Toby Stephens really deserves every single award for his portrayal of James McGraw/Flint. The range of emotion he can express with such minimal expressions blows my mind. (via @amuseoffyre‘s post <3)

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hey jess! i was looking through toby's tweets and he mentioned flint being in his late 30s which really threw me off - and made me think about how i'm p sure the characters are all younger than they look, esp the pirates. do you have any thoughts on it? i imagine billy and eleanor to be the youngest, early 20s probably, and most of the others around 25-30. i'm just having sooooo much fun w this bc i feel like it puts a lot of stuff into perspective (how old were jack and anne when they met?)

HEY ANON!!! :’’) yeah, that kind of threw me off as well :O I had been thinking all this time he was more around early-mid forties. (I mean, toby stephens looks fab for his age but it’s quite a stretch to say james was in his late twenties in those flashbacks fjsdklfjsldkflsdf). to be honest I am absolute CRAP at keeping track of these things 🙈 I can recite entire bits of dialogue from memory and remember what characters were wearing during certain scenes and what song was playing but TIMELINES?!? DATES?!? PLOTTY THINGS?!? beyond me :o)

ivana made a post with some solid guesses HERE and I think those are all close to the mark! >:) it seems like eleanor is slightly older than anne and madi is likely the youngest of the ladies (excluding abigail). if flint really is meant to be in his late 30s, maybe silver and a few others are a bit younger than we originally assumed, as well. but we have very little concrete information!

it’s odd to think about how young many of them are, isn’t it?!? THEY REALLY ARE JUST BABIES </3333

  • dean: everytime you are near me i just want to grab you and kiss you
  • spencer: ........
  • dean: and the fact that you have a boyfriend isn't the problem..the problem is i don't care
  • spencer: .........
  • me: kiss him. kISs hIm. KISS HIM!

I know people have said this before but i cant get over how similar they look i am so convinced they are related somehow meaning Toby is related to Charles which would explain him looking suspicious when Spencer shows him the photo in the promo. Obviously he probably doesn’t remember him so his mother probably showed him photos and told him but then again Marion and Charles were probably in radley at the same time so if Toby ever went to visit his mother he may of met Charles?