After that last lil’ comic, I though: “What if Joey gave the script to Bendy?” And this happened! Hope you like it and congrats on the 2,000+!

Oh this is accurate as hell. 

new; dom!evan x reader smut

request;  I know you are writing a Connor smut right now so I Don’t want to bother you but, can I request a Dom!Evan Smut where Jared is jokingly flirting with the reader and Evan gets jelly so he just, grabs the reader into the janitors closet and starts making out and fingering them and with Lust in his eyes looks straight in the reader straight in her eyes and licks his fingers off. Then the reader is really turned on to the rest of the day… (there’s more)

OKAy here you go,, i dunno how to preface this

its an fem!reader

word count; 1733

TWs: DADDY KINK, LOTS OF KINK, lowkey orgasm denial, dom!evan, yeah, lemme know if i gotta tag anything else

You should’ve known that flirting with Jared was a bad idea, even it was as a joke.

Sure, you never could’ve guessed what would happen because of it, but it was still never a good idea in the first place.

It’s not like it was completely your fault though, Jared had been the one to initiate it in the first place.

 He had first come up and sat next to you at lunch, which prompted you to raise your eyebrows at him. He almost never sat next to you.

“Heyooo, y/n.” He nudged you, and you could already tell that he was planning something. A few seconds later Evan approached and sat on your other side, giving you a quick peck on the cheek. “Hi, babe.” You beamed, turning away from Jared. “Wow, you don’t say hi back to me, but you say hi to him?” Jared frowned. You rolled your eyes and chuckled. “Hi, Jared.” You said sweetly, grabbing Evan’s hand.

“Y’know, Evan, you’re a lucky guy.” Jared commented. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. “Dawww, thanks.” You replied. “No, I mean it. I mean, god damn,  y/n. If you weren’t dating my best friend…” he trailed off and looked you up and down. “You know what I mean.”

You felt Evan squeeze your hand a bit tighter then usual.

Zoe sat across from the three of you, sensing the tension.

“Whatcha guys up to?” She asked, popping a chip into her mouth. “I’m just talking about how I’d hit that if y/n wasn’t dating Evan.” Jared said before anyone else could get a word in. You sighed.

“Look, Jared, I appreciate the offer. I really do.. but,” you paused. “Yeah no, that’s it. I appreciate the offer Maybe I’ll have to uhh take you up on it sometime.” You shot him an exaggerated wink. Zoe laughed a bit, shaking her head.

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It sucks being curvy because everything I wear is considered sexualized and “hoochie.” A thin girl wears a dress or skirt or tank top or shorts, and it’s precious, acceptable, and sweet. You guys can even wear half shirts in public and it’s not weird in the slightest. 

I and those like me wear the same kind of outfits and according to family and passerbys I’m apparently being unladylike

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

me: sometimes i feel like you dont understand how much i am amazed by jongins existence…
friend: no i got it..he’s cool..
me: *gasps*
friend: oh no
me: he is not just “cool” i think he is so much more than cool he is hard working and talented and he is sweet he likes babies he likes the elderly he loves his family and friends and he loves animals he loves his fans no matter what they look like or if they are male or female or something else or nothing at all he has said many times he loves his dark skin he hates fat shamers and he doesnt care about superficial things and isn’t materialistic i mean god damn for years he carried around his stuff in paper bags even though he literally looks like a god and could probably pay off my college tuition but he doesnt try to make himself seem special or stand out although he stands out anyway just because of how amazing he is i mean everybody that has ever met him has even said he’s so polite and dedicated and talented and cute and-
friend: ok woman i got it he’s a great person pls-
me: *gasps again*
friend: jfc
friend: im leaving

So….i mean….god damn it lin….its like alexander hamilton modern times going to his debate club tournament against jefferson and everyone is like ‘dude come on not the coat’ and hes like
‘Shut up it helps me win’

Okay, but that caption is spot on and I love it.

I Never Noticed

Request: “Can I have a Stiles x reader where she is Scott’s older sister by two or so years. Like when they were younger stiles and her were really good friends and he had a low key crush on her but never really noticed, and she is coming back from college since she graduated early due to being hella smart and you can take it from there”

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader!Scott’s sister

Warnings: flirting, swearing, sarcasm, shyness, etc. 

Stiles P.O.V

Four Years Ago…

I rode my bike along side Scott. He grinned back at me, pulling into his garage. I followed him, hoping off my bike as I unbuckled my helmet. “My mom’s making tacos. Wanna have dinner with us?” I grin, scoffing at his stupid question. “Of course.” We hop in the house, slipping off our shoes. Scott turned over his shoulder, smiling. “Oh! My sister’s getting food and should be home later today so that we can hang out.” I try to hide my excitement. Scott’s sister and I were great friends. Here’s the thing, I liked Scott’s sister. She was pretty.. and pretty cool. Scott and I never really had friends. It was always the two of us. We weren’t popular, good at sports, anything really. And the moment we entered High School, we were considered outcasts to everyone. Well, almost everyone. 

(Y/n) was never shy when it came to us. She showed us off proudly, like we were some big award, or something. She always made us feel special, included us in meals or helped with classes, and, considering she was beyond brilliant, (Y/n) was the reason I was able to pass my classes. Every time someone tried to put us down in some sort of way, she’d come in and tell them off and make them look like an idiot. Having her around was, quite literally, the best. I couldn’t help but feel excited to see her. She was the smartest, nicest person I had ever met in the whole world. However, she was going to graduate early. I knew I was going to miss her a lot. Without her, things would get rough, real quick. 


Your P.O.V

Slipping on my jacket, I eyed my stuffed to the brim car, biting my lip. I hope I didn’t forget anything. Not that I would do that, considering I’m rather efficient. I check my list once more, though I don’t need to, it assures me either way. I nod and grin before hopping into my car. I roll down my windows to see my roommate, Lin, leaning up against my car. “Going back to see the fam?” She asks, smiling. I nod, turning on the radio before looking back at her. “Yeah, first time I’ve seen them since a year and a half ago. Studying takes up a lot more time than I thought.” Lin laughs, throwing her head back. “Oh, shut up. You’ve passed all your honors classes with flying colors. I envy the hell out of your brain. I don’t know how you can take that many honors classes. Oh! And by the way, our argument about quantum mechanics isn’t over yet! Have fun with your family!” 

I can’t help but snicker before driving off. Blasting my radio, I can’t help but think about the good old days. The nights I use to spend with my brother and his friend, Stiles. Stiles. I wonder how he’s doing? I wonder how different he looks? I haven’t seen him in four years, which is a pretty long time. Then again, I look rather different as well. But healthy food, a gym, new hair and tattoos does that to you, I guess. I always did think Stiles was a cute kid. His sarcasm and wit always made me smile. I wonder how different Scott looks. I haven’t seen him in a while, either. My family didn’t know I’d be coming home today. I’d been planning this for months now, and now, I could finally see them. It took a few hours to get back, the drive not being terrible. The traffic was shit but the music was quite a beautiful distraction. The moment I pull into Beacon Hills, I almost cry from pure nostalgia. 

Peering around the town, I can’t help but giggle at the memories that pound my head. It hurt to see this town again, but it was a good kind of pain, ya know? There was the cafe where I had my first kiss, it being not that great but the ice cream I had after made it all the while better. Around the corner was the park I played in. My brother, Stiles and I use to spend hours playing all sorts of activities. I had a blast with those two. The second I pulled up to my house, I park on the street, my driveway up to the brim with unrecognizable cars. Huh? Must be having a party or something. Perfect. I whip out my phone, scrolling down to hit my mom’s number. Her joyous voice filled the other line. “Hey, sweetheart! Oh! I miss you so much! How’s college? How were finals? Tell me everything!” I giggle at her happiness. I really missed her. Being at college could get really lonely. “College is great! I miss you like hell. Finals were, finals. I did the best I could, considering they were approximately 98% AP classes. How’ve you been, mama?” 

She went off immediately. “Oh! Things have been okay here. As usual. Oh! I forgot to tell you that Scott’s captain of the lacrosse team! Stiles is no longer on the bench! He’s doing great, as well. (Y/n), I wish you could see them. They’ve turned into such handsome boys. You wouldn’t even recognize them!” I noticed a slight hesitation in her voice when she said that last sentence. I sighed, making my way up to the front door. “Mama, if you could have one wish, right now, what would it be?” Though we both knew the answer, I wanted her to say it, I wanted her to tell me. “I wish you were here, (Y/n). I miss my daughter, so much. I miss you, sweetheart.” Her voice was sad, broken. I take a deep breath and ring the doorbell. When she opens the door, I grin. “Wish granted.” In that moment, like I had planned, she broke down and burst into tears. Wrapping her arms around my waist while I towered over her, kissing her head. My mom held me close to her, almost desperate, as if I could slip through her fingers at any moment. 

We stand at the door for a few minutes. I am perfectly content to just let her cry on my shoulder. Finally, she pulls away, wiping her eyes before wrapping her arms around my hand. “C’mon! Does Scott know you’re here?” I shake my head, smiling as she pointed to the room where he was suppose to be. I round the corner, not enough for him to see me, but enough so that I could hear the conversation that fluttered wildly in the room. “Scott, I’m telling you! Just ask Kira out, she’s right over there! She’s hot, you’re hot, what have you got to lose?!” Before whoever was talking could finish, I came into view, leaning against the wall with a smirk. “I thought I was the attractive sibling.” There was a lot of people in the room, more than I expected. All of their eyes fell on me as I looked at my brother, his back turned away from me. When he turned to face me, he gasped. I took a step forward, smiling. “What? You’re not gonna say hi to your sister?” 

Before I could say anything more, he ran toward me, embracing me tightly. I giggled as he picked me up, twirling me around in a circle. “I missed you so much..” He whispered into the crook of my neck. I kiss his cheek, smiling to myself. “I missed you too, Goober.” For a split second, I totally forgot there were other people in the room. When he pulls away, I wipe his tears away, smiling. Like I had predicted, he looked a lot different from when we were little. “Wow, you’ve grown so much! Look at you!! You’re actually taller than me! That’s a first!” He giggled, looking at my face with a smile. “I have grown a lot! But you- you look so different!” I laugh, shaking my shoulders. “Well, a year and a half at Harvard does that to you. Mom told me you’re captain of the lacrosse team! Congratulations!!” He nods, his eyes gazing from my eyes to my cheeks then to my hair. “You look so different, (Y/n). You’ve grown so much..” 

I scoff, punching his arm, playfully. “I’m still me. I might look different but I’m still your sister.” I say, lovingly. All of a sudden, a voice broke our family reunion. “I don’t mean to be rude, but would you mind introducing us to your totally attractive sister that we didn’t know about?” I look over at the group of younger teens, most of which were eyeing me up and down. The one who spoke was a shorter boy, the youngest of the group, it seems. Scott looks between me and his friends, blushing. Almost as if he forgot they were even here. But then again, I too, did that. “Guys, this is my sister, (Y/n). She attends Harvard and I haven’t seen her in a year and a half due to her massive studies and traveling.” I grin, waving at them. All of a sudden, I heard a new voice. A voice that sounded familiar, just lower. “(Y/n)?” Turning my body towards the voice, I gasp in shock. Stiles Stilinski stood by the door, gawking at me, as I’m sure I am as well. “Stiles?” He nodded, slowly shaking his head. “(Y/n), is that you?” I nod, still eyeing him with surprise. 

All of a sudden, he lurched forward, taking me within his massive arms that use to be so tiny. Stiles use to be half my size, if not smaller, scrawny and cute. But now, now he was grown, towering over me. Tall, toned and burly. Of course, he was lanky before, that part hadn’t changed, however all of his weight was fit in just the right places. Stiles arms and chest were bigger. They looked massive. I would assume it was due to long lacrosse practices. His chocolate brown hair was longer, tousled and wild. I had the strongest urge to run my hands through them. His hands were massive, wrapping around my waist like they were meant to be there. Stiles picked me up like Scott did, twirling me around in a circle. We both giggle, loudly. His voice being a lot lower than before. It was sexy as hell, raspier. It sent shivers down my spine. When he pulled away, he looked at me again. Shocked at my new look. As was I about him. I mean, god damn. 

“You’re here- You look- Wow..” 
“Likewise. You look- different.” 
“Different is-” 
“Good. Different’s good.” 

Before I noticed the awkwardness in the room, the one girl with strawberry blonde hair took the initiative to strut toward me, smirking. “Lydia Martin. So, Harvard, huh? You must be pretty smart.” Shrugging slightly, saddened by the fact that I could no longer look at Stiles. “Yeah, I suppose so. But, by the looks of it, you are as well.” Lydia eyes me with suspicions, brows furrowed with curiosity. “Why might you say that?” I smirk, examining her up and down, analyzing her. “I presume you’re eighteen years of age but due to your profusely large amount of make-up, you’re going for the older look. Head held up high, back always straight, sophisticated. Due to your daily attire, people assume you to be older, wiser. And they’re right. You dress the way you are. However, because of a past relationship, you’ve hidden yourself from within. You’re a lot brighter than people give you credit for. But that’s brilliant, you see, nobody suspects a dumb-blonde, well in this case, strawberry blonde, to be a riveting genius. As to which, you are. But since you’ve ended that toxic relationship-” 

I continue, their eyes on me with awe. “You’ve grown out of your shell and become the brilliant bright person you are now.” As I finish, Scott looks at me with brotherly awe and pride. When I look at Stiles, his jaw is practically to the floor. Lydia shakes my hand, winking at Scott. “I like her.” After that moment, I had become the interest of the party. A taller burly boy, Isaac, I believe, along with Liam and Derek, never left my side. Kira and Malia were a ball to be around. They were both so funny, polar opposites but they made their friendship work. For them, it somehow flowed. Malia was rather snarky, no-filter and completely done with the world. Kira, on the other hand, was quite different. She was bubbly, full of life and energy. When she smiled, it was contagious. Lydia, like I predicted, was beyond brilliant. Halfway through talking, she started talking to me in Latin, not just normal Latin, enchant Latin. 

The group was looking at us in complete awe. I noticed after a little while that Scott and Stiles has broken away from everyone else. They seemed to be discussing something important, glancing my way occasionally. I nodded and smiled at them, kindly. After talking with the group for a while, I broke away from them to talk to Scott. “Hey, I’m gonna catch up with Mom for a bit, if that’s okay with you?” He nods, smiling back at me. “What?” I ask. He merely shakes his head, grinning. “I’m just really glad I’ve got you back.” I take him into a tight hug. “Well, I’m here for good. I’ll be back later, alright?” He nods, letting me go catch up with mom. As I left the room, I couldn’t help but glance at Stiles, biting my lip as our eyes meet. He smiled shyly back at me. When I sit across from mom, she smirks back at me, knowingly. “What?” I ask, slightly confused by her new attitude. She nudges her head back at the room. “They’ve grown, haven’t they? Especially Stiles.” She emphasizes. 

I nod, finally understanding what she meant. “Yeah, when did Stiles get so hot?” She coughs mid-drink, laughing loudly. Probably surprised by my pure honesty, she had no need to pry if I speaking without a filter. “Yes, he’s grown quite a lot since you last saw him.” I nodded, giggling. “Yes, yes he has.” All of a sudden, a loud crash came from behind us. We both turn around to see the teens on the floor, bodies on top of one another. And at the bottom, was Stiles, beat red. “Awe, c’mon! I thought she would have gone for me!!” Liam yelled, exasperatedly. When I look back at Stiles, I smirk and wink at him. He giggles, fumbling back into the other room. All of a sudden, Stiles yelped. “If you hurt my sister, I’ll kill you.” Scott said, protectively before walking into the our room, winking at me before tossing me a thumbs up. “Go get ‘em, sister.” I laugh, shaking my head. “I missed you guys so much.” She wrapped her hand around mine. “We missed you too.” All of a sudden, a new pair of hands wrapped around my shoulders. I look up to see Stiles, grinning. I put my hands on his waist, pulling him closer to me. The rest of the gang came into the kitchen, laughing and cheering wildly. God, it was great to be back. 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Those God Damn Tricksters

Summary: Gabriel had wanted revenge on the Winchesters ever since they first killed him. He had gotten his revenge on Dean. Making him die over and over again had been fantastic. But Gabe wanted revenge on Sam. So, for the past three months, Gabriel had been entering Sam’s dreams as a dark figure, pinning him to his bed and kissing him in all his sweet spots.

Word count: 3.5k (jfc my longest fic ever)

Warnings: Mature language, gay sex, spoilers(?)

AN// Hey! So this is my first supernatural fic. Please feedback would be great! Tell me if you enjoyed the fic/mistakes or maybe tell me if I should do a destiel one! Also sorry the beginning has so much sexual tension XD Okay enjoy the fic! xx

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ateliefloresdaprimavera  asked:

being married to James and his true love (nothing against the countess)

Originally posted by evanpetersisbaeeee

AH YAS! baest bae to ever bae! i’m game le go!

- him being hella protective over you

- keeping his killing secret

- until you find out but don’t freak out

- bc you had your suspicions

- doing his hair for him

- always having his arm around you

- “darling where is my blasted cane?!”“remember we used it last night-”“ah yes. That was exquisite.”

- whenever you argue, it leads to sex

- sex every night ayyyyeee

- him watching you get dressed, do your hair, every day things

- pulling him by his suspenders

- like a lot

- when he comes in covered in blood, you clean him up

- wearing nothing but his button downs sometimes


- “James?”“yes my sweet wife?”“can you carry me to bed”“as you wish”

- more sex


- never going anywhere without your rings

- helping him shave

- taking nice long hot baths together

- “James”“hmm”“love you”“and I you”

- going to every Devil’s Night with him

- starring daggers at whomever threatens you

- him making you sit on his lap finally bc he doesn’t trust the people

- showing you around the hotel

- teasing him by wearing ‘scandalous’ outfits

- “I don’t appreciate other men starring at my wife darling”

- making him cuddle

- despite his m a n y protests

- you get him dressed 90% of the time

- bc you like fixing his ascot and pulling him down to your level by his suspenders to kiss him

- “Mr and Mrs March? Legendary”

anonymous asked:

Update on your favorite songs/your favorite songs of 2016??

off the top of my head, these are the my top 20 bands/artists I listened to over and over again in 2016. if it’s bold, that means I’ve always listened to them. If it’s italic, it means I just started listening to them in 2016. If it’s both, it means I god damn love them as of last year.

  • My Chemical Romance
  • Glorious Sons
  • Shinedown
  • Seether
  • Blink 182
  • Sum 41
  • Frank Turner
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Bastille
  • Disturbed
  • Volbeat
  • The Lumineers
  • K.Flay
  • Billie Elish
  • Halsey
  • Mother Mother
  • July Talk
  • Awolnation

and off the top of my head, these are the top 25 songs that will probably forever make me think of 2016, if it’s bold than it means that either I have been listening to since the beginning of time and/or will forever continue to do so. If it has an asterik, it means it was a request and I owe you my life for requesting it.

  1. Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
  2. Somewhere in Neverland - All Time Low *
  3. I’ll Follow You - Shinedown
  4. Ocean Eyes - Billie Elish *
  5. Addict With a Pen - Twenty One Pilots *
  6. Violence - Blink 182
  7. Voodoo - Godsmack
  8. We’re All To Blame - Sum 41
  9. The Sound of Silence - Disturbed
  10. Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers *
  11. The Way I Tend To Be - Frank Turner
  12. Taxi Cab - Twenty One Pilots *
  13. Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots *
  14. Scarecrow - My Chemical Romance
  15. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
  16. Blood In The Cut - K.Flay
  17. Unsteady - X Ambassadors
  18. Could Have Been Me - The Struts
  19. If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner
  20. Gasoline - Halsey *
  21. I’d Rather Drown - Set It Off *
  22. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  23. Twin Skeletons - Fall Out Boy *
  24. Blue - Troye Sivan *
  25. Breezeblocks - Alt J

but when it came down to it and I had to pick my song for 2016, it would be Addict With a Pen by Twenty One Pilots. 

Your Best Friend Negatively Talks About You and Harry's Relationship and He Overhears

Looking down at her phone, Y/n sighs as the time had gone by. Harry was supposed to come home to have dinner with her and her best friend, Hilary.
“Any texts?” Hilary asks, tipping her head back to consume another sip of vodka.
“No.” Y/n sighs, shaking her head ask she turned off her phone.
“I’m sorry, he’s probably caught up at work. Writing songs stresses him out, and he keeps his phone off. He’ll probably come home in a couple of minutes.”
Placing her glass down, Hilary looks at Y/n in sympathy.
“You don’t have to always stand up for him, you know.”
Concerned, Y/n’s eyebrows crease inward as she stares at her best friend.
“What do you mean?”
“He’s never here for you, Y/n! Every time i’m here and he’s supposed to meet us, he’s never on time! I’m really curious about your relationship.”
Y/n’s sadness began to increase with each word. She doesn’t know what to think. Harry is always late, and spends more time out than at home. But could he really be trying to slowly break things off with her?
“He’s just busy, that’s all.” She mumbled, her gaze now upon her cup as she watched her hands trace the top.
“All the time? Y/n, I love you. You know that. I love you so, so much, Y/n. But I think he really is starting to fall out of love with you. He’s never home. He never calls you when you’re out. He never stays home when you want him to. I mean, God damn it, Y/n, don’t you see that he’s not in love with you anymore?!”
Y/n was now crying, her tears silent as they fall down her cheeks one by one. She’s nervous, scared that this could be true. What if he really doesn’t love her anymore? She wouldn’t know how to deal with that. He’s her everything. Everything she could ever desire was hers now, but what if he doesn’t feel the same?
She’d go insane without him.
“Hey” A sad voice speaks behind them
They both look back, their eyes now meeting Harry’s teary eyed ones.
He’s pouting, cheeks flush at what he had just heard. He can’t believe Hilary actually thinks that. He could never fall out of love with Y/n. How could he?
Was it just Hilary that thinks that? Or are there more people?
“I know I’m not the best boyfriend, but how could you ever say I don’t love Y/n? I know I can be shitty and stupid but I’m really trying here.”
Tears were now streaming down Harry’s face. He wasn’t sure whether it was out of anger or our of sadness, but whatever had caused them was breaking him to pieces.
Taking a look at his crying girlfriend, Harry instantly begins to panic. What if she believes Hilary’s accusations about their relationship?
“You don’t believe her, right, baby?” He asks, his voice soft and cracked.
She whimpers, more tears flooding her vision as she looks away from him.
“No. No no. You don’t believer her. You can’t baby, no.”
It was then when Hilary began to feel guilty. It was Harry’s slightest actions that made her realize that she couldn’t have been more wrong.
No man cries for a woman they don’t love.
With guilt overcoming her, she runs out of the apartment, scared at what was going to happen between them. She wishes she hadn’t ruined it.
“Y/n, you know I love you. Right? Fuck.”
She shakes her head, wiping away her stray tears as she stood up from the bar stool.
“I know you do. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to hear that.”
“But you don’t believe her, right? Please don’t. You can’t.”
Y/n smiles, shaking her head as she looked down at his shaking hands.
“You’re panicking so much, Harry. Stop it.” She whispers, grabbing his unsteady hands in her soft ones.
She places his hand against her lips, kissing his knuckles as soft as possible.
“I promise to be home more, if you want me to. I’ll do anything, Y/n. I promise I’ll do anything for you.”
Letting go of his hands, Y/n slowly engulfs him in her warm embrace. And the way he held her, like letting go was the last thing to ever come to mind, made her smile.
Hilary could have never been more wrong.