I don’t necessarily think someone expressing their opinion about having Jamie replaced makes them immature. Maybe it’s just the final straw for them, you know what I mean? Jamie has always remained reserved and less outspoken about Fifty Shades, unlike Dakota or a few of the other cast mates. It’s like there’s a sense of trepidation from him. In turn it just comes off looking like he’s ashamed of the film. Which really baffles me, because I think it’s a beautiful, complex story.

I, however, don’t think Jamie should be replaced. He and Dakota are why I enjoyed the movie so much. He nailed the part of Christian, and played him beautifully. Not to mention if Jamie had never accepted this role, we wouldn’t have Damie and all their loveliness.

I’m gonna go ahead and cut Jamie some slack when comes to Fifty Shades, and press and promoting. I think because there’s so much that went on in the first film, and so much that developed between he and Dakota, I think this is the real reason he’s not out there being openly proud of the film. It’s like he may connect the two, Dakota and the movie, and it gives him some mixed emotions.

Hopefully he changes his tune when it’s time to go public with Darker. And I truly believe absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I feel that reunion will definitely be filled with sparks.

okay so like

i saw magic mike xxl in the theater yesterday and i was really pleasantly surprised because i thought it would probably be offensive (as a lot of movies with predominantly male casts are) but it really wasn’t?? i mean i might be forgetting parts but i don’t remember anything bad i actually remember it being really good AND the best part for me was there was a lesbian in it and she didn’t end up with channing tatum at the end like god fucking bless this is like the one movie i’ve seen (unfortunately) where the lesbian doesn’t end up with the guy at the end AND channing tatum’s character didn’t try to get with her after he found out too like he was just like cool okay and they became friends like i hate that this is something i have to be thankful for with hollywood but at this point it still is so thank you magic mike

also she was pretty cute and so were the men except for channing tatum who looks like a thumb

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What memory would you use to cast a patronus?

oh man this is really rough, because i’ve got a lot of memories that i feel like could qualify. my first thought is the very first time i went to park square theater  took part in a crazy program for theater kids, and saw ragtime for the first time (if you haven’t seen it, look it up, its an amazing musical). During one of the numbers “He wanted to say” three singers weave together one of the most gorgeous and dramatic songs i’ve ever heard. The climax of the song was hands down the most incredible thing i’ve seen.

 Or during my senior year, during the last performances of any of the four shows that I was in, each time that i came on stage i felt perfect and serene and calm. I knew exactly how to be, just be on stage and it was transcendent. I’ve never been so comfortable and excited and sad all at the same time 

Or when my friends went skirt shopping with me and i realized just how much they loved and supported me.

Or when my sister and i were walking home, just chatting and i realized that we would always have each others backs, no matter what and that we would support each other and be friends through whatever anyone threw at us. 

Or when I went wandering late one night with some friends, dressed in a skirt, which none of them made a big deal about other than to say that i looked nice, which meant the world to me. but we walked and talked about life and met a drunk girl and her friends at a playground and felt etherial.

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Do you know if Trevino has been auditioning or filming? He hasn't been active on twitter or Instagram. I noticed that some of the cast from Kingmakers have been getting roles in other ABC's series and netflix. I really hope Trevino has been auditioning and gets a role where he can shine.

No, I can’t say anything for sure.  I’m sure he’s been auditioning, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting the parts he’s been auditioning for unfortunately.  

The last thing he tweeted and Instagramed about was Ring The Bell (as I’m sure you know).  

Yeah, I noticed that too.  I really do hope he shows up in something too.  It was disappointing to hear that Kingmakers hadn’t been picked up.  Maybe once the fall season gets under way, Trevino will be able to get some guest starring roles, or find himself a series regular spot somewhere.  

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I'm gonna cry I cry too easy and I'm in public fuck god dammit Andy you better be talking about any other thing in existence

i’m searching for anything else he could possibly mean but i really can’t. the sentence itself, in general, seems so upsetting and foreboding and i dont know what to make of it. 

no context. THAT’S what’s making the most upset i think. that it’s just a short VAGUE tweet and no explanation. 

i told myself i wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t get casted, and while this doesn’t necessarily confirm that (but probably will)….. it looks like another part of me gets broken. first, my hope, then my heart, then my promises. 

i’ll cry with you. i’m surprised im not tearing up right now. but i’ll cry with you and anyone else who’s been setting their hopes on andy’s transfer

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Tyler, you're playing the werewolf Viktor Loupe on the new hit show Dumort University. We were wondering what your thoughts were on what Viktor is going to do once he graduates from Dumort?

“That’s a really tough question because graduation for him isn’t far away.  It’ll be a bittersweet moment for him because that either means leaving the cast of staying on as part of Dumort’s administration which is a complete possibility.  Viktor’s quite a loner so anything that has him out in the country or wide open spaces where it’s quiet is completely ideal and he also loves traveling so he has though intensely about the Peace Corp. While I think that’s quite drastic for a wolf who’s entire life revolves around his family in Boston, I really see him taking his Dad’s place as Dean or even becoming a teacher. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t get elected as Dean right out of the boat since he’ll have no experience in education or the likes, but there’s a possibility of him becoming a professor. If anything happens, that’s the most likely but you never know. Plot drops happen all the time.”