And the time has come, this is tt. People are always saying: ‘They’ll take care of it. The government’ll–Don’t worry, they’ll–’ 'They’ who? It starts with us. It’s us. Or else it’ll never be done…
—  Michael Jackson

[lovingly taken from himeyukichan.blogspot.com]

Gyaru: Model, Shizuka Takeda

Gyaru is fashion+makeup

Fei Zhu Liu, or ‘FZL’, 'Chinese Net Idol’: Yu Shan Chiu

[to me, fzl can cross into gyaru quite easily, just the addition of heavier photoshop,  but I feel that Fzl is more for those with Chinese background and have internet popularity to help define them]

Ulzzang: Song Ah Ri

Totally different from the above two, more natural but still amplifies a larger eye look but less on contour and changing the natural face shape, unless by ps or other means..

[idek why people tag ulzzang as 'gyaru’, makes no sense plus gyaru is a fashion style over just makeup..]

But yes… Differences. There are legit differences.

I am less knowledgeable on fzl, just a btw, but I can easily recognize the look apart from gyaru~

anonymous asked:

Hi! Where do you think the writers are going with Regina and EQ suddenly flirting with Rumple/Gold? I find it extremely creepy! It was never shown that way, but EQ Regina was basically flirting with Rumple in the 6.02 flashback as well. Are the writers going for their typical oversexed villain stereotype or is there something further in this?

It makes sense to me. I mean, I agree, I was initially like—wow this is awkward who asked for this? It was like the Cora flashbacks when things suddenly got hot n heavy out of nowhere and I think everyone was literally like—hey thanks, really did not want

But to your question—as 6x04 clarified, the splitting of two selves is not about “good vs evil” sides of ourselves. It’s about the dominant characteristics that define the way we behave; the nature of duality is not bad or good, it is about the paths we could go down depending on the emotions we trust.

Jekyll was not good—he was detached, repressed, and reserved. These behaviors led to Hyde, who was not evil—he was passionate, self-indulgent, and said what he thought and felt. He was the direct result of that repression; that’s what the novel was about. It showed that attempting to push all “evil” away only made it boil. 

The preference of these traits led them down different paths, but they still were the same person. Jekyll was passionate about his work, Hyde was passionate with his emotions. Jekyll was detached, Hyde was equally detached from people he could not gain anything from. 

Thus the point is not Regina’s “evil” side is an oversexed villain, it’s that Regina’s “evil” comes from a place of uninhibited gratification. Regina’s dark side is a search for a satisfaction in the basest desires. Pure self-indulgence in any way. Lust, revenge, anger—also a result of her own repression, even if for a good reason. 

She is uninhibited in her quest for vengeance, so it goes hand in hand with her lack of inhibitions towards others, i.e flirtation. We’ve seen this before in flashbacks, including some scenes with Rumple where she’s being coy deliberately. So it definitely was highlighted, but not unrealistic.

When Jesus called the first disciples, he totally disrupted their economic lives. Simon and Andrew, James and John were working for their family business, as they were raised to do. Their fathers were fisherman, just like their fathers’ fathers, stretching back beyond memory. Fishing was a way to make money, but it was also much more than that. The family business provided a sense of place, of meaning. It was a social order that allowed each member of the family to know exactly where they fit. Only when we understand this can we begin to grasp the radical nature of Jesus’ invitation to his first followers and friends: Follow me, and I will make you fish for people. Jesus offered an entirely different economic and social order. His was an invitation without safety nets, justifications, or guarantees. The first disciples immediately abandoned their nets, their livelihood, the whole social order that gave them a place to stand. They left everything, even their own worldview, to follow Jesus.
We haven’t talked about it with NBC officially, but for many reasons — mostly just creatively in terms of where we’re building to this year — it would be natural if next year were the last year. I mean, you never know. We thought season 3 was our last year. … No decision has been made on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if next year were the final season.
—  Mike Schur making me very anxious
I have a baggie full of black market oxy in my coat pocket and I’m trying to decide whether or not to take it. I’ve got the dead Derek thing completely managed. I know people are worried. Since he died everyone’s been looking at me like I’m gonna fall apart, or freak out, or just become a mess. Like some bomb everyone thinks is supposed to go off. My mother was calling three, four times a day. Addison was calling. Everyone. It makes sense. It’s natural. Every man I’ve ever loved has died, including my baby. Thank you, universe. So it should be like, Greek tragedy turned to stone bat crap crazy, but I’m good. I got this. I’m fine. I’m telling you, I’m amazing. I am saving lives left and right, I am putting butts in the seats of that OR gallery. I mean, people are fighting to hear me lecture. I am entertaining. Joke, joke, joke. I’m funny, I’m fun, I’m a party! I’m doing - I’m great. I’m handling the dead Derek thing really well.
—  Amelia Shepherd, (11x22, She’s Leaving Home)
Dog Person, Cat Person

“Y/N…” whined Spencer in the middle of the argument the two of you had been having for nearly a month. The two of you had been living together for the past seven months, and Spencer had the idea that you should have a pet to keep you company while he was gone on cases. 

That’s when the two of you reached a disagreement. Spencer was not a dog person by any means, so naturally, he wanted to get a pet cat to keep you company. You were a dog person, so you thought it would make more sense for the two of you to get a dog together. 

“How could you want a dog? Cats are smaller, cleaner, and more cuddly. Wouldn’t you rather get a cat?” Spencer tried to explain.

You sighed and said, “Spence, a dog would be a better protector while your gone.” 

He groaned obviously defeated but said, “Dogs generally don’t like me though. What if I come home and the dog won’t let me near you?”

You giggled as the truth finally came out. It only took a month of arguing. You shifted from your sitting position on the couch and moved to straddle Spencer’s lap.

You brushed a lock of his long, brown curls out of his eyes and said, “We’ll get the dog trained by the best trainers we can find. Besides, nothing could keep me from you.” 

You gently pressed a kiss to his lips as you felt his fingers trace patterns into your back. 

“Well, I guess I can’t argue with that,” he gave in. 

You squealed and rolled off of Spencer’s lap to grab your computer to start looking for dogs. He laughed and wrapped an arm around you as the two of you began to look for your new family member.

In Defense of the Social Justice ASL Sign for PRIVILEGE

the EXPLOIT/TAKE-ADVANTAGE sign for privilege* was coined by a Black DeafBlind PanQueer Woman in the Signing community. i’m constantly seeing her sign be denigrated and passed over for signs coined by white Deaf people, which really saddens me to say the least. it shows the Signing community’s routine actions of passing over/ignoring/rejecting the creations and efforts of multiply-marginalized DDBDDHH folks.

the sign was created in order to emphasize that merely having privilege means that immediately, others are experiencing access barriers, exploitation, violence, and so forth. carrying out the privilege you have, however conscious you may be of it, is as natural as breathing. that’s not a reality many people want to accept. initial resistance makes sense, but continued resistance becomes deeply problematic.

i have discerned a pattern in many people’s reactions to the sign, which is rooted in a very specific, social justice framework that acknowledges Power-Dominance-Oppression, and that society is made up of dominant structures that trickle down into individuals’ consciousnesses. it’s one thing to say that you don’t embrace this framework/paradigm– it’s another to seek ways to downplay the ideas behind the sign, which means that, in essence, a person is attempting to opt out of accountability of carrying out privileges in conscious and unconscious ways. and that is the very essence of privilege, ironically- to reject the reality of privilege(s) or to redefine the paradigms of privilege, according to the privilege holders’ preference.

or more simply put: 

You know that when you say “I know my what my privileges are and I know when I carry them out and when I don’t,” you are redefining what your privileges are and what they aren’t and establishing how you can carry them out– which means that *YOU ARE ACTUALLY EXERCISING YOUR PRIVILEGES.*


*[Note: see this video for reference on the specific sign.]

-Elena Ruiz-Williams, multiracial/multiethnic Queer Femme Xicanx Sordx political radical 

@wishiwould​ your reply to this post was pretty interesting and I wanted to share a reply or two :)

I love the way you phrased basically everything here! The line about skipping narrative structure to go straight to cathartic pleasure REALLY hit on a feel I have about most other media (not cr)! I will say, though, that despite both twins being bi and both romances developing naturally, it makes sense for there to be disappointment about the two f/m relationships even if they’re not considered het. As rose pointed out, it’s much more common in media for bi men and women’s “endgame” romances to be f/m, which does reinforce straight narratives even if they’re not straight relationships. I’m sure the fact that both players are irl in f/, relationships contributes to what felt natural to them at characters as well, which is not WRONG in any way, but I’m sure still feels icky to bi fans not in f/, relationships. I PERSONALLY am OVER THE MOON about Percy and Vex so I have zero complaints!!! Just wanted to contribute on why the representation argument is still valid. I feel you’re spot on about the pandering though! I’ve never seen content creators with more dedication to the authenticity of their characters’ choices.

I agree with the bisexual endgame romances largely being f/m thing - like I’m sure I couldn’t argue with the statistics of that. Wouldn’t dream of it :P and again, generally speaking I get that there might be some disappointment with those ‘ships dominating Critical Role. But I am a bisexual woman myself (and for context’s sake I’ve been in m/f and f/f relationships) and I so I did want to share one or two things. 

At least for me, the biggest frustration about being bisexual is that some people will always assume you’re lying, or at least unsure, about some facet of your attraction. If you’re dating someone of the opposite gender, you’re basically just heterosexual. If you’re dating someone of the same gender, you’re faking, experimenting, or lying about being gay. If you’re single, you’re a slut. Another big problem with identifying as bi is that you might think you don’t “count” as bi until you’ve dated someone of both genders you’re attracted to, which is why I’m particularly wary of arguments about bisexual relationships in fiction not “counting” if they’re m/f. (Also p.s. to bi readers: you absolutely count even if you’ve never dated anybody in your life B) ) In the context of those problems, having any bisexual character in any relationship in fiction - provided their bisexuality is treated well in the story and never challenged or questioned by other characters - counts as a win for me. Like I said, one of the most powerful scenes in the show for me so far was Vax “breaking up” with Gilmore. Ending a relationship with someone of your own gender for someone of the opposite gender is a problem a bisexual person could feasibly face, and the fact that they handled that without bringing anyone’s orientation into question was just so wonderful and cathartic for me, even if it didn’t end as I had initially hoped. I definitely can see why bisexual viewers would be frustrated at the general lack of same-sex relationships - that is uncomfortable and invalidating in its own way - but I am also very happy with the way the narrative is treating the bisexual characters that do exist. Liam, in particular, will have my undying respect for how he’s been exploring that part of Vax. 

Also, a side thought - I think there could very well be a same-gender relationship featuring a bisexual character confirmed at any point now, and that would be Allura and Kima. I know that as a fandom we usually shorthand them as a pair of badass lesbians, but way wayyy back when Tiberius was actually in the party, Allura did have something of a potential romance subplot with him. They were on the point of going on a date before he left the party. I’ve read her as bisexual since day one, which isn’t something that really gets talked about in the fandom. I’m pretty on board with Tiny Lesbian Kima, but I think Allura is frequently misread. I also forgot that Zahra seems to be bisexual or pansexual based on some comments Mary made, so I feel kinda shitty about that.

So I suppose I’m not disagreeing with you in principle - just offering a bit more context from my own perspective. A lot of this comes down to the difference between personal opinion on individual characters and subplots - in this case, what bisexual viewers want out of each character - and more general discomfort with dominant heterosexual trends. I agree, I would have been happier if a bisexual character ended up in a queer relationship simply for variety’s sake - and because those relationships should absolutely be validated too - but for the sake of my own integrity I always need to express my support for how Liam and Laura are handling the bisexual stealth twins. Sometimes we bi Critters do end up in heterosexual relationships. That’s the other half of the “bi” part. \o/

And as for your last comment:

Also (and pardon my shyness/embarrassment) I keep feeling like you’d enjoy my little personal journey from not shipping them to shipping them and how the ship is helping me challenge my internalized shame, but I also keep feeling shy, embarrassed and (predictably) ashamed of my desire to share it! Is that something you’d enjoy hearing?

DUDE. FRIEND. I AM ALWAYS DOWN TO TALK PERC’AHLIA SHIPPING JOURNEYS. If you wanna send me that story either in inbox or tumblr chat or whatever GO FOR IT \o/ I would be overjoyed :D :D

A Thousand Natural Shocks - Chapter 11


[A/N: After, what, three weeks of radio silence… I have returned.  An incredible amount of thanks to @trustme-im-a-pirate who betaed this chapter and stopped me from abusing my power (read:  run-ons, Zalgo text overuse, you name it, they fixed it.)  

This chapter, AKA the one that got away (from my hands and passed 6k words in length) AKA the chapter where @notllorstel‘s AU name finally makes sense.


Gravity Falls, August, 2012

Ford couldn’t look away, his mind racing through everything he had known - he had thought he had known, scrambling helplessly for an answer in the dozens of possibilities and conclusions that came automatically to the foreground of his brain.

Nothing made sense. The mismatched jigsaw pieces of information he had compiled over days of investigation seemed worthless and ridiculous in the face of the very real truth, standing just a few feet from him, fidgeting almost sheepishly and giving him a look of mild concern.

“So, uh,” Stanley said, word gravelly with disuse, “are ya gonna say anythin’, or… should I go?”

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Even though 99% of this episode was rinharu I still felt like makoharu was stronger. With rinharu they push it out all at once. There’s no building up. There’s no meaning. It’s just BOOM all at once and it just makes it totally pointless, at least to me. With Makoto and Haru they still that connection and I felt it even in this rinharu mess. Rin and Haru’s scenes are so distant from each other, Haru seems awkward and it makes the viewer awkward, he’s not comfortable about Rin, but when Haru talked about Makoto that feeling just washed away and I felt a sense of..not really calmness but…peace I guess? A moment of “yes this feels a lot more natural”.

Selfish love and selfless love

Or, reason #78469 why English is messed up:

The word “love” can be used to mean either “I want that person because they make me happy,” or “I want that person to be happy.” The phrase “I love you” can mean either “I want you,” or “I care deeply about your happiness and welfare.”

There are other possible meanings, sure, but these ones really stand out to me because they are so utterly different. People use “love” for both feelings that selfish, and feelings that are selfless. And there are a hell of a lot of people who want someone selfishly but who think that their feelings are noble and deserve to be reciprocated just because they call it “love.”

Maybe it’s natural for selfish and selfless feelings to go together when you love someone romantically. Maybe it makes sense in your head when you’re in love with someone. But to me those things seem completely disconnected; perhaps it’s because I’m aromantic? But in any case, I don’t like how English uses one word to mean both “intense desire for someone” and “valuing another person’s happiness.”

I would consider borrowing old Greek words for love, like agape and eros, or perhaps inventing some new ones. But semantic drift means that any word like agape would probably get co-opted to also mean “desire” very quickly if it came into common use. So not only is the word “love” screwed up, but it may not be possible to compensate for the problem with new vocabulary. We might be stuck with paraphrases and circumlocutions indefinitely.

Basically I just really want people to stop treating “wanting someone” and “caring about someone” as the same thing. And I suspect that using the same word for both things is not helping.

AU Blurb List.

Unless requested otherwise, I will do an AU for each of these. So like Spies, Aliens, criminals, and even TV shows/Movies. I took some of these from ideas from other places, my own mind and google so request away!

1. “What’s worse? Forgetting you, or trying to?“

2. “What do you mean you are out of lemons?“

3. “For goodness sake! Who have you killed now?”

4. “How am I supposed to take over the world when you keep foiling my nefarious plans?“

5. “I’m not human, never was. So why do you expect, want me to go against the nature of my being?”

6. “What’s in the bag?”

7. “Everything here can kill you but I can do it most efficiently.”

8. “Just because I like humans doesn’t mean I like you in particular.“

9. “Well what I lack in common sense I makes up for with sarcasm and good enchiladas.“

10. “Ooh, name-calling. So fearsome.“

11. “I like your hair. Can I have a piece?“

12. “If I need your help then I’ll make the mating call of the goose, just stay here until then.“

13. “If I give you wifi, will you stop letting cats into my apartment?”

14. “I’m pretty sure why is the question but how are you hanging outside of my window at four in the morning?“

15. “That’s my towel.“

16. “You’re singing out loud and while you may be a wonderful singer, the headphones are making it very hard for you to hit the right notes.“

17. “This is the tenth time that your mail has been dropped off at my apartment and honestly, I didn’t need to know the amount that you spend on hair gel.”

18. “This is a nice change of scenery.“

19. “We’re in prison.“

20. “Could you be happy here with me?“

21. “She wasn’t cooperating what did you expect me to do?“

22. “Why is my bra in the sink and where is my turkey?“

23. “You’re trying to reason with the man who just drank a bottle of hot sauce without blinking, you think this will work?“

24. “We are dangling above pavement at roughly 100 feet and the cords about to snap so I think now is the time to tell you I am crazy in love with you.”

25. “I’ve worked here for years and I’ve never seen you, so what are you really doing at this dump?”

26. “I’m trying to be serious but your phone playing Jump On It every two seconds is not helping!”

27. “You need to stay away because they’ve injected me with truth serum and I have some very choice things to say about you.“

28. “I bet I can hit this high note.“

29. “Absolutely not. If you are the person that I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, then I want a refund.“

30. “Your leg is touching mine and I know it’s not on purpose but it’s making me very uncomfortable and I need you to move it like immediately.“

31. “Just do it.“

32. “You did not just burn the ends of my hair.”

33. “Why is nobody talking about the fact you shoved me off the roof?“

34. “You either let me in that room or he dies. And if he dies, there is nothing keeping me from knocking it down and taking you with him.“

35. “The sign says keep out- and oh, there you go. Through the gate that has the sign that says keep out. There’s no way this could at all go wrong.“

36. “This is a table I got at IKEA for twenty bucks so if you think it’s going to keep them out then you are sadly mistaken.“

37. “You sprained your ankle so if you don’t me to leave you here, then I suggest you get up and take it like a woman.“

38. “This is the twentieth message that I’ve left you but I found your bag at the airport and I’m trying to figure out who you are with the contents in your bag but you don’t have your name anywhere, you don’t even say it in your voice message so if you don’t call me back, who am I kidding, I will keep hunting for you because I’m intrigued-“

39. “You just slipped on ice and fell down an embankment so I suggest you let me take a look at your leg.“

40. “You’re younger than I thought you were.“

41. “I guess I just wanted to stop pretending.“

42. “Does it bore you? Chasing the person you know you can never have?”

43. “FYI, your complaining isn’t helping so if you could kindly shut up.“

44. “I do not have to take all of your memories, just the ones of me.“

45. “I don’t advocate you using the drug all of the time but right now, you look like you’re going to pass out and if we don’t leave this building, you and I will not be alive to deal with your impending drug addiction.“

46. “If I convince you I’m not the chosen one, can I go home?“

47. “You’re obnoxious but for once, it has a purpose. Talk to him while I take his keys.”

48. “If you drop me, I will haunt you for the rest of your dumb life.“


I may add more to these and if you have any other request, feel free to send those as well! :)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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Awesome 'Possum

Awesome Possum is a natural science comic anthology collecting art from seven natural science illustrators.

Holy shit! We met our minimum AND our first stretch goal, which means all the artists will be PAID $5 per page! 

All the perks with commissioned artwork by me are sold out (holy wow), but if you’ve got more money than sense, you can still donate $750 and get a guided birdwalk with me in a Seattle Park! (You can also donate any amount above $1 and get your name on the thank you page, and the knowledge that you helped this amazing book happen!)

There are eighteen days left and I’m excited to make this anthology as rad as it can possibly be, so please donate and share widely! THANK YOU!

Starting Over on Flickr.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along so far, it really means a lot to me that Tumblr has maintained a community that appreciates the beauty of a quiet photo (if that makes sense).

I am sorry (mostly to myself) for gradually posting less and less frequently as the months go on and treating posts with less care than I should. I have so many photos I know I want to post, but no idea how, what order, what format is most suitable.

I’ve also been making an effort to add some depth and atmosphere to my shots, so consider this the start of a slightly new direction for me. Thanks for bearing with me as I try to figure this out as best as I can!

- Nicholas

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