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Oh my goshhhhhhh
As much as this show is absolutely ridiculous and nothing makes much sense, you have to give them credit for constantly introducing new characters and reintroducing old characters. We saw the return of Paige, Hacket, and to an extent Nicole.

Now as far as theorizing:
I recently saw a really interesting theory that Hanna is Mary’s other child. I think that this makes sense in many ways and I’m starting to believe it even more with the emphasis on Hanna’s character lately.

Another thing I noticed during the episode:


Her father’s odd speech on the importance of family and human nature get me thinking - family has been a huge theme through the show. Maybe there’s something we’re missing. A link we don’t yet see.

I am SURE that Spencer and her connection to the Dilaurentis’ is going to come up.

I am positive that Mary Drake and Jessica Dilaurentis have quite a bit left to add to this story

I know that Noel will definitely play a big role in the next few episodes, but i think he’s a red herring in terms of the big picture

We’ve been told time and time again
All roads lead to radley

Eddie Lamb
Marion Cavanaugh
Bethany Young
Mary Drake
Charlotte Dilaurentis
Mona Vanderwaal

At least a few of these names will play a role in the final answer to this show mark my words

And finally

I think über A is none other than Alison
[She knows the most
She has motives
She is a Dilaurentis
She’s smart
She’s done this stuff before
She is still assumed innocent]

But truly I won’t know til the finale

So we’ll wait and see

Thx for tuning in folks.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I saw your post about women having more rights in the U.S than men, and I'm just a bit confused. Can you explain what "selective service" means in terms of voting? I've never heard that term used so the sentence didn't really make sense to me! Thanks!

It’s the draft. Men do not have the right to vote until they sign up for the draft. Women have the right to vote.

The law was change, in the near future women will be treated equally. This has naturally upset a lot of feminist.

Man I have no idea what me deal is
Like sometimes I’m the guy who wants to pick up plastic dinosaurs in a toy shop and make them fight, play video games all day and talk about cartoons

Other times I wanna go stare at the stars and think about deep shit, walk through the woods at night and be all in tune with nature nd shit.

Im like a deep 5 year old who just discovered legos while camping in grandmas backyard.

frightenedlittlefox  asked:

2/2 kind of thing. Which I mean, idk, it makes sense to me. It's always strange but... I don't even know the word I'm looking for, emotionally something, about how nature can reflect real life. Like I probably sound like a total hippy, but honestly. I think spirit (or energy) directly reflects off everything we or other things interact with. So like, the energy that your grandma put into the garden just couldn't be matched, y'know?

My best friend irl is a hippie so I’m totally used to this kind of thing and that’s why it’s easy for me to write a ton about. I have a lot of weird views and thoughts about life and energy and other things so it’s always interesting to talk about it (you know when im not smoking weed with my friend from middle school). I like that last part about how the energy couldn’t be matched cause it reminds me of how energy cannot be created or destroyed it can just change forms and it’s interesting to think about how someone’s energy is used after they pass. And now I sound like a hippie, but it’s 5:47am so these are just insomniac thoughts.