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Are you okay if people try to eyeball it from the video if it's for like their personal project / not to sell or make a lot of or if they're trying to learn how to make their own patterns?

Generally, no. That might seem harsh, but again, this is my job. If every person who is making a personal project decides not to buy my patterns and just rip them off by looking at the tutorial video, it represents a huge loss of business for me. So I’d really, REALLY prefer if people just spend the $5-$9 and buy the pattern. They’ll get a 100% correct version of the pattern along with high quality photos and written instructions as well as knowing they are supporting an independent artist.

(( To go on a tangent, though you didn’t mention this, I have had someone tell me “Well you make money when I watch your video so I don’t have to pay you again”. In the entire YEAR of 2016 I made an estimated $16.60 from video ads. Google adsense doesn’t even send you a check until you reach $100. At this rate I might get a payout in a few years. ))

As for watching my videos to learn pattern making, I do think there is some benefit to watching them if you are watching them and thinking critically about not only HOW the pattern contributes to the final shape, but also WHY I am choosing those shapes. In general, though, copying my how to videos isn’t going to teach you how to make a plush pattern because my videos aren’t meant to explain my patterning choices. It’s only teaching you how to copy my plush pattern. 

For example here’s a generic 4 piece sphere pattern that I prefer to use:

Great! If you see me holding these shapes up in a video, you can pause, eyeball it, and you know how to make a sphere! Now you have a pattern to use every single time you need a spherical shape. This is where the person who is just copying my pattern from a video stops. This is the extent of what they’ve learned.

I like to say that pattern making is coming up with 2D solutions to a 3D problem. This person has copied my solution, but they haven’t learned how to solve the problem. Jumping to an analogy, the person who copied my pattern is exactly like someone who copies your answer in math class. They learned that 2+2=4. If the next problem is 1+3=? they wont be able to solve it.They might have the correct answer to this one problem, but they didn’t learn anything.

Now a person thinking critically and not just copying might stop and think about what these shapes are doing and why I am using them. They might realize that any combination of these football shapes will give you a sphere. Which is true! By varying the width, you can use anywhere from 3 to (theoretically) 100 little football shapes to get a sphere. Though I’d probably stop at 9 pieces.

Here’s an example of a 6 piece sphere pattern:

And if you are really thinking about it and you draw them out like this, you might start to see that the little football shapes don’t even have to be separate. You can combine them with darts on the bottom and top and make a sphere pattern with just 1 piece:

So by thinking critically about how and why I’ve selected my shapes, the person watching my videos to learn and not to copy has more options to work with. Using the math analogy, they now know that not only does 2+2=4, but also 1+3=4, and maybe even 1+1+1+1=4. Now give this person the problem 2^2=? and they wont know the answer because all they’ve learned is addition.

In other words, all they’ve learned is this one specific method of finding a solution to this one specific set of problems. They can make spheres from pointy football shapes.

But we don’t need to keep that football shape, here’s a sphere pattern that I like to call the telophase pattern (hello science nerds). You can use this to get seams like a baseball:

Even a pattern like this with just darts can make a sphere if you have enough darts and your fabric is stretchy enough. You can use this when you need a large area without seams. A good time to use this pattern is when you want an embroidered face:

Every single one of these will make a sphere and there’s even more combinations out there. You can use hexagons, you can use squares, you can use a big circle and gather it around the edges, you could use a spiral, and so on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. And that’s just for spheres.

When people ask how to get started patterning, I always tell them to start by making things from other people’s patterns. Then I recommend making minor alterations to those patterns and seeing how that effects the final product. Then I recommend drafting your own patterns, starting from simple 2D shapes and moving on to more complex 3D shapes.

Back to how I said patterning was finding 2D solutions to 3D problems. By working with an existing pattern, you are memorizing a single solution to a single problem. By altering patterns, you are learning how to come up with your own unique solutions to a problem. When you learn how to make your own pattern, you’re learning how to find your own solutions while creating your own problems!

To wrap up my own super long explanation, copying is a really, really poor way to learn how to do anything. If you want to learn how to make patterns, by all means, you can start looking at my solutions to help you come up with your own. But do us both a favor and just buy the pattern. Like I said before, they’re $5-$9. That’s less than most people make in an hour for something that took me a week or more to create and years to learn HOW to create. If you can’t afford it, there are many free patterns available online, but please don’t rip off an independent artist just because it’s for personal or educational reasons.

the asriel coffee drive is OVER!

… actually, it was over a few hours ago, but i was busy! so, how far did you all get?

The Coffee Saga: Part 17

wha-!? WOW! you guys got asriel into pretty much all of the coffee goals. i am utterly speechless. this is AMAZING. in this last stretch, an extremely generous coffee crusader even pushed through a few more goals! huge, huge thanks to you. let’s see what those goals are.

  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER 
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron 

asriel was already in the 650 goal, but now he’s being added to the following three as well! you’re just 19 coffees until the next goal, too.

  • 750 coffees:
    asriel showing off his “chaos saber” to chara

… which, as it would happen, is also relevant to asriel! 

i really don’t have the words to express our gratitude. we’ll keep working as hard as we can for all of you!! thank you so much! this huge amount of coffee art will take time to complete between the comic pages, but we will work diligently as always. on that note, the first completed coffee art featuring asriel goes up later today! 

asriel coffee drive: the results

you all accomplished a LOT. here’s a list of all the goals that were hit, all of which will include asriel thanks to your overwhelming generosity and support!

  • 329 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk doing jojo poses (jojo’s bizarre adventure crossover)
    Status: [100% Complete]
  • 350 coffees:
    chara in a wedding dress – asriel is there, too
    Status: [Pending]
  • 379 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk have a pokemon battle (pokemon crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 399 coffees:
    anon sucking the caretaker’s “spike”… feat. asriel?
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 429 coffees:
    chara, frisk, and asriel dressed as OFF characters (OFF crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 450 coffees:
    frisk and 13-year-old-anon practice for the nose nuzzling championship (feat. asriel practicing for the championship as well)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 479 coffees:
    something gravity falls related (gravity falls crossover) feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 499 coffees:
    frisk eating the totally safe pie, feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 529 coffees:
    female chara “spiking” male chara  – now with 100% more asriel
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 550 coffees:
    chara REALLY loves books (and asriel?)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 579 coffees:
    frisk, chara, and asriel as sora, riku, and kairi (kingdom hearts crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 599 coffees:
    chara x spike becomes real (feat. asriel)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!

  • 629 coffees:
    steven meets frisk. chara meets yellow diamond, asriel meets… someone else (steven universe crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
    Status: [Pending]
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER
    Status: [Pending]
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
    Status: [Pending]
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron
    Status: [Pending]

that’s seventeen pieces of art that will include asriel, all thanks to you guys. this is phenomenal! 

at the end of it all, we’d like to once again thank kyle, our coffee crusaders, brilliant baristas, and everyone else who supported the cause for this hot goat. thank you so, so much!

When you notice shattering gems is not exactly killing them…

Is more like breaking them apart so theres little pieces of their mind spread around and they can still regenerate portions of their bodies to look for the others and be whole again…

Why no one is talking about that?

The verdict:

Terumob is two lovely, soft boys that support each other, like to make hot chocolate and snuggle under the blankets while a movie drones on in the background. They never really pay attention to what they watch because they’re too busy basking in each other’s company.

Ritshou is two lovely, polar opposite boys that support each other in between teasing, and have a tendency to run around town half past midnight, sometimes ‘unintentionally’ causing a ruckus while hand in hand.

colourofcrumar replied to your post “i’ve been talking abt this with a friend but i’m kind of mad that emma…”

i’ve read that she regretted being involved in Aloha and that it pretty much ‘opened her eyes’ to whitewashing in film? at least she’s learning.

that’s???? not enough???

“I’ve become the butt of many jokes,” she said, referring to her role in Aloha. “I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is. It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important.” and then she went onto talk about how she as a white woman was cast as love interests for older men

like none of this sounds like she’s regretful? none of it directly addresses what she did wrong and instead blames the “industry” while trying to be like “look listen i understand because i too have been discriminated against because i am a woman”

sorry but i’m not here to praise white mediocrity… hold white actresses directly accountable for choosing to accept roles that were meant for woc. none of this “but the industry” bullshit. they need to be held directly responsible. 

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I felt so much for Mozart during that scene! It also made me think of how he never had a normal childhood

fuck man yeah seriously like how do the other ‘loids not get that the part of the reason he acts so childish is because he had this pressure put on him at an extremely young age to be professional by a father living vicariously through his talented genius kid and as history constantly tells us that never works out well for a person’s emotional development, cut the little shit some slack!

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I get that Barisi fans are hugely disappointed with this season, but I feel like it's presumptive of some Barisi fans to talk as if because *their* ship may not be as popular/getting new canon as previously, that the entire SVU fandom is "dying". That isn't so. There are still plenty of people actively creating content for and talking about other ships and characters, including ones who-*gasp*!-haven't even been on screen in an episode for 3-5 seasons or more! Barisi doesn't = all of SVU fandom.

Anon, I honestly wish I were only disappointed in this season for Barisi-related reasons. That would mean I’d still be able to find some excitement in the show, while being a little bummed out because my ship wasn’t getting any action. That’s a pretty standard fandom experience for shippers of non-canon or obscure pairings. Like, I still loved The X-Files, even after they killed off Krycek and, with him, my Krycek/Skinner fantasies. I still enjoyed Lost even after Jack and Juliet were toast. I still loved Person of Interest even after my two main ships (Carter/Reese and Shaw/Root) were literally killed. I wish that were the case with SVU.

I’ve made several posts about my issues with this season. I guess the main one would be this post, but you could also read any one of my episode analyses, none of which even mention Barisi. To reiterate some of my main issues, I find the messed up scheduling to be an added source of incoherence, because no character is allowed to have any type of growth, not when we’re watching episode 14 before we get to see episode 7. The supporting characters have all been reduced to cardboard cutouts.

And, the worst part is, even Benson, who is the protagonist, has regressed in terms of her personal story. We no longer see anything about her life. She’s front-and-center when it comes to working with cases or helping victims, but who is she? What does she do when she’s not working? We used to see her with boyfriends, with Barba, with Noah, with Lucy (though I think that actress is currently unavailable). When the main character has no personal growth, how can the rest of the characters expect any?

Admittedly, Sonny is my favorite character, so my main gripe with this season (and the main reason I loved Season 17 more than Season 16) is the fact his screentime has decreased and his character development has stalled. Completely. Barba fans could say the same, I’m sure. And they have. We used to get all those little hints about him, the drinking, the pills, the clenched fists, and this season there’s been nothing. And then, Fin fans have been experiencing this for decades, lol. And Amanda, who used to have a tumultuous but very rich backstory, because she thrived in the more melodramatic SVU seasons (14/15), much like Nick, well, she barely has anything to do, either.

But, characters aside, I also find the cases extremely troubling. I disagree with the “message” the writers are trying to send, almost every week. In previous seasons, my disagreements were far more rare. The mommy issues are especially glaring, and the “imperfect victim”/“flawed but relatable perpetrator” theme is getting old. So I can’t even enjoy SVU as a procedural anymore.

Now, when it comes to the SVU fandom dying out, my recent posts refer to tumblr, and the fandom as I experience it. I’m not active on twitter or other platforms (not when it comes to fandom stuff), so my only real exposure to the SVU fandom is tumblr itself. And, of course, I mostly engage with Barisi, Sonny and Barba fans, because that’s where my interests lie, lol. So I’m talking about my own experience, and the relative lack of interest that I’ve seen, at least compared to last season. I assume the people who send me asks about it are also Barisi/Sonny/Barba fans, and that’s why they come to me. To talk about the characters and/or the ship we all love.

I’ve never engaged much online with old school SVU fans (even though I’m actually one of them, and I’ve been watching the show from the very beginning), but I certainly understand they still exist (why wouldn’t they?). First of all, Benson is the constant, so the people who love her still get to enjoy their fave. But I’m sure that fans of older characters are still active when it comes to fic and edits, too. It’s true that people still create content for characters or ships like Benson/Stabler (of course) or Benson/Cabot (my second fave Olivia ship, after Benson/Amaro COME AT ME) or Fin/Munch, or Barba/Huang, or Casey/Chester Lake (pls send me links I love them). For characters they haven’t seen in years, as you said. Some of these fans have probably stopped watching the show altogether and i envy them.

Hell, Barisi itself is a very tiny part of the SVU fandom, and it’s still alive due to fan interest alone, because many of us still create salty content, even though the show is giving us nothing. The SVU fandom overall is also still very much alive, and it will probably never die.

That still doesn’t help me, though :D

I spoke of new fans in my previous posts, but a similar thought applies to old fans, as well. For a fan who has given up on the current content of the show and writes or reads fic for, like, Benson/Cabot (send links for that too, btw!) I can imagine why Season 18 would feel no different than Season 16. Because these fans may have lost their favorite character years ago, and they no longer care much about the ones who are still there. For me, a Sonny fan, well, I’m losing my fave while he’s still there. Same way Fin fans lost him, like, 8 years ago. And, to make matters worse, the show itself is no longer fun or even watchable, sometimes. That has caused a noticeable (at least on my dash) lack of interest.

Is this permanent? I hope not. For starters, this has all happened before. Season 18 is giving me Season 10 vibes. It feels like the start of a huge decline in quality, which will take a couple of years to be fixed. The thing is, the show just might have a couple of years still left in it, so maybe there’s still hope for improvement. A few new writers, a few new characters (which the show sorely needs!), and we’ll be good to go. Maybe :)

Lastly, in every post I mention the fact I’m sure there are plenty(? lol) of people who are still excited about the show. I’ll repeat it here. I do think the show itself is on its last legs, and the fandom has gotten less active overall, as is to be expected after 18 years, but of course people still care. So, those of you who still love SVU (or who no longer watch it but are still in love with Chester Lake or O'Halloran good taste btw!), keep doing you!



I woke up to this + @alexanderhamllton’s sweet tags and immediately started crying. Happy tears, of course, because you’re all so sweet and I really needed to hear that. I had such a hard time writing it, I had panic attack for the first time in months and there were 3 in two nights, but god I’m so glad I did this. Thank you guys for being awesome. I really, really love you.

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It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.