Searching jonerys on tumblr and I see a comment that Jon only lusts after Daenerys and doesn’t love her, and that we fans only see what we want to see, are watching a different show..

Look, if you’re going to ignore the huge flashing signs telling you that Jon is in love with Daenerys in the way of them staring into each others eyes mid-sex(”love comes in at the eyes”), the voicover specifically placed over Jon knocking at Dany’s door and her answering (”he loved her” “ and she loved him”), or Tyrion stating that Jon loves her, or even just the way Jon looks at her, then..

we are not the ones seeing what we want to, watching a different show etc


So grae has been sleeping in my bed lately and she wakes up hella early for some godforsaken reason. This morning she woke up before there was even light in the sky and I heard her calling out to me from the hallway and could see her shadow wandering around because of the nightlight. She stops at the door, two and half years old and tells me quite clearly “Mommy a ghost. Im scared.” and I’m like whaaaaaaaaaat hush child. I haven’t felt anything amiss here, even though the house is 1920s-30s and it is bigger. My mom and dad’s house is haunted, grew up with that most of my life and this place doesn’t feel anything like that. Anyhow, I brushed it off the first 10 times she insisted “Mommy a ghost!” but after the 20th time she said it I started getting paranoid.

I’ve never spoken to her about ghosts, I’d love to know where she learned that.