friday night lights meme ≡ [1/5 male characters]: matt saracen 

i’m just having a moment, i don’t think i’m ok. i hate him. i don’t like hating people, but i just put all my hate on him so i don’t have to hate anyone else so i can be a good person, you know to my grandma, to my friends, to your daughter. that’s all i want to say. i want to tell him to his face that i hate him but he doesn’t even have a face.


They may be a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but that won’t stop them from venturing out at 2 in the morning to catch a Pikachu that’s a kilometer away.

-Mod Matt

the problem with dn hogwarts aus is that everyone is a fucking slytherin it’s embarrassing


“all good things must come to an end.” - someone

Matt: What do you mean, mullet? I don’t have a mullet! Do I??

Tom: Matt are you still doing that dumb ask thing? Tord just attacked me like a rabid cat.

Matt: … Huh. I guess I sorta do. I still look goo~ood though! I can make anything look good.. I’m so attractive, how is it possible?

Tom: I’ll take that as a yes. I’ll be on you bed drinking when you’re done making out with the mirror.


Chuck → favourite underrated character
Bryce Larkin


make me choose:

anonymous asked: chucky and zucker’s friendship or brodin and dumba’s friendship


IMDb’s top 10 highest rated episodes of White Collar

No offence but if you think Karen and Matt don’t have chemistry are you even watching the show


“That’s a fairytale