what she says: i’m fine

what she means: feb 24, 2015 when parks and rec ended it all went downhill from there. i am glad they decided to do future stories for all of the characters because i would be wondering what all my pawnee friends are all doing rn but i am a little bitter they didn’t have an ending for dave sanderson. the last time we saw him in season 4 ep 15 he still loved leslie. did he ever get over her? is he full of regret from handcuffing ben in the whizz palace thus angering leslie? is he still in san diego? is he chief of police? did he get to arrest greg pikitis? is pikitis still a bad kid? did he turn his life around? does he still eat peaches???

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why do so many people hate yixing? why do so many people think yixing is throwing 'shade' at the other three just because he chooses to stay in exo? why do so many people think his kindness and politeness is fake? wHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE WASTE THEIR TIME AND ENERGY HATING ON THIS MAN WHO IS JUST DOING HIS OWN THING AND LIKING BUNNY PICS....i need to look at bunnies to calm down sorry lol

Hello my friend, it’s okay, everything is okay. Some people just like to be negative for the sake of being negative and Yixing is such a beacon of kindness that he attracts those bad vibes sometimes. Rightfully, a lot of stans of the ex-exo members are hurt, I mean who wants to see their bias go through all that SM-generated pain? And meanwhile Yixing is getting a lot of opportunities that the other 3 didn’t get, albeit though he did work his ass off for everything he’s gotten.

But I think everyone needs to stop looking at the situation from a group perspective and start looking at the individuals. Because if the whole group was in hell they all would have peaced out BAP style, but obviously that didn’t happen. Yeah, Kris’ situation was horrible and I would have been out for even half of that sh*t. Luhan was more or less dying. So on and on. But maybe Yixing is getting exactly what he wants out of SM. Maybe he’s living a life that brings him happiness. I mean he’s getting more chances to compose and act. Maybe him staying isn’t disagreeing with the other 3, maybe it’s just him picking the path that’s best for him. Different strokes for different folks.

If Yixing is anything, he isn’t fake. He’s a little passive aggressive and under all that sweetness there’s a little bite to him, but I don’t think he ever says something he doesn’t mean whole heartedly. And if people can’t see that and think he’s fake, well then they have to just be wrong I guess. Bottomline is, xingmis love ZYX wayyyy more than any haters hate on him and that’s what counts. Just keep showing him support and love at all times and the downers don’t matter.

Amazon wishlist

So, I just found out that the two little boys that I love dearly with all my heart (just as much as I love my own) are starting school by the end of the month and they have no clothes. Well, I mean they have clothes, but they’re way too small and not fit for school.

My grandma is going to buy the older one clothes so that’s why I didn’t mention him. He has a friend that gives him brand new clothes and such. The two smaller boys are the ones that I NEED to help somehow.

I am going to make a wish list for them on Amazon and add a few outfits instead of making them a wish list for Christmas because I feel like clothes for school are more important.

If I could I would buy them all that they need, but sadly that isn’t realistic for us right now.

I’m going to post the wish list on here, I understand that not everyone has money falling out their butt, but it’d mean a lot even if you just helped spread the word when I post the wishlist.

Thank you Xx

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Umm. I kinda want advise. I have this friend who is two years older than me (he's a senior and I'm a sophomore) we've been friends for a while and it's great. I really like him... *blush* in fact I like him a lot. And uh, I kinda want to tell him how I feel. But I'm afraid to cause he had a crush on my best friend and it'd be awkward since my two (and only) of my best friends are also two of his best friends. AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE HELP!! *cry*

i kind of hesitate to say this, but in all honesty, this is one of those times where the age difference is a little… :/, mostly because you are a minor and he is not (or will not be for much longer). i mean, it’s totally okay that you like him!! but just keep in mind that a relationship might not be the best idea.

could you maybe talk to your friends about it, see what they think?

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Get to know the blogger: tell me why you love Frankenstein. Heck, tell me all the things you want to about Frankenstein. *chin-hands*

Oooohhh my goodddd … …ok. First off, it’s rife with gay coding. I mean … you have to know what you’re looking for (sorta). . but straight out the gate in Walton’s letter’s he writes, “I desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me; whose eyes would reply to mine” … “I bitterly feel the want of a friend.” There is a lot of talk throughout the book of friends, companions and gazing into each others eyes. From multiple male characters. Repeatedly. And I simply have no space to get into the platonic and romantic relationships of Walton and Frankenstein, Frankenstein and his Monster, and Frankenstein and Henry Clerval his “““friend”““ (and how Victor is so. . so. . soooooo much more interested in spending time with Henry than Elizabeth and how Victor finds himself disgusted by his Monster having relations and breeding with the female monster he is making and uhg)

Which leads to one reason why I love the story. . Victor rejecting what he has created. . Victor rejecting that aspect of himself he sees as monstrous. The monster is actually described in the book as decently handsome … I mean, not by living human standards. . frightening, but not hideous.

and I love the Monster . . oh lord I love him. He becomes a Monster because he is told that’s what he is. Repeatedly. By everyone, and most scarringly, by his “father.” The Monster is also sassy …my favorite line is when Victor meets with the Monster on Mont Blanc and he says, “Begone! relieve me from the sight of your detested form" then the creature just places his hand over Victor’s eyes and, “Thus I relieve thee, my creator.“ The Monster takes away everything Victor loves so all he has left is his Monster and he gives him what he wants, which is his full attention, as he chases him to his death into the North pole.

I also love little enfant terrible Victor who is a clinically depressed, closeted university student who just fucks up.

Just … . I’m no expert… just a frothing fan-person…Here are books I would highly recommend if you want to get elbows deep into Frankenstein:

Frankenstein the 1818 edition edited by James Rieger now as for the actual novel itself. . you will want to give up reading it. It’s dense … it’s a slog. . but it’s so so beautiful …I definitely did the whole reading pages 2-3 times before moving on…and as soon as I finished it the first time, I read it again.

Frankenstein illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, which has the most gorgeous and perfect and fitting illustrations I’ve seen for a story.

The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein by John Lauristen a controversial little gem proposing that Percy Shelley actual wrote Frankenstein and also that the subject of male-love is the main point of the novel.

Don’t wanna read? Wanna watch? Honestly. . Hallmark’s version of Frankenstein on Netflix is the closest you’ll get to the book. Also Danny Boyle’s play with Cumberbatch and Miller.

Also … my absolutely favorite Wrightson illustration:

I have no idea if any of this was interesting or makes sense. I just fucking love Frankenstein.

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Unrelated, but Derek + baking makes me think of how I thought in his intro he was covered in flour all the way into the 3b-s4 hiatus. When I was first watching my friend said the meaning behind his intro was a ‘spoiler’. After I caught up I figured I’d missed whatever the meaning was, but assumed it somehow involved bread, I guess? I know human ash is white, but I didn't connect the dots somehow. I just thought Derek really hated baking or something, despite my "Derek loves cooking" headcanon.

I am posting this without even commenting because it is too perfect and nothing I ever could say is going to top this.

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I just want to chill with Joel. I feel like he'd be my Chandler (from Friends). I mean he's a crazy mofo but I feel like he'd be chill. That's all. oh and btw loving these bee/wasp asks like bless you and bless the people with these stories

same, how to is one of my favorite shows because he’s in it (and adam of course)

and haha np, thank you and all the people sending these asks and keeping me occupied!

Get Out ((Luke))

Summary: Luke gets back from tour and is always drunk and different. He gets angry and tells Y/N (long time gf) that he hates her. 

“I mean ever since Luke came back from tour, he’s been acting all weird. He’s always out drinking and clubbing and he always comes back completely drunk and angry,” I vented to my best friend Katie. Her voice crackled over the phone.

“Well, I’m sure it was tough being on the road all the time. Maybe he’s just adjusting. Give him some time.”

“Alright, you do have a point,” I agreed. The front door slamming open interrupted my thoughts. I glanced at the clock, 1:54 AM; a new record for this week.  

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Apparently University of California’s applications now have 6 different genders (male, female, trans male, trans female, non-binary, and other) which my dad brought to my attention. He said that it’s stupid and unnecessary and the world is getting too politically correct.

My response: “Does this hurt you or your life at all?”
Him: “Yes because it’s stupid and annoying.”
Me: “No, I mean does this impede on your personal life, your rights, anything like that whatsoever?”
Him: “Well, no-”
Me: “Because if doesn’t hurt your life, and it helps others, leave it alone. This has nothing to do with you, and I have trans/non-binary friends in other states who would be elated if they had this option, so I really don’t see why this is such an issue to you.”

If it doesn’t have anything to do with your life, if it doesn’t endanger your rights or impede on your life, WHY DO YOU CARE.

OK I've had enough.

Im incredibly disappointed in everyone who is sending hate to Tao just for what he said especially when all of you have misinterpreted what he said for fucks sake. 


I don’t understand how y’all can hate him for him feeling alone because he wasn’t by his mothers side. 

I honestly dislike how you guys are saying stuff like “what about EXO?” “Wow so EXO was nothing to you?” “Didn’t you call Suho mom?” WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? 

Just because his friends were there doesn’t mean he won’t miss his mom. His freaking family. Calling Suho mom doesn’t make Suho his actually mother. I myself understand what its like to be far away from my mother for a long time maybe not for four years but it was almost half a year away from her. 

Just because my friends were around me always keeping me company I still felt alone. It feels terrible to be away from your family for so long and no one and I mean NO ONE can ever replace the feeling of happiness of your own mother being by your side. So don’t you dare hate on Tao for missing his precious mom. How would you like it if you were separated from your mom for four years? It would be lonely wouldn’t it? 

Im just really done with all of this hate and drama and It hurts me to see it because I know what it feels like. I just really wish people would realize how hurtful they are being. Get your facts straight before saying negative things to someone who has done nothing wrong.

Our Story Project

It was my senior year of high school, everything started out great to say the least. I had guy that I was seeing for two years in my life, but during that time moved away to go to college in Wilmington. My grades were good and the thought of going off to college and starting a new life was all I dreamed of. I had the best of friends, and a average home life.

As the school year went on, I found out the guy I was seeing was not all telling me the truth of what has been happening with him and another girl. But it was his second month of him being in college so I forgave him thinking it was just him adjusting and he didn’t really mean it. With the stress of that and college applications getting the best of me, my anxiety started to get worst. So I went to the doctor and therapist, explained my problems and how I feel and got put on depression and anxiety medicine.

Not thinking much about the medicine, my life started to spiral away from me. I truly lost control. The guy I was seeing started seeing someone else and never thought of even telling me. Two years with him, all wasted away to find out it was just a lie. Being rejected from the colleges I have always wanted to get in. Kept going to the doctor, explaining my problems, being put on more medicine to make the problems go away. I started not going to school, making horrible grades. Wondering if I was even going to graduate from high school??? I didn’t care, I didn’t care about my friends. relationships. How I treated myself or others for that matter. I wasn’t the person I knew and loved.

I kept being told by the people closest to me, asking why I have changed so much, when at the time I didn’t even know I did. No one wanted to be around me, so I found new friends, and a new boy, but with the way I was thinking at the time, they weren’t good influences on me. I got arrested (for something minor), starting abusing my drugs and just wanting more, anything to make the pain and feelings go away. I ended up being suicidal. For what reason? I still have no idea.

Two days before graduation, I was told I wasn’t going to walk across the stage with everyone. I was embarrassed, mortified, mad at myself for just giving up years of hard work, for a small time of depression. I cried and cried wondering what on earth I could do to change this. I overdosed on my medicine, sleeping medicine I was prescribed for panic attacks. I could have lost my life right there. The next morning I woke up to my dad and a phone call, it was my school, telling me they figured something out and were able to let walk across the stage and graduate after all.

After this, I got my life together. It was the biggest wake up call of my life. Don’t let depression defeat you, don’t let it bring you down and kill your happiness and everything you worked hard for in life. It’s been almost two months since all of this happened, I have my true friends back, the guy of two years, even though some may not agree with that. And I am happy……I stopped taking my medicine and till this day I can’t decide if that’s what ruined me or if it was just truly me. I wanted to share some of my story to the people who have depression and anxiety and take the medicine they do for it. Fight, fight as much as you can to get threw it, achieve what you need to achieve. Things will work out, things will get better. I promise. Love yourself to the best of your ability and don’t look back, don’t regret it. Build yourself up and conquer what you can without that medicine. Don’t let it get as far as I did, and I hope for the people who do read this and can realize from my mistakes and make there life better.

Friends of genderfluid people

So I know that there are a ton of people out there who have just been told that their best friend is genderfluid. About two months ago I told my best friend and he was so supportive and understanding, so for all of you who have genderfluid friends PLEASE try and understand them. I strongly recommend that you:

-DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Ok so you know their genderfluid but your not 100% sure what that means. We have the internet for a reason! And if you don’t want your parents finding ‘what it means to be genderfluid’ in the search history, just clear your history!!

-ASK THEM ABOUT PRONOUNS! Now you know what being genderfluid means, ask them what pronouns they prefer. This is extremely important! Ask them whether they prefer he/him, she/her or they/them.

-MAKE SURE THEY KNEW YOU LOVES THEM!! Even if you have just told them that you are fine with them being genderfluid make sure to let them know again. And again. And again. Also don’t be afraid to talk about it with them. They aren’t going to rip your throat out or disown you, the worst they will do is tell you that they don’t want to talk about it. Your their best friend, make sure they know that. Also ask them questions, but remember not to be rude about it. So I strongly encourage you to talk to them about it!!!!!!

So there it is. Please be supportive of your best friend no matter who they are or who they like.



sousuke and haru are having a fight.  it’s a stupid fight about something stupid, but suddenly haru turns on sou, and with his eyes narrowed, looking really mean and angry, he spits out, I’m going to tell MAKOTO!

and sousuke’s just like …….ok????  well, he’s your best friend, so sure, tell him all about it…????

so haru goes and calls makoto.  and a minute later, rin calls sou.  OMG APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE NOW.

what? sousuke is super confused.  what are you even talking about?


??????? rin, your bf is nice and all, but he’s shorter and smaller than me, i’m not afraid of him, sousuke laughs.  he doesn’t understand.

wait, rin pauses.  you’ve never been on the receiving end of makoto’s i’m disappointed in you looks, have you?

i… i’m not his KID or something, sousuke laughs.  i can handle disappointing tachibana.

omg.  ok, well… let this be a lesson to you, then.  i’m coming with makoto and i’m filming it, rin laughs.

sousuke is HOPELESSLY confused, and also he doesn’t care.

less than an hour later, sousuke is trapped having makoto ‘explain’ how sousuke hurt haru’s feelings, and sure, it can be hard to know sometimes, but that’s what building a relationship is all about, right? and he’s on the receiving end of makoto’s i’m so disappointed in you look.  makoto even uses the phrase i’m really surprised you would be this insensitive.  i never thought of you as being that type of guy. 

behind makoto, rin is filming it, biting his lip so hard he’s nearly cutting himself just to keep from laughing.  haru has his arms folded over his chest, and he’s nodding along with makoto’s points.  sousuke understands now.

the NEXT time haru spits out I’m going to tell MAKOTO! sousuke quickly grabs onto him and says whatever he has to so haru will relent. 

he never wants to be on the receiving end of makoto’s disappointment again…

okay so lately i’ve been ridiculously excited for the future of lucaya. i just keep on thinking back to the beginning of season one when the lucas&maya interactions were scarce and r.ucas was presumed to be canon. like seriously, i’m pretty sure there was a time when the lucaya tag had about five posts a month [and i don’t know about you, but i was 99.9% positive that my babies were the “crackship” of the show]. let’s just take a moment to reminiscence because holy shit, look where we are now (*cue the drake music*). kudos to the writers; the foreshadowing, as unsubtle as it could be, has been on point. 

i mean: “i’ve always known your name. i like you very much” OR “he’s not going out with me. he’s never going out with me” OR EVEN “this dark haired girl and blonde haired girl both like the same boy, but they all stayed best friends. could that really happen?” [not my favorite because it hints at a love triangle, which is the last thing i want on any tv show, but i digress]. 

+ no one can deny that there has been an increasing handful of lucaya moments – their chemistry is shining in every episode. 

then of course there’s the fact that jake short and piper curda (ft. peyton clarke) admitted to shipping lucaya on twitter, with rowan and peyton-freaking-meyer favoriting the tweet. the living epitomes of r.ucas favorited it.

the writers are planning something, and i l-o-v-e it.

In Another Life. Part Two.

Summary: The next part in this series focuses on the developing relationship between Val and Zendaya during his pre-teen years. 

Author’s Note: WOW, I did not expect that much of good response to part one last night! Honestly, I can’t tell y’all guys how much it means to me to see you guys leave super-duper nice words about my fic in the notes, or to the few who would go so far as to message me about how much they loved it! Seriously, thank you so so much for taking the time to actually do that. It makes me giddy each time I see it:) So…on to what you’re here for-part two!:

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strap in folks because i have the ex boyfriend story of the century

okay so i was dating this guy and he was like unhealthily obsessed with his dick to the point where he would send me a dick pic every hour i mean he would send dick pics to me in the morning in place of a good morning text so i guess naturally through the unwanted sexts we were best friends on snapchat

then one morning i get a text from him and he’s freaking out about something and i can’t calm him down and finally he manages to tell me that he accidentally sent a dick pic to MY MOTHER VIA SNAPCHAT and my mom is like hey your boyfriend sent me a dick pic and i thought it was the end of my life as i knew it but all she says about it is

you can do better than 3 inches 

and i don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that my mom wanted me to dump him because of his tic tac penis or the fact that my mom was clearly one of his best friends on snapchat because her name was close enough to mine on his best friend list that he sent it to her i just


Hey Taylor! So since you followed me last month (IM STILL DEAD TYSM ILY) I decided to introduce myself :)
So my name is Mariza, I’m 16 and I’m from the Netherlands. I came in touch with your music 5 years ago. My dad passed away after a heart attack when I was 7, and I still had a very hard time realizing he’d never come back. To distract myself from the pain, I watched music video’s on youtube for hours and hours. I found your music and fell in love. I got all your albums and just kept listening to them. Long Live was a song that always made me smile so much when I was at my lowest and it will always mean so much to me. I can’t thank you enough for writing it :)

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omg ok you should do one where it's like "why the hell are you shoving breadsticks in your purse, our date isn't even over?" fuck if you notice this i will fucking bury myself in weed (which is nice idk if you support getting stoned but I like it fuCK I SHOULD STOP ILYSM BABY HAVE A NICE LIFE)

(I support 100% pls begin to bury yourself bc this was the dorkiest thing i’ve ever written :’) )

The blind date your friend had set you on, couldn’t have been any more attractive, his blonde hair and bright blue eyes making you eager to see him again- at least you thought. 

He had shown some disinterest at first, almost as if he was hesitant hat you were here. He had barely put his phone down at all, you getting irritated it was even out. “Pretty important then right?” You asked, hinting at the phone in his palm again. 

“Not really, I mean it’s my ex-” he spoke and you instantly swallowed hard, now understanding why he was single- he was still wrapped up in his ex. 

You grabbed a few bread sticks and dropped them into your purse, licking your lips. “Why the hell are you shoving bread sticks in your purse, our date isn’t even over?“ He asked, you looking up at him. 

“I actually, um, I have to go immediately.” You said beginning to stand up and he smirked. 

“Isn’t that a meme?” he laughed softly, your heart melting at the sound- it slowly pulling you back to sit down even though you were about to leave. 

“You- you understand memes?” You smiled, him finally putting his phone down. 

“Yeah! Oh my god I love them- especially the doge meme. That’s probably my favorite.” He smiled widely, you taking a bread stick out of your purse and eating it. 

“That’s so old though!” You giggled and he smiled. 

“Stop-” he pouted cutely, you biting your lip. “It’s funny.” he laughed and took a sip of his drink. “What’s your favorite meme?”

“Wouldn’t you rather ask your ex?” You replied, his cheeks flushing. 

“Hey, I’m sorry about that. She wants to remain friends but she doesn’t understand the concept of just friends. I’m trying to break it of fully. I’m sorry.”


“Much promise. Very assure.” 

“You’re a dork.” You laughed and threw a piece of bread stick at him, him pouting again before laughing and continued to talk about memes. 

It Was Always You Ch. 10/10

This is it, ladies and gentlemen!  The end!  It’s been such a wonderful ride with all of you and I would just like to say thank you so much for your support of this story and my writing in general.  It means more to me than I could ever express.

Clarke rocketed to her feet, pointing angrily at him.  “You dirty rotten cheater!  I can’t believe you!”
“And no,” he said calmly, “I don’t have any eight’s.”
Clarke gaped.  “I don’t believe it,” she repeated, sitting down and taking a shot.
“You know, princess,” he said after a pause, still considering his own cards.  “You’re pretty hot when you’re angry.”

Read it on AO3.
Find the playlist here.
All the previous chapters are in this tag.

Clarke woke up staring at a piece of her own artwork, hung on a familiar wall, but in a bed that wasn’t hers.

Her mind was still heavy with sleep and something else.

Hungover? her brain supplied.

It hurt too much to think about.  She groaned and buried her head in her pillow, the cotton was soft against her cheek and it smelled like her detergent.

Her eyes flew open again.

Familiar-ish room.  Her art on the wall.  Pillow smelled like her detergent.

This isn’t happening, she told herself sternly.  You’re dreaming.  It’s not real.

She stared at the wall, painted the soft powder blue that it had taken her an hour standing in front of the paint display in Home Depot to pick out.  And it would have been longer if Raven hadn’t threatened to walk over to the lumber section and bring back a two-by-four to hit her in the head with.

Wake up, Clarke, she thought.  Wake up.

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