Terrible boyfriends

Aries: They will find something wrong in literally ANYTHING you do. Seriously. They’ll use every single one of your mistakes just so that they can make fun of you and make you feel bad, because for some reason that’s super funny.

Taurus: Kinda lazy, when it comes to expressing love. I’m not saying that they should tell you that they love you every single day and always give you compliments and say things to make you happy, but sometimes, they think that all they have to do is to buy you things and that’s all. They technically buy your love in a way…

Gemini: Are they even in relationship with you ??? Who knows ???? I mean I’m not saying that staying an individual in a relationship is a bad thing (it is, in fact, amazing), but these guys ? Sometimes cross the line way too much. They act as if they didn’t even know you.

Cancer: They become super selfish. Yes, it is great to do stuff together and go places together, but this guy gives literally zero fucks about you and only wants you to participate in activities he enjoys doing. Also don’t expect him to ever ask about your day and then actually listen.

Leo: They constantly need you to remind them of how beautiful and amazing they are. If you don’t give them attention, they’ll whine and get moody. Sometimes they’re more of a son than a boyfriend, really.

Virgo: Listen. You won’t ever be number one. Get over it or don’t date a Virgo. Because for him, there’s many more important things than a relationship. A work for example! Whatever project he is working on right now, it is more important for him than a date with you. 

Libra: In my opinion maybe the top sign to become a fucking police once they’re in a relationship with you. Prepare for 30 texts a day as well as arguments and A LOT of questions. As if he never did any of that himself. Also if you don’t compliment them at least once a day, they’ll get pissed at you.

Scorpio: Way too personal?? Obviously everyone has different standarts, but sometimes they’re just way too touchy and/or ask you too much? In return, they often act cold and detached. Find a healthy balance, Scorpio !

Sagittarius: There is a reason why Sagittarius boys are often listed as the biggest fuckboys from zodiac. Even when dating someone, they’ll still flirt with other people and don’t really five a shit about the other person’s feeling. They’re likely to cheat in my opinion. Perhaps that’s why they’re always mentioned as the biggest fuckboys..

Capricorn: You will come out of this relationship like a dry plum. No but seriously, they will emotionally drain you like no one !! They’ll always want you to admire them and take care of them, but they’ll barely do anything in return. Might get jealous VERY easily.

Aquarius: They don’t know what they want ! I swear to god, they want you to be super loyal and make them happy, but at the same time they can get really distant and also don’t mind flirting with other girls while they’re in a relationship with you..

Pisces: If Pisces boy is moody, he IS moody. He’ll tell you things to make you feel bad for him and to make him feel good. Prepare for a lot of complaining and crying. He gets annoyed super easily as well.

AU where Jack has a YouTube channel where he posts tons of videos of him covering songs alongside his art stuff and he never changes the pronouns of any song except he’ll make it masculine when he’s reffering to himself and people are still shocked when he explicitly comes out as bi and he’s like “guys how many songs have I sang about wanting a boyfriend like please I’ve never pretended to be straight.”

I love how the rwby fandom constantly talks crap about the poc representation in rwby. And by love I mean hate because when they say “people of color” they completely ignore the Asian characters like they’re not poc like wow guys. Good job trying to call out racism and then act like Ruby and Yang aren’t both from mixed Asian heritage. As well as Sun and Ren. Smooth guys


In the gardens, hidden by the hedge maze, Storm took Hazel by the hands and lifted her fingers to his lips. He took his time softly kissing each finger, feeling them tremble beneath his touch.

“We’re alone now,” he whispered as he continued to worship her hands with his lips. “Would you care to return?”

“No,” she exhaled on the wind, feeling her heart beat quicken with each kiss. She blushed at his intense stare, and she wavered beneath it. “I mean to say, I enjoy your company here, alone, more than the crowded ballroom.” She stepped towards him, praying for him to lean in and kiss her.

“We should return,” he said, using all his strength to step away from her, to resist her.

Hazel felt his hesitation, knowing that he wouldn’t risk her reputation. So instead, she took him by the hand and led him further into the hedge maze with a simple determined, “Follow me.”

Pro tip: if you’re trying to convince people how not homophobic you are … maybe DON’T say things like “I’m not homophobic because I believe the entire human race is bisexual and everyone is on the spectrum!!”

Because that is one of the most homophobic things I’ve ever heard.

Like … you do realize you’re saying there’s no such thing as a real gay man, because deep down every man has some attraction to women? You do realize you just said there is no such thing as real lesbian, because you believe there is some part of her that is actually capable of wanting men? You do realize that’s homophobic as fuck, right?

Oh, and apparently no person is really straight either. Apparently if everyone just tried it or was more open-minded, we could change our sexual orientations! Deep down they’re not real anyway! Fuck “Born This Way”, amirite?

I don’t normally swear, go off, or go anywhere near the weird discourses of this website. But I cannot believe I just had to see that. With my own two eyes. From a person who seriously thinks this belief makes her an ally and a safe person to potentially come out to. WTF.

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The saddest part is if it were a male fan kissing a female star there'd probably be more of a riot and less people saying no big deal. And I don't mean to say that in offence to anyone, hope it doesn't come out wrong. It's completely disrespectful and I can't fathom why someone would do that.


So, I haven’t posted on tumblr in roughly forever. I mean, my bio says I’m two years younger than I am. But I figured I owed it to the few people who still remembered me to maybe say something.

I’ve pretty much fallen out of the Supernatural fandom. I still haven’t finished watching the last few episodes of the last season and obviously haven’t started the new season yet, either. I sort of stopped jiving with the fandom, too, just because of drama and anger and negativity surrounding so much of it. There are definitely great sides to it, and I met some super cool people on here, but there are just so many bad sides and anger that it no longer felt like a good place to be.

Along with that, I also pretty much stopped writing fanfiction. I tried for a brief period to get back into it, primarily for the sake of Angels and Ammo, the epic historical AU fic that I was bound and determined to finish. Sadly, with that, the two people that were my main inspiration for writing it also kind of left the fandom or just had life get in the way. Though everyone says you should always write for yourself, I’ve never been good at that. I always need at least one person to be my specific audience for anything, and without that, I find it hard to write things.

I do deeply apologize to anyone who has been waiting ages to find out how it ends. I may actually never finish it. And I’m so sorry, because I know how frustrating that is when you’re waiting for the end of a story. You can send me asks about it and I’ll reveal, in a private reply, anything you want to know about A&A.

I miss writing and I miss some of the friends I made through here. If any of you wanna find some way to connect outside of tumblr, feel free to let me know.

Otherwise, this is pretty much a sign off for my tumblr. I won’t delete the blog or anything, because I do, on occasion, go back to find things on it. Just kind of wanted to put an end note on it, even though it’s pretty obvious I’m never here anymore.

That’s all. Peace out, guys.

MJ: Peter I have to confess something

Peter: What’s up, MJ?

MJ: … I really like your butt

Peter: …

Peter: whoa

MJ: Sorry

Peter: no I mean… can I say that I like your butt too?

MJ: I suppose you may

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do we know if sonny carisi is the oldest?? or is one of his sisters older than him or something??

I used to know these things, anon, but Season 18 killed several of my brain cells as well as my recollection of All Things Canonically Sonny. I believe Bella might be younger/the youngest, but the other sisters have only ever been mentioned, so we can’t be sure.

I am operating under the impression their other 2 sisters are older, because all we know of them is that Gina’s “been engaged like 10 times” and Theresa is looking to marry rich, but I think that’s conjecture. That said, I don’t see Sonny as “the oldest” sibling at all, lol. Personality-wise, I mean (and I say this as an oldest sibling :D).

I would love for the show to revisit the Carisi family, at some point. See more of his sisters, or his parents. We’ve been lucky to get quite a few references to his family in Season 19, so who knows, maybe we’ll get even luckier and see a little more of Sonny’s personal life :)

For people saying that fans shouldn’t ask for an updated picture with Taylor because they already met her once, just chill man. I get it we all want to meet her and it’s hard watching people get to do it multiple times. However, Taylor thinks of us as friends, you generally like to see your real life friends more than once in a lifetime. I’m sure there are people who she truly enjoys their company, and who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who makes you happy? Taylor is STILL trying to meet as many of us as she can, just because some people get a second or even third chance doesn’t mean they “took your spot”, you’ll get your chance you just have to be patient. Plus who wouldn’t want to see her again? I mean honestly, who would say no to that? Granted I haven’t met Taylor so this is the best comparison I have but I’ll try to explain my perspective…when I was like 10 I met Tim McGraw, and somewhere deep in a memory box I have that potato pic and it will NEVER see the light of day again. That being said if given the chance I would totally go back and take another that I could show off and be like, “see I’m pretty and grown, and not awkward and smol”…I imagine for many fans it’s the same feeling with Taylor, you grow up and feel like it doesn’t represent who you are now. They aren’t trying to be “unfair” they want the same things you do. Everyone just needs to appreciate that we have this chance at all.

I love when people say mean shit to me so I say mean shit back and they can’t handle the consequences of their actions and then play victim… That’s not cute 😬

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can't have sexual desires without being connected to Slaanesh

Cool we’ll just put asexuals into 40k. I see no issue with this.

Though seriously, you’re just being a smartass. You know what I mean when I say “connected to Slaanesh,” and it’s sure as shit not “having sexual desires.” 

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

ok but also–that’s two seasons now Keith was prepared to take up a suicide mission and nearly died in an explosion. I really do not like where that’s going

 I mean, I’m not saying they’re implying they’d ever kill off Keith that way, but it’s not a pattern that makes me particularly comfortable. He’s someone who would throw away his life if it meant saving the people he cared about or contributed to a cause. He’s someone committed to his duty first and never shows concern over his own self-preservation. Knowledge or death, right? 

Also, Keith was shown setting off explosives in his very first scene. I’d be really fucking heartbroken if they had him “go out with a bang” too, but like–I’m really nervous. Self-sacrifice seems to be a trait many galra carry, and it really hurts to see how Keith feels the same even when he looks absolutely terrified and squeezes his eyes shut before the crash so he doesn’t have to watch. He looks so young and vulnerable and I really hope he knows how much his life matters.