hey fam, i don’t pretend to be a saint (i know i’ve made mistakes in the past and i’m doing everything i can not to repeat them) nor do i consider myself above anyone, but i have to comment on a couple issues in this fandom and make a few requests about what comes into my inbox.

first off, please don’t erase canon lgbt sexualities by sending me hc’s that charlotte is bi or marvin is pan, etc. please think about what you send in and how it could offend people - i’m not trying to kill the fun here but i have to delete some asks that are pretty dehumanizing and insensitive. also, please don’t erase the fact that these characters are jewish!! (ex. don’t send hc’s about whizzer making the tkf celebrate christmas cause he’s only half jewish). also, please don’t make aids jokes. whizzer is not your dead gay son. lastly - this one doesn’t have much to do with what comes into my inbox, just my opinions on recent discourse - offending oppressed minorities by id’ing as a jewish/hiv+ character when you are not jewish/hiv+ is not an appropriate way to deal with your personal issues. i love reading your hc’s but i don’t like having to delete some of them because some people in this fandom aren’t handling this material with the respect and sensitivity it deserves. that said, bring on the hc’s about the tkf’s quirks, jokes, and silly/heartbreaking/loving/you-name-it moments!

it’s pretty amazing how many asks i get that are along the lines of “i’m white but i think poc are better than white people are” or “white people are terrible! i say this as a white person”

like how do you want me to respond? what do you want me to say? “i totally agree! you’re an honorary poc from now on!!” i mean, my inbox isn’t a place for you to seek approval. i’m not going to reassure you that you’re being a Very Good White Ally™. poc aren’t here to validate your white feelings. if you expect to be rewarded or praised in some way for being an ally you aren’t really an ally

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I just don't understand the people who say you sound mean all the time like???? Sure your responses are salty sometimes but you're super nice too??? I mean, if my inbox was filled with idiots I would be salty too tf

i mean i can be kinda mean ….. im a pretty sad and cranky person ESPECIALLY recently bc of personal reasons and im tryin not to be but… some of y’all are really Testin me

About Abusive Shipping:

It’s disgusting when people tell others to kill themselves for shipping fictional relationships that they consider to be abusivelike don’t you all realize that you’re the abusive ONES! What happens in FC comics/FCseries/FCmangas/FCmovies/FCbooks/ IS NOT REAL! ITS FICTION! ITS FUCKING FICTION! Therefore anything bad “characters” do is more forgivable or passable! Why?? Because in fiction/alternative universes writers can choose to redeem “them”…they can choose to “change them”…and shippers have the right cling to that…The only reason why people hate on angsty/complex fictional parings so much is because people love to apply the morality of our world to the world of all these multiple universes that withhold different morals…they think the characters are still going to be like the humans of our world where we all know that if; person A tries to kill/hurt person B “once”… person B will never be able to trust them ever again…and person A will then have to stay stay in prison/mental hospital & bla bla bla…then  person A’s relationship with person B’s will be considered abusive/unhealthy by society “if” person A is still somewhat obsessed with person B even after all they did to them…and honestly, only in real life… and in real life ONLY…"that" makes perfect sense!(that it’d be considered abusive)…why? because only in real life we “can’t” be sure if someone possesses redeemable qualities…we cant see inside their thoughts(like we do with our characters)…we can’t interview an author/writer/director/person and ask them to “write Person A out differently”…because its-the-real-world! In this world” we cant know for sure, or foreshadow what person A is going to do next…all we can do is; not trust person A “anymore” because it’s human nature! It’s in our morals! I will only understand if you bark(that means complain) about complex/angsty/dark fictional couples if and only if we’re talking about soap operas/dramas/novels or things as such… because those of us who have gone through/or have experienced real life abuse get triggered by those things… Because yes, dramas/soap operas tend to be based mostly on things that happen on/in our world…it’s not that fictional…i for example, when i watch “la Rosa de Guadalupe(it’s a Mexican sorta soap opera btw) remember all the horrible things that happened to me…i remember all the horrible things i experienced…because alot of the stories from those episodes are inspirations/manipulations based on real life stories of our world…and its only then when my brain takes me back to those horrible times(i will not go in detail because i hate talking about it)…its only then when i feel triggered…not when i’m reading/watching about vampires,batman,naruto,or unicorn stories with villains…NO! (sorry don’t know what else to put) but with soap operas/& dramas. Now, I am not saying you should ship what i ship! Nor devaluing your abuse, if you did go through it, and you felt like this was what this post is doing. Because thats not what this post was/is about(you can still like/dislike what you want/and feel the way you want)! I’m just saying that applying “some”(&only “some”) of our social issues to fictional worlds with different morals don’t make any sense! And if it still makes you uncomfortable regardless –then simply blacklist the tag and stay away from people that “like” what you “hate”. It’s that simple. No need to play shipping police. Thats not your job. What gave you the right? No need to shame/bash/insult/force opinions on people for having their own preferences!…like sure, sometimes i bash couples that are opposing to my ships; but its not constantly, and i only do it when its the opposing shippers that are starting shit…i don’t just shame people for what they ship..be it crack…or weird..not lovable…stupid…dum…or anything…i only bite if you bark…especially if you bark in my lane(and by that i mean my tags/dash/inbox/ etc.)…if you just wanna hate on certain pairings and just don’t agree with this rant…then fine…so be it…(i also have pairings that i hate regardless of whatever it is that keeps the ship sane)…I believe that sometimes it’s also good to release stress by talking about the things you hate…as long as its on your own blog,as long as you don’t crosstag your hate in the pro tags,…and as long as you don’t force/harass your opinions on others (because yes, that makes you a piece of shit) then you’re good…Oh and also, no one can force you to like what “they” like…But you must still keep an open mind(and by that i mean please do check out other arguments…if you have questions about the ship you hate then just ask someone that ships it!)…and if your views still don’t change even “after” keeping an open mind and hearing the “same arguments” over and over again…then you are free to go ship/to like/or to even hate whatever you like as long as (like i said) you don’t act like and ass.:)  (and yes, that still means /crosstagging/harassing/ and/or forcing opinions on others etc.

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Omg the kitchen counter thing? Fuck yess

Oh hey I mean to check my inbox today but hell yeah like daddy Zack


Like he’d be rough (for once) and he’d just take control and you’d be loving it but as usual he’s like “is this okay???” cos let’s be honest he’s a marshmallow puppy boy. You’d just moan out a yes as he grips your thighs and kneels down and starts eating you out.

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"I mean..." [[hullooo! We didn't get the chance to talk or rp ;u; ]]

Put “I mean…” in my inbox if your muse has masturbated thinking about my muse.

ask-incubus-mizuki  ☂
Well, at this point in time, he knew what the other male was, and why he would do something like that and be so open about it, though, he wasn’t too sure why he would do it to the though of Clear himself, though Clear truly didn’t find himself attractive in the least.

“You what?  Why would you do that?”

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DAMMIT KG I leave for 5 minutes and you've got FISTING all over my dash? Don't these anons know you can't just come at a girl fists hot?? PSA to all KG's youngblood anons FISTS ARE NEVER STEP ONE OK you gotta work up to that shit damn! trying to kill somebody or some shit I mean--


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“I mean…KIND OF”

Put “I mean…” in my inbox if your muse has masturbated thinking about my muse. Put “I mean…KIND OF” if it was on more than one occasion.

Eyes opened wide, feeling his cheeks beggining to heat up and giving him a light shade of red from the embarrassment. He was messing, right? Jou was messing with him? That had to be it.

“Ya…ya are not serious, Wheeler. Quit messin’ with my head, alright? Ain’t funny.He laughed nervously after that, scratching the back of his head and averting his eyes down at the ground.

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Tom shifted awkwardly in his seat at the embarrassing question. "I mean... Kind Of?"

Put “I mean…” in my inbox if your muse has masturbated thinking about my muse. Put “I mean…KIND OF” if it was on more than one occasion.

“Y-you… really?” Clara asked him. “I was just joking when I said that, I didn’t think you actually…”

She was quite taken aback by Tom’s confession, she had always wondered if maybe somebody out there had thought about her while pleasuring themselves, but she didn’t think anybody actually ever did.

“Wow, Tom I’m quite flattered actually.” Clara told him smiling. She knew she had feelings for Tom, and now she was wondering if this was a confession of sorts from him.