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HEY NERD! YOU STILL DON'T HAVE ANON ASKS ON! Anyway...have you considered a Hunchback of Notre-Dame AU? I coulda sworn I saw one before...

Sorry! I can only turn it on if I’ve got an actual computer, and I run this blog from my iPad/iPhone. I’d do it all from my phone if I could, but it’s much easier to write rough drafts on my iPad. I’ll try to get anons turned on today :)

And I have not considered a Hunchback of Notre-Dame AU. Partially because I’ve never watched the movie, or read the book. I mean, I know some of the characters and half of the basic plot, but that’s about it. And thinking about it, there are no love triangles in Miraculous Ladybug that involve more than two people. I mean, there could have been, but Marinette nipped all three of them in the bud.

And so, after careful consideration and a lot of googling, here’s what I’ve got.

  • Let’s start with the obvious parallels: Hawkmoth and Judge Frollo. Both power-crazed old white guys with a penchant for purple and a weird obsession with a girl
  • Second, Nino and Clopin. Nino starts the story by narrating the origins of the bellringer living in the Notre Dame Cathedral. He covers how Hawkmoth slaughtered a group of Romani who were trying to sneak into Paris, all except a child (he tried to kill the child too, but the archdeacon of the cathedral intervened.
  • Enter Nathanaël: an isolated boy who’s lived as the bellringer of Notre Dame for his entire life, shunned from society by his red hair. (Hair which Hawkmoth convinces him is the mark of the devil, and if Nathanaël ever stepped outside, he would be killed instantly by Hawkmoth’s flocks of believers
  • Also in the bell tower resides three gargoyles: Juleka, Rose, and Kim. Juleka considers herself to be deeply cultured, but when it comes down to it, she’s pretty innocent in the ways of humans. Rose is a sweetheart, and she likes to make things pretty. She’s always for Nathanaël expressing himself in positive ways. And Kim is like Nathanaël’s actual father figure. Kim is strong, but he acts like a giant dork, and is constantly bragging about how fast he is. They tease each other, and they all adore Nathanaël. (Rose especially loves his hair)
  • Twenty years pass, and Nathanaël notices that the citizens of Paris are setting up for the annual Festival of Fools. He wants to go, but he’s hesitant. He agrees when Rose encourages him to break Hawkmoth’s rules and go to the Festival.
  • So Nathanaël sneaks out of the cathedral and goes to the Festival. When he’s there, so many people adore him for his funny-colored hair. But everything goes south when Hawkmoth and his men “interrupt” the Festival. Hawkmoth does nothing to help Nathanaël.
  • Then a girl grabs him and helps him escape. Nathanaël gets away from the soldiers, but is then confronted by Hawkmoth, who sends him back to the cathedral.
  • As for the girl, she’s of Romani descent. Her name is Marinette, but everyone who sees her just calls her Ladybug, because of her spotted attire. She ardently fights for justice for her people and for anyone else shunned by society.
  • She follows Nathanaël into Notre Dame, only to be followed by the Captain of the Guard, Captain Adrien. He doesn’t want to arrest Marinette, but he has to do something. So he confines her to the cathedral instead.
  • While inside, she manages to find Nathanaël. The two become fast friends, and to show his gratitude for saving him, he helps her escape Notre Dame. In return, she gives him a map to her hideout, the Court of Miraculous.
  • Meanwhile, Hawkmoth discovers lustful feelings for the Romani Ladybug. It doesn’t end well.
  • When he finds out that she managed to escape Notre Dame, he is pissed the heck off. He starts a manhunt for her which involves setting a lot of houses on fire.
  • During that time, Adrien realizes just what evil things that Hawkmoth has done, and openly defies him. Hawkmoth then sentences Adrien to death. An arrow hits Adrien, and he falls into the Seine, only to be rescued by Marinette. She takes him to Notre Dame, where he will be safe and cared for.
  • Juleka, Rose, and Kim encourage Nathanaël to tell Marinette his feelings for her, but he stops himself when he realizes that Adrien and Marinette have fallen in love.
  • When Hawkmoth discovers that Nathanaël helped free Marinette from Notre Dame, Hawkmoth bluffs and says that he knows where Ladybug’s hideout is and that he intends to destroy it and her with it. So to prevent this, Nathanaël and Adrien travel to the Court of Miraculous to warn her. Unfortunately, Hawkmoth follows them and captures Marinette and everyone else in the Court of Miraculous.
  • Hawkmoth is ready to burn Marinette at the stake for rejecting him, but in an odd twist of fate, Nathanaël rescues her and brings her to the cathedral. Adrien releases Marinette’s friends and rallies the citizens of Paris against Hawkmoth and his men.
  • To stop Hawkmoth and his men from entering the cathedral and killing Marinette, Nathanaël, Juleka, Rose, and Kim pour molten copper onto the streets, but somehow Hawkmoth manages to get past them all.
  • He chases Nathanaël and Marinette to the balcony, where both Nathanaël and Hawkmoth fall over the edge. Hawkmoth dies as soon as he hits the molten copper, but Adrien catches Nathanaël at the last second.
  • After, Nathanaël comes to terms with Marinette and Adriens relationship and congratulates them on falling in love. The two of them encourage Nathanaël to finally leave the cathedral (this time for good), and Nathanaël is accepted into society and hailed as a hero for defeating the wicked Hawkmoth.


Mates and Dates

Anon: can you make an imagine where you and justin are friends and he keeps asking you out but you always say no bc you're scared of ruining your friendship but he eventually convinces you to go on a date with him? 😘❤

Me: Hope you like it love! Sorry it took so long. School is a pain in the ass

Y/N’s POV 

“Justin, why would you put sugar in pizza?” I laughed at him as he double checked recipe on his iPad.

“I don’t know, to give that umf.” He shrugged.

“You’re a weird person, do you know that?” I laughed.

“Y/N, it doesn’t say sugar, what will I do?” He whined.

“That means you don’t put sugar in it.” I took the bag out of his hands and put somewhere else. I read the method and told him what to do. Once we were done with the dough making, we just had to let it set before putting our toppings on it.

“Y/N?“ I was laying in his lap. I just wanted to nap for the next 40 minutes as the dough set.


“Will you go on a date with me? Like this Friday.” He began playing with my hair indicating that he was nervous. I hesitated before speaking

“Justin, I’m so sorry but I have plans with my mom.”

“I don’t get why you always do this. You always bail on me when I ask you out on a date. The last time you said you had to study. Before that you said that you said that you had a job interview but you ended up getting drunk with Kendall. And before that you said you had exams all day. You’ve got to stop.” He stop fumbling with my hair and gently pushed me off his lap.

“Justin it’s nothing. But I did lie about the job interview.”

“You’re lying! You’re lying! Just stop it Y/N! Stop!” He yelled causing me to flinch at the sudden noise and cup my ears to block out the noise.

“Justin, I-.”

“No, Y/N I don’t want some stupid explanation. I’m gonna leave, when your ready to talk just come over.”

3 weeks, almost a month had passed by with no communication. I didn’t know where to start. How was I supposed to admit my feelings for him without our friendship to crumble. If I did say yes to these ‘dates’ something was bound to go wrong and I would end up heartbroken.

It was until I couldn’t take the silence anymore. I got up off my couch and dragged myself to my bathroom to freshen up. I took a really good shower, did my hair and my make up. I decided on wearing skinny jeans, a plain white pocket tee and Nike Roshes.

I pulled up to his to his Stratford Mansion, my mouth parting every time I got closer to his house. I’ve never managed to get used to this house. I feel terribly out of place when I’m in the neighborhood. I opened the gates with the remote Justin had given me, letting me drive in and out whenever I needed to.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by his maid Tati, also known as my best friend when Justin is not around.

“Hey girl! He’s been locking himself in his room for 3 weeks, what the fuck happened?” She asked, while obnoxiously chewing her gum.

“Girl, don’t get me started, I’ll text you later, will you get him for me?” She nodded before clearing her throat.

“Yo, Mr.Bieber, there’s someone here for ya.” She yelled. There was a pause, shuffling then groaning.

“Tati, tell them to leave, I’m not in the mood.” He yelled back.

“Boy, if you don’t get your ass down here, you won’t be seeing dinner.” He ran down the stairs almost falling in the process. Once he saw me his expression changed completely.

“Y/N.” He said barely above a whisper.

“I’m gonna leave you two, text me Y/N!” Tati yelled as she walked into the kitchen.

“Will do Tatiana!”

“Uh, Y/N, why are you here? Is there something wrong?” I shook my head.

“No, we need to talk.”

“Oh, ok, let’s go outside then.” I nodded my head and followed him as we walked through the kitchen, Tatiana giving me thumbs up and a really big grin. He lead me to pool and sat down at the outdoor dining table that faced it.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I guess, I’m here to answer your questions.”

“About you lying?” I nodded. He leaned back in his seat, put his hands together and smirked


“Why I don’t want to go on a date with you is because I feel like it would ruin our friendship.”

“How so?”

“Like, what if you date me and you start liking this girl you who is a million times better than me? What’s gonna happen to me? I’m gonna end up heartbroken but you’ll be in a fantastic relationship. I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have by taking it to another level.” 

“But who says that taking this relationship to another level isn’t good. Y/N, I only have eyes for you. You literally say something so stupid but can make me laugh. You light up my day, whether we’re right beside each other or talking on the phone or on Facetime, you just make me smile. Like today for example, when I saw you my heart skipped a beat. You’re the one for me Y/N so please just give us a chance, I’m begging you.” He got off his chair and kneeled down infront of me placing my small hands in his.

“I don’t know Jay.”

“If you wanna take things slow, we can take things slow, it’s up to you babygirl, all I’m asking for is a chance.” 

“I guess so.” He leaped up and squealed before pulling me into a warm, tight hug.



“Will you please please go on a date with me this Saturday?” 

“I will.” He kissed my hands.

“You won’t regret this.”

“I hope not.”


Last year I attended the @usopticsacademy for long range shooting. Now our #JJFU Nomad Grip is Super comfortable for standing and combat style shooting, but for Long Range & Prone shooting? not So Much….So we set out to design and build a better grip that has better trigger finger placement, and a form fitting 3 finger grip. I love using all tools we have available to us to make something just right. From my IPad Pro & Apple Pencil to modeling clay and a 3D printer then @solidworks and @haas_automation CNC Machines… Sweating the details means taking all of these steps to get it just right. That’s what #JJFU is all about for us #jessejames @m.a.chavez www.JJFU.com (at JJFU)

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Just wondering, what do you use for your art? ( i think it's paper 53 but... Im probably wrong)

yeppp you’re right, it is paper 53! (if you followed me before, you’ll see my other drawings are quite different/line based/more realistic proportions..that led to a big mean art block, which persisted until i stole my dad’s ipad and started doodling on this app..! I don’t share any of my “ideas” on the app tho, people can edit them and thinking about that makes me all euuuuughghgh) sometimes i wonder if the look of it is too recognizable..but who cares, i love it

I just made another painting!! This one is (hopefully) better; I did it on my laptop instead of an ipad. The lovely creature on the right is my Elven Inquisitor, Afia Lavellan. And obviously the handsome devil on the left is Solas. If you wish, you can check out my Deviantart page. I’m not the best by any means, but any support you can give would be awesome. :) 

Fade-Touched by forgottenage

I fucking hate my parents. We were watching SNL and the skit they were doing involved a gay couple and as soon as the two guys said “I love you” they changed the channel. Saying that my brother was in the room and he shouldn’t be exposed to that.

So me, getting angry looked at my brother and said “Hey, Mattie, I’m a lesbian. That means I like girls and I’m gonna maybe marry a girl one day is that ok with you?” And he looks at me with this look of pure hatred and he says “No” before going back on his iPad. I fucking hate my parents so much this is all their fault.

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If you're doing requests I would love to see some more double meaning from Pegasus

(I threw something together because this has been in my askbox far, far too long. I’m ashamed.) 

They were meeting to discuss the biggest venture of his life and Pegasus was buried so far in his iPad, Seto was surprised he hadn’t managed to tattoo the logo to his nose.

“You’re just twenty years old.”

Kaiba made a motion to shove the pile of documents across the table, scattering their half-furled forms at his feet.

“ – and taking your company by storm.” He retorted, tapping the stack against the conference table instead.

Normally the amusement in Crawford’s eye would put the younger man on edge, but he kept himself collected.

It was only when Pegasus opened his mouth to say more that he realized he had lost his nerve. Crawford’s annoyance had been mild compared to what he was capable of, but it was enough.

With a sigh, Seto asked himself why he bothered showing up at all.

A knowing smile from his partner.

(He hated that word. The very implication of it was too amicable for what they were.)

He knew why he showed up.

He’d long forgotten why he spoke.

Three months Crawford teased him about that meeting, demanded during the busy start of the fiscal year when neither had time to spare. During which nothing came to fruition.

“You pick the most impersonal places for catching up, you know. I’d have had a better time at an airport.”

Each time he hung up the phone Seto bookmarked another article. Black and white secrets spilled out across the front page, touting I2’s rocky start, spiraling stocks, and desperately grieving, disastrously inexperienced CEO.

Something about the bleakness of Duel Monsters’ beginning made him all the more smug about its second coming.

If Pegasus thought for one second Seto would let him forget what he accomplished (or rather, struggled to pull together) at twenty, he didn’t know him very well.

He learned a long time ago that patience was a virtue, but he didn’t care for it much.

Now that he was staring down his moment of truth, he couldn’t remember anything heavier. Being the last remaining guest at Pegasus’s benefit gala was hardly an honor, but had been his plan since the man’s first jab months before.

The news of the reveal (“You’re sure about it this time, sir?”) set his entire team on edge. The night was an endless stream of emails that put hole after hole in his agenda, much deeper than Pegasus’s digs could hope to reach.

Government clearances he hadn’t considered.


He was a CEO, what the hell would a teaching certificate mean for something like this?

His legal team didn’t understand his vision, and it was no comfort to realize that, though so much had changed between them, Pegasus was the only one who could.

To everyone else, Duel Academia was an impractical whim that did little more for underprivileged youth than Seto had already provided with KaibaLand and its various scholarship funds.

When he realized he couldn’t pull back a second time, his pride had barely survived the first, he almost lead with his internet findings to soften the blow of his prematurity.

Duel Academia was barely an idea.

A web of liability and expense.

(“This is going to happen.”)

By the time the drafts reached Pegasus’s hands, he was only trying to convince himself.

“Seto.” Pegasus said firmly, with that easy smile that made his face burn.

“Look – “ The rest of his words trailed off with the swish of Crawford’s pen – scratching his name on the dotted line.

Breath caught in his chest. A hand on his shoulder that hadn’t been there before.

“You’re just twenty years old.”

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Sorry for stalking your blog this past hour, but your URL caught my eye, and by Thor, I love your blog. Everything makes my cry or laugh out loud. Thank you for that, and thank you for all the goodies in my q the next couple of days. I would have continued scrolling, but I have used up my ipads battery, and the tumblr app crashed, so I had no choice but to give up. Forever follow :)

AwwwW. That means a lot. You just made my day! Stalk away my friend. I’m glad that my URL caught your eye. I mean, who can resist tiny Steve?  I hate it when Tumblr crashes on me. You have no idea how many times that happened to me. Thank you for telling me.


Being a single-parent introvert
Of three is maybe not always ideal
For any of us. There are days I feel
Like shouting when they fight over dessert,
Or who gets the next turn on the iPad.
Better to hide a little while, inhale,
Be thankful that at least there’s not their dad
To deal with too. And now I can exhale.
How I feel doesn’t mean I have to act
It out. I love them even when they’re loud,
Although the decibels drown out that fact
Sometimes, and there are things that I’m not proud
I’ve said and done. Oh well, I’ll do the best
I can, till bedtime comes and I can rest.

Griffin Sierra 2016

Today wasn’t actually so bad, but it was enough to remind me of other, more difficult days.

Because travelling makes me feel THIS IS MY LIFE.

Every time I book a flight to a place I have never been before, I start feeling kilig. I plan for my trips, I research, I do it myself - I don’t take organized tours because I think I can even do better than them - they’re overpriced, relaxed. I want my travels to be adventurous, squeezed and less laid back (by laid back I mean just spending time with your iPad in your hotel room - lame. Why should one pay for an expensive flight if you were just gonna sleep, hey?) IT OFFENDS ME. 

I wrote this because today (Feb 4, ‘16) I questioned myself: “Why do I travel?” Why do I spend so much going to these places while my friends (and acquaintances) are just here, they seem happy, they seem fine, why can’t I just stay here take short trips and be happy like them?

Well, I find what I thought of odd. We differ how we define happy. We differ on what triggers us to be happy. I found mine in booking trips, above the clouds, below the sea. Why? Because it makes me feel THIS IS MY LIFE. I can do what I want, buy what I want, eat what I want, go where I want to, without anyone influencing me. It’s good to have influences but this one thing right here makes me feel in charge and it feels good.

When I’m above the clouds, I sleep. I sleep because there’s too much ahead of me in that new place I’m eyeing. And oh, I love the feeling every single time.

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13, 27, 60

13. What’s your spirit animal? Does a unicorn count? Otherwise idk.

27. What’s your favorite object in your room? Well my room is kind of my oasis, so this is a tough one. I mean, there’s my bed, my laptop, my iPad, my tv, my roku, my figure skates. I’m horrible at picking just one thing.

60. Favorite fruit? I’m really partial to strawberries, bananas, apples and peaches. I love most fruit honestly, but those are the four I can’t live without.

I was tagged :)


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March 20th

Cisgender female

Relationship status?
Single and very happy

Zodiac sign?


Favorite Color?
Any shade of purple that does not evoke thoughts of Barney

One dog, a mixed breed old lady named Kaweela (no idea what the name means; we adopted her and never got to hear its presumably interesting backstory)

Type of phone?
An iPhone 4S that is perpetually left uncharged at the bottom of my purse…I tend to use my iPad.

Love or Lust?
Love, I guess, but more in the platonic way. I’m not too invested in romance or sex, tbh.

Lemonade or Iced Tea?
Iced tea, 110%

Cats or Dogs?
I definitely prefer dogs; I’m allergic to cats, but I guess I have nothing against them if they have nothing against me.

Coke or Pepsi?

Day or Night?

Text or Call?
Call, I guess. If I’m using my phone, it’s usually because messaging has failed; thus, I don’t see the value of messaging again over a different medium.

Make-up or Natural?
Make-up, but usually not too much. I’m kind of rubbish at applying anything more complicated than concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and a bit of something on my brows and lips. Pretty sure I’d look like a skeleton if I tried to contour.

Met a Celebrity?
I met Felicia Day at ComicCon in London, which was pretty cool. I’m also 99% sure I saw Damian Lewis at a dog show, so…there’s that, too.

Smile or Eyes?
Erm…eyes? Smiles can be a bit grating if they’re forced; eyes tend not to be as harsh. (I mean, unless somebody’s death staring you, but then at least they’re up front about their intentions)

Shorter or Taller?
I’m sort of in the middle, but I wish I were taller.

City or Country?
City, definitely. I live in rural England surrounded by sheep, so anywhere with buildings above three storeys high seems exciting at this point…pretty pathetic, considering I used to live in Bangkok.

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Ideas for my current series- so many books!



The amount of book ideas I have planned is starting to get ridiculous. And I love it! It does, however, mean I’m starting to lose track of what I’m doing, so I’ll use this post to keep track of my ideas.

“Unexpected Inspiration” Trilogy, Year 460AF

Colorweaver (currently writing the 2nd draft)

Read More….

Become a writer now by writing fiction for Kindle!!

Kindle Reader for More Devices
External image

Amazon has expanded the number of devices that are supported by their Kindle Reader app. Kindle Reader now supports PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
My wife has a Kindle (1G) which she loves and I’ve used my iPod Touch to read a couple of books with the Kindle app. The screen is small on the Touch but I have muddled through. So being able to read my books on a bigger screen is welcome. My MacBook is not as small or lightweight as a iPad, but it’s a good alternative for now.
The Kindle Reader app on my MacBook Pro is clean and simple to use. Once you have the book downloaded from your library, you no longer need an internet connection which means you can read on a plane or in the car (as a passenger of course ;-). However nothing beats the Kindle itself on the beach. The eInk technology looks even better in strong sun where the LCD panels of all the other devices lists are harder to read in full sun.
Oh yeah, here is the link to get your Kindle Reader app for any of the devices listed above:http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_352814002_3?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-6&pf_rd_r=15BRDWS4FQQ1EC7D04BM&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_p=1268267022&pf_rd_i=1000426311

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hey!! i wanted to say that i am in LOVE with your mad max art piece and i just have to have it on my wall. i saw you have RB and Society6 but there isn't a really big poster option, i wanted to know if it was possible for you to add one?

Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words, it means the world to me that you want to have my art on your wall ;n;

Thing is, I draw on an iPad, and I just happened to have a somewhat crappy one when I did the Doof Warrior piece. So I couldn’t really render it in higher resolution :( I’m sorry about that. I wish I could somehow change that, but upscaling it ain’t gonna fly.

Being in this lifespan class has led me to think about my own kids and how I want to raise them.
For instance - I do not want my kids to have access to iPads/iPhones or any other individual technology that could be so close to their eyes until they’re 5 or 6, even though that would make my life easier (although, I’m saying this and not currently raising any kids, so we’ll see).
Also, I have just decided that my child - esp if it’s a girl - will hear me say something positive about my body every day. Or at least consistently. Which I should probably start doing that, daily I mean. So that she knows that a) it’s okay to love your own body, and b) that she should love her body.

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4: What’s something you really want right now?
- To be shacked up with my girlfriend in a place of our own during this snowstorm, tbh 🌨❄️

5: Are you afraid of falling in love?
- Nah, I’ve never been a person that was afraid of love. And it’s a little too late for that anyway, lol 😁❤️.

6: Do you like the beach?
- I loooooove the beach. 🏖🐬☀️ I always say I was a mermaid in my past life

7: Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?
- Yes I have lol

8: What’s the background on your cell?
- On my iPad you mean lol cuz I don’t have a phone atm 😫 My background is me, my lock screen is my woman 😍

9: Name the last four beds you sat on?
- Mine, my sister’s, my mom’s and my girlfriend’s

June 3,2015

My heart is crushed. I feel like I have shattered into a million pieces… It was something that should of been small but yet it turned bigger than we could both handle. And because of that I lost my best friend, the love of my life, someone I saw my self marrying, my boyfriend.. An now I lay here trying so hard to be ok.. But I know I won’t be ok… I just wish he new I never wanted this to happen! I wish he new he means the world to me an I didn’t wanna lose him like this! Or at all for that matter. I’d do anything to change what happened. But I don’t think it would make a difference. Because he’s made up his mind an I’m terrified because he may not change it. Maybe he’s better off with out me.. Maybe I’ll have to learn to fake a smile again because I don’t wanna hear “what’s wrong” anymore… But I guess now after two years I’ve gone from “in a relationship” to “single” 😢😢😢 from “im doing good” to “destroyed” 😓😓😓

How To Purchase Total Craziness Mod

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Bugs addressed on this week’s update correct load hung ups that may occur while accepting multiplayer invites while already throughout the game or when attemping to buy DLC during ad hoc mode.  Additionally, certain menu options that weren’t working within creative mode should now even be fixed.  Finally, the action should don’t have a chance to totally crash when wanting to transfer a save to some full memory.  The full change log to the patch was posted around the official Minecraft forums.

“Minecraft: Story Mode- Episode One: The Order on the Stone” puts players in the role of Jesse, an aspiring builder on his solution to EnderCon, where he hopes to meet up with his hero Gabriel the Warrior. The episode actually offers even more exploration and puzzle solving opportunities than recent TellTale adventure games. However, the sport still follows the typical TellTale gameplay formula. That means that this decidedly short episode is principally filled up with many cutscenes, QuickTime, button pressing events, and also the requisite dialogue choices. What is unusual on this occasion, is the fact that in the looks of computer, a minimum of a sluggish start “Episode Two” will likely be significantly altered based on a decision after “Episode One: The Order with the Stone.”